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					Social Media Resources and Web Tools
To help with your explorations of the world of social media, we’ve created this guide to some of the
types of tools you might find useful and examples of each.

Social Media activities can be broken down into five major categories

Publishing – these sites/services allow members to post, share and comment on original content.

       Resources include:
            Flickr An online photo sharing and management application.
            Technorati A search site for user-generated media, which allows
            users to comment and tag content.
            TypePad A blogging service that hosts and helps users to
            manage their blogs.
            WordPress A publishing platform for blogs and Web sites.

Broadcasting – these sites/services allow people to post, share and comment on rich content

       Resources include:
            YouTube A Web site that hosts user-generated videos.
   An online videoblogging and podcasting service, including services
            for advertising and distribution.
            Stickam A free multimedia player, which allows users to add photos,
            video, music and live-streaming video chat to Web sites and blogs.

Categorization/Classification – these sites/services allow people to collect, classify, share and
comment on content and content sources.

       Resources include:
   A social bookmarks managers, allowing users to categorize
            and share Web sites from their virtual bookmarks site.
            Shadows A link-sharing Web site, which lets users rate and discuss
            pages with the community and friends.

Content/commentary – these sites/services allow people to share, rate and comment on content. In
some case the content may be original but more often than not it is from other online sources.

       Resources include:
            Digg A community to share, discover and bookmark sites of interest.
            Digg tags can be found on most online articles.
            reddit A Web site with user-generated news links compiled by clicking
            on reddit link on articles or by contributing through its site.
            USA Today In the USA Today Community, members can
            comment and review articles, as well interact with the journalists and create blogs.
             Wikipedia A free, multilingual user-generated encyclopedia,
             where users can update and correct current entries.
             Yahoo! Answers A forum where users ask and answer
             questions on a wide variety of topics from household maintenance to dating advise.

Profile-base Communities – these sites/services allow people to connect with others based on

      Resources include:
           MySpace Users create personalized pages to share photos,
           journals, blogs and forums.
           Facebook A social utility that connects people by common friends,
           jobs and classes. Originally only for college students.
           LinkedIn A networking tool for professionals to find potential clients,
           partners, job opportunities and employees.

Web Tools and Search Engine Optimization

             Exclusive Concepts Internet Marketing Blog (fancy
             new design will be up soon)
             Free Web Marketing Webinars
             SEO Moz
             Matt Cutts, Google Engineer
             Webmaster World
             Search Engine Roundtable

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