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                                       OUR MISSION
                           To inspire and enable all young people,
                             especially those who need us most,
       to realize their full potential as productive, responsible and caring citizens.

                                     CORE BELIEFS

                                A Boys & Girls Club provides:

                            A safe place to learn and grow.
                  Ongoing relationships with caring adult professionals.
            Life-enhancing programs and character development experiences.
                                 Hope and opportunity.


I believe in God and the
right to worship according
to my own faith and religion.

I believe in America and the
American way of life,
in the Constitution
and the Bill of Rights.                             Updated Fall 2009

I believe in Fair Play,
Honesty and Sportsmanship.

I believe in my
Boys & Girls Club,
which stands for these things

                        The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick Child care program:

                Norwood Branch                                        Oakland Beach Branch
                 42 Frederick St.                                    340 Oakland Beach Ave
               Warwick, RI 02888                                       Warwick, RI 02889
                 (401) 467-4064                                          (401) 739-4515
               Fax (401) 467-8028                                      Fax (401) 467-8028


                                             Hours of Operation

Before School Care                       Kindergarten Care                     After School Care
Open at 6:30 A.M                         6:30am – 12:00pm                      2:00 pm – 6:00 pm
                                         or 10:45 am – 6:00 pm

                                           Administrative office
                                      Monday – Friday 9:00 am – 5:00 pm


 Welcome to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick, a state licensed after school program. The following
pages contain important information about this program. We look forward to a successful year with you
  and your child. To provide a fun and safe program, we need your support and cooperation with the
                                            following procedures:

                    No Child will be enrolled into the Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick
                 Child Care program until the following forms are completed and signed:
Membership Form—children must become a member of the Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick prior to
enrollment. There is an annual fee of $30.

Child Care Application—this form lets us know who is authorized to pick up your child, emergency
contacts, photo of your child, etc.

Getting to know you – This form gives us various social information about your child in order to make
the entrance into our program seamless for your child.

Medical Form—we must have your child's current immunization records and a pre-enrollment health
exam on a form completed and signed by your child’s Physician.

                                       FEES AND AGES SERVED

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick Child Care Program serves school aged youth from Kindergarten
through 6th grade. There is an annual fee of $30 to become a member of the Club. Weekly rates apply
to the Child Care Program. We do not refund, pro-rate or credit fees, for illness, absences, and behavior
suspensions. * Payment is due by the Friday before the week of service *

Before School Weekly Rate: $50                             Kindergarten weekly rate:     $100
After School Weekly Rate: $85                              Before School & After Kindergarten
Before AND After School Weekly Rate: $130                          Weekly Rate $140
       NEW! 2 day program rates! Before School- $30 Afterschool - $40, Kindergarten - $50
            * child must be pre-registered for specified days in order to qualify for special rate

                  Full Day Vacation Week Fees: (pre-registration required) see below
We will post sign-up sheets three weeks in advance for non-school days (including vacations)
It is imperative to return your form in a timely manner because:
       A minimum number of children must be registered by the week before, to make this program
        available. Field trips are limited as well, and are first come-first serve
       If you do not sign up for these non-school days, your child may not be able to attend due to
        insufficient staffing.
       This policy helps us provide a safe and healthy environment, and helps us maintain the proper
        staff ratio. Thank you for your cooperation.

December 24th – January 3rd            $115
                NOTE: We will close at 12 on 12/24 & 12/31
                         Closed 12/25 & 1/1
February 15th – February 19th          $115
April 19th – April 23rd                $115

Please note that there is a $10 add’l charge for days that schools are closed, but we are open full time:

9/28/2009       Yom Kippur                                 3/15/2010       Staff Development Day
11/27/2009      Day after Thanksgiving                     4/2/2009        Good Friday

All children’s records will be kept confidential and must be completed in full before a child will be
accepted into the program. Records include the application, parent release form, medical release form
and emergency phone numbers, health records and pertinent information on the Child’s progress.
Please keep home, work and emergency phone numbers up to date.

           The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick will be closed on the following holidays:

         Labor Day                          Thanksgiving Day                        Christmas Day
       Columbus Day                      Martin Luther King Day                     New Year’s Day
       Veteran’s Day                          Memorial Day
     Please be advised: We do not refund, pro-rate or credit fees for weeks in which a holiday falls

                           YOUTH DEVELOPMENT STRATEGY (CUBI)

A Sense of Competence – Young people feel proud and confident when they acquire new skills and
know they can do something and do it well. This happens naturally through participation in programs,
but it can be enhanced through a conscious effort to help girls and boys develop skills and to recognize
them formally and informally for their achievements.

A Sense of Usefulness – Young people know the satisfaction of doing something of value for others. It
is important to seek out opportunities for young people of all ages to do something useful for others,
whether it is helping at the Club or participating in community service projects.

A Sense of Belonging – Young people know they are welcome and feel that they fit in and are accepted.
This occurs naturally in Boys & Girls Clubs. It is enhanced through warm greetings from staff members
when young people arrive at the Club, the use of membership cards, small group programs, publishing
and posting names and photographs of young people involved in programs, or anything else, tangible or
intangible, that helps young people feel safe, comfortable and accepted at the Club.

A Sense of Influence – Young people know their opinions are heard and valued and that they can
influence decisions. This can be enhanced through participation in youth councils, discussion groups,
interest surveys and other opportunities to contribute to the development of Club program and rules.

When the Youth Development Strategy (CUBI) is fully implemented, the self-esteem of girls and boys is
          enhanced and an environment is created which helps them achieve their full potential.

                                      5 CORE PROGRAM AREAS

Character and Leadership Development: Programs in this core area empower youth to support and
influence their Club and community, sustain meaningful relationships with others, develop a positive
self-image, participate in the democratic process and respect their own and others’ cultural identities.

                       Education and Career Development: Programs in this core area enable youth to
                       become proficient in basic educational disciplines apply learning to everyday
                       situations and embrace technology to achieve success in a career.

Health and Life Skills: Programs in this core area develop young people’s capacity to engage in positive
behaviors that nurture their own well-being, set person goals and live successfully as self-sufficient

The Arts: Programs in this core area enable youth to develop their creativity
and cultural awareness through knowledge and appreciation of the visual arts,
crafts, performing arts and creative writing..

Sports, Fitness and Recreation: Programs in this core area develop fitness, positive use of leisure time,
skills for stress management, appreciation for the environment and social skills.

All payments for Child Care services are due by the Friday prior to the week of service and must be paid
in check or money order – No cash will be accepted. Childcare services will not be continued for any
family with a delinquent account of more than two (2) days. The payment box is located at the entrance
of the Club. Please include your child’s full name and the week(s) you are paying for in the memo
section of your check. Payments may be paid as far in advance as possible, but please remember to
include the week numbers dates in the memo section.

                                      YEAR END STATEMENTS:
   Please be advised that we are unable to accommodate requests for monthly, quarterly or year-end
   statements of payments made for child care and/or summer camp services.
 Written receipts are attached to your child’s sign out sheet upon receipt of payment and are issued for
  the purpose of childcare tax credits, employer reimbursement, etc; a cancelled check should also be
                                Our EIN / Tax ID number is 05-6019193.

                                    RETURNED CHECK POLICY:

An ―insufficient funds‖ fee of $20 will be assessed on any and all checks returned to us for any reason
(stop payment, insufficient funds, etc.)
The repayment from the returned check + the $20 fee must be paid in a money order.
A second occurrence will result in payments from that point forward only being accepted in a money
If the check was payment for a program (Basketball, Child Care, Summer Camp) participation in the
program will be suspended until payment is made.

                                              THE STAFF
All of our staff are adults and college-age young adults who genuinely care about helping children grow
and insuring that they have wonderful experience at the Boys & Girls Club. All staff are hired and
trained to be role models for the members. The staff’s attitude, energy and enthusiasm reflect this. All
Part Time and Full Time staff have been trained in first aid and CPR certified. Also the staff undergoes
20 hours of in-house training per year. All of the staff and volunteers have undergone intensive
employment and background screenings.
                                        PERSONAL PROPERTY

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick recommends that items of value not be brought to the Club,
specifically to include:
Video Games                            Any kind of collector cards           Pagers
Walkman, CD/ MP3 Players               (Pokemon, Yugioh, etc.)               Heelies (the sneakers with
Cell phones                            Tech Deck toys                        skates in them)

        **The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick is not responsible for lost, stolen or broken items.

 The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick will provide your child with a healthy morning snack during our
           Before School Child Care program and with a healthy snack daily in the afternoons.
        Parents must provide a healthy cold-bagged lunch for Kindergarten Child Care members.
                                   The lunch must not need to be heated.
                           There are snacks, water & sodas available for purchase
 We are not responsible for lost or stolen money – please discuss with your child about ―sharing‖ their
                                            money with friends.

One of the primary goals of the Boys & Girls Club Child Care program is to provide
a safe and healthy environment for all children enrolled. In order to do this, we ask all
families to keep their children home if they have the following symptoms:

           • Fever                                  • Diarrhea                              • Undiagnosed
       • Severe cold                              • Sore throat                                   rash
        • Discolored                              • Inflamed or                                • Vomiting
      nasal discharge                              watery eyes

 If child becomes ill while under our care, parents and/or emergency contacts will be called to pick up
their children within the half-hour in order to maintain a healthy environment for our staff and children.

                              MEDICATION ADMINISTRATION POLICY

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick will administer medication to a child only if the following criteria
are met:

We need written parental authorization to administer all medication prescribed or non-prescribed. The
written instructions shall include the name of the medication, circumstances under which it may be
administered, dosage and frequency of administration.

 We can not administer prescribed medication without a written order from a licensed physician (which
may include the label on the mediation) which indicated that the medicine is for a specified child and in
                                            the original container

All children must obtain a bathroom pass from a staff member prior to entering the restrooms.
After they leave the restroom, they must return to the staff member and let them know they are out.
All children must be fully potty trained. Parents must be aware that our staff members are not permitted
to assist your child with toileting needs. We are sensitive to the fact that accidents do occur, so if your
young child is prone to accidents, we ask that you send your child with a spare set of clothes to change
into. Our staff is not able to assist your child with cleaning up or changing - this is for the safety of all
children and staff. If your child has had an accident and does not have a change of clothes, you will be
contacted to arrange for pick up of your child within the half hour.
*If accidents occur consistently, your child may be dismissed from the program.

                                           CODE OF CONDUCT

In order to create an environment that is positive, safe, supportive and effective, the following principles
for conduct have been set for the Club:

* Keep your hands, feet and other objects to yourself
* When a staff member asks for attention, members should stop, look and listen
* Practice the Golden Rule - Treat others the way you would like to be treated

                                            ZERO TOLERANCE

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick have a strict zero tolerance policy on:

Drugs & Alcohol                         Weapons of any kind                     Bullying/Violence/Threats
Destruction of property                 Disrespect
Anyone violating this policy will be expelled from Boys & Girls Clubs activities.

                                         DISCIPLINARY POLICY

Members will be advised of what behavior is acceptable and unacceptable and why. Time-out is the
primary form of discipline. The child will be set apart from the situation, while being supervised. After
sitting in a quiet area, they will be allowed to rejoin the rest of the group for play and activity. If a child
presents himself/herself as a danger to their self or others, or if inappropriate behaviors continue,
discipline may result in dismissal for the day, suspension, up to and including expulsion. (If you are
contacted for one of the above consequences – your child must be picked up within a half hour)

                          CHILD ABUSE AND NEGLECT – DUTY TO REPORT

The Rhode Island mandated child abuse and neglect reporting law states that any person who has
reasonable cause to know or suspect that any child has been abused or neglected as defined in
§ 40-11-2 or has been a victim of sexual abuse by another child is mandated to, within twenty-four (24)
hours, report that information to the Department of Children, Youth and Families (DCYF). DCYF has
set up a 24-hour hotline to receive such calls. That number is 1-800-RICHILD. Please remember,
reporting a suspicion of child abuse and neglect is not an accusation. It is simply reporting a concern to
the authorities, who will make a determination of the situation.

                                         PHONE USAGE POLICY

 Making or receiving personal phone calls while at the Club is discouraged. They are business phones.
 If a member wishes to make a call of a personal nature, they must have permission from an adult staff
  and pay $.50. Emergency phone calls will be made by the Child Care Director and other adult staff.

                                               DRESS CODE

      A member’s personal appearance is important. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick has the
  responsibility to help members develop good taste in manners of dress and appearance. The Club has
                                     developed the following dress code:

*Tank tops with spaghetti style straps, halter-tops or tops that do not cover the stomach area are not
*Plunging necklines or tops with large armholes are not allowed
*T-shirts with inappropriate or offensive words or pictures will not be allowed.
*Shorts must be thigh length or longer. Shorts and long pants that sag or are baggy and expose
undergarments will not be allowed.
*Hats are only allowed on Fridays and must be worn forward.
*No do-rags, bandanas stocking caps or picks will be allowed.

The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick is a safe, positive environment. This dress code will assist the staff
in running the quality programs they work so hard to give to our members.


Your child will be transported in a 15-passenger van, driven by licensed chauffeurs. Generally these van
     rides last 45 minutes to an hour – from the time the first school is picked up to the last on each
 individual van route. Vans normally will return to the Club by 3:15 pm. If you arrive to pick up your
  child prior to the vans returning, you will not be permitted to take your child from the van, you must
       come into the Club, let a staff member sign in your child and then you may sign them out.
    Please review the Van Rider Pledge below with your child. It is also outlined on the application
                 While riding in the Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick vans, I promise to:

* Always wear my seatbelt securely.            * Always sit back in my seat.
*Always face the front of the van.             *Always keep my voice low, so the driver can hear.
*Never eat or drink in the van.                *Always keep my school supplies in my backpack.
*Always help keep the van clean of trash on the inside.
*Always keep my hands inside the van.
*Never make gestures with my hands or face at other vehicles that drive by the van or people walking.

   Our drivers will not tolerate disruptive, distracting or behavior that puts others at risk. – Failure to
             follow these rules could result in your child not being permitted to ride on the van.
                            Remember- this is for the safety of all of the children.

                              ARRIVAL AND DISMISSAL INFORMATION
              All child care members must enter and exit through the Administrative entrance
  (on the right side of the building.) Please observe speed limits when pulling into our lot to park, and
                     keep a safe distance from Club Vans that are loading or unloading.
*When picking up your child, please enter through the Administrative entrance to sign your child out.
*You must wait at the entrance while your child is called to the office, or be escorted by staff member.
*For the safety of all of our children – adults are not permitted to walk through the building unattended.
*When parents are dropping off they must walk their child into the building and sign them in.
          For safety’s sake, please do not let children go outside into the parking lot unattended.


Parents must notify the Club in the event that their child will not be attending for Child Care services on
 a given day. You may call 467-4064 or 467-4385 at any time day or night and leave a message on the
                                 Child Care Director’s voice mail (Ext. 106)

                        Please note that we must be notified by the following times:

         Before School Care: 7:30 am            Kindergarten Care and After School Care 10:00 am

 NOTE: Failure to notify the Club about an absence by the above times will result in an additional $20
       fee per day to your weekly fee. This amount will be due along with your next weekly payment.

                  Three such offenses will result in child-care services being discontinued.

                                    CHILD CARE RELEASE POLICY
Anyone picking up a child from the day care center who is not a parent or guardian of the child must be
authorized by the parent to do so. Parents will provide authorization in writing on the child’s registration
*These individuals must be 18 or older with a valid photo ID.
*We will not release your child to a minor or to anyone who cannot produce photo identification.
*A valid ID will be required each time your child is to be released.

*If you do not have your ID, you will be asked to call someone on your pick-up list to present ID and
sign out your child.
* Emergency changes to your child’s application may be done over the phone using your family
specific PIN. –Keep this PIN private, as anyone with your PIN can alter your child’s application.
*A full signature must be used when signing out.

                                              LEGAL DISPUTES
If at any time there is a custody dispute between legal parents, please be advised that The Boys & Girls
Clubs of Warwick cannot refuse either legal parent the right to pick up their child without a court order
or restraining order. The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick will not engage in family disputes.
Documentation will only be surrendered with a subpoena.

                                               LATE PICK UPS
The Boys & Girls Clubs of Warwick Child Care Program is not able to provide care past 6:00 pm.
It is very difficult for children who are left at the center late. They worry about their parents and become
concerned about being the only child remaining. Please be considerate and arrive on time. Our staff have
worked a long day and are anxious to get home to their families too. If a late pick-up is unavoidable, a
phone call is very important! In the event that you do arrive past 6:00 pm, you will be charged a late fee
regardless of the reason for your late arrival. This fee must be paid in check or money order when your
next weekly payment is due. Chronic late arrival will result in termination from the program.

           A late fee will be charged for children picked up after 6:00pm at the following rates:

       1 - 5 minutes late: - $5                                     16 - 30 minutes late: - $30
       6 - 10 minutes late: - $10                                   31 - 45 minutes late: - $45
       11 - 15 minutes late: - $15                                  46 - 60 minutes late: - $60

                          Consistent lateness may result in termination of services.

If we have not heard from you by 6:00pm, emergency contacts will be called to pick up your child. You will still be
obligated to pay the late fee. In the event that none of your emergency contacts can be reached by 6:30 pm, we
will notify the Warwick Police Department


                   We follow the Warwick Public School for weather related dismissals
                         Please tune to Channel 10 or 12 for school/Club closings

                       If school is cancelled due to weather, the Club will be closed

                     If school has a delay, the Club will also have a delayed opening.

            ** I.E. Warwick schools- 1 Hour Delay = AM Care at the Club will open at 7:30

                    During Vacation Weeks, the Club will open at 8:30 instead of 7:30

If school is dismissed early, we will pick up your child at the early dismissal time, but may announce an
  early closing. The Club will attempt to reach all parents by phone to notify them of the closing time,
                    please make sure all work and emergency numbers are up to date.

If you cannot be reached, please be aware of changes in the weather and check in with the Club as soon
                                                as possible.

If YOU will be picking your child up at the school in the event of an early dismissal, please call the
office and let us know. FAILURE TO CALL THE OFFICE will be considered an un-notified absence
and will result in a $20 fee.

    Please be advised: We do not refund, pro-rate or credit fees for weeks in which a snow day falls:

                                 PARENT COMMENTS/CONCERNS

Your comments, ideas and concerns are always welcome. Please feel free to discuss concerns with the
Child Care Director and/or call the Administrative offices at 467-4385

Senior Branch Director                Associate Executive Director                  Executive Director
Paula Rutherford                      Karin Kavanagh                                Lara D’Antuono

                                   FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS:

What is your child: adult ratio?
        *As a licensed day care provider – we maintain a 13:1 ratio at all times.

What are your fees?
*$50/week for before school care                         *$100/week for kindergarten care care
*$85/week for after school care                          *$140/week for before and after kindergarten care
*$125/week for before and after school care              *$115/week for full day vacation & summer

Do you offer a daily rate?
       We offer a 2-day rate program :
             o   $30 for before School Care   $40 for after school care $50 for kindergarten care
Do you offer a discount for additional siblings?
        *Yes – we offer a $5 discount on each additional sibling when registered at the weekly rate
When are your fees due?
        *Payment is due by the Friday before the week of service.
What’s the difference between The Open Door Program and Child Care?
Open Door:
*Members pay a yearly membership fee of $30 and a monthly program fee of $20
*Members arrive to the club at their leisure, of their own devices (parent drops off, child walks, rides
bike, etc)
*Members sign themselves in, and out.
*Open Door: Members may come and go as they please, once they leave, they may not return that day.

Child Care:
*Weekly Fee
*Breakfast and snack provided daily
*Transportation to and from Warwick Elementary Schools to the Norwood Branch of the Boys & Girls
Clubs of Warwick
*Licensed by Day Care licensing & DCYF
*Members are signed in by a staff member
*Child Care members must be signed out each evening by an adult with a photo-id

Am I able to observe my child in a program he/she is participating in?
       *Absolutely! We encourage and welcome parents to observe (and participate!) in our
       programming – You will need to be escorted through the building by one of our staff members,
       so be sure to let the staff know when you arrive that you wish to sit in on some programs.

What will my child do while he/she is there?
               *Our programs are all supervised and implemented by college age and young adult staff.
               *All are CPR/1st aid certified and we maintain a 1:13 ratio at all times
               *We offer: Homework Help, computers, arts & crafts, dramatic arts, fitness activities,
               game room activities including billiards, board games, and low and high energy
               *When weather permits, supervised outside play is offered as well.
               *We provide your child with a snack daily (and breakfast for before school care
               *Programs last approximately 45 minutes, and there are program announcements in
               between each time slot.
               *Children choose a program offered in their age group, and remain in that program for
               the program time.
               * The After-K program participants will remain with a designated staff member as a
               group throughout the day
               *There will always be a program for Kindergarteners – 2 nd graders running in the child
               care room.

Can I request a meeting with your child care director to discuss my child’s needs?
       *Yes! Our Child Care director will be more than happy to sit down with parents to discuss
concerns, needs, etc. Please understand if at all possible a meeting should be scheduled in advance, as
the child care director is conducting programs in the afternoons, and must re-post other youth
development professionals to ensure the safety of all members.

Do you have scholarships available?
       *Unfortunately we are unable to offer financial assistance, however we are participants in the
       DHS Child Care Assistance Program.

What forms of payment do you accept?
       *We accept personal checks and money orders. We are unable to accept cash or credit cards.

My child has strep and will be out of school for the week – am I expected to owe the child care fee for
this week?
       *No – If your child is ill – and will be out for the entire week – you do not have to pay for the
       week – provided you have informed the staff prior to his/her absence.

If my child is out sick, there is a holiday or a snow day – Can I pro-rate the week?
       * No– we are unable to pro-rate weekly rates.

Since my child is enrolled in child care- are they automatically counted for Vacation Camp and non-
school days?
       *No- you must complete and return the sign up sheets for each non-school day/vacation.
       Failure to do so in a timely manner may result in one or more of the following:
               1. Field Trip slots filling up.
               2. Capacity being met
               3. Minimum number of registrants not being met by the deadline which will result in the
                   program not being available.

Can I sign a form to allow my child to sign her/himself out at the end of the day?
       *No-because we are a licensed daycare program, an adult with valid photo-ID must sign child
       care members out daily.

My child’s older sibling is a member of the open-door program; can he/she sign my child out at the end
of the day?
       *No-because we are a licensed daycare program, only an adult (aged 18 or older) with valid
       photo-ID may sign out a child care member.

What do I do if I have any other questions?
       *Feel free to speak to the Child Care Director, or call the Administrative office at 467-4385.


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