complete 1850 grid tie solar power system

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					                                        Expandable Solar Power (ESP)
                                        Systems for Grid-tied Power—The
                                        Nebo 1,850 watt array provides
                                        clean power from the sun!

          Ten powerful Mitsubishi 185 watt solar panels combined with
          Xantrex Grid-tied string inverter make this a compact yet
          powerful way for you to plug into the sun. The package includes
          all the Unirac roof top mounting rails, grounding lugs, DC and AC
          disconnects and wire extensions you will need for a typical
          installation at your home or business.

PN: 1918500                         These are the pieces of equipment that make up this system:
At Wholesale Solar we              10   Mitsubishi MF185UD5 185 watt, black frame
have assembled                     10   Unirac Solar Mount per Mitsubishi 185 inc. Ground
hundreds of complete               1    Xantrex GT2.8 - 240/208 Grid Tie String Inverter
solar electric systems.                 MC4 10 AWG - 30' cable extension
Call us today to
                                   1    Square D 30A 250V AC Disconnect NEMA 3R DU221RB
discuss your new
renewable energy

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ESP Expandable Solar Power Grid-tie Systems incorporate Mitsubishi 185
watt solar panels matched to Xantrex GT grid-tie inverters.

Mitsubishi solar panel features

Mitsubishi’s state of the art facilities produce high-efficiency polycrystalline solar
cells with increased reflection power (from 80% to 90%, as evaluated by Mitsubishi
Electric). Mitsubishi’s high efficiency is due to their use of optimal Back Surface Field
structure and Anti-Reflective Coating.

Mitsubishi uses NO LEAD SOLDER! These solar panels provide THE tightest
tolerance of module output power (+/-3%) in the PV industry. This means higher power
output due to the reduction in module string losses. Mitsubishi modules have a 25 year
limited warranty on power output.

These eco-friendly Mitsubishi solar panels have a high tensile solid frame structure
and tempered glass to make them durable and easy to install. Because Mitsubishi
panels are SO efficient, less space is required than for other solar modules of equal
output. More wattage per square foot = lower mounting structure costs.

                                         Xantrex inverter features

                                         An NEC compliant, integrated DC/AC disconnect, standard in the GT Series,
                                         eliminates the need for external DC (PV) disconnects, and in some jurisdictions, AC

                                         Large heat-sink offers extraordinary heat dispersion without the need for a cooling

                                         Liquid crystal display (LCD) provides instantaneous information – power level, daily
                                         and lifetime energy production, PV array voltage and current, utility voltage and
                                         frequency, time online “selling”, fault messages, and installer-customized screens.

                                         LCD vibration sensor allows the tap of a finger to turn backlight on and to cycle
                                         through display screens.

                                         Free PC software for remote monitoring and system troubleshooting available

                                         Lightweight and versatile mounting bracket.

                                         Rugged NEMA 3R inverter enclosure allows reliable indoor and outdoor
 Wholesale Solar, Inc.
 2405 S. Mount Shasta Blvd               Best-in-class efficiency to maximize solar system return on investment.
 Mount Shasta CA 96067
                                         Accurate MPPT tracking ensures maximum energy harvest under any conditions.
 Toll Free 800-472-1142
 Fax 530-926-1162                        10-year standard warranty.
                                         Sealed inverter enclosure can be quickly separated from the wiring box allowing
                                         DC/AC connections to remain intact in the unlikely event the inverter needs to be