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Anatoliy Orgunov 5216 Marlene Ave Jacksonville_ FL 32210 T 904


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									Anatoliy Orgunov
5216 Marlene Ave.        Position Requested:
Jacksonville, FL 32210   Sr. Graphic Designer / Graphic Designer / Web Designer
T. 904-422-9315
                         Advantus, Corp.; Jacksonville, FL
                         Graphic Designer, 2004 – 2009
                         Responsible for packaging design and conceptualization, design of
                         promotional material, HP wide format printer operation, digital studio
                         photography and lighting, image retouching and rendering, technical
                         drawing and illustration, package mock-up, dyeline creation and
                         adjustment, logo and Web design, video editing for the Web, as well as
                         some involvement in product development.

                         Flomark, LLC.; Jacksonville, FL
                         Owner, 2007-2009
                         Provided real estate professionals and companies with Web services.

                         Firehouse Murals, Inc.; Jacksonville, FL
                         Artist, 2004
                         Responsible for painting murals for Firehouse Subs®.

                         Creative Environs, Inc.; Jacksonville, FL
                         Assistant, 2002-2004
                         Responsible for assisting in painting, sculpture and creative carpentry,
                         delivery and overall production maintenance.

                         Servick, LTD; Kiev, Ukraine
                         Sign Maker, 1999-2001
                         Responsible for making signs and some involvement in designing them.

                         FCCJ; Jacksonville, FL. 2003-2005
                         Graphic Design Technology, Diploma, Associate in Science
                         Multimedia Technology, Technical Certificate

                         Technical Proficiency:
                         Software: Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Flash, Dreamweaver,
                         Acrobat, Premiere, Lightroom, Apple Final Cut, QuarkXPress, High-Logic
                         FontCreator, ArcSoft Panorama Maker, HDRsoft Photomatix Pro,
                         ColorVision Spyder2, IndigoRose AutoPlay Media Studio, Microsoft
                         Office, WHM and CPanel.
                         Programming: PHP, HTML, CSS, Java Script and Applets, MySQL, ActionScript.
                         Operating Systems: Mac and PC.

                         Created Jacksonville real estate listing Web site

                         Portfolio and references available upon request. Web portfolio:

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