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									Social Media Risk Management

          Katja Presnal

Social Media is Ocean.
   Learn to Swim.
              Bad PR is Just
            Another Open Door
1. Get relevant consumer and user feedback
- Use it in your advantage
2. Conversation Starter
- Start a relationship with your target market, get
   ongoing feedback
3. Turn it into Positive PR

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Bad PR or Relevant Feedback?
Social Media Crisis
              Risk Management
                 Action Steps
1. Create a Social Media Monitoring System.
2. Create a Social Media Policy for your company.
3. Train your company about Social Media.
4. Create a Social Media Crisis Strategy.

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                Monitoring Tools
1.   Google Blog Search
2.   Technorati Search
3.   Google Alerts
4.   Twitter Alerts or
5.   YouTube Alerts or
6. Use Newsreader to Collect Updates
   - collect feed from relevant websites and blogs

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     Creating Social Corporation
                      Social Media Policy:
   Set rules & restrictions of social media for all employees.

          Educate your company about Social Media.
 Not just how to use it, but also about the ethical guidelines.

                          Learn more:
     Word of Mouth Marketing Association:
         Public Relations Society of America:
International Association of Business Communicators:

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Social Media Crisis Strategy
  Prepare for Social Media Crisis

            Visualize the crisis.
          Be part of social media.
        Make a plan: how to react.
Train people to answer, be ready to act fast.

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Response to Social Media Crisis
                 Act fast.
   Identify the crisis and real damage.
          Make a response plan.
   Prepare statement and distribute it.

          Honest, real answers.
              Action Plan.
          Show that you listen.

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         Leverage It
Nothing Can Turn Into Something,
 Bad PR Can Turn Into Good PR.

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                      Katja Presnal

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