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Counseling the Startup Company by yxj80148


									Fall 2008

                               Counseling the Startup Company

                                Course Number: LAW-827

                                   Class Number: 03532

Course Description:

This course will follow a hypothetical startup venture through various stages of growth and
development. The course will center around the role of the attorney in these stages, and will
focus on examining, understanding and developing key provisions in the agreements that
commonly are associated with these stages such as a business plan, venture capital
investment, employment agreements, lease, stock option plan, financing documents and
distribution and strategic partnership arrangements.

The course is a two (2) unit course and will meet once a week for two hours. Grades will be
awarded on the basis of a final exam and participation points. Attendance is an important
component of this course. Students will be permitted to use computers on the exam.
Students must have completed Business Organizations or obtain permission from the
instructor. Enrollment will be limited to 30 students and priority will be given to 3rd year
students. Students who miss either of the first two class sessions without approval from the
instructor risk being dropped from the course. Students may elect to take this course

Additional Information:

       Unit Value: 2
       Grading Option: CR/D/F grading is available
       Exam:
       Prerequisite: Business Organizations or obtained instructor approval
       Enrollment Limitations: 30

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