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									                                                                                         LITERACY HOUR: Weekly Plan 3
Class:                                                                                 Term:                                                                         Date:
                           Text Level                                                         Text                                                                            Word Level
9 to write a story plan for own fable using theme from reading…                                      Aesop’s Fables                           8. how words change when ‘er’, ‘est’ and ‘y’ are added
changing setting                                                                                 Fairy Tales (Ladybird)
10. to write alternative sequel to traditional story.

                                                                                                 Sentence Level
                                                                          2. the function of adjectives within sentences
                                                                          3. to use the term adjective appropriately

DAYS                                      Whole Class Work                                                 Guided Work                             Independent Work                                         Plenary
Mon           Read Aesop Fable (eg The Wolf in Sheep’s Clothing)      Shared Writing: Write story        Read fairy tales as a         Give children sets of cards giving morals, animals and         Share plan with partner.
              Extract key events in story, character motives,         plan for own ‘fable’               group ~ discuss key          settings. Give moral – children to choose character and         Identify gaps.
              events and lesson to be learned from it. Give            (from previous lesson) with a     points from Wednesday’s   setting providing the basis of a fable which they then have to
              example of modern stories on similar theme (eg ‘        modern setting.                    lesson                                       plot out on Story Chart.
              Pokemon’ story’).                                       Key Points:                                                                 (Write the fable for homework.)
                                                                      introduce character & describe                                                                          R
                                                        R             what do they do?
                                                                      what problem occurs?
                                                                      lesson to be learned
Tues          W11 Spelling Bank                                       Shared writing: Write                                                                                                           Evaluate fable against
              p8 & 9                                                  opening for own fable.                                                                                                          list of key features.

Weds          Read a well-known fairy tale., eg. ‘Rapunzel’ from       S2                                                                                                                             Use enlarged text from
              Ladybird Fairy Tales. (Preferably, read a selection      S3 Unit 10                                                  Edit a piece of writing to change it into a typical fairy story.   independent time. Read
              outside of the literacy hour.)                                 Cloze                                                 Focus on characters, settings and language features. Refer to      through and edit
              Give pairs of children a section of the story as read                                                                lists from shared time.                                            together, giving reasons
              plus a section rewritten. (One rewrite to change                                                                                                                                        for choices.
              character, one to change setting, one to use different
              language style). Children to discuss which extract is
              most in keeping with the story and what features make                                                                                                                         R
              it so. Make list of features.
              Key Points:
              -      characters: beautiful maidens & handsome
                     princes, wicked older woman, lovers
              -      settings: forests, castles, towers, long ago,
              - language features: (see Grammar for Writing p
Thurs         Brainstorm ‘traditional fairy story ingredients’. (Alternatively play ‘Family                                                                                                           Review. Do all fairy
              Fortunes’ type game – “We asked a 100 people to name 5 kinds of characters                                           Write a recipe for a fairy tale (using recipe resource sheet).     tales contain all
              found in fairy stories… we asked 100 people for 4 settings for fairy stories…for 5                                                                                                      ingredients? Identify
              objects found in fairy stories…animals….problems found in fairy stories)                                                                                                      R         and discuss.
              Chn. discuss answers in groups.

                                                                                                                                   Use known fairy tale, ask chn. to consider what might              Share and suggest
Fri                                                                                                                                happen in a follow- up story. Plan through pictures and            improvements.
              Shared Writing: Model how a sequel can be created using a selected plotting strategy.
                                                                                                                                   captions what might happen, use this to create a poster
              ( See Fairy Tales recipes – Prompts for teachers P101 NLS Activity Resource Bank -
                                                                                                                                   depicting events from next episode.
              Module 5)

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