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									                     Red-Legend Cane Corso
                      “We Breed Best Friends & Family Members”
                               Portsmouth, VA. 23703
                                   (757) 535-4729

                                True Italian Cane Corso

        On the behalf of Red-Legend Cane Corso Kennels we would like to extend a
warm thank you to you & your family for showing interest or inquiring about one of our
awesome family raised puppies. Here at Red-Legend Kennels we are in the business of
preserving and promoting this dynamic animal. We have prided our program in not only
importing, raising, showing, & producing multiple champions. We have researched this
breed for years and selected dogs for our breeding program that represent this breed well.
We only breed with three key elements in mind health, type, and temperament. All of
these elements are equally as important, but we emphasize health. With all of these
elements combined a sound family member/guardian is sure to come. All of our breeding
stock are health tested and have hips scores. Most our stock are dual registered
(ICCF/AKC FSS). All of our puppies are temperament tested and socialized at birth. All
of our puppies come with a health guarantee/ disclaimer, and a puppy start up kit. Here
at Red-Legend Kennels we always anticipate & looking forward to producing blues,
blacks, formentinos, fawns, brindles, & our distinctive reds. We specialize in the big
beautiful reds & fawns. “Red is in our name and producing high end quality is our
game” One of our main objectives at Red-Legend Kennels is to produce the
aforementioned colors with consistency & soundness. We operated our program on a
cradle to grave concept that is second to none. The cradle to grave concept is simple, but
unique to our kennel. We simply provide training, guidance, support, and problematic
assistance from the time your puppy is whelped to the grave. Our ethics, breeding
protocols, concepts, and objectives hold us to our mission statement “We breed best
friends & family members”. We do specialize in training and host several classes during
the week.
        Our purchasing protocol is a lot different from other kennels. Typically breeders
charge everyone who is buying a show quality puppy one predetermined price ($2200)
and everyone else who is buying a pet quality puppy another price ($1400). This way the
breeder determines who gets what puppy and you the customer don’t really have a say.
Congratulation, you have just now brought the runt for $2200. Our protocol is different
and more customer friendly. Your deposits ($200) reserves you a slot on the next
available litter. We only accept 10 deposit for each litter. Your slot positioning is in
sequel order. This is the order in which you will select your puppy. Listed below is our
slot listing:

Show Quality                 Pet Quality
1. $2400+                    5. $1500+ (1st pick)        9. $1200+ (5th pick)
2. $2300+                    6. $1400+ (2nd pick)       10. $1000+ (6th pick)
3. $2200+                    7. $1300+ (3rd pick)
4. $2000+                    8. $1200+ (4th pick)
* Most of the prices you see include the ear cropping , but does not include shipping. Call for more
details on the shipping

*No puppies under you go home until you have picked your dog.

We look forward to hearing from you and fulfilling your new family members needs.
(757) 535-4729

                                                              L.T. Johnson
                                                              RL Cane Corso

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