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__________day of __________________, 20_____; between HANG YOUR LICENSE.NET,
LLC, and __________________________________________________, herein after called
WHEREAS, Hang Your License.Net , LLC is a licensed Florida Real Estate
Brokerage Company pursuant to Florida Statutes, Chapter 475 and ;

WHEREAS, Independent Contractor is a licensed Florida Real Estate
Salesperson, Broker-Salesperson or Broker pursuant to Florida Statutes,
Chapter 475, and

WHEREAS, Independent Contractor wishes to engage in the business of
procuring prospects for real estate; purchase and sales to refer to licensed
brokers actively engaged in the business of listing and selling real estate.

 THEREFORE, in consideration of the foregoing promises and mutual
covenants the parties agree as follows:


      a. Contractor shall be deemed to be an Independent Contractor.
         Contractor shall be free to devote to Contractor’s real estate efforts
         such portion of Contractor’s entire time, energy, effort and skill as
         Contractor sees fit and to establish Contractor’s own endeavors.
         Contractor shall not have mandatory duties accept those imposed by
         law or regulation and those specifically set out in this agreement.
         Nothing contained in this agreement shall be regarded as creating
         any relationship (employer/employee, joint venture, partnership and
         shareholder) between the parties other than the Independent
         Contractor relationship as set forth herein.

      b. Contractor is, and shall be treated by HYLN as an Independent
         Contractor (statutory non-employee) and not as an employee for any
         State taxes and/or any other purpose. The sales person (contractor)
    will not be treated as an employee with respect to the services
    performed by such salesperson (contractor) as a real estate agent for
    Federal Tax purposes or for workmen’s compensation purposes.
    Contractor hereby acknowledges that Contractor has been advised
    by HYLN that as an Independent Contractor (non-employee affiliated
    with HYLN, contractor is responsible for the payment of all his or her
    own federal income taxes and his or her self-employment taxes
    (FICA) together with any and all corresponding state, county and
    local taxes, if any and Contractor hereby agrees to meet such
    responsibilities. Contractor hereby waives any claims Contractor has
    or may have against HYLN now or in the future respecting such taxes
    or the right of HYLN not to withhold, not to pay or not to contribute
    to such taxes on behalf of contractor. Contractor shall not hire,
    employ, contract with or for, retain hold the license of, or sponsor for
    license of any real estate broker or salesperson. Any unlicensed
    assistant that you wish to hire must be authorized by the Broker.
    Any said assistants hired are the sole responsibility of the
    Independent Contractor and the Independent Contractor is
    responsible for any withholdings or benefits offered to said


    a. To pay over to Independent Contractor One hundred percent
    (100%) of referral fees collected by HYLN in a timely basis, Less
    $50.00 Administrative Fee, any such commissions shall be reduced
    by payment of a part thereof to other participating salespeople who
    are deemed to have earned a part of said commission, and provided,
    however , HYLN shall have the right to deduct from the payment of
    said commission monies in an amount equal to any indebtedness
    owing HYLN by Independent Contractor and neither party hereto
    shall be liable to the other for any commissions not collected. Fees
    charged by HYLN may change with written notice.

During the term of any extended term, and subsequent to the expiration or
termination, of this agreement, Independent Contractor represents, warrants,
covenants and agrees:

        a) Independent Contractor is required to keep his/her license up to
           date at all times. This includes taking all classes required and
           submitting your renewal forms in time for processing. Failure to
           comply will result in severance from the company.

        b) HYLN shall not be liable to Contractor for any expenses incurred by
           Contractor, nor shall Contractor have authority to bind HYLN by any
           promise or representation, unless specifically authorized in advance
           and in writing by HYLN. Contractor further agrees to pay all
           damages, costs and expenses, including but not limited to attorney
           fees and the full amount of any judgment and/or any errors and
           omission Insurance deductable assessed against or incurred by
           NYLN and/or its members in defending or satisfying an suit, claim,
           arbitration, mediation or judgment against HYLN and/or its
           members because of Contractor’s activity, even if such a claim or
           judgment is brought or filed subsequent to the expiration or
           termination of this agreement or any renewals or extension hereof.
           This provision shall survive the expiration or termination of this

        c) To conform and abide by the laws, rules and regulations and code of
           ethics that are binding upon or applicable to real estate salespeople
           and brokers in the real estate location, where licensed.

        d) Sign and agree to all policies in HYLN policy and procedure manual.

        e) Not engage in any other real estate activity for which a license is
           required with any other individual or entity and act solely as a
           Referral Agent.
     f) To strictly limit his activities to the referral of the names of
        prospective purchasers, sellers, or other referrals directly to a Hang
        Your agent, Gulf Coast Investment Properties or to
        another brokerage or any other Real Estate Firm.

     g) To agree not to list any real estate for sale, exchange, lease, or
        represent prospective sellers in the sale of their real estate or
        prospective buyers in the purchase of real estate properties.

     h) To abide by and support all state and federal fair housing, antitrust
        and agency laws and to understand that HYLN expects Independent
        Contractors to be knowledgeable concerning these laws and to
        conduct his business practices accordingly.
     a) Independent Contractors agree to pay HYLN a one time yearly fee of
     ($250. 00) Two hundred fifty- dollars and no cents (non-refundable)
     upon execution of this contract.
     b) Annual membership dues are due upon signing agreement and
     cancelation will occur if not received within 30 days.
     c) Hang Your License .Net will accept payment in any manner you
     choose as long as you make the request in writing.
     a) The agreement shall extend for the defined term commencing as of,
     and on, the effective date. This agreement is good for one year and will
     automatically renew unless either party terminates this agreement with
     written notice. At the time of termination all fees due HYLN are due and
     b) Any modification or change to the Independent Contractor
     Agreement must be in writing, agreed upon by all parties to the
     agreement and will take effect (7) seven days from the date of the
     c) This agreement may be terminated by HYLN immediately and
     without notice if contractor defaults, fails to conduct Contractor’s
     business in accordance with the terms of this agreement or engages in
     conduct which is disloyal or disrupts the company or is likely to bring
     discredit to the HYLN name.
     a) Waiver of Breach. The waiver by the BROKER of a breach of any
     condition of this AGREEMENT by the CONTRACTOR shall not be
     construed as a waiver of any subsequent breach by the CONTRACTOR.
     b) Assignment. The rights and obligations of the BROKER under this
     AGREEMENT shall insure to the benefit of and shall be binding upon the
     successors and assigns of the BROKER.
     c) Entire Agreement. This agreement contains the entire AGREEMENT
     of the parties and may only be amended or modified by a further
     agreement in writing signed by both parties.
     d) Invalid Provisions. If any provision of this AGREEMENT is held to be
     illegal, invalid or unenforceable under present or future laws effective
     during the term of this AGREEMENT, such provision shall be fully
     severable and this AGREEMENT shall be construed and enforced as if
     such illegal, invalid or unenforceable provision had never comprised a
     part hereof, without affecting the validity or enforceability of any other
     provision of this AGREEMENT.
     e) Law and Venue. This AGREEMENT shall be governed by and
     construed in accordance with the laws of Florida and venue for any and
     all action or legal proceedings pertaining to this AGREEMENT shall lie in
     Collier County, Florida.
     PARTIES HERETO AGREE that this agreement supersedes any and all
     previous agreements written or oral and that any changes to this
     Agreement must be in writing.
     IN WITNESS WHEREOF, the parties hereto, by their signature below,
     acknowledge their understanding of and commitment to the terms of
     this agreement effective as of:

     ___________________________________________      __________________________
     Independent Contractor                           Date
__________________________________________   __________________________
Hang Your, LLC                   Date