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 AAA Auto Finance works with multiple lending
                                                         AAA’s SIMPLE                                        TAKE
 partners to provide the best loan rate possible for
 your unique circumstances, simply and easily, and
                                                         APPLICATION                                         ADVANTAGE
 regardless of your credit situation. No need for
 multiple applications — and in most cases, you’ll       PROCESS IS FAST                                     OF GREAT
 have a decision in less than 24 hours.
                                                         AND EASY!                                           FINANCING
 AAA Auto Finance offers:

 Personalized Service
 Our Loan Consultants provide expert guidance            APPLY TODAY
                                                                                                             TO BUY OR
 every step of the way—from completing your
 application and understanding the approval process
                                                         • Call us at 888-244-8323 to complete your          REFINANCE
                                                                                                             A VEHICLE!
 to final funding of your auto loan.                      application over the phone OR
                                                         • Visit our website at OR
 No need to spend hours researching the right loan.      • Complete the enclosed Loan Application and
 A single loan application is screened across multiple    fax to 888-244-1894
 lenders to find the right loan that best suits your
 needs. Apply once and let us do the work for you.       ONCE YOU APPLY                                                         Now AAA
                                                         • Your AAA Auto Finance Loan Consultant will                           can help you
                                                          call you, usually within 24 hours, to notify you
AAA EXTENDED WARRANTY                                     when you’ve been approved.
                                                                                                                                finance and
                                                                                                                                protect your
 Increase your peace of mind with a AAA extended
 warranty. Our program offers a wide range of            • Your Loan Consultant will coordinate all                             vehicle — all
 coverage to match your specific needs and are:           aspects of your loan to ensure you have a
                                                                                                                                from a single
                                                          great financing experience!
 Backed by Top Rate Insurers                                                                                                    source. AAA
 Our insurers receive the highest marks for customer                                                                            Auto Finance
 service and processing claims.
                                                                                                             is our new personalized service
 All-Inclusive                                                                                               that makes financing a vehicle
 You can even include the cost of your AAA                                                                   convenient and cost-effective.
 extended warranty in your loan so you pay no
 cash up front. You can also purchase coverage                                                               AAA Auto Finance acts as your
 separately, even if you do not get a loan from AAA                                                          advocate to ensure you get
 Auto Finance.
                                                                                                             the best rate possible without
 Available for Additional Vehicles                                                                           unnecessary hassles or time-
 Ask your AAA Auto Finance Loan Consultant for a                                                             consuming paperwork.
 quote on other vehicles you already own.
                                                                                                                                   Loan Application
                                                   Questions? Our Loan Consultants will guide you through every step of the financing process.
                                                                              Call 888-244-8323 or apply online at
 Loan Type              New/Used Purchase              Refinance          New/Used Lease     Lease Buyout         Member #
 Applicant Personal Information                                                               Co-Applicant Personal Information (optional)
 First Name                      M.I.                 Last Name                               First Name                       M.I.                  Last Name
     Email (Check preferred method of contact: Email, or Home, Cell, or Work Phone)           Relation to Applicant                       Email
 Social Security Number                                            Birthdate                  Social Security Number                                              Birthdate
     Home Phone                      Cell Phone                        Work Phone                 Home Phone                       Cell Phone                         Work Phone
 (      )                        (      )                          (     )                    (      )                         (      )                           (     )
 Street Address (no PO boxes)                                                                 Street Address (no PO boxes)
 City                                                 State        ZIP                        City                                                   State        ZIP
 Years at Current Address        Residence Type                    Monthly Mortgage/          Years at Current Address         Residence Type                     Monthly Mortgage/
                                     Own       Rent      Other     Rent Payment $                                                  Own        Rent      Other     Rent Payment $
 Applicant Financial Information                                                              Co-Applicant Financial Information
 Employment Type                                                                              Employment Type
     Full-time       Part-time        Homemaker           Self-employed         Other              Full-time       Part-time          Homemaker         Self-employed              Other
 Position or Title                                                                            Position or Title
 Employer Name                                                                                Employer Name
 Employer Address                     City                    State       Zip                 Employer Address                      City                     State          Zip
 Gross Monthly Income (before deductions or taxes)            Years at Current Employer       Gross Monthly Income (before deductions or taxes)              Years at Current Employer
 Additional Monthly Income            Source                                                  Additional Monthly Income             Source
 $                                                                                            $
 Financing Information                                                                        Vehicle Information (if known)                           New           Used
 Request Amount                                   Desired Monthly Payment                     Year                    Make                                   Model
 $                                                $
 Name of Lending or Leasing Institution (refinance or lease buyout only)                      Body Style (2 door, wagon, etc.)      Trim Level (SE, EX, XLST, etc.)         Current Mileage
 Account/Lease Number (refinance or lease buyout only)                                        VIN (17 character Vehicle Identification Number)
In submitting this request, you agree that AAA Auto Finance (BlueYield, LLC) will process your application to determine if one of our lenders (“Correspondents”) offers the loan
product you request. If so, we will process the application for the Correspondent, but the Correspondent will make the credit decision and, if approved, will provide the loan. In
processing your application, AAA Auto Finance and one or more of its Correspondents may get your application and obtain your credit report; specific authorization is given for
AAA Auto Finance and its Correspondent lenders to obtain your credit report. AAA Auto Finance is not a lender and does not make credit decisions regarding loans. AAA Auto
Finance services are administrative and consultative only. You should use your own judgment in deciding on a loan.
Applicant Comments
or Handling Instructions
 Applicant’s Signature                                                           Date             Co-Applicant’s Signature (if applicable)                                        Date
                                                      Fax completed application to 888-244-1894

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