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                                             Ultra Pure Drinking Water -Is it healthy ?
                                                            By Pauline Robinson

     Ultra Pure Drinking Water -Is it healthy ? by Pauline Robinson

 Over the past decade, the popularity of bottled water has increased substantially in North America(1).
Sales of bottled waters have increased by 400%, and 1 in 5 households now use bottled drinking water
(2). Annual per capita consumption has risen from less than 8 gallons in 1991 (1,2) to 12.7 gallons in
1997 (Arthur von Wiesenberger, personal communication). Since bottled water is beginning to assume
a prominent place in the North American diet, its health effects require evaluation.
 It is more important to remove any harmful pollutants from your water than to save beneficial minerals
in it.

 Drinking water produced by distillation alone is not free of all potential pollutants, regardless of the
brand of distiller; drinking water produced by the combination of any distiller plus an adequate filter will
insure the purest drinking water but without minerals. Also because of the lack of minerals the pH of
this water will drop and become more acidic on standing.

 Ultra Pure water produced by Reverse osmosis sytems that have a UV light added are good and have
a few electrolites in it. The pH will drop as this water has no buffering capacity also.

 The drinking water most conducive to good health is that which contains a moderate to high mineral

 The acidic Distilled water and Ultra Pure Reverse Osmosis can leach pollutants from its containers, so
the choice of storage containers is important. Glass is best and seamless stainless steel and inert
plastics are next best. Don't store distilled or ultra pure reverse osmosis water in soft plastic bottles.

 When your water has a pH below 6.5 it is considered acidic. When this occurs, water can actually start
to eat away at pipes and stain silverware, imagine what happens elsewhere. Since this is happening,
you will need to neutralize your water.

 Where distilled water or reverse osmosis water is the drinking water of choice, the consumer should
pay attention to insuring a plentiful source of minerals from food and/or supplements.

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 With the CRL-pH+ remineralization filter developed at HealthSmart Nutrition placed after the RO
system or distiller this problem with the pH drop is lessened. The water is adjusted to a mild alkaline
pH for a smoother taste and a healthier water.

 Pauline Robinson is the Health Consultantfor HealthSmart Nutrition
http://www.air-water-nutrition-healthsmart.comto learn more about why minerals are so necessary
http://www.air-water-nutrition-healthsmart.com/coral-cal-min/why_minerals.htmmore information about
the CRL-pH+ filter see http://www.air-water-nutrition-healthsmart.com/mineral-filter.htm

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    Comparing An Omni Water Filter For Fresh, Clean Drinking Water To Buying Bottled Water
                                                                By Ann Marier

 The bottled water industry is booming today and the reason is because people just don't trust the
water that is coming out of their taps at home. They refuse to drink from the faucet because they have
no idea what is in the drinking water. In fact, if you had your drinking water, the water that comes
straight from the purification plant to your home, you'd see that there are impurities that somehow
managed to bypass traditional filtering means. That's why many people buy bottled water, because
they want to know exactly what it is that they are drinking.

Bottled Water Is Expensive

Bottled water may be pure, but it is expensive. If you counted up how much you spent on bottled water
each year, you'd probably be astounded at the results. It's water and you are paying quite a bit for it.
Doesn't that seem unfair, especially when it comes straight out of your faucet?

Of course it is, and Omni water filters can be used so that you no longer have to buy another bottle of
water again but can instead enjoy fresh, clean drinking water straight from your tap at home.

Omni water filters fit over your faucet at home and help to remove the impurities from your water as it
comes out of the tap. That means that if you hold a cup under your faucet, as long as you have the
Omni water filter attached, you will always have fresh, pure water. The best part is that you only have
to make one purchase to buy the Omni water filter, instead of having to buy gallons and gallons of
bottled water.

The only expensive you may incur is the changing of filters which is required after some time. That's
because as the Omni water filter removes the impurities in your drinking water, those deposits get
caught in the filter and it will need to be changed at least every once in a while. Check your owner's
manual for correct filter changing instructions.

If you care about your health, and for the health of your family, or you just want to know exactly what it
is that you're drinking, you can't go wrong with an Omni water filter. You will spend much less money,
when compared to buying bottled water, and the best part is that, unlike bottled water, your supply will
never run out as long as water is being pumped to your home.

Ann Marier writes informative articles about family life,health issues, and useful house and garden
Topics. Her lastest are about water filters http://www.wholehousewaterfilter.4houseandgarden.com
http://www.bestairpurifiers.4houseandgarden.com http://www.hydroponics.4houseandgarden.com

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