Sehome High School Culminating Project Proposal topics from 2007-2008 by gabyion


									                       Sehome High School Culminating Project

                           Proposal topics from 2007-2008

               TOPIC                         Rain Garden Design/Promotion

                                             Elementary Education

Sehome Aboretum Legacy Project               AIDS Project - Honduras
                                             Helping Instruct A Middle School Fly
Construction Management Mexico               Fishing Camp
Volunteer Building                           Making Sehome a School of One
Baseball Coaching for Elementary
Students                                     Career Shadowing An Electrical
Volunteering with Whatcom Humane             Engineer
Society                                      Outward Bound/Planning a 4 Day
Producing Professional Music CD              Solo Trip
                                             Bathroom Renovation
Longboarding Safety and Fun
                                             Fundraiser for Northwest
Volunteering at Whatcom Day                  Therapeutic Riding Center
                                             Sehome Arboretum Legacy Project
Mission to Guatemala
Script Development-Multimedia                Designing A Better Environment for
Production                                   Kids
Volunteer Babysitter/Babysitter's            Volunteering with Drama Program -
Guide                                        Whatcom Day Academy

Italian versus American Cuisine              Sehome Arboretum Legacy Project

Economic Computer Salvation                  Understanding the 504 Student
Medical Assisting Career Shadow              Anti-Bullying

Glassblowing Techniques                      Photojournalism

Electronic Audio Manipulation                Performance Singing

Small Retail Advertising                     Teaching Sunday School

Job Shadowing Health Care Field              Classical Guitar
Emergency Management Career                  Job Shadowing A Nutritionist
Catholic Community Services                  Construction/ Building
Exploring the Foster Care System
Pugilism Training                     Investigating Physical Therapy As A
Circumnavigating WA State on Bike     Competitive Gymnastics
to Raise Money for Charity
Translating "Marinela" From Spanish   Fundraiser for An African Well
to Engish
                                      AIDS Project - Honduras
Teaching Elem. Students to Play the
Weightlifting Techniques
                                      Coaching Youth Summer Basketball
Hunger in Whatcom County -
Volunteer at Food Bank
                                      Educational Job Shadow
Restoring 1991 Dodge Stealth
Coordinating Clash Coffee Houses      Creating A Video Game
                                      Build A Solar Potential Energy
Healthy Diet for Teens                Surveyor
Children's Soccer Camp                Chef Career Shadow

Job Shadow a Surveying and            Culinary Arts Career Shadow - Cajun
Engineering Company                   Focus
Childcare                             Job Shadow A Chef
                                      Kids Recreation Camp
                                      Nutrition Game At Carl Cozier
Creating an Original Radio Drama
Volunteering at Boy Scouts            Teaching Children Taekwon Do

Plumbing A House for Habitat for      Photography
                                      Northwest Therapeutic Riding Center
Teaching In A Middle School           - Volunteering
Designing A Better Environment for    Juvenile Probation System
Kids                                  Analysis/Information Support
1500 Mile Bike Ride Fundraiser
                                      Bench Placement - Parks and
Fundraising for African Poverty       Recreation
                                      Creating A Video Game
Coaching Soccer to Younger
Students                              Solo Piano Performance
Wing Chun Kung Fu Training            Shadowing A Violin Maker
Healthful Lifestyle for Elementary    Teaching Science to 1st & 2nd
Students                              Grades
Pursuing a Classical Music            Chinese Folktale Theater
Building A Computer                   Challenge Day Event Organizing

Orchestra Fundraiser                  Organizing A Youth Soccer Camp

Creating A One Act Play               Writing a Book
Movie Special Effects Career Shadow   Safety During Le Parkour
Jazz Piano Perfomance and Theory       Wedding Music Impact/Improving
                                       Musical Skills
Teaching Children About Nutrition
Building A Guitar                      Paws Across Campus Publicity

Making A Documentary About PAWS        Career Shadow: Police/CSI
at SHS                                 Service Dog Training (P.A.W.S.)
Foster Care Research/Analysis
                                       Running a Half Marathon
Service Dog Training (P.A.W.S.)
                                       Bathroom Renovation
Photography - Local Unique
Architecture                           Biofuel- Investigational Creation
American Sign Language Learning        Slovakia Travel/Guidebook
Whatcom Humane Society -               Hydroponics Experience/Promotion
Learning the Trumpet                   Tutoring Elementary ELL Students
Nurse Career Shadow/St. Joseph's       Basketball Coaching through Boys &
Volunteering                           Girls Club
Planning A Community Event             Writing and Publishing a History
Les Schwab Career Center               Training for and Training others for
Everyday Poetry                        Competetive Running
                                       National Debate Tournaments
Volunteering with Language
Adventurers                            Coaching Soccer for Younger
Young Life Summer Camp Work            Students
Crew                                   Planning and Leading A Backpack
Plan Bring Joy to a Child event
                                       Sehome Arboreteum Legacy Project
Tutoring ELL Students

Job Shadowing a Small Business         Carpentry Career Shadow/
Political Analysis for Improvement     Coaching Soccer- Northwest League

Organizing a Sock and Glove Drive      Teaching Nature and Science to 1st
                                       & 2nd Grade Students
Germany Travel/Tourist Guide           Coaching Basketball - Boys and Girls
Publishing                             Club
Basketball Coaching for Second         Coaching Youth Summer Basketball
Graders                                Camp
Charity Golf Tournament for Juvenile   Karate Training
                                       Sehome Arboreteum Legacy Project
Creating Organization Supporting
                                       - Visual Arts
Secular Humanism
                                       Trailbuilding on Galbraith Mtn.
Creating A Cookbook
                                       Analyzing, Then Presenting WASL
                                       Data to Faculty
Radio Disc Jockey at KUGS              Helping Abandoned Dogs Thru
Fundraiser for African Poverty
                                       Fundraising Cookbook for Cancer
Chef Career Shadow                     Victim
                                       Tutoring ELL Students
Northwest Salmon Enhancement
                                       Beef vs. Bison- Investigation and
Small Business Career Shadow           Cooking
                                       Job Shadowing a Nurse Practitioner
Musical Composition
                                       Blanket Drive for the Homeless
Physical Therapy with Focus on ACL
Injuries                               Waldorf School - Play Production
                                       and Direction
Coaching Youth Summer Basketball       Coaching Middle School Gymnastics
Hodgkins Lymphoma                      Chef Career Shadow
Research/Treatment Efficacy
                                       Whatcom Humane Society
Physical Therapist Career Shadow
                                       Service Dog Training (P.A.W.S.)
Researching an Aerospace
Engineering Career
                                       Teaching Cello Lessons
Coaching 2nd Grade Basketball
                                       Literacy - Book Drive
Parks and Recreation Work Crews
                                       Investigating a Career in Automotive
Computer Programming
                                       Computer Design
Law Enforcement Career Shadow

Effective Puppy Training - BTC Class   Bicycle Safety - Elementary Students

Sports as antidote to drug use video   Hiking Pacific Rim Trail/Seminar on
Exploring A Career in Psychology       Benefit Concert for Surfrider
Fundraising for African Poverty        Injury Prevention
Coaching Flag Football - Boys and      Sehome Arboretum Trail Legacy
Girls Club                             Project
Build a SEPS                           Pre-Teen Book Club
Environmental Injustice in
Genocides                              Planning A Benefit Concert
Training Service Dogs - Brigadoon
                                       Sehome Shotput Pits Renovation
Designing and Installing a Water
Garden                                 Computer Technology/Construction
Interior Design
                                       Chess Tournament at Elementary
Northwest Salmon Enghancemetn          School
Work Crew/ Investigation               Coaching Gymnastics
Federal Administrative Law and the
Disabled                               Smart Trips
Bring Joy To A Child                  Construction Management Career
                                      Shadow/Shed Building
Creation and Direciton of Mime Skit

Interior Design                       Volunteering at Humane Society

Teaching Boxing                       Nutrition
Best Skateboarding Sites in           Training for and Running a Half
Bellingham                            Marathon
Carpentry Career Shadow - Building    Expanding the Bone Marrow Registry
a Shelving Unit                       for Whatcom County
Learning the Business of Superfeet    Weightlifting Techniques

Beautifying Downtown Bellingham       Performing Violin in the Seattle
Vacant Buildings                      Young Artist Festival
Chef Career Shadow                    Tutoring Elementary ELL Students

Reaching the Community About
                                      Managing Sehome Girls Basketball
Transgendered People
Career Shadowing A Chef
                                      Local Music Review and Event
Teach A P.E. Class                    Critique in What's Up!
Montessori Teaching Method            Creating A Video Game
                                      Relay for Life
Service Dog Training - Brigadoon
                                      Whatcom County Hunger-Home
                                      Garden/Food Bank

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