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PR Log - MortgageLiveTransferscom introduces Exclusive Mortgage


									PR Log - Global Press Release Distribution

     introduces Exclusive Mortgage Refinance Leads

       By Manish Sakhrani
       Dated: Nov 25, 2009

       Our refinance mortgage leads are borrowers interested in lowering down their interest rate and monthly
       payments. They qualify income wise, fico score wise, equity wise, and are in your licensed states. They
       might be willing to take cash out as well.

       Welcome to our PR:

        You're here because you are searching for a trusted source that you provide you leads for your business. If
       you are interested in buying refinance mortgage leads on exclusive basis i.e., leads that are only sold once,
       then you're at the right place. has been offering refinance mortgage leads to brokers and lenders nationwide
       since 2007. All our leads are guaranteed exclusive, ONLY YOUR COMPANY GETS THE LEAD. Which
       makes it a hot and easy to work lead because we eliminate the competition. No competition means higher
       possibility for a lead to turn into a deal.

        We can on databases that we screened and prepared keeping in mind your ltv, credit score, geographic
       location, and other filters in mind.

        We screen all clients before they are sent to you so that every lead you get is interested and filtered. We
       break the ice for you, all you have to do is close the deal.

        We can offer you sample leads to try out

        For information or trying out some samples, kindly go to

        Or call our sales dept. at Toll Free: 1.866.978.6507

        ** We look forward to hear from you

       ### supplies exclusive mortgage leads to mortgage companies. Every lead is sold
       ONLY ONCE and filtered in your criteria.

        If you are looking for high quality leads that close, contact us.

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