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					                                                                   SC/REIT – EXISTING

                        ESTATE INVESTMENT TRUST

The Capital Markets and Services Act 2007 and the Guidelines on Real Estate Investment
Trusts require person(s) submitting or cause to be submitted, any statement or
information to the Commission to ensure that the information submitted is not false or
misleading and there is no material omission in any respects. Non-compliance with the
requirement shall subject the person to the sanctions and penalties prescribed under the
Act and/or the Guidelines.


I/We declare that to the best of our knowledge and belief, all information given in this
application form is true and accurate.

Name of Authorised Signatory of Adviser:

Name of Director of Management Company/
Authorised Signatory of Promoter*:

* Please delete whichever is inapplicable

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                                                                                    SC/REIT – EXISTING

A.         Fund Information

(1)       Name of Fund

(2)       Date of SC Approval

(3)       Date of Fund’s Launch

(4)       Fund Category

(5)       Fund Type

(6)       Investment Objective

(7)       Income Distribution Policy

(8)       Performance Benchmark

(9)       Annual Management Fee1

(10)      Annual Trustee Fee

(11)      Approved Size of Fund

(12)      Proposed Size of Fund (where applicable)

(13)      Indicative Price

(14)      Indicative Dividend Yield

B.         Investments of the Fund

           Existing portfolio composition -
            (1)    Real Estates2

            (2)    Single-purpose companies

            (3)    Real estate-related assets

            (4)    Non-real estate-related assets

            (5)    Cash, deposits and money market instruments

    Where performance based fee structure is adopted, please state clearly the breakdown in terms of base fee,
    performance fee etc (where applicable)
    Details of the real estates should be submitted via form SC/REIT-REAL ESTATE

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                                                                    SC/REIT – EXISTING

C.    Information on Proposed Issuance of New Units (where applicable)

(1)   Number of new units proposed to be issued : _____________________________

(2)   What is the percentage size of new units to be issued?

      (a)    Up to 20% of the fund size

             Date of unit holders’ meeting which granted the management company a
             general mandate to issue new units: ________________

      (b)    More than 20% of the fund size

             Please state the date of the unit holders’ resolution: ________________

(3)   Please provide the estimated proceeds from the offering of new units.

(4)   Please provide details on the proposed utilisation of proceeds.

D.    Additional Information

(1)   Please provide particulars of the listing proposal.

(2)   Please provide the rationale for the listing of the fund.

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                                                                           SC/REIT – EXISTING

(3)   Please provide details of the promoters / vendors / related parties’ unit holdings in
      the fund.

(4)   Please provide a tentative timetable to list the fund on Bursa Securities.

(5)   Please provide any other relevant information to support this application.

1.    Please tick ( ) in the relevant boxes, where appropriate.
2.    If a question is not applicable, please state “N/A.” in the space provided.
3.    For item (7) of Section A, please state clearly the distribution policy of the fund (i.e.
      incidental, annual, quarterly, monthly; payment in cash or units; distributed or reinvested,
      minimum percentage of REIT income to be distributed etc).
4.    If the space provided is insufficient for your requirements, please continue on a separate
      sheet of paper. Please indicate which question your additional information relates to.

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