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					Newsletter Date: 12 May 2009                                                             Issue 12
                                         PRINCIPAL’S NEWS

                                         STOP PRESS
                                         P & F MEETING
         Come along to the P&F Meeting next Wednesday night 20 May at 7.00pm
                in the staffroom. It is a fun, social and informative night.
                                  Everyone is very welcome.
                  Discussion on new building project will be on the agenda.

All parents new to Guardian Angels 2009, including Prep Parents, are invited to a morning tea in
our staff room from 8.30am on Thursday 14 May.

We had over 100 mums and grandmums at the school on Friday morning for a lovely breakfast,
served lovingly and warmly by lots of dads. Many thanks to everyone for making an effort to be
there and assisting where you did (staff doing duty etc). It was well received by all those who

“Just a quick note to say how lovely this morning was.
I don’t often get a chance to go to these types of events , having it start at 7.15am was great - as
I work – It was nice to enjoy the school and Max was all smiley having me there , so thankyou for
a beautiful start to the Mother’s Day weekend .”

When we get the green light to proceed with our $3000000 building (courtesy of K Rudd) our
special tree will regrettably have to be cut down and regrafted in another area – this time away
from any buildings.
To commemorate this wonderful tree we have decided to hold a special Art Competition with the
tree as the focus.
Project – A picture of the tree, or what it represents
The competition will be run until 05 June and will be judged in three categories:
Junior: Prep – Year 3
Middle: Years 4 / 5
Senior: Years 6 / 7
Ms Helen Chamberlain Head of Department - Visual Arts from the Aquinas Art Department will
judge the best entry.
The prize will be that the winner’s artwork will be specially framed and hung, along with photos
on the wall of the new building!
Closing date - 05 June

Terry Gimpel
         ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL ADMINISTRATION                  If your child does show these symptoms, please seek
                                                             medical attention and keep your child at home to
                                                             prevent further spreading.
Could all parents please go through your child/ren’s
uniforms to ensure that they have their correct clothing
                                                             John Cameron
and that they haven’t accidentally picked up some
                                                             Assistant Principal Administration
other child’s clothing? This is especially for jumpers,
swimming clothing and hats as we currently have                   ASSISTANT PRINCIPAL RELIGIOUS EDUCATION
families missing several pieces of school clothing.          QUALITIES OF ANGELS
Also, please ensure that your child/ren’s clothing is        This week we focus on being ENCOURAGING.
clearly labelled with their name. This greatly assists       Encouraging someone means giving them support. It’s
us in returning lost clothing.                               like cheering them on. When people are encouraged
                                                             and praised for doing something they are more likely
NAPLAN                                                       to try it again. We all need encouragement: parents,
This Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday our Year                teachers and children. Being encouraged gives us a
3, 5 and 7 students are participating in the National        feeling of being valued and respected. Encouraging
Assessment Program for Literacy and Numeracy                 others helps them to have-a-go and try new things.
(NAPLAN). The tests assess reading and writing
skills as well as skills in numeracy. The tests will         Next weeks Prayer Assembly will be involve 3M
take place each morning during class time and I ask
that we respect the needs of the students during this        MORNING TEA CANCELLED
time and provide them with a quiet interruption free         There was a morning tea down for after assembly this
environment. Students who are absent for the tests will      Friday – this is no longer the case. We are now having
be given the opportunity on Friday to catch-up.              a morning tea on Thursday for all the new parents and
SLAPPED CHEEK                                                Patron Parents instead. All are welcome to come and
We currently have an outbreak of Slap Cheek or Fifth         meet some of our new families.
Disease. Slapped cheek disease is a viral disease. It        VICTORIAN BUSHFIRE APPEAL
gets this name because, early in the infection, the          Last week, Archbishop Bathersby sent off a cheque
child’s cheeks may be bright red, as if they have been       from the Brisbane Archdiocese to Melbourne’s
slapped. Other names for this illness are Fifth disease      Archbishop Denis Hart for the amount of $704,187.33!
(there used to be six childhood rashes recognised at the     This is the amount raised during the Archbishop’s
turn of the century and this was the number five) and         appeal and where our money was sent. The appeal
erythema infectiosum (Latin for infectious rash).            office is issuing receipts while donations can continue
                                                             to be made until the end of the month by phoning (07)
Fifth disease mainly affects school and pre-school           3336 9374.
aged children, and not uncommonly causes outbreaks           Michael Lister
in schools. Most adults are immune, having already           Assistant Principal Religious Education
had the infection when they were children. In Fifth
disease, children may get a runny nose, fever, aches                               SPORT NEWS
and pains, and rash. At first the rash may be on the          CROSS COUNTRY
cheeks (slapped cheek appearance). After a few days          Congratulations to all students who competed in the
a rash may be found on the arms, legs or trunk. It is        District Cross Country last Friday at Runaway Bay. All
pink, has a lacy appearance and may be itchy. It may         students gave their very best in the testing conditions.
fade easily, but re-appear after a bath or exercise. Older   Well done to both the 13 Years Girls (Keele Pont,
children and adults may sometimes get swollen joints         Selena Robba Colley, Rachel Collins, Tyler Els) and
(arthritis), which get better after a few days.              13 Years Boys (Reece Summer, Jai Warriner, Sam
                                                             Heddes, Jayden Davies) who placed 4th overall in their
Most people get Fifth disease when they are children         age group. Best of luck to Jed Percival and Brendan
and cannot get it again. In most children, Fifth disease     Hogan who were selected in the District Team.
is a mild, flu-like illness, which gets better on its own     Letters have gone out to students going to next
in a few days. If a pregnant woman becomes infected,         Tuesday’s Catholic Cross Country Carnival. Could all
the unborn baby can be severely affected. Pregnant           of those students please return the notes by Thursday
women in contact with a child with Fifth disease             so I can finalise the nominations.
should see their doctor for blood tests and monitoring
                                                             SPORTS STARS
of their pregnancy.
Congratulations to the following students who have         -steal lunch money
gained representative honours recently. James Farmer       -call someone names/say mean things to their face
and Hayden Sergeant (South Coast Regional Rugby            -call someone names/say mean things behind their
League), Jordan Sewell (GC North District Rugby            back
League), Connor McCann, Monika & Amanda                    -punch them in the face/kick them/pinch them/
Volarevic, Susannah Makin ( GC North District              physically assault them
Basketball) and Ciarra Harrex (GC North District           -punch them in the face/kick them/pinch them/
Netball).                                                  physically assault their friend or usually younger,
WINTER SPORT                                               relative
Please check sports noticeboard and school website for     -write a nasty note and pass it around class, leave it
Winter Sport fixtures for Monday 18th May.                  on their locker
Zac West                                                   -stick your tongue out at them
PE & Sport Coordinator                                     Options for a bully today: (just from the news stories
                                                           I found on bullying alone, I could think of many more
                 GENERAL NEWS
                                                           that have not been reported on)
AUSKICK                                                    Everything from above, plus
16 children from Guardian Angels played the AusKick        -write a nasty note or rumor on their facebook wall
half time game at Carrara Stadium on Saturday Night        for everyone to see
during the Carlton & Freemantle match. As one of the       -put up embarrassing pictures of the person on your
parent helpers on the night, along with Michelle and       school’s social network
Dale, we would like to commend the children for their      -digitally impose the person’s head onto a naked body
excellent behaviour and their enthusiasm in the game!      and pass it around like it is real
The crowd was HUGE (18,000) and the children were          -submit their name/picture to a site like “Hot or Not”
cheered on by them all. There were smiles on all their     for strangers to rate how ugly the person is
faces, from the Preps to the older children! Every child   -create a website dedicated to how much you hate
got a kick of the ball on the big field and some were       that person
lucky enough to score a Goal! Thanks must go to the        -baite them into writing a mean/weird IM chat and
AusKick team for their organisation on the evening.        post it all over MySpace or the school.
Leesa Kennedy. Lots of pics on the web site                -Create a fake user, pretend to be hot, flirt with the
FACEBOOK IS AN OPEN BOOK                                   person and then break up with them/tell them you hate
 Facebook have created a programming interface which       them/ tell them they are too ugly for you.
allows other software companies and individuals to         -Send mean text messages
write software which will connect to Facebook and          -harass their avatars or video game players on gaming
read user’s private data in Facebook. This means that      websites
notes, links and videos of friends in Facebook can         It is incredibly sad, but the Internet has brought
be read by a program. The good news is that the idea       thousands of ways to bully someone without ever being
will open the way for some incredible new software         caught. Parents need to know that their child could be
to connect to an enormous database about people and        bullied in a number of ways online, through phones
provide customised information to them. The bad            and even through video games.
news is that this raises some potential security issues
because some clever developers could possibly access       BRINGING TOYS/POKEMON CARDS TO SCHOOL
data from a third person because they are friends of       Parents, the children have been asked NOT to bring
others who have allowed access. The “friend of a           toys, cards etc to school. This week I have had a
friend” links could go on forever – a chain of security    parent complain to me that her son is bringing home
concerns. To safe guard your self and your children,       a different toy (belonging to someone else) every
the over-riding message from this is “NEVER post           second day. Whilst on duty I came across an indus-
anything to Facebook UNLESS you are happy that             trious bunch of Year 2 boys involved in swapping
everybody in the world could possibly see it”.             and comparing Pokemon cards.
Source:         Later that day, despite specific warnings to these
6 THINGS YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT                            same Year 2 boys, more Pokemon cards were being
                                                           swapped – in class!
                                                           All of these cards are now in the front office awaiting
I am sure you, like me, will find something in each of
                                                           the parents of the boys affected to please collect
these “things to know”
Options for a bully circa 1980:
Parents please speak with your children about this. It                   STUDENT OF THE WEEK
is against the school rules for these events to occur,     Every student is important at Guardian Angels.
and I must warn everyone that any toys / cards found
                                                           To recognise this, the school presents a Student of
at school will be confiscated by the school and you the
parents will be asked to come in and collect them.
                                                           the Week Award to children from each class each
There are a number of good reasons why we are hard         week. It is a special honour, with the recipients
on this. These are listed on the first newsletter of each   receiving their awards from the Principal at a full
term (see our web site if you wish to a refresh your       school assembly.
memory as to the reasons why).
                                                           Jake Battle 7B, Ben Keenan 7M, Olivia Courtis7G
CWL - HIGH TEA                                             Ellie-Rose Bruton 6G, Monique Pueblos 6B,
CWL members invite all mothers to a “High Tea” on 29       Brogan Press 6M
May at 10.30am.Guest Speaker, Cr Dawn Critchlow            Max Dowd 5G, Mikayla Kersen 5B,
Where:        Meeting Rooms Ashmore                        Jada Wilkinson 5M
Admission:    $10.00                                       Toni Hawkins 4G, Drayson Bailey 4B,
RSVP:         Friday 22 May                                Billy Mozer 4M
Phone:        55648019 or 55940719                         Bella Fitzhenry3G, Ivana Hropic 3B,
                                                           Angelique Rea 3M,
                                                           Caitlin McDonald 2G, Olivia Jamieson 2B,
                                                           Ryan Roberts 2M
School swimming classes for years 4 - 7, afterschool
                                                           Kirra Palmer1G, Pedro Roh 1B, Tia Shang 1M
L.T.S. and Squads and Tuesday, Thursday mornings
                                                           Ben Cuddihy PG, Chloe White PB,
are on as Term 1. Please phone if you will not be
                                                           Holly Thistelwaite PM
returning Term 2. If you would like to book phone
Rebecca 0415293868.                                                           WHAT’S ON
Pools are heated - 28c and 32c.                            Week 4
                                                           Thurs 14       ALL new families welcome to
MOTHER’S DAY STALL                                                        come for a cuppa and a chat.
I would like to thank all the mums that came to help       Fri 15         FETE - Toys “FUNNY HAT”
out on the stall last week. Your help was very much                       Senior Band at Assembly
appreciated.                                               Sun 17         Years 3 & 4 Parish Mass
This is one of the fund raisers that we do for the P & F                  8.30am Mary Immaculate Church
and we raised a total of $2103.70 which goes towards       Week 5
paying off our whiteboards.                                               9.00am Mary Immaculate Church
The best part is not just raising the money but to see     Wed 20         P&F Meeting 7:00pm - a social
the looks on all the children’s faces, being able to go                   evening for all parents
shopping for their mums and nannas.                        Thurs 21       St Mary’s College Band - Hobart
Thanks again                                                              Year 2 Currumbin Trip
Melissa Harding.                                           Fri 22         Yr 1 Pirate Show
                                                           Week 6
RHAPSODY                                                   Mon 25         Morning Tea after Assembly
Music Club to hold a musical afternoon on Sunday           Fri 29         FETE - Plants “FREE DRESS”
May 24 at 1.30 in The Guardian Angels Catholic             Sun 31         Pentecost Sunday
School Hall, Edmund Rice Drive, Ashmore. Call Barry                          CANTEEN NEWS
on 55744341 or Ros on 0424181444.                          Commencing 18 May Group 1
                                                           Monday -    Shirley Poole, Mrs Dell
LOST                                                       Tuesday -   Karissa Ball, Karen Stout,
THREE school hats with Balsley written on them.                        Tiffany Mitchel
Could parents check their child’s bag and return to the    Wednesday - Joanne Ede, Giovani Way
clothing pool if found.                                    Thursday - Gloria Gallimore, Cater McGowan,
Thank you                                                             Sol Beales
Sherryl Balsley.                                           Friday -   Katrina Gorman, Rose Farrow
                                                           Baking -   Debborah Caldwell, Emily Oats,
                                                                      Lara Sjaus, Kim Shang

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