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      Australasian Residential Property Management Conference (ARPM) 2007
              Sunday 12 – Monday 13 August 2007, Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast

  A      EVENT
A foCused AudienCe                                           who should Attend?
Don’t	miss	this	year’s	ARPM	where	you	will	learn	the	key	    •	 Agency	principals	in	property	management
strategies	to	real	business	success.                         •	 Senior	property	managers	
                                                             •	 New	property	managers	who	want	to	fast	track	their	
Due	to	popular	demand,	we	will	be	taking	ARPM	back		            knowledge	and	skills
to	Conrad	Jupiters	on	the	sunny	Gold	Coast.	Along	with	      •	 Business	development	professionals
the	fantastic	venue,	this	year	we	have	a	truly	cutting-
edge	line-up	of	speakers	and	topics,	making	it	an	event	
not	to	be	missed.

At	ARPM	2007	you’ll	learn	all	the	strategies	you	need	to	    whAt you’ll leARn
achieve	personal	and	business	success.	We	will	also	look	
at	industry	trends,	property	management	models,	new	         •	 Innovative	ways	to	increase	your	rent	roll	whether	you	
ideas	for	business	growth	and	much	more.                        are	a	big	business	or	boutique	operator
                                                             •	 Strategies	for	maintaining	a	positive	outlook	and	
The	program	will	also	address	some	essential	property	          motivation;	pushing	past	your	own	negativity
management	topics;	time	management,	systems,	                •	 How	to	improve	your	communication	skills	
marketing,	customer	service,	planning,	technology,	          •	 How	to	market	yourself	and	your	business	to	be	more	
systemisation,	rent	roll	growth	and	managing	                   effective
relationships.	                                              •	 Customer	service	tips	that	will	really	set	you	apart	from	
                                                                the	norm
ARPM	is	the	premier	property	management	event	               •	 The	keys	to	successful	leadership	of	a	property	
in	Australasia,	and	ARPM	2007	is	set	to	be	one	of	              management	team
the	biggest	and	best	events	ever.	You	will	walk	away	        •	 New	time	management	strategies	that	will	add	hours	to	
with	loads	of	new	information	and	ideas	that	you	can	           your	property	management	day
immediately	implement	in	your	business.	ARPM	will	also	      •	 How	to	build	your	own	personal	wealth,	no	matter	what	
give	you	a	great	opportunity	to	network	with	hundreds	          your	income
of	your	industry	colleagues,	and	most	importantly,	you’ll	   •	 How	to	harness	technology	to	dramatically	improve	your	
have	loads	of	fun	while	you’re	there!		                         business
                                                             •	 The	low	down	on	the	latest	property	management	trends	
If	you	want	to	get	ahead	in	property	management,	don’t	         and	tools
miss	ARPM	2007!
                                                             You’ll	also	have	the	opportunity	to	grow	your	business	
                                                             through	networking	and	accessing	the	latest	property	
                                                             management	products	and	services	at	the	ARPM	trade	

ARPM 2007 iS ThE oNly EVENT iN
ToGEThER uNdER oNE Roof. iT’S A
                                                                                  “EACh yEAR ThiS
                                                                          CoNfERENCE NEEdS To
                                                                         bE ATTENdEd by AT lEAST
                                                                              oNE MEMbER fRoM
                                                                         youR offiCE. if NoT you
                                                                            Will fAll bEhiNd. ThiS
                                                                            iS A GREAT lEARNiNG,
                                                                         NETWoRkiNG WEEkENd.”
                                                                                       kRiSTiE duMbREll
                                                                               bRAd holliNGSWoRTh, ViC


“Excellent	conference	with	particularly	great	speakers.”	     “I	have	been	to	every	ARPM	and	it	is	refreshing	to	come	
Mardi	Allen	–	PRD	Nationwide	Coffs	Harbour,	NSW               away	with	ideas	and	motivation.	I	brought	my	whole	team	
                                                              this	year	and	I	am	so	glad	I	did.”	
“I	thoroughly	enjoyed	the	conference.	I	have	attended		       Lynne	Yaldwyn	–	Elders	Ballina,	NSW
a	few	times	and	I	will	keep	coming	back	for	more!”	
Bill	Dontsios	–	Barry	Plant	Doherty	Coburg,	VIC               “Fantastic,	I’m	hoping	others	in	our	team	have	the	
                                                              opportunity	to	attend	future	conferences.”	
“Fantastic	event.	Lots	of	ideas	to	implement.”	               Sharon	Simmons	–	PRD	Nationwide,	QLD
Filip	Binst	–	Professionals	Edge	Hill,	QLD
                                                              “The	conference	gives	you	the	opportunity	to	assess		
“Great	conference	–	coordinated	excellently,	very	relevant	   your	business,	and	help	you	take	it	to	the	next	level.		
topics,	the	different	tips	are	fantastic.	Job	well	done!”	    I	am	definitely	taking	a	lot	of	knowledge	with	me.”	
Gloria	Dekker	–	PRD	Nationwide	NSW                            Nancy	Trujillo	–	Century	21	Riverwood,	NSW

“I	found	the	conference	to	be	very	informative,	energising	   	“Excellent,	well	organised,	great	value	for	anyone	that	
and	highly	motivational.”	                                    wants	to	advance	their	career	in	property	management.”	
Heidi	Morris	–	Raine	&	Horne	Newcastle,	NSW                   Katherine	Cross	–	Harveys,	New	Zealand
ARPM 2007 Will TRANSfoRM
ThE WAy you ThiNk AbouT
youR buSiNESS.

infoRMAtion And
sPeAkeR PRofiles
dAy oNE – SuNdAy 12 AuGuST
dAy TWo – MoNdAy 13 AuGuST
dAy oNE   To



                          Welcome	and	outline	of	conference	program

                                                                                                                                             Annie	Gregg		ACT
          8.45    9.45    Strategise to succeed!                                                                                             Fiona	Blayney	
                          During	her	session	Fiona	will	show	you	the	importance	of	planning	for	the	success	of	your	business.		              NSW
                          Failing	to	plan,	means	planning	to	fail!	Fiona	has	worked	with	agents	across	Australia,	NZ	&	Europe	
                          developing	project	plans	to	realise	the	full	potential	of	people	and	profit.	Fiona	will	show	you	the	
                          advantages	to	leverage	and	the	pitfalls	to	avoid	when	creating	your	master	plan.	A	great	session	to	kick	
                          start	ARPM	2007
          9.45    10.30   Safety first!                                                                                                      Malcom	Riley
                          Malcom	Riley	has	created	a	niche	position	as	an	acclaimed	keynote	speaker	around	Australia	and	                    QLD
                          internationally.	He	uses	his	own	real	life	experiences	along	with	humour	to	deliver	serious	messages.	
                          In	this	session,	he	will	give	you	real	life	examples	of	the	dangerous	situations	he	has	faced	in	his	20	years	
                          in	property	management.
                          You	will	learn	how	to	avoid	the	dangers	of	the	industry	and	hear	about	new	systems	you	can	adopt	at	your	
                          office	to	protect	the	team.	This	session	will	appeal	to	everyone	in	property	management,	from	juniors	to	
          10.30   11.00   Morning	tea
          11.00   11.45   Systems and structure                                                                                              Symon	Badenoch	
                          Symon	has	set	his	sights	on	bringing	a	fresh,	modernised	approach	to	the	property	management	industry.		           ACT
                          His	letting	mantra	is	‘right	tenant,	right	property.’		He	asks	the	question:	“do	you	have	the	courage	NOT	to	
                          rent	the	property?”.	In	this	session	Symon	will	talk	about	tenant	selection	and	procedures	to	help	select	
                          the	right	tenant,	including	having	the	courage	to	leave	the	property	vacant	rather	than	risk	a	poor	quality	
                          tenant.		He	will	also	cover	the	importance	of	maintaining	statistics	on	available	properties	in	order	to	have	
                          a	clear	picture	of	areas	in	high	demand.
          11.45   12.30   Taking your business to a higher level (interview)                                                             Hayley	Mitchell
                          Property	management	is	a	unique	business.	It	requires	more	than	skill;	it	also	requires	progressive	thinking.	 NSW
                          There	are	five	strategic	keys	that	will	help	you	take	your	property	management/real	estate	business	to	a	
                          higher	level.	This	message	will	empower	you	to	maximise	your	time,	increase	your	opportunities,	develop	
                          growth	and	above	all	have	a	mind	to	succeed.	
          12.30   1.30    Lunch
          1.30    2.30    The art of customer loyalty, surpassing ever increasing customer expectations                                      Belinda	Yabsley
                          In	her	session,	Belinda	will	tackle	the	topic	of	customer	loyalty,	and	will	share	her	strategies	for	surpassing	   NSW
                          the	ever	increasing	expectations	of	customers.	In	a	culture	where	we	largely	accept	poor	levels	of	
                          customer	service	as	the	norm,	Belinda	will	share	with	you	her	secrets	for	creating	customer	experiences	
                          which	have	earned	her	an	international	reputation	for	delivering	and	rewriting	the	rules	on	customer	
                          service	excellence.	She	will	share	with	you	methods	to	increase	your	current	repeat	and	referral	business,	
                          building	quality	relationships	with	your	clientele	and	demonstrating	how	to	manage	and	stay	ahead	of	the	
                          ever	increasing	expectation	of	the	customer.
          2.30    3.00    Working with developers – and enjoying business growth                                                             Carly	Crutchfield
                          Carly	has	been	involved	in	the	setup	of	the	Princeton	Property	Management	which	built	up	a	roll	of	                NSW
                          100	properties	in	three	months	by	using	a	strategy	of	approaching	property	developers	as	opposed	to	
                          individual	investors.		In	her	session,	Carly	will	discuss	how	property	managers	can	approach	property	
                          developers	to	rapidly	increase	their	roll.	She	will	show	managers	how	to	manage	mass	listings	and	think	in	
                          bulk,	whilst	still	providing	a	high	level	of	service	and	standards.
          3.00    3.30    Afternoon	tea
          3.30    4.15    Winning words and how to say them!                                                                                 David	Imrie	
                          We	often	forget	how	similar	property	management	and	sales	are.	In	this	session,	you	will	discover	that	the	        NSW
                          difference	between	selling	a	property	and	leasing	it	is	simply	the	product.	And	the	difference	between	
                          listing	a	property	for	sale	or	rent	is	only	the	terms	of	the	agreement.
                          In	this	interactive	session	David	will	work	with	you	to	create:
                          •		Winning	scripts	and	dialogues
                          •		Positive	selling	techniques	that	will	work	for	even	the	worst	property	in	the	street
                          •		Truthful	advertisements	that	will	generate	responses
                          •		A	tool	kit	for	listing	and	leasing
                          This	session	will	benefit	both	experienced	property	managers	and	new	recruits.
          4.15    5.15    Bedrooms to boardrooms                                                                                             Jackie	Furey
                          An	innate	understanding	of	what	drives	people	has	resulted	in	Jackie	helping	many	organisations	align	             NSW
                          staff,	professional	and	personal	goals	with	corporate	strategy.	As	a	speaker	or	group	facilitator,	Jackie	
                          offers	a	fresh	perspective	on	issues	that	managers	and	employees	face	on	a	day	to	day	basis.
                          Jackie’s	signature	speech	–	Bedrooms	to	Boardrooms:	‘It’s	all	about	performance’	–	covers	the	following	
                          •		‘Why	we	do	what	we	do	with	whom’	-	a	humorous	psychological	look	at	24	hrs	in	the	life	of	a	human!
                          •		‘Men	and	women	and	the	‘bit’	in	the	middle’
                          •		‘A	check	up	from	the	neck	up’	–	what	is	going	on	in	our	heads	(and	the	heads	of	others!!)
                          •		‘How	to	deal	professionally	in	the	workplace	with	people	who	make	everything	personal’.
                          •			Relationship	Management	–	dealing	with	clients,	peers,	customers,	employees	and	bosses,	partners,	
                             children,	in-laws,	out-laws	and	many	more.
          5.15    5.30    Close	and	review	of	day	one                                                                                        Annie	Gregg		ACT
          6.30    8.30    The ARPM party
                          Come	and	make	some	new	friends,	or	catch	up	with	old	ones!	Join	us	for	a	great	evening	of	wine,	food	
                          and	dancing.
                                                                                                                                                              dAy TWo
To      From    SeSSion                                                                                                          PreSenTer

8.30    8.45    Welcome	day	two                                                                                                  Annie	Gregg		ACT
8.45    9.45    The future of property management                                                                                John	McGrath	
                In	this	session	John	will	look	at	the	trends	in	property	management,	and	will	reveal	that	it’s	not	the	market	   NSW
                or	your	competitors	that	have	a	bearing	on	your	success;	it’s	what	you’re	doing	within	your	market	that	
                sets	you	apart	from	everyone	else.	First	you	need	to	review	what	you’re	doing	well	and	keep	it	up.	Second,	
                you	need	to	work	out	where	you’re	letting	yourself	down	and	make	an	immediate	plan	to	make	changes	
                within	seven	days.
9.45    10.30   Creating an ideal week                                                                                           Jo-Anne	Oliveri	
                Jo-Anne	is	responsible	for	assisting	Harcourt’s	franchises	in	optimising	the	efficiency	and	profitability	of	    QLD
                their	property	management	division.	In	her	session,	Jo-Anne	will	show	you	how	you	can	work	to	maximum	
                efficiency	and	productivity	levels,	love	being	a	property	manager	and	have	a	life	at	the	same	time.	She	will	
                teach	you	how	to	control	the	role	and	not	let	the	role	control	you.
10.30   11.00   Morning	tea
11.00   12.30   Breakout – Property management sessions or agency principal panel                                                Property Management
                Property	managers	have	the	opportunity	to	hear	two	exciting	speakers	while	agency	principals	enjoy	a	            Session:
                dynamic	forum	with	industry	colleagues.                                                                          Annie	Gregg		ACT
                Annie Gregg – Communication is a contact sport – know the rules and succeed                                      Anthony	Bell		NSW
                Whilst	business	and	management	need	great	systems	and	procedures,	these	all	require	the	most	
                fundamental	of	skills;	to	be	able	to	interact	with	people	in	a	positive	manner.
                This	enlightening,	fun,	motivating	and	interactive	session	takes	you	through	the	20	basic	‘rules’	for	
                increasing	your	enjoyment	and	success	in	business	and	management	by	communicating	more	effectively.	
                There	are	some	real	surprises	as	well	as	easily	applied	techniques	from	which	managers	working	at	any	
                level	can	benefit.
                This	session	is	designed	to	ensure	that	the	attendees	add	valuable	and	easily	applied	tools	to	their	
                communication	‘toolbox’	,	resulting	in	a	vastly	improved	group	dynamic.	This	session	is	an	absolute	must	
                for	anyone	who	desires	better	results	for	everyone	in	the	workplace.
                Anthony Bell – Increasing personal wealth
                In	this	session	Anthony	will	show	you	how	to	make	the	most	of	your	income	and	increase	your	personal	
                                                                                                                           Agency Principal Panel:
                wealth.	He	will	look	at	how	you	can	buy	investment	property	for	as	little	as	$100	per	week	and	other	ways	
                                                                                                                           Chris	Rolls		QLD
                of	investing	your	money.	You	will	also	get	some	great	tips	for	reducing	your	taxes	each	year.
                                                                                                                           Melanie	Dennis		VIC	
                Agency Principals Panel – Creating a winning culture                                                       Symon	Badenoch		ACT
12.30   1.30    Lunch
1.30    2.45    Breakout – Agency principals sessions or property management panel                                               Agency Principals Session:
                Agency	principals	have	the	opportunity	to	hear	two	innovative	speakers	while	property	managers	enjoy		           Anthony	Bell		NSW	
                an	inspiring	forum	with	industry	colleagues.                                                                     Jason	Roach		NSW
                Anthony Bell – The importance of benchmarking
                Anthony	will	take	you	through	the	structure	required	to	secure	your	business	and	its	long-term	efficiency.		
                He	will	also	look	at	how	your	business	should	be	performing	today	and	how	to	ensure	you	are	making	
                money	while	you	sleep!
                Jason Roach – Boosting your rent roll – the windfalls and the pitfalls
                In	this	session,	Jason	will	review	the	questions	to	ask	when	buying	and	selling	rent	rolls:
                •		What	are	the	value	drivers	of	a	rent	roll?	
                •		What	has	been	taking	place	in	the	market	with	regard	to	rent	roll	multipliers?	
                •		What	macro-economic	factors	are	changing	the	way	rent	rolls	are	viewed?	
                •		What	are	buyers	and	sellers	looking	for	in	trying	to	complete	a	sale/purchase?
                He	will	also	look	at	the	importance	of	being	sale	ready/purchase	ready,	how	to	make	your	rent	roll	most	         Property Managers Panel:
                attractive	to	prospective	buyers,	and	the	ten	steps	you	should	take	when	buying	and/or	selling.		
                                                                                                                                 Helen	Hodgson		NZ	
                Jason	will	provide	a	case	study	for	buying/selling	and	will	discuss	the	various	finance	options.	
                                                                                                                                 Shane	Stone		VIC
                Property Management Panel – Lessons I’ve learned in property management                                          Jo-Anne	Oliveri		QLD
2.45    3.15    Afternoon	tea
3.15    4.00    Technology and property management, how to save time and maximise growth                                         Chris	Rolls
                Chris	will	give	you	ideas	to	take	back	to	the	office	and	implement	immediately.	He	will	reveal:                  QLD
                •			 ow	to	generate	a	database	of	1,000	high	quality	property	investors	in	your	immediate	trade	area	in		
                   10	hours	using	the	internet…
                •		The	nine	easy	steps	to	get	your	website	in	the	top	10	on	search	engines	like	Yahoo	and	ninemsn…
                •			 ow	to	find	out	what	your	clients	really	think	about	you.	Survey	your	entire	client	database	at	the	push	
                   of	a	button	for	FREE…
                •			 ow	to	produce	a	professionally	written	newsletter	specific	to	your	business	every	month	at	less	than	
                   half	what	it	would	cost	to	do	it	yourself…	
                •			 ow	to	use	the	power	of	sms	text	messages	to	streamline	your	business	in	ways	you	never	thought	
                   possible,	and	only	pay	half	your	current	price	per	message…
4.00    5.00    Being Happy                                                                                                      Andrew	Matthews	
                Andrew	Matthews	is	a	renowned	international	speaker	whose	topics	include	attitude,	being	happy,	                 QLD
                success	and	prosperity.	In	the	field	of	motivation	and	personal	development,	his	books,	‘Being	Happy!’	
                and	‘Follow	Your	Heart’	are	classics.	Andrew	Matthews’	books	are	now	published	in	35	languages	
                and	have	sold	over	five	million	copies	across	60	countries.		He	has	appeared	on	3,000	radio	and	TV	
                programs	across	four	continents.	Andrew	is	a	much	sought	after	speaker	worldwide.		In	his	‘Being	
                Happy’	presentation,	Andrew	will	talk	about:		enjoying	work,	embracing	change,	dealing	with	disasters,	
                relationships,	conquering	worry	and	the	‘Being	Happy’	philosophy!
5.00            Close	of	conference                                                                                              Annie	Gregg		ACT
                                                                                 loCAl lEGENdS ShARE
                                                                                 ThEiR SuCCESS STRATEGiES.

                  Left to right: Andrew	Matthews,	Belinda,	Yabsley,	John	McGrath	and	Jackie	Furey

                  Andrew Matthews                              of	Sydney’s	leading	radio	stations,	      Belinda Yabsley, Mercedes-Benz
                  Andrew	Matthews	is	a	renowned	               MIX	106.5,	where	listeners	call	to	       Belinda	Yabsley	is	the	first	female	
                  international	speaker	whose	topics	          “chat	with	Jack	on	life,	love	and	        and	youngest	general	manager	
                  include	attitude,	being	happy,	              work”.	Jackie	has	also	produced	a	        of	a	Mercedes-Benz	dealership	in	
                  success	and	prosperity.	In	the	field	of	     documentary	in	partnership	with	ABC	      Australia.	Belinda	launched	the	new	
                  motivation	and	personal	development,	        Australia	and	the	BBC	on	balancing	       Mercedes-Benz	Sydney	Airport	
                  his	books,	‘Being	Happy!’	and	‘Follow	       our	professional	and	personal	            Express	dealership	in	February	
                  Your	Heart’	are	classics.	                   lives.	The	program,	‘Welcome	to	          2006,	an	operation	with	such	unique	
                     To	date,	over	one	million	people	         Intimacy’	puts	our	decisions	under	       customer	focus	that	its	results	               In	her	session,	Belinda	will	tackle	
                  have	attended	Andrew’s	seminars	             the	microscope	to	examine	how	our	        are	already	making	waves	in	the	             the	topic	of	customer	loyalty,	and	will	
                  and	keynote	speeches	across	                 actions	and	the	choices	we	make	          Australian	motor	industry.                   share	her	strategies	for	surpassing	
                  Australia,	Asia	and	North	America.	          create	our	environments.	                   But	creating	waves	isn’t	a	new	            the	ever	increasing	expectations	
                  His	presentations	are	laced	with	               For	over	15	years	Jackie’s	unique	     thing	for	Belinda,	who	is	where	             of	customers.	In	the	context	of	a	
                  humour	and	he	draws	lightning-fast	          insight	into	human	behaviour	                                                          culture,	where	we	largely	accept	
                                                                                                         she	is	now	by	reinventing	the	art	of	
                  cartoons	as	he	speaks	to	illustrate	his	     has	provided	individuals	and	                                                          poor	levels	of	customer	service	as	
                                                                                                         customer	relationship	management.	
                  point	and	engage	his	audience.               organisations	with	knowledge,	along	                                                   the	norm,	Belinda	will	share	with	you	
                                                                                                         Belinda	began	her	career	as	the	
                     Andrew’s	talent	is	making	complex	        with	step-by-step	strategies	and	                                                      her	secrets	for	creating	customer	
                                                                                                         ‘Baby	Faced	Sales	Assassin’,	a	
                  issues	simple,	and	he	relates	to	            practical	techniques	to	assist	them	                                                   experiences	which	have	earned	
                                                                                                         nickname	given	to	her	by	colleagues,	
                  CEO’s,	middle	managers	and	high	             to	fulfil	personal	and	corporate	                                                      her	an	international	reputation	for	
                                                                                                         after	being	promoted	from	
                  school	students	with	equal	ease.	He	         objectives.                                                                            delivering	and	rewriting	the	rules	
                                                                                                         receptionist	to	her	first	ever	sales	role	
                  entertains	whilst	providing	audiences	                                                                                              on	customer	service	excellence.	
                                                                                                         at	a	Sydney	dealership.	It	wasn’t	long	
                  with	the	tools	and	inspiration	to	           John McGrath, McGrath Estate                                                           She	will	share	with	you	methods	to	
                                                                                                         after	this	that	the	very	smart	people	
                  live	more	successful	and	more	               Agents                                                                                 increase	your	current	repeat	and	
                                                                                                         at	Mercedes-Benz	head–hunted	

                  prosperous	lives.                            John	McGrath	is	today	considered	                                                      referral	business,	building	quality	
                                                                                                         Belinda	in	July	1996.
                     Andrew	Matthews’	books	are	now	           one	of	the	most	influential	figures	in	                                                relationships	with	your	clientele	and	
                                                                                                           Once	on	board	with	Mercedes,	
                  published	in	35	languages	with	              the	Australian	property	industry.                                                      demonstrating	how	to	manage	and	
                                                                                                         Belinda	applied	the	unique	approach	
                  sales	of	over	five	million	copies	in	          As	Chief	Executive	of	McGrath	                                                       stay	ahead	of	the	ever	increasing	
                                                                                                         of	the	‘intrapreneur’	to	her	sales	
                  60	countries.		He	has	appeared	on	           Estate	Agents,	he	has	taken	the	                                                       expectation	of	the	customer.
                                                                                                         targets,	often	using	her	own	
                  3,000	radio	and	TV	programs	across	          company	from	a	start	up	in	1989	to	
                                                                                                         resources,	to	build	a	successful	
                  four	continents	and	is	a	much	sought	        Australia’s	largest	privately	owned	
                                                                                                         business–within–a–business	model.	           Symon Badenoch,
                  after	speaker	worldwide.                     real	estate	group,	selling	over	$2	
                                                                                                         As	a	result,	her	database	now	               Badenoch Real Estate
                                                               billion	worth	of	property	in	Sydney	in	
                                                                                                         exclusively	services	more	than	4,000	        Symon	Badenoch	has	set	his	sights	
                  Jackie Furey, Bedrooms to                    the	last	financial	year.
                                                                                                         loyal	Mercedes	clients.	                     on	bringing	a	fresh,	modernised	
                  Boardrooms                                     The	company	became	the	first	
                                                                                                           In	2005,	Belinda	was	honoured	             approach	to	the	property	
                                                               real	estate	firm	to	be	ranked	on	
                  Jackie	Furey	is	the	principal	of	                                                      with	the	title	of	Sydney	Business	           management	industry.	A	principal	
                                                               BRW’s	‘Fastest	–	Growing	Private	
                  Bedrooms	to	Boardrooms,	an	                                                            Woman	of	the	Year,	in	recognition	of	        with	a	successful	Canberra	based	
                  organisation	that	specialises	in	            Companies	List’	and	has	been	
                                                               ranked	four	times	amongst	BRW’s	          her	strategic	business	partnerships,	        agency,	Symon	has	10	years’	real	
                  assisting	people	to	bring	out	the	best	                                                media	profile	and	pioneering	                estate	experience.		He	has	helped	
                  in	themselves	and	the	people	around	         ‘Fast	100’	companies.	
                                                                 John’s	five	books	–	‘You	Don’t	         activities	in	customer	loyalty.	This	        create	and	grow	an	enviable	and	
                  them.	She	travels	internationally	and	
                                                               have	to	be	Born	Brilliant’,	‘The	Most	    honour	also	had	the	effect	of	               successful	property	management	
                  nationally	delivering	presentations,	
                                                               Valuable	Lessons	I	Have	Learned’,	        raising	the	profile	of	females	in	the	       department.	Focusing	on	total	
                  facilitating	workshops	and	conducting	
                                                               ‘You	Inc’,	‘You	Can’	and	‘The	Ultimate	   motoring	industry,	highlighting	the	         revenue	rather	than	rent	roll	size,	the	
                  individual	and	group	consultations.
                    Jackie	is	a	university-trained	            Guide	to	Real	Estate’	–	have	             fact	that	women	actually	influence	          agency	places	a	strong	emphasis	on	
                  psychotherapist	with	regular	spots	          achieved	best	seller	status.              80%	of	all	new	car	purchases	and	            the	profitability	of	each	listing.			
                  on	both	radio	and	television,	and	             In	his	closing	remarks	at	the	ARPM	     50%	of	the	total	buying	market.	             Symon’s	enthusiasm	and	desire	to	
                  her	opinion	is	often	cited	in	the	print	     conference	this	year,	John	will	          As	a	result,	Mercedes	launched	              ‘think	outside	the	square’	has	been	
                  media	on	topical	issues.	She	currently	      highlight	some	up-coming	trends	for	      a	dedicated	approach	to	sales	               an	invaluable	asset	when	catering	to	
                  hosts	her	own	radio	show	called	             the	property	management	and	real	         awareness	training	and	marketing		           an	emerging	young,	savvy,	industry	
                  Bedrooms	to	Boardrooms	on	one	               estate	industry.	                         to	female	customers.	                        educated	market.		
Left to right: Fiona	Blayney,	Anthony	Bell,	David	Imrie	and	Melanie	Dennis.

  Symon	has	been	instrumental	
in	developing	a	strong,	customer	
                                               Procedural	System,	Fiona	has	spent	
                                               the	past	three	years	providing	             hoW do ThE SuPER
                                                                                           SuCCESSful PRoPERTy
focused	team	dedicated	to	delivering	          consultancy	and	coaching	services	
the	highest	possible	standard	of	              throughout	Australia,	New	Zealand	
service	to	its	client	base.		Coupled	          and	the	U.K,	working	to	maximise	
with	his	youth	and	experience,	this	
has	allowed	Symon	to	produce	a	
                                               the	potential	of	businesses	and	their	
                                               teams	to	create	winning	profitable	
                                                                                           MANAGERS MANAGE
property	management	department	
with	exactly	the	right	mix	between	
                                                 Fiona’s	insight	into	how	a	property	
                                                                                           ThEiR TiME?
the	old	and	the	new.                           management	business	and	team	
                                                                                             Carly	founded	and	now	manages	           Annie	is	well	known	for	her	
                                               operate	from	the	ground	up	along	
                                                                                           Princeton	Development	Group	             interactive,	challenging	and	engaging	
Anthony Bell, Founder and                      with	her	industry	knowledge,	
                                                                                           Australia.	                              approach,	providing	training	that	truly	
CEO, Bell Partners, Australia                  experience,	personal	achievements	                                                   makes	a	difference.
                                               and	education,	ensures	that	time	
Widely	regarded	as	one	of	the	                                                             Melanie Dennis, Melanie
                                               spent	with	her	is	invaluable.	
country’s	leading	accounting	firms,	                                                       Dennis Real Estate                       David Imrie,
                                                 Fiona’s	energetic	and	motivational	
Bell	Partners	was	named	by	BRW		                                                           A	fully	licensed	Estate	Agent	for	       McGrath Estate Agents
                                               presence	has	ensured	her	popularity	
as	‘Australia’s	Most	Productive	Firm’,	                                                    over	10	years,	Melanie	Dennis	           David	Imrie	began	his	real	estate	
                                               at	industry	events.	She	regularly	
and	one	of	the	“Top	10	Fastest	                                                            is	a	REIV	Accredited	Property	           career	in	New	York’s	highly	
                                               gives	keynote	presentations	for	the	        Manager,	member	of	the	REIV	
Growing	Practices”.	                                                                                                                competitive	downtown	Manhattan	
                                               Real	Estate	Institutes	and	major	           Property	Management	Chapter	and	
  Bell	Partners	has	grown	at	an	                                                                                                    residential	market.	A	high-calibre	
                                               franchise	groups	in	Australia	and	          chairperson	of	the	Inner	Eastern	
average	rate	of	40	percent	per	                                                                                                     negotiator,	David	has	for	the	last	
                                               abroad,	and	at	the	Australasian	            Property	Management	Interest	Group.
annum	since	1997	and	holds	an	                                                                                                      decade	specialised	in	Sydney’s	
                                               Residential	Property	Management	              Melanie	Dennis	Real	Estate	has	
impressive	client	portfolio	extending	                                                                                              prestigious	eastern	harbourside	
                                               Conference	(ARPM).                          won	awards	in	the	City	of	Yarra	for	     suburbs,	and	is	one	of	the	leading	
from	small	entrepreneurial	firms	
                                                                                           customer	service	and	been	highly	        agents	at	McGrath	Estate	Agents.	
right	through	to	some	of	Australia’s	                                                      recommended	in	the	Australian	
                                               Carly Crutchfield, Princeton                                                           David	is	one	of	the	few	professional	
largest	and	best-known	companies.	                                                         Achiever	Awards	Real	Estate	
                                               Development Group                                                                    real	estate	speakers	and	trainers	in	
  Recently	nominated	for	“Business	                                                        Services	category.
                                               Carly	is	the	Director	of	Princeton	                                                  Australia	actually	engaged	daily	in	
Leader	of	the	Year”	by	the	Institute	                                                        As	principal	of	Melanie	Dennis	Real	
                                               Development	Group	Australia	which	                                                   the	industry’s	coalface	operations.	In	
of	Chartered	Accountants,	Anthony	                                                         Estate,	she	aims	to	inspire	her	staff	
                                               is	associated	with	the	Princeton	                                                    his	core	business	as	a	sales	agent	
Bell	regularly	appears	on	Channel	                                                         to	maintain	a	code	of	professionalism	   and	auctioneer,	he	is	supported	by	a	
                                               Group	of	companies,	based	in	Sydney.	
9	and	Radio	2GB	as	an	expert	                                                              in	dealing	with	tenants	and	landlords.   team	of	two	buyers’	agents	and	an	
                                               Her	background	is	in	investment,	
commentator	on	business	advice	and	            specifically	within	the	property	sector.	                                            administrator.
taxation	law.	                                 Carly	partnered	with	the	Princeton	         Annie Gregg, Presentations Plus            In	the	last	two	years,	more	than	
  With	his	extensive	knowledge	of	             Property	Group	to	deliver	educational	      Annie	offers	considerable	experience	    80%	of	David’s	listings	have	been	
the	property	industry,	Anthony	will	           property	seminars	and	market	               in	training,	management	and	real	        from	repeat	clients	and	direct	
help	you	develop	a	practical	strategic	        investment	properties	throughout	           estate	practice.	Her	expertise	has	      referrals.	
plan	that	will	enable	you	to	grow	your	        Sydney.	She	has	been	involved	              gained	widespread	recognition,	            During	his	session,	David	will	look	
business	and	unleash	its	potential.            in	selling	over	500	investment	             ensuring	high	demand	from	               at	the	strategies,	techniques	and	
                                               properties,	and	has	given	over	100	         audiences	to	hear	her	simple	but	        dialogue	proven	to	generate	listing	
                                               seminars	educating	thousands	of	            relevant	messages.                       leads	from	open	houses,	buyer	
Fiona Blayney, McGrath Estate
                                               Australians	on	the	merits	of	property	         Presenting	across	Australia	and	      appointments,	buyer	phone	enquiries,	
                                               investment	in	Australia.	                   overseas,	Annie	has	an	impressive	       and	past-client	referrals.	He	will	also	
Fiona	Blayney	is	one	of	Australia’s	
                                                 Carly	has	extensive	experience	           list	of	corporate	and	public	sector	     show	how	great	communication,	
leading	property	management	
                                               in	identifying	development	sites	           clients	who	have	benefited	from	         market	knowledge	and	excellent	
trainers	and	business	coaches.	                and	turning	them	into	feasible	             her	unique	vision	for	customer	          service	will	actually	attract	vendors.	
Her	15	years	experience	in	the	                investment	opportunities	through	           service,	communication,	personal	          This	session	is	packed	with	buyer	
property	management	industry	both	             negotiation	and	optioning.	Carly	also	      development	and	performance	             management	and	client	relationship	
in	Sydney	and	London	has	built	                works	extensively	on	the	planning	          management.	She	has	also	                systems	you	will	want	to	include	in	
her	well	deserved	reputation	of	               and	launch	phases	of	property	              entertained	and	encouraged	              your	own	2007	success	plan.	David	
being	one	of	the	best	systems	and	             development,	including	liaising	with	       thousands	of	people	with	her	            will	show	you	how	to	revamp	your	
business	strategy	specialists	around.          architects,	certifiers	and	councils	        distinctive	style,	ensuring	everyone	    personal	marketing	strategy	and	
  Instrumental	in	developing	the	              to	maximise	profits	and	minimise	           thoroughly	enjoys	their	conference	      differentiate	your	business	from	the	
McGrath	Property	Management	                   construction	time	and	cost.	                experience.                              competition	to	create	clients	for	life.
                                                          Left to right: Malcom	Riley,	Hayley	Mitchell,	Chris	Rolls	and	Jason	Roach

Helen Hodgson,                                  “The	state-of-the-art	systems	and	          TNQ	Rentals,	which	he	built	from	the	       relationships	Macquarie	has	with	its	
Barfoot & Thompson                            technology	we	have	at	Hocking	                ground	up	more	than	20	years	ago.	          clients	in	the	real	estate	sector.
Helen	originally	joined	Barfoot	              Stuart,	coupled	with	the	backing	of	          Today	the	business	is	thriving,	with	         During	Jason’s	12	years	at	
&	Thompson	by	answering	an	                   our	extensive	office	network,	means	          an	ever-expanding	rental	roll	and	a	        Macquarie,	he	has	noticed	that	many	
advertisement	for	a	four-month	               we	have	the	skills	and	resources	             reputation	for	providing	excellence	in	     of	the	day	to	day	issues	facing	small	
temporary	position;	35	years	later	           to	provide	our	clients	with	totally	          property	management	services.               businesses	are	the	same	for	larger	
she’s	one	of	the	company’s	longest	           professional	property	management”                                                         business	–	how	do	you	engage	your	
serving	employees.	                                                                         Chris Rolls, Rental Express                 staff,	plan	for	the	future,	grow	your	
  Having	worked	in	many	roles	over	           Jo-Anne Oliveri, Harcourts                                                                business	and	make	money?	
                                                                                            Chris	Rolls	has	enjoyed	remarkably	
the	years,	including	seven	years	as	                                                                                                      In	Macquarie	Relationship	Banking	
                                              An	award-winning	and	internationally	         successful	careers	across	a	range	
a	salesperson,	Helen	is	now	the	                                                                                                        they	have	responded	to	these	issues	
                                              qualified	industry	identity,	Jo–Anne	         of	industries.	Prior	to	launching	
Renta	Manager	Co-ordinator	for	the	                                                                                                     with	‘forward	thinking’.
                                              is	responsible	for	assisting	Harcourts	       his	career	in	real	estate,	Chris	
company.	She	oversees	Barfoot	&	                                                                                                          Macquarie	Relationship	Banking	
                                              franchises	in	optimising		the	                established	one	of	Australia’s	largest	
Thompson’s	50	rental	managers	and	                                                                                                      is	known	for	its	‘forward	thinking’	
                                              efficiency	and	profitability	of	their	        customised	sports	clothing	brands,	
60	assistants	who	are	responsible	                                                                                                      –	innovative	ideas	and	solutions.	
                                              property	management	division.	                moving	from	there	to	build	Australia’s	
for	over	7,500	investment	properties	                                                                                                   Jason	will	share	his	insights	on	
                                              Jo-Anne’s	wealth	of	experience	and	           largest	bookkeeping	franchise	group	
in	the	greater	Auckland	area.	                                                                                                          how	this	innovation	has	helped	
                                              knowledge	includes	serving	on	the	            with	over	200	staff.	
  With	17	years	experience	in	the	                                                                                                      Macquarie	Relationship	Banking	
                                              REIQ	Property	Management	Chapter	                In	2001	Chris	shifted	his	business	
field	of	property	management,	                                                                                                          achieve	amazing	results	in	a	
                                              and	two	property	boards	as	a	director.        skills	to	real	estate,	purchasing	an	
Helen	is	used	to	dealing	with	the	                                                                                                      highly	competitive,	fast	changing	
                                                Whilst	a	property	manager	with	             inner	city	Brisbane	agency.	Within	five	
wide	range	of	issues	that	can	arise	                                                                                                    environment,	and	how	using	this	
                                              a	leading	Brisbane	agency,		in	               years,	over	50	people	were	employed	
and	is	responsible	for	managing	all	                                                                                                    same	approach	has	helped	many	
                                              2003	she	won	the		REIQ	Property	              by	the	business,	concentrating	their	
complaints	that	are	not	immediately	                                                                                                    Macquarie	Real	Estate	customers	
                                              Management	of	the	Year	Award	for	             efforts	entirely	on	residential	property	
resolved	at	branch	level	as	well	                                                                                                       grow	their	businesses	in	uncertain	
                                                                                            management.	Rental	Express	is	now	          times.
as	staff	training	for	the	property	             Jo-Anne	also	achieved	in	the	six	
management	team.	                                                                           one	of	Queensland’s	largest	property	         Join	Jason	for	an	informal	and	
                                              years	with	this	agency	awards	for	
                                                                                            management	businesses	with	over	            informative	session	entitled;	‘Boosting	
                                              State	Property	Manager	–	Leading	
                                                                                            2,000	properties	under	management.          Your	Rent	Roll	–	the	windfalls	and	
Hayley Mitchell, Hocking Stuart               Agents	of	Australia	2001,	2002	
                                                                                               In	real	estate	terms	Chris’	             the	pitfalls’.
(Case	Study	–	interviewed	by	Fiona	           and	2003	and	was	awarded	by	tmp.
                                                                                            achievements	are	no	less	impressive.	
Blayney)                                      worldwide	the	Leading	Agents	of	
                                                                                            In	2005	his	office	was	awarded	             Shane Stone, Elders Real Estate
 An	energetic,	experienced	property	          Australia	National	Property	Manager	
                                                                                            Harcourts	Property	Management	              Shane	Stone	is	State	Property	
manager	and	fully	licensed	                   of	the	Year	2001	and	Team	Player	of	
                                              the	Year	2001	Awards.                         Office	of	the	Year	with	total	property	     Manager	for	Elders	Real	Estate.		
estate	agent	with	a	commitment	                                                             management	income	of	more	than	
to	providing	her	clients	with	                                                                                                          He	manages	20	branches	and	35	
                                                                                            double	their	nearest	rival.	His	sales	      property	managers	in	the	Victoria/
first	class,	personalised	service,	           Malcom Riley, TNQ Rentals
                                                                                            business	was	consistently	in	the	top	       Riverina	area.	
Hayley	has	been	a	member	of	the	              Malcom	Riley	has	created	a	niche	             five	Harcourts	offices	across	the	            With	over	ten	years	experience	in	
Hocking	Stuart	team	since	2001.	              position	as	an	acclaimed	and	                 state.	He	has	won	multiple	auctioneer	      property	management,	a	background	
Hayley’s	close	attention	to	detail	           recognised	key	note	speaker	in	               awards	from	Harcourts	and	REIQ.             in	debt	collection	and	private	
and	uncompromising	approach	to	               Australia	and	internationally.	He	uses	
tenant	selection	ensure	the	most	             his	own	real	life	experiences	and	                                                        investigation,	there	is	not	much	in	the	
appropriately	qualified	tenants	are	          humour	to	deliver	serious	messages	           Jason Roach, Macquarie Bank                 industry	Shane	has	not	come	across.	
placed	in	clients’	properties.	“Tenant	       on	his	primary	area	of	expertise	             Jason	Roach	is	the	joint	Head		               He	is	also	chairman	of	the	REIV	
selection	is	critical	because	I’m	            –	property	management	–	as	well	as	           of	Real	Estate	for	Macquarie	               Eastern	Property	Management	Group	
putting	people	into	a	client’s	dwelling	      business.                                     Relationship	Banking	with	specific	         and	was	the	Professionals’	2005-
worth	hundreds	of	thousands	of	                 A	former	Queensland	REIQ	                   responsibility	for	finding,	improving	      2006	Property	Manager	of	the	Year.	
dollars.	It’s	important	to	be	sure	they’ll	   Property	Manager	of	the	Year	and	             and	maximising	the	value	of	the	              He	is	also	a	qualified	pilot.
maintain	the	property	to	the	required	        long-term	member	of	the	REIQ	
standard”                                     Queensland	Property	Management	

                                                                                            SuCCESS STRATEGiES To
   Hayley	leaves	nothing	to	chance,	          Committee,	Malcom	has	been	a	
and	conducts	routine	inspections	to	          small	business	owner	and	property	
monitor	the	condition	of	her	clients’	        management	specialist	in	Cairns,	Far	
properties,	as	well	as	regular	rent	
reviews	to	ensure	the	return	on	
                                              North	Queensland,	for	more	than	two	
                                                                                            build AN ExTRAoRdiNARily
                                                                                            PRofiTAblE RENT-Roll.
investment	is	in	line	with	market	              Hard	work	and	dedication	have	
norms.                                        ensured	the	success	of	his	business,	

                    RegistRAtion detAils
                    Tickets to ARPM 2007 are A$895 each for delegates registering prior to
                    June 30. From July 1 the rate is $995.

                    Note that ARPM is normally fully tax deductible as a business expense,
                    and the GST paid can be credited by any business registered for GST.

                    AiR tRAVel And ACCoMModAtion
                    About Conrad Jupiters                              Airport Transfers
                    Conrad Jupiters is located 20                      Gold Coast Tour Shuttle
                    minutes drive from Coolangatta,                    ([07] 5574 5111) offers
                    and one hour from Brisbane                         coach transfers for $18 from
                    airport. Surrounded by seven                       Coolangatta airport to the hotel.
                    acres of tropical gardens, the                     Coach Trans (1300 664700)
                    hotel is just 300 metres from                      offers transfers from Brisbane
                    the beach.                                         at a cost of $39 one way or $70
                                                                       return. Bookings can be made
                    The hotel offers a range of                        by calling the above numbers
                    restaurants and bars, boasts an                    or by booking at the respective
                    extensive pool and spa area, a                     desks on arrival.
                    state-of-the-art gym, monorail to
                    the Oasis shopping centre and                      Accommodation
                    the beach and shuttle buses to                     Special accommodation rates are
                    Surfers Paradise, Pacific Fair and                 available at Conrad Jupiters from
                    nearby golf courses. Having been                   $200 (inc GST) per room per
                    recently refurbished, the hotel                    night. Delegates wishing to book
                    offers five-star accommodation                     accommodation should call the
                    with all rooms having views of                     hotel direct on (07) 5592 8294
                    the ocean or hinterland.                           or toll free on 1800 374 344 and
                                                                       state that they are attending the
                                                                       Australasian Residential Property
                                                                       Management Conference 2007.

                    If you find you are unable to attend the conference, you can transfer your booking to anyone
                    else at no charge. Alternatively, registration fees will be refunded (less $100 administration
                    fee) for cancellations received in writing by July 15, 2007. Refunds are not possible for
                    cancellations made after July 15, 2007.

youR RENT Roll ANd
youR PRofiTS.
                                    CoNfERENCE REGiSTRATioN foRM
                                    Australasian Residential Property Management Conference (ARPM) 2007
                                    Sunday 12 – Monday 13 August 2007, Conrad Jupiters, Gold Coast

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Total	Real	Estate	Training	is	a	trading	name	of	McGrath	Education	&	Events	Pty	Limited		                         15	July	2007.	Unfortunately	no	refunds	can	be	given	for	
(ABN	17	093	918	122)                                                                                             cancellations	after	15	July	2007.
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