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					Project Name
Total Fund Amount
                                  Tranche Disbursement Schedule

Disbursement of $155M (Note: Acquisition amounts are “asking price” and will be negotiated for
“final purchase amount” after we receive funding. We are geared up to simultaneously start all of these
purchases, construction projects, and setup processes as soon as we receive funding.)

                                              1st Tranche
                                               Date Due:
1    $3M Purchase of. (OVERDUE)
2    $7M Purchase of … in State of
3    $3M Purchase of … in Country
4    $3M Purchase of
5    $1M Purchase of
6    $15.5M For
7    $43.5M Additional reserve account for.
8    $3.1M CCC Commission
                        Total $76M Reserve Funds, Acquisitions and Commissions

                                             2nd Tranche
                                              Date Due:

9    $15M Main facility purchase/construction and renovation in
10   $10M Manufacturing facility purchase/construction and renovation in
11   $8M Satellite facility construction (for handling/processing of)
12   $15M Setup and operating expenses in the US
13   $2M Setup and operating expenses in
14   $10M Setup and operating expenses in
15   $9M Setup and operating expenses in
16   $3M Setup and operating expenses in
17   $3M Setup and operating expenses in
18   $4M Miscellaneous and unknown expenses
                          Total $79M Facilities, equipment, and operating expenses

Total draw:---------$155M

Land Purchase and Building Construction include overages and furnishings (We will attempt to locate
a facility in the Nashville area that meets our needs and has a motivated seller, so we can get into
production faster since we already have numerous large orders for product. We have 9 facilities lined
up for viewing and as soon as we make a decision on the one we will purchase, we will buy it,
renovate it as needed (because the manufacturing area has to be converted to “Clean Room”
standards), start buying and installing stainless steel vats, tanks, plumbing, valves and equipment, buy
and set up equipment for R&D, buy materials for research, start buying and installing warehouse racks
and equipment, bottling/packaging equipment with their control systems, security systems, office
equipment and supplies, computer systems and software, heating/cooling systems and controls, and
Project Name
Total Fund Amount
purchase an initial stock of supplies. We will also construct a manufacturing facility in California.

We will also have to drill our own water well, build a green house, establish export reserves, and build
a separate satellite facility for receiving and processing
It is important to understand that will be buying 5 or more different companies. They all fit into our
plans for manufacturing and marketing numerous product lines, processes, and services worldwide
from the opening day. By bringing all of these separate entities together under one umbrella, it
provides the very aspects of business that each of them are lacking, and as a result, are only slightly
successful. (That is a well-developed marketing, sales, and distribution system.) However, bringing
all of these entities together, setting up the manufacturing, marketing, sales, distribution, service,
support, packaging under one label, and registering of all of the product lines around the world is an
enormous task to say the least. Xxx has assembled a nucleus of leadership, scientists, managers, legal
support, and experience that is capable of, not only doing just that, but doing it simultaneously in
many different countries. Because of this, it is going to be very expensive to develop many different
product lines, in many different industries, and in many different nations. It will also be very
rewarding. Just one of the many contracts that Xxx will be assuming when the purchase of xxxxxx is
completed will provide more than $500,000 net assets on just one product It is going to take a very
large manufacturing facility just for this one product. We will have over 30 such products to gear up
for production, marketing, sales, service, and distribution.

We will quickly move into worldwide expansion and additional product line development, production,
and distribution. We will make additional acquisitions of companies, products, patents, etc. that may
present themselves in the future. Also, with aggressive worldwide marketing and distribution of so
many product lines, many of the manufacturing, marketing, sales, and distribution lines will have to be
totally separate departments. For example, our sales staff for fire products will have to be different for
our sales staff for aquaculture products, which will have to be different from our agriculture or turf
products. Our facilities for manufacturing and packaging of different products will be exclusive and
may even need separate warehousing/storage facilities. We will try to use the same warehousing and
distribution lines as much as possible, but it again is impossible to determine how these issues are
going to effect our overall startup expenses.

I hereby attest that this information is true and accurate and based on projections of impending
expenditures that Xxx Co will incur soon after initial finding is provided. The assumptions are based
on our general knowledge of the proposed purchases and expenses, and are an estimate to the best of
my knowledge and ability.


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