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                       Fordham Village, near Colchester, Essex                            website at
FEBRUARY 2006                                 ISSUE NO 103                          Published by Fordham
Parish Council
I start this editorial on a sad note.
Since our last edition of Fordham
News, a considerable amount of
anti-social behaviour in our village
has been reported and has now
escalated into something beyond
hi jinks. The recent attacks, when
air guns with metal slugs were
used to break windows, are more
serious and highlight the true
nature of the culprits. Because of
these cowardly attacks (some
against elderly women) many local
residents now feel unable to go
out after dark to meet up with
friends which leaves them feeling                                  The Three Horseshoes
isolated and unprotected.                                              Charity Event

Incidents to date are:
                                          If you are targeted you must ask        during the next planning meeting
   hedges jumped on and broken;          the police for an incident number       at County Hall, Chelmsford, on
   gates removed and thrown into         and keep a note of it. Every crime      Friday 24th March. Colchester
    gardens;                              given an incident number has to         Borough Council has sent a letter
   eggs smashed in gardens and           go into the crime statistics and the    of objection.
    thrown at properties;                 more we report the more chance
   road signs turned upside              we have of getting a better police      Nigel Chapman, one of our
    down;                                 presence.                               borough councillors, will speak at
   road signs removed;                                                           the meeting on behalf of
                                                                       Colchester Borough Council. We
   for sale signs removed;
                                                                                  have one resident registered to
   banging on windows;
                                                 PARISH NOTES                     speak against the application,
   putting various items through                                                 which is all that is allowed and
    letterboxes;                                 AND JOTTINGS                     then for only 3 minutes.
   peering through windows;
   petrol tanks siphoned and car         Cartaway Skips
    windows smashed;                      One of the biggest concerns in the
                                                                                  The parish council are currently in
   items stolen from gardens and         village at the moment is the
                                                                                  discussion with the Woodland
    garden sheds;                         application by Cartaway Skips to
                                                                                  Trust regarding the hedge along
   house windows smashed with            increase the size of their
                                                                                  the south side of the playing field
    air gun slugs.                        operation, with the inevitable result
                                                                                  that has become scruffy and
                                          of many more skip lorries
                                                                                  unmanageable. If we can get the
These incidents seem to be very           thundering through our village.
                                                                                  necessary funding we are hoping
localised and generally happen on         Quite why they were ever allowed
                                                                                  to coppice the full length. Initially,
a Friday or Saturday evening. Do          to operate such a business in a
                                                                                  this will seem very drastic and will
you know anything?                        rural area in the first place is a
                                                                                  open up views from the playing
                                          mystery to many.
                                                                                  field across the fields to
If you have any information, it is                                                Colchester. Please be assured
vital that you report it to the police;   The planning application is to be
                                                                                  that, once the necessary funding
no matter how trivial it might seem.      discussed and decided upon
                                                                                  has been obtained, the work will
be carried out by a qualified            those living in our rural                means to follow the feasibility
workforce. The long-term                 communities were at the heart of         study with the next step; to engage
advantages of doing this work will       the new Neighbourhood Policing           an architect to draw up plans for a
be that it will be more attractive to    that is to be introduced throughout      new hall. The money for this will
wildlife and easier to manage.           Colchester and Tendring Police           be made available by Colchester
                                         Division by this Summer.                 Borough and Essex County
New Dog Poo Bin                                                                   councils. When planning
A new dog poo bin has been               He accepted that current methods         permission has been granted we
installed in the Woodland Trust car      of policing were not working and         can then approach funding bodies
park. This has been funded by the        that villagers deserved something        for grants. We start work with
parish and will be maintained by         tangible to justify the Police           Laurie Wood Architects in the near
Colchester Borough Council.              element of the Council Tax bill.         future.
                                         Neighbourhood policing will see a
We can only hope that dog owners         structure of police officers and         Fundraising
use it and that its presence will        other visible, active personnel          The money raised so far by the
help to alleviate the problem on         introduced into yet to be defined        efforts of people in the village
the big open field beyond the car        areas, based primarily on local          amounts to £5,800 from which we
park where hay was left unusable         government wards. Police                 will have to meet the costs of legal
last year because of contamination       Community Support Officers               fees for changes to the lease to
from dog fouling.                        (PCSOs) and Special Constables           allow a rebuild and the cost of
                                         will provide the ears and eyes on        planning permission. The Safari
Affordable Housing                       the streets assisting the regular        Supper raised £575 for which we
You may have noticed that two            police officers in identifying trouble   are grateful to Marlies Barnett and
large trees have been cut down           makers, problem areas etc.               Alison Bradshaw for organising
and removed from the site on the                                                  this and we thank everyone who
corner of Rams Farm Road and             Speaking after the meeting, Cllr         took part. We hope that once we
Plummers Road. This was carried          Nigel Chapman, Colchester                start work on the plans, consulting
out by the new landowners purely         Borough Councillor for Fordham           with the user groups and everyone
for safety reasons. The planning         and Stour and the council                in the village on the issues, that
issues that have held the project        representative on the local Crime        many of you will want to get
up are almost finalised and it is        and Disorder Reduction                   involved in helping to raise money.
hoped that work will be able to          Partnership, said, “I have asked
start during the next couple of          borough council staff to begin to
months. Old maps show the area           prepare for the next stage in
as being known as 'Plummers              neighbourhood policing that will         ALL SAINTS CHURCH
Green', it has been suggested that       bring local authority staff involved         FORDHAM &
we adopt that name. What do you          with, for example, housing and            EIGHT ASH GREEN
think it should be called?               street services, into partnership
                                         with the police teams to solve           Spring brings new life all around
                              nuisance issues in the areas in          us, and it also sees lots of new
                                         which they work”.                        things happening at All Saints
     FROM YOUR                           Both Mr Chambers and Cllr
                                         Chapman urged residents to
                                                                                  Church. My thanks to the editor for
                                                                                  the invitation to mention one or
      BOROUGH                            report all incidents to the Police to    two highlights that I hope will be of
                                         ensure that a proper picture of the      interest.
     COUNCILLOR                          problems can be seen.
                                                                                  New Web site
        CRIME IN OUR                     Nigel Chapman                            Most of our regular events
       NEIGHBOURHOOD                                                             midweek and Sundays can now be
                                                                        found on our web site at
Concern is mounting in many of                                                    www.fordhamchurch.org.uk.
our villages, including Fordham,             Village Hall                         Amongst news and views, you‟ll
about the increasing incidents of
vandalism and criminal damage.
                                              Management                          even find brief biographies of
                                                                                  myself and the Rector, Mike
At a recent meeting in Gt                     Committee                           Neville!
Horkesley, the chairman of Essex
Police Authority, Robert                   The Future of the Village Hall                  Special Events
Chambers, pledged that the
elimination of these activities and      Thanks to the efforts of Fordham         Mothering Sunday
the restoration of a peaceful life for   parish council we now have the           26th March 10 am
With a distribution of flowers this is   New Youth and Children’s
a popular service for many. We           Minister                                           March Services
are now fairly full most Sundays,        The church council has begun to           19th
so do arrive a few minutes early if      advertise for a full-time worker          10am, Holy Communion, Fordham
you want to be sure of a good            from the autumn to oversee our            7pm, Sunday @ 7, Eight Ash Green
seat.                                    growing work with young people.           26th    Mothering Sunday services
                                         Each week we seem to have new             10am, All age service, Fordham
                                                                                   7pm, Sunday @ 7, Eight Ash Green
Holiday Club                             families coming to church, and we
30th May – 2nd June (Half term)          now have over 50 children 0-11
Fun-packed mornings for all              years old and over 20 in the 12-16
primary aged children at our             age group. We also hope to be
                                                                                          LADIES' BREAKFAST
„Treasure Island‟ holiday club,          able to start new groups as
filled with activities, games, and a     numbers grow, and bigger facilities
                                                                                   On Saturday 25th February,
lively presentation of Jesus‟            are available with the conversion
                                                                                   approximately 100 ladies from the
teaching.                                of some of the buildings on the
                                                                                   parish got together for a breakfast
                                         Fordham Hall site over the coming
                                                                                   at Penlan Hall. The guest speaker
Lone Star Mission                        year. There are also the strong on-
                                                                                   for the morning was Anne Atkins.
28th May – 4th June                      going links with the school,
Jesus compared following him to          including a weekly church-led                       
finding priceless treasure – it‟s        assembly and a lunch-time club.
better than winning the Lottery
jackpot! As a church our great
desire is to share this with             New Life                                          FORDHAM
everyone in Fordham, and so              The Lord Jesus said „I have come            CO-OPERATIVE PRE-
we‟re planning a week with a wide        that you may have life, and have it
                                                                                     SCHOOL AND TODDLER
range of special events, to which        to the full.‟ As a Christian, I believe
we‟d like to extend an invitation to     that the most important „new‟ thing                GROUP
you. We‟re being helped by some          is the new life that Jesus offers
members of a church in Texas,            each one of us. If you would like to      Pre-school
which explains the name of the           find out more, or to talk in              The pre-school put on a lovely
week, the „Lone Star‟ being the          confidence about any spiritual            Christmas show for parents and
Texan flag, and many of the              issue that may be concerning you,         carers at the end of last term, and
events will have an American             please feel free to contact me.           also raised a fantastic £110 from a
theme, including a square dance,                                                   raffle and donations at the
softball match and BBQ. Look out         Rev Andy Saville,                         morning‟s festivities. The money
                                         Assistant Minister, 01206 242112          has bought a new cd player and
for details closer to the time.          (Office 01206 241233)                     other items on a much expanding
                                                                                   list of equipment. The children
                                                                                   were also invited to Fordham
                                                                                   School to watch the Christmas
                                                                                   show there, and they all had a
      Ladies Breakfast at Penlan Hall                                              wonderful time seeing old friends
      with guest speaker, Ann Atkins                                               and making new ones in
                                                                                   preparation for when they join in
                                                                                   the future.

                                                                                   All the pre-schools places for this
                                                                                   academic year have been
                                                                                   allocated, which is a wonderful
                                                                                   achievement for all the staff
                                                                                   involved. At the end of the year
                                                                                   many of our children will be joining
                                                                                   school so places are available
                                                                                   from September. If you would like
                                                                                   more information then please ring
                                                                                   Kate 01206 572008 or Lisa on
                                                                                   01206 511079.

                                                                                   Forthcoming events:
                                         Rector, Mike Neville                       Easter Raffle and Egg hunt
                                         Email: office@fordhamchurch.org.uk
   Sponsored „Bounce‟ and BBQ               The local health visitor, Kathy       are a fantastic literacy resource,
   Sports Day                               Kitchener, visits the group on the    especially for younger children.
                                             2nd Thursday of every month for       Each sack is based around a story
If you would like come along and             advice and weight checks.             and can contain puppets, games
support any of the events the                Details of these events and any       and other props which link to the
please let us know. Visitors are             others will be available nearer the   story. Children can use these
always welcome!                              time.                                 sacks to make up their own
                                                                                   stories, and to develop their
Just a reminder that we are                  For more information on the           literacy skills by game playing.
collecting the Sainsburys vouchers           toddler group please call Jenny       Many parents who attended this
for much needed sports                       Johnson 01206 240354 or 07976         course donated the sacks they
equipment.                                   958162.                               made to the school, and the
                                                                                  children have thoroughly enjoyed
Toddler Group                                                            using them.
With lots of new families attending                           
the toddler group and numbers
expanding as well we look to be in
                                                        Fordham                    We then ran a Help your Child
                                                                                   with Numeracy and a Help your
for another exciting year. At the                       Primary                    Child with Literacy course.
                                                                                   Parents were able to sit an exam
end of last term we held our
Christmas party with lots of                             School                    at the end to obtain a national
children enjoying plenty of party                                                  qualification in these areas. Finally
games, food and a visit from                 Adult Learning at Fordham             we ran a course Computers
Father Christmas. A fun time was             School                                Don’t Bite – An Introduction to
had by all!                                  In January 2004 Fordham All           Computers, which proved very
                                             Saints Primary started an exciting    popular. For most of these courses
Now that the New Year is upon us,            new venture in partnership with       we were able to provide a crèche
exciting new ideas are being put             Grey Friars Adult Community           facility. For such a small primary
into place for an Easter Egg Hunt            College. Their Outreach               school I was delighted that there
around the village on Thursday 6th           Department ran a series of            was enough interest on each
April between 10am and 11.30am.              courses open to parents, carers,      occasion to make the courses
Ladies, a pampering evening has              grandparents, friends etc. All the    viable, and Grey Friars were also
been arranged for Thursday 30th              courses were totally free of          very pleased with the success of
March from 7pm, so come along to             charge.                               the courses, noting that the
the village hall and enjoy an                                                      parents who attended were very
evening of pampering and support             The first course was: Making          committed and feedback from the
the local toddler group at the same          Story Sacks. For those who don‟t      tutors was very positive.
time.                                        know what these are, Story Sacks
                                                                                   This year I am hoping the courses
                                                                                   will be just as successful and we
                      Lady of the Night                                            are starting off this year with a
                                                                                   course Beginners French for
        Light has gone, dark consumes all,                                         Families. This course is for both
        A great white beast hangs in the sky, stars look small.                    parents and their children,
        Darkness retreats, as she advances,                                        providing a wonderful opportunity
        Yielding moonlight with her ghostly glances.                               for parents and children to work
                                                                                   and learn together. This course is
        Over her, craters reign supreme,                                           due to run on Mondays from 3.30
                                                                                   – 5pm for five weeks at the school.
        Filling her with holes, they are easily seen.
                                                                                   The deadline for applying for this
                                                                                   course was Monday 20th February.
        Trees tremble, rustle and shake,
                                                                                   This time we are linking with our
        Helpless to stop the light in their wake,                                  neighbouring school Holy Trinity
        Everything is lit up, she is a giant torch.                                Primary, and offering the course to
                                                                                   their parents and children as well.
        Not like the sun, plant leaves she can not scorch,                         This course will hopefully
        It is now time, she must lower her glare,                                  complement the work of Tasha
        Go, she must, or the sun will start to stare.                              Robson, who has recently started
        Her spell is broken, the night animals wave goodbye,                       a French Club for the older
        The Moon, she starts to sink slowly, beneath the sky.                      children at Fordham. This has
                                                                                   proved immensely popular, which
         A Poem by Jack Steadman, year 6 pupil at Fordham School,
       whose objective was to write an acrostic poem using personification.
is good, as, as a nation we are not     see if we can equal or, better still,   year round:
renowned for our foreign language       beat this magnificent amount. A
skills! Let‟s hope at Fordham we        collection box for the vouchers will       local, accessible, integrated
can change this, just a little!!        be placed in the entrance hall.             services (eg health, police,
Cathy Redgewell                                                                     social care)
                                        School Council                             wraparound childcare
         ~~~~~~~~~~~~~                  Three children, along with Mr              menu of activities (eg
                                        Malcolm, attended the Primary               homework clubs, study
School Newsletter snippets…….           School Councils‟ conference at              support, business and
                                        County Hall Chambers in                     enterprise activities)
Following on from a meeting on          Chelmsford on 31st January.                Parenting support and
23rd January to discuss our school                                                  information (eg family learning
travel plan, where we discussed                                           and support groups)
issues arising from the pupil and
                                                                                   community access to facilities
parental questionnaires, we would
like to run „Cycling Proficiency‟ for
                                                                                This will be achieved by working in
Year 6 children each year. In order
to do this we need your support!                   Extended Schools             partnership with other schools,
                                             Colchester West LDG                businesses and the community.
We need a parent who would be
willing to run this who would be        Whatever you want, the school is        There are now two Extended
given training by a Road Safety         the hub!                                Schools Co-ordinators for
Officer. We really need someone                                                 Colchester West, based at
to help us with this, so please         Schools are increasingly becoming       Thurstable School, who are
come forward if you are at all          the community hub for children          working with local schools to find
interested.                             and their families. At Fordham, in      out what staff, children and
                                        addition to homework clubs and          parents want. They are here to
Head Lice                               study support, young people enjoy       help with ideas and research, to
Please check your children              playing recorders and keyboards,        identify potential partners, and to
regularly as this is a constant         developing communication skills         seek funding and other resources.
problem.                                with the English Speaking Club,
                                        and testing their agility with brain    For more information, contact
Sainsbury’s Active Kids                 gym and football 2000.                  Mary Hall or Pam Nelson on
Vouchers                                                                        01621 816526, extension 172 or
Sainsbury‟s Active Kids 2006            By 2010, the Government intends         email nelsonp@thurstable.co.uk
started on February 8th and runs        that all primary and secondary
until the 30th May. Last year we        schools should offer these five                   
collected just over 20,000 so lets      core services, from 8am-6pm all

                                                                                      A few years ago, one of
                                                                                  Fordham‟s treasures, Marlene
                                                                                    Boyle, found an interesting
                                                                                  looking stone thrown up in the
                                                                                     workings that created the
                                                                                 reservoir along Fossetts Lane.
                                                                                   She took it to the museum in
                                                                                      Colchester, where she
                                                                                    discovered that it was a 50
                                                                                 million year old fossil of a crab
                                                                                 like creature. Can you make it
                                                                                out from the picture? Surely, this
                                                                                    must be the oldest known
                                                                                         Fordham resident!

                                        few days snow after Christmas          Just forgetting about the bio-fuels
                                        and a few frosts. The winter has       market and returning to the food
                                        been pretty undistinguished with       industry, rape has a big role to

                                   very little in the way of downfall,
                                        but several of those overcast dull
                                                                               play here as well. Rape oil, which
                                                                               many of you will already buy from
         with David Baker               days that make everyone feel           the supermarkets without realising
                                        gloomy.                                it, is very high in omega 3, and
Autumn sees the return to the                                                  because of this is actually
Colne Valley of migratory birds         I think that spring is one of the      healthier than olive oil.
such as fieldfares and redwings,        favourite times of year for a
these are both members of the           farmer. The trees and hedges all       Back on the farming side we have
thrush family which come to spend       begin to flower and then fields of     just started applying nutrients to
the winter here. Just after             oilseed rape begin to turn yellow.     some of the crops in order to help
Christmas, when we had the cold         Many people dislike the smell of       them grow away in the spring. We
spell with a little snow, four          this funny yellow flower that          have to apply sulphur to just about
redwings were feeding on the            occupies vast swathes of the           all of the crops now because there
berries just outside my kitchen         countryside and blame it for giving    is a lot less sulphur in the
window. I was lucky enough to see       them hay fever. I‟m just going to      atmosphere than years ago due to
a small flock of siskins on the alder   give you a few facts that will         the reduction in the primary
trees which grow along the stream       hopefully sway your views on this      manufacturing industry over the
side on Suttons farm. These             crop and prove to you all that         past decades. Along with this we
members of the finch family like        farming really has got a role to       are also applying nitrogen
the seeds found in the alder            play in creating a sustainable         fertiliser.
cones.                                  future. Not just to feed the world
                                        but also as a replacement for fossil   If anybody has any questions
Another bird that I have had good       fuels.                                 please feel free to e-mail:
views of this winter has been the                                              davidbradshaw@hotmail.com
woodcock, this rather elusive bird      Just for those of you that don‟t
likes to feed in wet ditches, damp      know, 1 hectare measures 100m                    
woods and along stream sides.           by 100m, which really is not that

Golden plovers have again been          large an area when you digest the
present on the airfield, a regular      following figures:
wintering site. On the 13th
February, I saw the first signs of
badger activity with some newly
                                           1ha Oilseed rape will produce
                                            the equivalent energy of 13
                                            tonnes of coal
made dung pits along one of our
local lanes.                               1ha Oilseed rape will run a
                                            family car for 25000 miles              INSTITUTE
The last village walk of 2005 took
place on Sunday the 20th                I‟m sure you‟re all fed up with
November, when a small group of         seeing the vast profits that these      ANNUAL REPORT 2005
us walked along the valley to           multinational fuel companies are
Cooks Mill and then onto Iron           making while the price at the pump     This is a report on the activities of
Latch Lane, a quick look at the         keeps on going up. By 2010 the         Fordham WI during the year 2005.
Essex Wildlife Trust reserve and        government has stated that there       We hope that when you have read
then on through Blind Lane and          should be a minimum inclusion of       this and looked at our programme
back down the Volne Valley to and       5% bio-diesel in all diesel that is    for the coming year that you might
back to Fordham. A nice walk            sold, the same will be true of bi-     like to come and try a meeting or
enjoyed by all who came.                ethanol, produced from wheat.          even consider joining.

                              In the UK, 19m litres of diesel are    A new year, a new President and
                                        sold annually and at this 5%           new Secretary both of whom hope
                                        inclusion it would equate to
FARMING MATTERS                         600,000ha of oilseed rape.
                                                                               that they have made the meetings
                                                                               enjoyable and friendly. The
                                        Potentially this is a huge market      committee has met together each
The days are lengthening, the           for agriculture and will reduce the    month to plan the meetings and
birds are singing and spring is on      world reliance on fossil fuels. In     other events, which we hope our
the way. I hope I‟m not speaking        Brazil 14 million cars are running     members have enjoyed.
too soon but to date the very cold      on bio-ethanol and America is fast
winter that was forecast has not        following suit.
really materialised, apart from a
The membership of Fordham WI is      In April we organised a meal at      have been on offer. We have sent
28, including one dual member        The Crown at Wormingford to          a delegate to the annual meeting
(that is a member who belongs to     which nearly all members were        held at the Albert Hall and to the
2 Institutes). We have been          able to attend. In May we held a     county annual meeting and half
pleased to welcome 2 new             Rummage Sale. In September we        yearly council meeting. Member
members this year, and hopefully     held a Harvest Supper when           Ann Ling, for the second year
we will take up the Chairman‟s       members and husbands sat down        running, also won a county
challenge to try and increase our    to a meal prepared by the            bursary for a visit to Denman
membership throughout this year.     Committee and were entertained       College for the Essex Federation
Member Judith Rose after 29          by Beryl Cowan. In October we        visit in 2006.
years is retiring as a WI Advisor    held a Quiz night for members and
and Margaret Gregory has this        friends. The last three of these       PLEASE COME ALONG AND
year been a member of the County     events raising funds for the          SUPPORT YOUR VILLAGE W.I
Arts and Leisure Committee.          Institute.
                                                                          The following is on our
We have had some excellent           Two members, with the aid of an      Programme for 2006.
speakers throughout last year        Institute Bursary, went to Denman
although at one point we did         College and gave an excellent talk   April 4th Mrs Ann Tomkinson –
wonder if we were going to get       on their return that should          Gatty the Pottage Cook from
through a meeting without a power    encourage members, who have          Kentwell Hall
cut or other disaster striking.      never been, to go.
                                                                          May 2nd Resolutions Meeting -
Geoff Pettitt, our January speaker   Members have individually, and in    lively discussion on topical
who was showing us films of          groups, taken up the County          subjects
Colchester was cut short by the      Chairman‟s challenge to walk 90
power going off, but undaunted he    miles. While no individual has       June 6th Mrs Angela Ralph (&
told us how he got into              managed to walk the 90 miles,        puppy) - A puppy walker for Guide
photography in a very interesting    collectively, this has been          Dogs for the Blind
and amusing way and has              achieved thanks to the good
promised to come back and show       weather over the summer and the      July 4th   Members Meeting
us the films another time. In        wonderful footpaths that have
February the speaker was taken ill   been opened up around Fordham        August 1st Mr Jess Jephcott – A
but did send her mum along as a      by the Woodland Trust.               History of Pubs in Colchester
substitute. Although our March
speaker had finished we were         There was no group meeting held      September 5th Mr Dudley Chignall
struck by yet another power cut      this year but members have visited   – Flora, Fauna and Fun in New
during social time. However since    other Institutes and we have         Zealand
those first three meetings, (which   welcomed visitors to our meetings.
would be enough to make a lesser     Members have also participated in    October 3rd Mr Gary Egerton –
person than our President want to    county organised events such as      Life of a Police Bodyguard
resign) I am pleased to say that     Dedicated Followers of Fashion
everything else seems to have        Day to London and Symphony of        November 7th Annual Meeting
                                               Quilters Green by
gone smoothly.                       the Sea Exhibition at Chelmsford
                                                 Mark Wendon
                                     cathedral among the many that        December 5th Mr Alan Chilvers –
                                                                          Man of the Soil

                                                                          If there is any meeting that you
                                                                          would like to attend please call
                                                                          either Margaret Gregory (240815)
                                                                          or myself (240585) for more
                                                                          details. If nothing else you are
                                                                          sure of a warm welcome, and an
                                                                          enjoyable evening.

                                                                          Jackie Renn

                                                                               we will meet at the club-house of
       Ronald Blythe speaks to the                                             Wormingford Gliding Club for
      Fordham Local History Society                                            reminiscences of life in Fordham
                                                                               during WW2.

                                                                               Meetings on the third Thursday of
                                                                               the month in the village hall unless
                                                                               otherwise stated. Visitors are
                                                                               always welcome to our events -
                                                                               £1.00 at the door. For more
                                                                               information contact Jenny Kay

                                                                               Jenny Kay
                                                                                        ROYAL BRITISH

  FORDHAM LOCAL HISTORY                Ronald Blythe, a resident of
                                       nearby Wormingford. Ronald
        SOCIETY                        came to tell us of his life as a
                                                                                 Fordham Poppy Appeal 2005
                                       writer; perhaps the best known of
                                       his work being his record of
We ended 2005 with the AGM and                                                 The total raised was £418.72. With
                                       changing rural life in the book
festive „pot-luck‟ supper hosted by                                            thanks to all the collectors and
                                       (later the film) Akenfield. He told
Juliet and Patrick Austin at Old                                               contributors. Your support was
                                       us that he was born and bred in         very                          much
Timbers. We collected                  Suffolk and that he had been a
suggestions for the 2006               writer for 50 years as well as many
programme and considered our           of his experiences as a writer.
financial position and decided to
hold the membership fee at £5.00.      A number of projects are on-going.
We agreed to send a donation of        I am very grateful to June Wallace
£50 to the Victoria County History     who has offered to analyse the
Appeal and to continue our             results of the archaeological field-
membership of both the Woodland                                                appreciated.
                                       walking which we carried out in
Trust and the Essex                    2002. This will end in a report
Archaeological Congress, where                                                           
                                       hopefully locating the probable site
Pat Lewis will continue to
represent us on both of these
                                       of the Roman villa. Jess Jephcott
                                       continues to carry out video
bodies.                                interviews and is looking for more             RESERVOIR
                                       subjects. Please contact him if you
Patrick Denney's latest book 'Foul     would like to have your own 'video
Deeds and Suspicious Deaths in                                                 Not only is Essex one of the driest
                                       life story'.
and around Colchester' includes a                                              counties in England but demand
report on the double murder that                                               continues to grow and we have a
                                       We are hoping to publish another
took place in Fordham in 1875,                                                 responsibility and a commitment to
                                       book in the not too distant future.
Solomon and Thomas Johnson                                                     ensure that water supplies
                                       We have also been approached by
died at the hands of their                                                     continue to meet our needs – and
                                       Geoff Sinclair of the Woodland          those of our children. Essex &
deranged son. The chapter              Trust to assist in publication of the
includes reports from the Essex                                                Suffolk Water requires a large
                                       history of Fordham Hall Estate.
Standard at the time. Patrick's talk                                           strategic resource within Essex to
                                       Subject to confirmation, Geoff will
to the history group in January                                                provide the amount of water
                                       lead a workshop on this in April.
was not for weak stomachs or the                                               needed to ensure a continued
faint-hearted. The 'foul deeds' -                                              supply to its customers over the
                                       The future programme includes
those committed by the summary                                                 next 25 years. After over a decade
                                       more information on timber-framed
justice system since Roman times                                               of investigation, the plan being
                                       buildings from Richard Shackle on
seemed particularly inhuman.                                                   taken forward is known as the
                                       16th March, on 18th May a talk
                                                                               Abberton scheme.
                                       from David Possee on life at home
In February we were pleased to         in Essex in WW1and on 15th June
welcome the renowned author Mr                                                 This scheme will involve raising
the top water level of Abberton         If you do have an immediate
reservoir to increase its storage       question, please either email           The Fordham Charity Trust, based
capacity by 60% and obtaining the       sarah.pinkerton@eswater.co.uk or        at the Three Horseshoes pub,
additional water to fill the raised     call her, during office hours, on       have been working hard
reservoir by varying the amount of      01245 212862                            organising various events and
water the company is allowed to                                                 have raised £3,025 for Colchester
abstract at Denver and Blackdyke                                      General Hospital‟s special care
(in Norfolk). The third part of the                                             baby unit (SCBU). A balloon race
project is the transfer of this water      Safari Supper                        saw one of the balloons drift on
into Abberton reservoir, through                                                the wind all the way to Imperia in
new pipelines. We plan to do this       In October last year many people        Italy.
by laying two underground               from the village took part in one of
pipelines, one from Kirtling Green      Fordham‟s restored traditions.          The photograph on the front page
to Wixoe and another from               Thanks to the hard work of Alison       shows the hospital‟s sister, Sheila
Wormingford to Abberton                 Bradshaw and Marlies Barnett, the       Crow, receiving the cheque that
reservoir.                              event went perfectly. We took the       will be used to buy an IV syringe
                                        easy way in that we chose to enjoy      pump and fund specialist training
The work to get these pipelines in      the hospitality of two households       for a SCBU nurse. This charity
the ground is not planned to start      who had offered to cook for their       was chosen because Trudi‟s son
until 2009 but we want local            guests. As comparative                  Damian who was premature and
people who might be affected by         newcomers to the village we had         weighed under 2lb‟s at birth was
the project to understand what we       not attended a Safari Supper            cared for at the unit by Sheila
are proposing. We believe we            before, so we thought we would          Crow over 22 years ago.
have already demonstrated that          see how things were done.
the Abberton scheme is the right                                                Front page photo, left to right Dave
plan which, in both environmental                                               Bridger (FCT) Trudi Tuckwell (Landlady)
                                        We chose to get our bicycles out        (Background) Damian Tuckwell (Son of
and cost terms, will be far more        to travel to our hosts, which added     Landlady) Sister Sheila Crow (Manager
positive than creating a brand new      to the fun as we encountered            S.C.B.U. ) John Petty (FCT) Tarquin Clare
reservoir. The project forms an         various other people criss-crossing     (Falcon P & H Supps) (Sponsor).
essential part of our 25-year water     the village on their respective
resource plan, as well as part of       ways to their respective hosts. We                 
the Environment Agency‟s regional       were aware of the strict timings           CORRECTION TO FORDHAM
strategy for the east of England.       that had to be followed, so that we       SCHOOL REPORT REGARDING
We have been developing our             could all arrive at the correct place      THE MUSIC ACHIEVEMENTS
plans for Abberton over many            at the correct time. With starters at
years, consulting, discussing and       a known location we had to wait to      Regrettably, in the last issue, we
researching. We have already            learn where our main course was         inadvertently attributed the grade 3
discussed our plans with the            to be served. It was great to meet      saxophone award to one Sam
landowners who will be directly         fellow villagers in such a way; to      Griffiths when, in fact, his parents
affected and a wide range of other      make new friends.                       assure us that young Sam would
stakeholders including planners,                                                have no idea just which end to
regulators, environmental and           Dessert was served at Hoppits,          blow. We have it on good authority
conservation groups and                 where everybody descended for           that Miss Samantha Ayrton was
politicians. Essex & Suffolk Water      the final stage of the evening.         the worthy winner. Our apologies
is also determined to do all it can     Generous portions of all types of       to Samantha.
to ensure that local people are         puddings, together with all manner          FORDHAM SCHOOL
kept fully informed of its plans and    of alcoholic beverages (hic!) and           COMMUNITY GOVERNOR
progress and to do its best to          not so alcoholic, made the evening               VACANCY
resolve any problems or queries.        go with a swing. Thanks
So, we are planning to hold two         everybody for giving us such an         The governing body has been
informal information sessions.          enjoyable night out. JJ                 exploring all possible avenues to
The first is in Kedington
                                                                                find a new community governor to
community centre on Friday March                  
                                                                                join the team. However, their
17th between 3.30pm and 7.30pm.
                                                                                search has been unsuccessful and
The second is on Tuesday March
21st at Fordham village hall, again         The THREE                           they would now like to advertise
                                                                                the position more widely.
between 3.30pm and 7.30pm. You
don‟t need to book, simply drop in
                                                                                Primarily the school is looking for
to meet some of the Abberton
                                                                                someone who lives or works in the
team and find out more.
                                                                                community served by the school.
However, the candidate may not          For further information on the
work or live locally, but would still   waste service review please
be committed and be able to             contact Dave McManus 282625.
dedicate some of their time and
energy to developing the success                 
of the school. The role involves
becoming a member of the full
governing body committee and
attending one evening meeting per

If you are interested and would like
to know more please contact
Gordon Malcolm (with no
obligation) at the school on 01206




      Yew tree wood/prunings

Does anyone have a yew tree in
their garden that needs pruning,
may need pruning in the near
future or has recently been pruned
but the wood is still around as I
want to have a go at making an
English long bow?

Colchester CO3
email dvdcranky@aol.com


      Borough News
     Customer Service Centre

„The new Customer Service
Centre in the High Street is now
fully operational, providing
answers to council enquiries first
hand. The team of advisors
continually undergo training in
order to become knowledgeable in
all service areas and to offer
excellent customer service
regardless of the subject.‟
Common ground newsletter Dec

Proposals for changes to waste
collection have been agreed and
will be implemented over the
coming months.


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