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Pulte Homes at Fallsgrove by gabyion


									                  MAYFIELD TRACE LOTTERY GUIDELINES

Pulte Homes is pleased that you have expressed interest in the homes we will be offering
for sale at Mayfield Trace in Manassas, Virginia. Since this exciting new community is
conveniently located in close proximity to major roadways and shopping it has been
generating tremendous interest.

In response to the overwhelming interest in Mayfield Trace we will hold a lottery to
select potential buyers. At present we do not anticipate the need to open sales to anyone
not taking part in this lottery process. We will conduct the lottery at The Westfields
Marriott in Chantilly, Virginia on Saturday, September 18, 2004 at 10:00 AM. Directions
can be obtained by calling 800-635-5666. A limited number of homesites will be made
available for sale on that date.

The lottery will be handled in the following manner:

   1. A lottery to create an assigned priority list will be held on Saturday, September
      18, 2004, at The Westfields Marriott. You must register for the lottery by
      completing our simple and convenient online registration form at the following
      address: prior to Friday, September 17,
      2004. You need to fill out a registration form to participate in this event. If you
      are working with a real estate agent then your agent information must also be
      included when you register.
   2. With each registration form you must submit your pre-approval application letter
      from Pulte Mortgage, or a letter from a reputable lender that you are pre-approved
      to obtain a mortgage in an amount sufficient to enable you to purchase a home.
      As a convenience to you, representatives from Pulte Mortgage Corporation
      (“PMC”) will be available prior to the preview period should you require
      assistance in obtaining this approval status, at no cost or obligation to you.
   3. If you intend on paying cash for a home, you must provide along with the
      registration form sufficient evidence that you have the available cash to purchase
      a home.
   4. Pulte Homes expressly reserves the right, at their sole and absolute discretion, not
      to agree to enter into a Purchase Agreement on a Home with a person who is
      buying a home for investment purposes even should that person’s name be next
      on the lottery list.
   5. Each registrant will be assigned a number, and by lottery we will continue to draw
      numbers until all those present have been chosen to create the “lottery list”.

6. Each family is only allowed one registration form and will only be assigned one
7. A limited number of homesites will be released for sale on Saturday, September
    18, 2004 and they will be offered to the people on the list created by the lottery in
    the order in which their name appears.
8. You must be present at this initial meeting to be afforded the opportunity to
    purchase a home in this first release. If you are among the lucky people who are at
    the top of the lottery list, you will be required to make a decision at that time
    whether or not to enter into a Purchase Agreement for one of the available homes.
    Solely during this initial release will the right to make a selection from the
    available lots and/or models be allowed in the order in which the names appear on
    the lottery list. If you do not elect to purchase a home at that time, then your
    name will be removed from said list. The next named person will then ascend in
    order, and be offered the opportunity to purchase a remaining available home.
9. Once we have sold the homes released for sale on September 18, 2004, we will
    attempt to contact each person on the lottery list in the order that their names
    appear, to schedule appointments to come in and review lots as they are released
    for purchase. Initially, we will only contact the same number of people on the
    lottery list as there are homes released for sale. Phone calls will be made in the
    order in which the names appear on the lottery list. A person will have 48 hours
    from the time they are contacted to come in and enter into a Purchase Agreement,
    or their name will be taken off the lottery list. Our efforts will solely be directed
    towards contacting the appropriate individual in the appropriate order. It will be
    the responsibility of the recipient to schedule a timely appointment to secure a
    homesite, as all appointments will be handled on a “first come, first served” basis.
10. If we are unable to contact a person using the contact information provided on the
    registration form after 48 hours of trying, they will be removed from the lottery
    list and we will proceed to contact the next person on the list.
11. Full deposits in the amount specified will be required at the time of contract for
    all homes at Mayfield Trace.
12. If you are not present for the initial lottery, or were present but either decided not
    to purchase an available home or failed to contact us within 48 hours, we will
    make homes available on a “first come first served” basis once everyone on the
    lottery list has been given the opportunity to purchase a home.
13. You understand that current advertised prices are only for the homesites made
    available for sale on September 18, 2004, and are subject to change without
    notice. You must make your purchasing decision based upon the current prices
    for the homes released when your name comes up on the lottery list and you
    receive a call from us.
14. Places on the lottery list may not, under any circumstances, be transferred or
    assigned to any other person regardless of the relation to the original registrant.
    The lottery list is name specific and is only for the person/immediate family listed
    on the registration form.
15. If, at any time, it is determined, in our sole and exclusive discretion, that an
    individual on the lottery list, either directly or through their real estate agent, has
    or is attempting to transfer/assign or sell their place on the lottery list then that

       individual, and all other individuals who are on the lottery list and who have listed
       that particular real estate agent as their agent in their registration form, will be
       stricken from the lottery list.

Please know that we are pacing our sales efforts in order to ensure our customers an
outstanding home buying experience. Releasing a small number of homesites
periodically will allow us to better manage our customer’s expectations with regard to
delivery dates and ensure that a quality Pulte Home is constructed.


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