COMPETITIONS – AUCTIONS

                   OF REAL ESTATE PROPERTIES

                                      IN GREECE

                             DECEMBER 2008

                  1. PROPERTIES FOR SALE OR LEASE

                                    GREEK DEMOCRACY

                                Varvakeion Institute N.P.D.D.


                                   PRELIMINARY PHASE.

Varvakeion Institute (V.I.) in order to examine development possibilities of real estate property
on land plot of 2.912,18 sqm, on the junction of Polemi Rd, Mitsaki Rd, Palama Rd and
Zampeliou in the region Kypriadou Ano Patision Municipality of Athens, announces the
acceptance of proposals referring the above.

    1. Description of the real estate property ( to be developed )

Old Buildings, non preserved, placed on the perimeter of the land. On Palama Rd there is a
building with two underground floors, a ground floor, and two floors. The rest buildings are all
ground floors.

The division of surfaces are stated below :

B΄ Underground : 655,98 sqm
A΄ Underground : 655,98 sqm

Total surface of ground floors : 2.137sqm
A΄ Floor : 766,40 sqm
33sqm of the real estate property are on Zampeliou Rd, 54,65sqm are on Polemi Rd,
67,50sqm on Mitsaki Rd and 32,75 on Palama Rd.

        2. Development Proposals

The proposals that will be submitted have to concern the development of the real estate
property in all, and include the case of pro-quid, co-exploitation, long – term lease, exchange,
total or partial abalienation or other.

The folders of offers have to include a proof report of convenience of the development project,
economic analysis and documentation, financing time schedule, realization and depreciation
or more, all given in an understandable way so as to be appraised.

         3. Time of submitted proposals.
Offers should be submitted sealed until February the 28th 2009 at the latest, at the offices of
V.I. in three copies ( two hard copies and one on c.d. ).

         4. Information
Copy of topographical chart of the real estate property and drawings of the existing buildings
the interested may acquire on their expense from the office of V.I. on 2 Ippokratous Rd, 4 th
Telephone : 210 – 36.32.233, 210 – 36.18.186.

        5. Obligations – Commitments

Offers will be evaluated by the Bo.D. of V.I. which has the right to ask further clarifications,
from the interested, if necessary.

The present call for expression can’t be used as demanding base of any kind from the
interested as memorandum, memorandum of cooperation, or binding letter of intentions.
It is clear that the V.I. at the time has to come to a decision which is the best development
proposal of the real estate property in order the legal procedure to begin where the terms and
conditions of participation will be specialized.
All the proposals will be answered in strict confidence.
Copies will not be turned back and all the expenses of submission will burden the interest.

                                                                               Athens, 11/30/08

                                                                           The chairman of B.D
                                                                               Mpikos Kon/nos

                             PARTICIPIAL FUND OF AVIATION


Is announced, that the 12-01-2009 day Monday and hour 10:30 it will be held in the offices
of participial fund of aviation in the building of road 27 Academias 1st floor, a public
repetitive competition with written open offers that will be continued with oral for the leasing
of underground space of real estate on roads Soutsou and Athanasiadou Athens, of
property (MTA) of total beneficial surface 1.850 sqm. That is extended in two levels in the B
and C underground, under the ground floor of building. It allocates lift of three individuals and
auxiliary spaces (WC, warehouse).
 As staring price is fixed to the sum of 5.000 EURO as monthly rent, that will be overloaded
5% on each shaped annual rate. The time duration is fixed in 5 years by the date of signature
of lease (P. D.715/79) extended to a five-year period, application of provisions of P. D.
34/1995 referring as “COMMERCIAL LEASES”.

The Greek Federation of Farmers' Co-operatives proceeds in the sale of real estate, in the region of
Perissos Neas Ionias, between the roads Heraklion Aven. - Papanastasiou and Antheon, extent
2.813. The real estate will be sold with the process of closed bidding competition.
The offers interested should be also receive protocol from PASEGES up to Thursday 18 of December
2008 and hour 10:00 a.m. As date of opening of offers is on the same day and hour 12:00 p.m.

The terms of attendance are below:
1. The starting price of offers is fixed to 4.400.000 € .The offers that will be submitted should a) be
found in closed files and b) should to be accompanied from Guarantee Letter recognized in Greece of
Bank of height of 10% of submitted offer.
In guaranteeing it is supposed to be reported:
That the Bank guarantees will be in favour of the participating irrevocably and unconditionally, resigning
objection of division up to the above sum for the right and convenient achievement of his obligations
from his attendance in the competition, in the event that is elected bidder of competition, the payment
of price with the below fixed way, as well as the not retraction in the event that is elected bidder.
2. That the above-mentioned sum the Bank will observe him in the disposal of PASEGES and that it
will be overwhelmed, totally or certain, with alone her statement, without on behalf of the Bank
objection or objection and without it is searched well-founded or not the requirement in three days, after
simple written notice of PASAGES.
Offers that will not be deposited inside stamped files or will not be accompanied by Guarantee Letter
will not be accepted.
The Guarantee Letter of under bidders, will be returned immediately from PASAGES to the under
bidders. In the hands of PASAGES will remain the Guarantee Letter of bidder up to the signature of
final contract of transfer and will be deducted in favour of PASAGES as above.
The offers will be opened from the Committee of PASAGES in the offices of Arkadias 26 and
Messogion (5th floor), in the presence whoever from interested wants to attend in the process or in
person or via authorized individual.
At the opening of offers, each offer will be read and initialized by the members of Committee and
afterwards the opening, offers
will be written down for filing and will be submitted to the Administrative Council of PASAGES. The final
decision on the acceptance or reject of offer that will outbid any of the offer will be received from the
Administrative Council of the PASAGES.
The bidder that by any chance his offer was rejected will have
none requirement from PASAGES, for this reason.
The bidder is compelled to overwhelm at least the 50% of sum of his offer with the signature of
contract. The remainder price will be overwhelmed inside twelve-month period by the signature of
contract, in three equal in amount 4 - month dose that will be described at greater length in the contract
of transfer, in which will exist also the relative provisions of complete guarantee of salesman up to the
complete refunding. All expenses of transfer of real estate (taxes, dues, notarial etc.) will burden the
For any information interested can be addressed or in the personal telephones in the offices of
PASAGES and responsible for the subject is Mr. M. Smyris, telephone 210 - 74.99.4414, 210 -

                                    For the GREEK FEDERATION OF FARMERS' CO-OPERATIVES

                                                                                        General Director
                                                                                             I. Tsiforos

                             RURAL COOPERATIVE OF ATALANTI
                                   Date of release: 2/12/08

Clearance of land plot 67.055sqm, near to the beach of Tragana inside drawing of city with
accommodated space of area 15.000sqm.
Address to: Secretariat of Rural Cooperative
Telephone: 22330 – 22.061.
                             Id : 158863, Number : 11067

Clearance of real estate placed on the region of Thrakomakedones – Attica between the
roads Dimokritou 17 – Ifaistionos at the S.W. peek of Building Block: 24.
Telephone: 210 – 55. 34. 527.
Responsible: Mr. Mpoutos Dimitrios
Amount: 561.000€
Guarantee: 561.000€
Closing Date of submission of offers: 14-12-08 at 12:00.
Date of event: 14-12-08 at 10: 00 – 12:00 .

                               MUNICIPALITY OF KASTORIA
                                Id : 158011, Number : 14740

Clearance of four land plots on Building Block GO3A at the extension of inside drawing of city
of Kastoria close to the region of Fountoukli ( part of ex ZEP ) .
Time Schedule of the clearance process:

11:00 – 12:00 for the land plot 01N3
12:00-13:00 for the land plot 01N2
13:00 – 14:00 for the land plot 01N1.

Submitted offers until 16-12-08 at 15:00.
Responsible: Mrs. Christina Spyrou
Telephone: 24670 – 28. 914



“Company”) invites interested to submit proposals for the long-lasting lease of independent
building of offices (from now on the “Invitation”), aiming in the manufacture of advanced
technologically building, which will elect the quality and the unique possibilities of innovative
materials of manufacture of Cement, Concrete and Plaster that is produced by Lafarge and
serves equally the architectural originality, as much as the vision of sustainable manufacture.
The building, which will be used for the accommodation of Central Offices of company (from
now on “the Project”), should be manufactured so as to the biggest saving of emissions of
dioxide of coal and energy is achieved, according to the rules of Sustainable Manufacture.
The manufacture of building will undertake with its own expenses of proposing. Interested to
participate in the present process will be supposed to have specialisation and documented
experience in the sector of growth of real estates and specifically in Study of Buildings of
Offices “Aeolian Architecture", to have in level of group proper funds of at least forty millions
(40.000.000) Euro and profits pre taxes, financing and investment results and dampings
(EBITDA) positively for the three last years.

The real estate will be supposed:
    find itself inside Attica
       to have easy entrance to the central road axes of National road Athens-Lamia (only
        from her Eastern side) in the department of north Attica of Road or Attica of Road
        (from node 8 until the airport)
     have professional use
     have up – structure surface based on factor of layout 4.000 sqm until 4500 sqm,
        mixed area of buildings of office spaces
     have surface of undergrounds 4000 sqm until 4500 sqm (deposits, spaces of
        secondary use, underground places of quartering etc)
     be delivered ready to use and with the all essential administrative authorisations
    Also it will be appreciated:
   The existence of free environmental space
   The adjacency with subway stations, the suburban and HSAP

Interested who wish to participate in the present process, can receive the terms of Invitation
from the offices of Company, Sophocles Venizelou 49-51, Lykovrysi 141 23, Department of
Real Estate Property, Mrs.Ioanna Mpellou telephone 210-2898612, hours from 9:00 a.m. until
3:00 p.m.
It is clarified that the receipt of terms of invitation will become only with from legally permitted,
specifically moreover, each person on behalf of interested, will be certified the receipt of these
and will be signed specifically relative clause of confidentiality and complete and
unconditional acceptance of independent terms of Invitation.
Interested are called to submit their offers in closed stamped non
transparent files in the offices of Company, Sophocles Venizelou
49-51, Lykovrysi 141 23 with the indication :
 “Into account of Committee with regard to the process of “Offer of Expression of Interest for
the manufacture and long-lasting leasing of real estate property” and specifically to the
Secretariat of Administration (Ground floor).

Date of submission of offers is Wednesday 21 /01/2009 from 10:00 a.m. until 15:00 p.m.
The company maintains the right at its absolute discretion and for any reason to cancel the
present process without any responsibility for compensation.

                          INDUSTRIAL PARK OF FARKADONA S.A.
                                Id : 145911, Number : 351

Call for expression of interest for the purchase of urban planned land with industrial use under
the constitution of the Industrial Park of Farkadona on National Road Larisa – Trikala .

                           MUNICIPALITY OF GASTUNIS – HLEIAS
                                Id : 155261 Number : 10267

Appointment of contractor for project:

“Exploitation with self-financing of real estate by the number A043 – Municipality Gastounis
through long-lasting concession study - manufacture and exploitation - operation of Hotel
Units and accompanied with installations of recreation and complete re-form
and exploitation of the surroundings.

Responsible: Mrs. Despoina Tsafa
Telephone: 26233 – 60.730
Submitted offers until: 19-12-08 at 10:00 and the opening will take place on the same date at

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