Bungee Pupees primary focus has been manufacturing some of the

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					Bun-Gee Pup-EETM focuses on manufacturing the best high quality stretchable leashes on
the market today. We have always been the leading bungee leash company and the first
original Bun-Gee Pup-EETM leash to hit the market. Our success comes from our 10 years
of experience promoting and working with the now called, “1st step training tool for your

If you want an opportunity to share in our success by developing a relationship with us,
either as a distributor, wholesale account, or as a manufactures representative contact us for
further information and pricing structure.

As a distributor, your orders would supply you with product that would be suitable for
online or supplying your accounts to include pet boutiques, gift shops, veterinarians,
groomers, kennels, feed stores and more. Your pricing would be the most attractive
available because of your flexibility in ordering variety and quantity.

Our wholesale accounts enjoy totally flexible return policies so that they can exchange product
at any time to keep their display fresh and appropriately seasonal. Our guarantee means that
they will never be left with product on the shelves to sell at discounted pricing. We will always
buy back product in good, saleable condition. Our wholesale accounts also enjoy incredible
flexibility in some special orders so that we can keep their customers happy with specific
orders quickly.

By becoming a wholesale account of Bun-Gee Pup-EETM you enjoy several benefits such as:

1) Shipping for your 2nd order is paid by us as a way to say thank you.
2) We have developed special packages that you can choose from to make it easy to order
3) We will always accept the return of good, saleable merchandise for 100% credit.
4) We will provide you with a FREE display rack!
5) We back up everything with a 100% guarantee so you can take care of your customers!

If you want a product that will have your customer’s thank you for a great new way to walk
their dogs then there is no reason to wait. Contact us at (877) 546-6785 or via email at
kelly@bungeepupee.com and start earning today as a supplier of your favorite line of
bungee leashes.

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