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Facebook Terms for Advertising Providers Updated Feb 2010


Facebook Terms for Advertising Providers Updated Feb 2010

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									Date of Last Revision: February 3rd, 2010

Platform Terms for Advertising Providers

1. The ad provider agrees to abide by the content standards in the Facebook Statement of Rights
and Responsibilities, Platform Policies and Advertising Guidelines (collectively “The Facebook
Policies”) when providing monetization services to developers on Facebook Platform.

2. The ad provider agrees to strictly comply with the prohibitions on developers sharing data
with monetization providers and ad networks and other limitations on data collection, storage,
and usage set forth in the Facebook Policies, and agrees to promote compliance with these
policies by the developers and applications it works with.

3. The ad provider agrees to provide to Facebook the names, email addresses, and business
addresses of all operators and employees of the ad provider and any other related information
requested by Facebook for the purpose of maintaining a direct relationship with the ad provider.
The ad provider also agrees to share with Facebook the contact information, implementation
specifics and payment details, for each developer or application on Facebook for which the ad
provider provides services.

4. If the ad provider owns or operates an application on Facebook Platform, the ad provider may
not make customer support contingent upon using such an application or require a user to share
information with the application, and will not use any data it receives through operation of the
application to tailor content (such as serving advertisements through an ad network). Failure to
abide by this term will result in an immediate ban from operating on Facebook Platform. The ad
provider agrees to give Facebook audit rights to confirm compliance with this term.

5. The ad provider agrees to take steps necessary to ensure Facebook may review all content
(including advertisements) served on Facebook Platform using the ad provider’s services,
including sending a feed of all content from all geo-locations. The ad provider will disclose any
efforts it makes to tailor different advertisements to different audiences to ensure that those
efforts do not lead to reduced visibility by Facebook. The ad provider will make user complaints
available to Facebook. Any IP blocking of Facebook employees or any other related efforts to
hide content will result in an immediate ban from operating on Facebook Platform.

6. The ad provider will include in all integrations into Facebook Platform canvas applications a
clear and conspicuous method for a user to make a complaint to the ad provider about a specific
advertisement in the application.

7. The ad provider agrees to immediately respond to all requests from Facebook and remedy any

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