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									United with the best, United for success

Save time, save stress, save cost….
Choosing the wrong organisation to manage your back-end property management functions
can cause you additional time, money and stress. Save on all three by partnering with
United Group Services (UGL Services). Read on to discover what our clients have said about
our integrated property and FM service delivery, and have confidence in the knowledge that
you’re selecting the right partner for your business.

“As a State, National and World Heritage listed building visited by over seven million people each
year, Sydney Opera House requires a high standard of service in building maintenance and minor
works, together with an understanding and empathy for our busy performing arts program. Since
2005, UGL Services has delivered high quality specialised services and contributed to the
development of innovative conservation techniques, helping to maintain one of the world’s most
recognised architectural masterpieces of the 20th century.”

   - Greg McTaggart, Director Building Development & Maintenance, Sydney Opera House (May 2009)

“Since 1996, United Group Services [UGL Services] has been providing Workplace Management / FM
Services to our Adelaide Centre. Their professional and tailored approach to Workplace Management
solutions has seen the efficient delivery of services including Help Desk and Project Management,
Security, Cleaning, Corporate Reception, Churn Management and Recycling & Waste Management.
Embracing our strong focus on sustainability, UGL Services placed an on-site team at the Centre who
were responsible for devising and executing a first class waste management program. In May 2009,
we awarded UGL Services with the Santos Directors' EHS Award for Best Overall Performance
(Contractor) - Environment, for delivering upon our Centre’s 5-star green rating aspirations. UGL
Services consistently ensures that all FM Services are fully compliant and provided at a competitive
cost. Their service delivery team is fully integrated with our operation through shared values and
vision and a commitment to a long term partnership culture. As a result of successful implementation
and service delivery, UGL Services’ Workplace Management service is being expanded to other
Santos sites in Adelaide and Brisbane.” *

                                           - Richard McCormick, Contract Analyst, Santos (July 2009)

"We at the Women's are really appreciative of UGL Services' on-site FM team and their ongoing
dedication and commitment to continual improvement, innovation and the tasks at hand. The team
has really been put to the test, yet transition-in was seamless and the services delivered by UGL
Services continue to be fantastic, often exceeding our expectations. What's more, the UGL Services
staff constantly demonstrate an invaluable respect towards our family friendly culture. Their hearts
are in the right place and, as such, we successfully work in collaboration, as one team. UGL Services
truly is the backbone behind the smooth functioning of our facility - without them, the hospital doors
would have to be closed."

                         - Lisa Dunlop, Director Redevelopment, Royal Women's Hospital (June 2009)

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Any successful service delivery rests upon the Transition process. Our newly appointed provider of
Facility Management (FM) (both our commercial and industrial portfolios), UGL Services, has
demonstrated both its depth and strength during the Transition phase, on which they have built a
successful FM service delivery platform. They succeeded in every key area of Transition, clearly
demonstrating essential knowledge and ability within the areas of data, personnel, systems,
communications and project management. Much of UGL Services’ success revolved around its people
and communication [The business] readily aligned itself to the culture of Australia Post, respecting our
goals and ethics and incorporating them into their everyday Transition activities. Proof of a successful
Transition is day one of the contract, when efficiency of service delivery becomes apparent. As a result
of its commitment, dedication, knowledge, skills, personnel, systems and communications, UGL
Services has succeeded in delivering seamless FM services from day one of the contract, without fuss
or issue.” *

                        - Adam Treffry, Group Manager Corporate Real Estate, Australia Post (July 2009)

* Full testimonial available at www.unitedgroupltd.com

An introduction to UGL Services
UGL Services is a division of leading Australian company United Group Limited, an
infrastructure and outsourced services organisation operating in Australia, New Zealand,
Asia, the US and parts of the Middle East. We have successfully integrated core Real Estate
and Facility Services, together with a range of key support services, associated financial
management and the latest technology, into a true end-to-end model that brings value,
innovation and best practice service delivery to our clients – giving you full control over
what you spend and where.

Unlike our competitors, we represent tenants and owner occupiers only, offering you a
service that is 100% free from conflict of interest.

Our services span all industry sectors including Commercial and Retail Property, Education,
Health, Financial Services, Correctional Facilities / Prisons, Resources, Telecommunications,
Government, Defence, Environmental, Water, Sports & Entertainment Venues and Transport
/ Aviation.

With the highest levels of industry knowledge, pools of experts, tailored service delivery and
the latest in technological solutions, UGL Services is the natural first choice for those
seeking innovative solutions in Real Estate, Facility Management, Workplace Management,
Project Management, Environmental Management and Procurement.

The facts and figures
UGL Services has:
• over 1,100 in employees Australia and New Zealand; 34,000 employees worldwide
• 185 blue chip corporate, government and institutional clients internationally
• over 520 million m² of space under management, ranging from commercial offices, retail,
  industrial sites, special purpose facilities, broad acre sites and other highly specialist
  client facilities in CBD, suburban, regional and remote country locations
• an annual revenue of $1.1 billion (as at 2008)
• a total order book of more than $2.4 billion (as at end June 2008)

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What can we do for you?
UGL Services can save you time and money by effectively and innovatively managing your
non core business functions whilst you focus on meeting your key business objectives. We
are known for our professionalism, flexibility and capacity to meet the needs of a highly
diverse client portfolio. We work in partnership with you to devise, implement and manage
a tailored solution that best meets and exceeds your individual requirements whilst also
pertaining to your company’s core values, standards and business objectives.

Facility Services

* strategic asset management * programmed and reactive maintenance *
managed equipment services * on-site building / facility manager * energy
management * compliance management *

UGL Services recognises that maintenance and management of assets and facilities is best
achieved by balancing the need to reduce operating costs while maximising their life and
usage. Our approach is to tailor solutions to maximise the performance of our clients’
assets. This is achieved by planning, designing and managing buildings, plant and
equipment to optimise our customers’ operations.

Subcontractor Management

UGL Services manages an accredited subcontractor database comprising over 2,200
subcontractors who work on sites across Australia including commercial buildings,
infrastructure projects, retail outlets, schools, correctional facilities, telephone exchanges,
banks, houses, police stations and defence bases. All subcontractors working for UGL
Services must meet stringent requirements in relation to risk, OH&S and finance.

Our subcontractors work in line with our core business values to ensure seamless service
delivery, efficiency, quality, and value for money for our clients, as well as compliancy with
processes, procedures and government regulations. They are dispersed across Australia,
enabling us to deliver efficient and effective maintenance services to any site, be it within a
suburban, rural or remote location. We recognise that engaging local subcontractors is
important for the economic sustainability of local economies and we therefore seek to
engage local tradespeople wherever possible. This is especially important in facilities
management where the large number of small tasks is suited to a flexible, mobile workforce
with local knowledge.

Our highly effective model for managing subcontractor relationships ensures that the right
subcontractors are selected for your individual requirements and that, through a scrupulous
performance management process including reviews and audits, service delivery continues
to be of the highest quality. Our approach to subcontractor relationship management
differentiates us from our competitors for a myriad of reasons, including our emphasis on
up-skilling and multi-skilling to support, where possible, a ‘one person for the whole job’
approach. This ensures a seamless, efficient and cost-effective service for our clients.

Real Estate Services

* strategic planning * acquisition * divestment * tenant advocacy * lease
management * financial management *

UGL Services represents and advocates on behalf of the tenant and owner-occupier only.
This maintains total independence in service and advice that is completely free from
industry conflict. Our underpinning Financial Management solutions take away the stress of

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processing invoices, ensuring compliance and processing payments. These include rents,
rates, power and gas, maintenance subcontractors and ad hoc payments. We currently
process more than 600,000 invoices each year, at a value of more than AU$6 billion per
year, on behalf of our clients. We offer a tailored, end-to-end service whereby we manage
the lifecycle of your properties and portfolios whilst minimising both risk and cost.

Workplace Management

* space management * operational workplace support * individual facility support
services *

UGL Services provides complete workplace support to help you get the best from your
workforce. From individual tasks, such as the provision of basic cleaning and waste
management, through to the development of efficient communities and the creation of
workplace culture, we will work with you to deliver a comprehensive solution that meets all
of your requirements - improving efficiency, your working environment, staff morale,
retention rate and your customer service.

Project Management

* strategic portfolio & program management * project management - major
capital works projects * project management - minor and ad hoc projects *
program administration and reporting * industry expertise *

Working client side, UGL Services delivers the highest level of value, commitment and
support through our continued focus on client requirements. Our teams work collaboratively
with you to deliver outstanding project services. We represent your interests, we manage
projects on your behalf and we procure and manage specialist consultants and contractors
to achieve your objectives. Whether the target be business continuity, special purpose
functionality, quality, cost or time, UGL Services has a sustainable project and program
solution fit for every client

Environmental Services

* environment management * sustainability reporting * climate change
management * legislative compliance *

UGL Services incorporates sustainability within all of its services, seeking innovative,
lifetime solutions that are sufficiently flexible to meet changing wants and needs as well as
changes in the legislative and regulatory regime. Our Environmental Services practice drives
the adoption and promotion of sustainable solutions in UGL Services. Aligning with your
Environmental Management Plan, we concentrate on individual elements or assist you with
developing a fully integrated environmental sustainability program. Our environmental
capabilities extend to numerous types of property, site or portfolio, whether your buildings
or sites are occupied or vacant. We have well-developed policies, procedures and processes
to identify, assess and manage environmental risks and opportunities.

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Procurement Services

* category management * spend analysis & contract compliance * leverage &
buying power * global sourcing * supplier management * e-enablement solutions
* training *

Through UGL Services’ extensive Procurement Services, you will experience cost savings,
service improvements and better overall business results. We understand Return on
Investment (ROI) and ensure that we deliver value for money as you define it, whether it
be the procurement of notepads, uniforms or even energy.

Why UGL Services?
• We have the resources, expertise and proven track record to provide a fully integrated
  range of outsourcing services.
• We are known for our professionalism, flexibility and our capacity to meet the needs of a
  highly diverse client portfolio.
• We have the capacity to assist with the development of Service Level Agreements
• We have the capacity to work with you throughout all phases of a contract and to ensure
  the smoothest possible transition.
• We have a solid approach to Transition, Implementation and Mobilisation, reducing risk
  and encouraging transparency and open communication that offers continuity of service
  for the client.
• We value safety and sustainability through embracing our internal OH&S and
  Environmental Sustainability regulations. Our processes and systems are compliant with
  external Australian standards:
  –   Quality Management System: AS/NZS ISO 9001:2000
  –   Health & Safety Management System: AS/NZS 4801:2001
  –   Environmental Management System: AS/NZS ISO 14001:2004
• All of our services are regularly reviewed to ensure compliance with current industry
  standards, eliminating risk and ensuring best practice.
• We have the capacity to provide compliance and performance reporting from our market
  leading management information systems.
• We have the capacity to provide accurate reporting and financial information via our
  unique, state-of-the-art systems, programs and technological solutions, including:
  –   e-Premisys: Our comprehensive Property Management database. Benefits of e-
      Premisys include:
        – total integration – financials, property, facilities, projects, documentation,
           reporting, and Customer Service Centre / Help Desk
        – catering for a wide range of industry accepted formats such as XML, EDI and
           CSV; the diversity of formats and protocols maximises our ability to
           communicate with other systems and export data to other applications
        – flexibility to tailor system to meet your needs – fast, accurate, and relevant
        – we see what you see

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        – no impact on your network or security

        – robust and scalable

        – no licence fees

  –   Aurion: Our best-in-class payroll system
  –   Wayfinder: Exclusive access to this all-inclusive Space Management & Planning
  –   Unifier: Our online tool that enables effective management of common source-to-pay
      activities in a flexible, modifiable platform
  –   e-Procurement: Access to this self-service system for online purchasing
• We have the capacity to deliver CAPEX budget control in line with any service.
• We have a Customer Service Centre (CSC) where our knowledge experts are on hand
  24/7, seven days a week. Based in South Melbourne, the CSC currently has a team of
  more than 65 CSC Operators who are trained and experienced in handling the
  management of both fault rectification and service requests. The CSC will take ownership
  of all requests received and follow each request to completion, ensuring that you are not
  burdened by service issues.
• We employ a number of professional subcontractors who work in line with our core
  business values, ensuring seamless service delivery, efficiency, quality and value for
  money for our clients.
• We boast a highly skilled procurement team who ensure best value, high quality products
  and services and low overhead costs.

To find out more about the cost and time savings that UGL Services can deliver, please
contact us on telephone +61 3 9631 7500, email servicesinfo@unitedgroupltd.com or visit
our website at www.unitedgroupltd.com.

            UGL Services – Maintaining Today, Creating Tomorrow.

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