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									    Farmland For Sale

                   The Boyd Family farm offers an excellent mix of hunting and recreation
                   along Friends Creek and cash flow from the tillable cropland.

                         Boyd Family Farm
 150.36 Acres - Cropland, Hunting and Recreational Land
                            Friends Creek Township
                             Macon County, Illinois
The Boyd Family farm is located at the northeast corner of Argenta, Illinois. This tract combines
excellent hunting and recreational opportunities with corn and soybean production. Approximately
48% of the farm is tillable cropland. The overall productivity index is 132.4. Details of the farm are in
this brochure. Don’t miss the enjoyment of this investment opportunity. Heartland Ag Group Ltd.
signs mark the property.
                                                                               An oil and chip township road forms the east boundary of
                                                                               the farm. (This picture was taken facing toward the north.)

             Reprinted with permission of Rockford Map Inc.
                                                                               This aerial photograph shows the west and south portions
                            Location                                          of the farm.

The Boyd Family farm is located at the northeast edge of Argenta,
Illinois. An all-weather township road provides excellent access to
                                                                                           Legal Description
the east boundary of the farm. The property is outlined on the plat   The Boyd Family farmland is located in Section Twenty-four and
map above. A special easement provides access to the west 40.0        Twenty-five (24 & 25) of Friends Creek Township, Macon County,
acres from the south. Our Heartland Ag Group Ltd. signs mark          Illinois. A detailed legal description is available on request.
the property.                                                                Parcel ID Number: 05-03-25-200-006
                                                                             (In Macon County) 05-03-24-476-003

                                                                                          Boundary Survey
                                                                      Robert Cox Surveying from Findlay has completed a boundary
                                                                      survey which reveals 150.36 acres surveyed as two separate tracts.
                                                                      Upon request, a full size copy of the survey is available along with
                                                                      the detailed legal description.

         There is nothing more enjoyable than the tree lined,
         shaded banks of Friends Creek in the summertime.

                                                                                 Farm Operator and Lease
                                                                      The lease for crop year 2007 is open. David Brix has operated this
         Access across Friends Creek is by a bridge that              land for several years and his farm tenancy has been terminated.
         connects both sides of the creek.
                      Aerial Photograph                                                                Tax Information
This aerial photograph was provided by the Macon County FSA                    The Macon County Treasurer has provided the following real estate
Office in Decatur, Illinois.                                                   tax information on the Boyd Family farmland. (The acreage being
                                                                               sold will be prorated from this total tax bill.):
                                                                                                     Taxable        2005         2005 Taxes       Rate
                                                                                   Parcel ID #        Acres     Assessed Value Payable in 2006   Per Acre
                                                                                05-03-25-200-006     139.17   $12,431       $997.84      $7.17
                                                                               *05-03-24-476-003      96.58   $24,298      $1,950.42    $20.19
                                                                                                     235.75   $36,729      $2,948.26    $12.51
                                                                               *Note - The second parcel contains a farmstead and buildings which
                                                                               increased the taxes shown.

                                                                                                        Title Insurance
                                                                               The seller shall provide a title insurance policy on the amount of the
                                                                               purchase price for each tract of land purchased. A preliminary title
                        Soil Productivity                                     commitment from Central Illinois Title Company will be furnished
                                                                               upon request. Please give us a call.
Soil types and productivity ratings on the Boyd Family farm (as
published by the University of Illinois, Department of Agronomy in
circular 1156) are as follows:                                                       Terms and Conditions of Sale
                                           % of Productivity Productivity
                                                                               The buyer(s) will be asked to sign a written contract to purchase the
Soil #   Soil Type                Acres   Farm Index (811) Index (1156)        Boyd Family farm. Heartland Ag Group Ltd. will make copies of that
451      Lawson silt loam        33.40    46.4%    140.0        155.0          contract available at your request. A 10% down payment is required
322      Russell silt loam       13.80    19.2%    107.9        117.5          upon signing the contract. The balance will be due in 30 days. The
 27      Miami silt loam         13.00    18.1%     84.0         92.4          Boyd family is represented by Mr. Thomas Jennings, Attorney At
306      Allison silty clay loam 5.60      7.8%    136.0        145.0          Law, whose contact information is as follows:
233      Birkbeck silt loam       2.90     4.0%    120.8        123.8                        Mr. Thomas Jennings
 27      Miami silt loam          1.90     2.6%    104.2        112.8                        Livingston, Barger, Brandt & Schroeder
 27      Miami silt loam          1.40     1.9%     99.7        108.0                        PO Box 3457
         Weighted Averages 72.00          100%     120.9        132.4                        115 West Jefferson Street
         Non-tillable            78.36                                                       Bloomington, IL 61702
         Total                  150.36                                                       Phone: (309) 828-5281
                                                                                             Fax: (309) 827-3432

                                                                                                              Disclaimer
                                                                               Although the information contained in this brochure is considered to
         Soil Map
                                                                               be accurate, no representation or warranties to that effect are being
                                                                               made. This information is subject to verification and no liability for
                                                                               errors or omissions is assumed.
                                                                               All buyers are invited to make an inspection of the property after
                                                                               calling Heartland Ag Group Ltd. for an appointment.

                                FSA Data                                                                Listing Price
The following information was provided by the Macon County                     The Boyd Family farm is offering the farmland for sale as follows:
Farm Service Agency (FSA) office in Decatur, Illinois. This farm is
part of a larger tract of land that operates under the USDA Programs               150.36 acres @ $2,450 per acre = $368,382 in total.
from Macon County, Illinois. A prorata share of the cropland and
base acres will be made when the property split is official.                                        Real Estate Broker
          Farm No.                                    3716                     Heartland Ag Group Ltd. is pleased to offer this property to
          Farmland Acres                             312.6                     you. You may contact us as follows:
          Cropland Acres                             181.1
                                                                                            Dale E. Aupperle, AFM, ARA
          Corn Base Acres                            136.2
          Direct Payment Corn Yield                  111.0                                  President - Heartland Ag Group Ltd.
          Counter-cyclical Corn Yield                111.0                                  1401 Koester Drive, Suite 100
          Soybean Base Acres                          29.4                                  Forsyth, IL 62535
          Direct Payment Soybean Yield                32.0                                     Office: (217) 876-7700
          Counter-cyclical Soybean Yield              32.0                                     Fax: (217) 876-7724
Note - The Macon County FSA office has verified this farm is enrolled in the                   E-mail:
seven-year USDA Government Program. There are no wetlands identified on                        Web:
this property. 18.3 acres are highly erodible.
              Heartland Ag Group Ltd.                                                                                  PRSRT STD
               1401 Koester Drive, Suite 100                                                                          U.S. POSTAGE
                 Forsyth, IL 62535                                                                                        PAID
                                                                                                                      DECATUR, IL
                                                                                                                     PERMIT NO. 180

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