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					                   AUSTRALIAN CAPITAL TERRITORY (ACT)

                          SUBCLASS 176 VISA

          Guidelines for Lodging an Application for
             ACT Government Sponsorship of a
           Skilled-Sponsored Subclass 176 Visa

 The ACT Government encourages skilled migration and can provide advice on ACT
sponsorship criteria, but not on wider immigration issues. Before lodging a sponsorship
  application, it is recommended that you obtain specific migration advice relevant to
                    your circumstances from a licensed migration agent.

                                  September 2009

                                                      GPO Box 158, Canberra ACT 2601
                                                      Phone: 1800 244 650 (Toll Free Australia);
                                                      or +61 13 22 81 (International)

About the Guidelines
About the ACT Government Sponsorship Program
Australian Resident Applicants – Subclass 176 Visa
ACT ‗Skills in Demand‘ List (SDL)
1. SDL Baseline
2. SDL ‗Off-List‘ Quota
SDL Quota Verification
Skill in Demand Updates
Applicants Living in Canberra
Sponsorship of Computer Professionals
DIAC Subclass 176 Visa Criteria
Application for ACT Government Sponsorship
   Completed Online Application
   Sponsorship Obligations
   SDL Occupation
   Current Skill Assessment
   English Language Ability
   Work Experience
   Commitment to Canberra Statement
   Financial Capacity
   ACT Residence
   Previous DIAC Applications
   Family Relationships
   Personal Information
Lodging the Sponsorship Application
Service Fee
Processing the Sponsorship Application
Complete Applications
Assessment of Applications
Priority of Processing
Sponsorship Notification
Sponsorship Validity
Lodging the Visa Application
Visa Decision
Monitoring Program
‗Welcome to Canberra‘ Settlement Service
Contact Details
Attachment A – Sponsorship Obligations
Attachment B – Declaration of Financial Capacity


These guidelines provide information about lodging an application for Australian Capital Territory
(ACT) Government Sponsorship under the Skilled-Sponsored Visa (SSV) Scheme. The SSV is
designed to help overcome skill shortages by helping a select number of skilled migrants to settle
in parts of Australia where their skills and abilities are in demand.


The ACT Government will consider sponsorship of people with identified occupations in demand
in Canberra and with the required skills, experience, English ability and genuine intention to live
and work in the ACT. Applicants must meet all visa requirements for General Skilled Migration:
see It is entirely at the discretion of the ACT Government whether or not
applicants are sponsored through the SSV Scheme.

The ACT Government, through its Skilled and Business Migration (SBM) Program, will consider
applications for sponsorship from skilled migrants who have:
   an occupation on the ACT ‗Skills in Demand‘ list as well as on the DIAC Skilled Occupation
   skills and experience that will be of benefit to the ACT economy;
   sufficient English language ability which will provide reasonable employment opportunities in
    the current Canberra labour market;
   an occupation with sufficient employment opportunities at time of lodgement;
   sufficient financial resources to settle in Canberra while seeking employment;
   a demonstrated commitment to living and working in Canberra for at least 2 years; and
   meet all visa requirements for General Skilled Migration.


The ACT Government will not accept a sponsorship application from an Australian resident
applicant (holders of a visitor, student or temporary residence visa) who is not living and working
in Canberra. Before applying for sponsorship, applicants must prove that they:
     are permanently residing in Canberra; and
     have been employed with an ACT employer, in the nominated occupation, for at least
      six months.


The ACT Skills in Demand List (SDL) identifies occupations that are in demand in Canberra. The
occupations listed do not relate to a specific job vacancy, nor represent a guarantee of a job in a
specific occupation. The applicant should understand that the ACT Government is NOT
responsible for finding them employment or for providing any form of financial assistance.
Applicants must compete for positions with all people in the labour market as part of the normal
selection process. Success will depend on employer requirements, relevant skills and experience
and level of English ability.

In order to manage the program effectively and sponsor occupations that will be of benefit to
Canberra‘s economy, the SDL has been has been separated into the following two parts:
1.   SDL Baseline
     Under the SSV Scheme the ACT Government can sponsor people who have an occupation
     on the ‗SDL Baseline list’. However, the ACT Government will limit the number of
     sponsorships offered for each occupation according to demand.
     Once the annual demand has been met, the occupation will be closed and further
     sponsorship applications in that occupation will not be accepted.
     The SDL lists will be updated on a regular basis to show which occupations are open to
2.   SDL ‘Off-List’ Quota
     In addition, the ACT Government has been allocated 500 ‗Off-List‘ places per year to
     nominate applicants with any occupation on the Skilled Occupations List (SOL) under the
     General Skilled Migration program. In order to manage the 500 ―Off list‖ effectively, the ACT
     Government have introduced a ‘SDL Quota ’, which limits the number of places offered in
     each occupation according to demand. The SDL Quota classifies occupations under the 4
     digit ASCO Unit Group. Unless specified, the related occupations within the ASCO Unit
     Group can be diverse. Applicants must ensure that the nominated occupation is also on the
     DIAC Skilled Occupation List (SOL).

SDL Quota Verification

Applicants seeking sponsorship for a quota occupation must contact the ACT Government, by
email at, to verify that the quota is still open for the nominated
occupation before lodging the sponsorship application.
     The email must include a current:
      1.   Curriculum Vitae (CV) clearly stating current and past work experience.
      2.   Current skill assessment in the nominated occupation.
      3.   IELTS (if applicable).
     The applicant will be informed, by email, whether the occupation has been verified.
      Verification is not a guarantee that the sponsorship application will be approved, only that it
      will be accepted and assessed against the sponsorship criteria.
     If an application for a quota occupation is lodged before it is verified, it will be automatically
      recommended for refusal.
     A sponsorship application nominating the verified quota occupation must be lodged within
      one (1) month of verification. Applications received after this time limit will lose their place
      on the quota and may not be considered for sponsorship.

Verification of Quota Occupations

The SBM team will use the following guidelines when verifying an occupation:
     The applicant must have the required English and have recent, relevant work experience in
      the nominated occupation.
     The applicants work experience must be consistent with the nominated occupation, for
           a personnel consultant is a different occupation than a personnel officer;
           a management consultant is a different occupation than a business manager; and
           an office manager is a different occupation than an administration officer or secretary.

          The work experience must be in an industry relevant to the ACT. We will not consider
           experience in heavy industry or manufacturing; production; international airlines; mining;
           shipping; oil; railways; etc.

Skill in Demand Updates

The SDL lists will be updated on a monthly basis to show the current status of the skill demand
against each occupation, as demonstrated below:

    Closed    Closed: sponsorship places are not available for this occupation.

    Limited   Limited: sponsorship places are limited for this occupation.

    Open      Open: sponsorship places are available for this occupation.


The ACT Government will give consideration to applicants who are resident in Canberra and:
          Nominate a skilled occupation (the nominated occupation does not have to be on the SDL.
           However it must be on the DIAC Skilled Occupation List .
          Have been employed, full time, for at least at six months in the nominated occupation in
          Have a current skill assessment in the nominated occupation and current IELTS (if

Please contact the SBM manager by email before lodging the
sponsorship application.


ICT Occupations subject to the QUOTA must:
          have a positive skill assessment from the ACS; and
          be assessed by the relevant ACT based body as having at least one year full time
           experience in one of the nominated specialisations before the sponsorship is lodged.

The two bodies assessing Quota specialisations in the ACT are:
          University of Canberra (UC)
           Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering
           Mr Dharmendra Sharma
           Professor & Dean, Faculty of Information Sciences and Engineering
           Phone: +61 2 6201 2001
           Fax: +61 2 6201 5231

    Canberra Institute Technology (CIT)
     Centre for Information & Communication Technology
     GPO Box 826, Canberra ACT 2601
     Phone: (02) 6205 2491
     Fax: (02) 6207 3338
A fee will be charged by the assessing body for the assessment service. Please contact the CIT
or UC for further information.


DIAC Requirements

Specific requirements may be found in DIAC‘s Booklet 6 – General Skilled Migration. However, in
general, the following criteria should be demonstrated:
    Be under 45 years of age at time of application.
    Nominate an occupation on the Skilled Occupation List (SOL). See: DIAC Form 1121i
     Skilled Occupation List (SOL).
    Have a satisfactory skills assessment from the relevant assessing authority for the
     nominated occupation.
    Meet the English language threshold. In most cases, this is at the competent English level.
    Meet the recent work experience requirement.
    Meet health and character requirements.
    Be nominated by a participating State or Territory government.

In addition to the DIAC requirements, the ACT Government will use the following criteria to
assess sponsorships:

An application for ACT Government sponsorship must include the following:
   Completed online application. A hard copy of the application form and all supporting
    documents must be mailed / couriered to the SBM office. Processing will not commence until
    the hard copy of the complete application is received.
   Signed and witnessed ‗Declaration of Sponsorship Obligations ‗ acknowledging and
    accepting ACT Government sponsorship obligations (see attachment A);
   An occupation listed on the current SDL Baseline or SDL Quota. For ‗SDL Quota‘
    occupations, a copy of the email verifying the CV for consideration must be attached.
   English language ability e.g. relevant passport holder or current IELTS result with the
    following minimum English ability:
          Managers and Administrators: proficient IELTS (a score 7 in each band).
          Professionals: a score of at least 7 in speaking and 7 overall.
          Associate professionals: a score of at least 7 in speaking and 7 overall.
          Trades: a score of at least 6.5 in speaking and 6 in each band.
   Current skill assessment by the relevant assessing body.

   Work Experience:
     Current CV clearly stating personal details, relevant work experience and formal
     Recent, relevant work experience in the nominated occupation:
                  Managers and Administrators: minimum 5 years work experience.
                  Professionals: minimum 3 years work experience.
                  Associate professionals: minimum 3 years work experience.
                  Trades: minimum 3 years work experience.
     Employment references that prove recent, relevant experience in the nominated
   A ‘commitment to Canberra statement’ (no more than two pages) written in your own
    words, demonstrating your commitment to living in Canberra for a minimum two year period.
    The statement should include:
            evidence that you have personally researched Canberra‘s unique lifestyle, employment
             opportunities and attractions;
            explanation of how our wonderful lifestyle will suit your way of life more than any other
             city in Australia;
            tell us, in your own words, why you want to live in Canberra. Simply providing copied
             information from the internet or another source would not be considered sufficient
             evidence of your commitment to living in Canberra and may be cause for refusal; and
            email the ‗commitment statement‘ (in word format) to
             after the sponsorship application has been lodged.
       Financial capacity: Signed and witnessed ‗Declaration of Financial Capacity‘ - see
        attachment B.
               The main applicant must have at least A$20,000 in transferable assets, with
                A$10,000 for each additional dependent family member, to assist with successful
                settlement and employment search in Canberra. Supporting financial evidence, in the
                name of the applicant/spouse, must be provided, including:
                 Bank statements for current and savings accounts, showing banking activity over
                  the last three months.
                 term deposits/investments/share portfolio etc.
               The following assets will not be considered ‗transferable‘:
                 funds held in another persons name (except spouse);
                 fixed/immovable assets like property or land;
                 jewellery, house hold items, cars or motor cycles;
                 cash in hand; and
                 life insurance policy.
              If you have less than the required transferable amount, you must:
                Provide a statement justifying how you will support yourself and any dependents
                 for at least six months while settling in Canberra.
                Provide evidence of any fixed assets (and proof of equity). If the plan is to sell the
                 asset before moving to Canberra, explain what will happen if you are unable to sell
                 the asset – how will you fund your travel and settlement?
                Include evidence of research into the cost of living in Canberra, with an estimated
                 budget e.g. accommodation, transport, electricity, gas and food etc.

   ACT Residence: If you are an Australian resident ( holding a visitor, temporary resident,
     business or student visa) you must provide evidence that you are living in Canberra:
        ACT drivers licence.
        Banks statements for the three months immediately prior to the application being
        Lease/rental agreement.
        Utilities bills e.g. landline phone; electricity and gas.
        Employment contract and pay slips for the previous six months immediately prior to
         the application being submitted.
        Any other documents to support your ACT residency.
    Previous DIAC applications. If you have already lodged an application for a skilled
     migration visa (e.g. sub class 175) you must:
        Provide a copy of the DIAC form 1276 or DIAC form 47SKApplication for General
         Skilled Migration. If you do not have a saved copy, DIAC will provide a copy upon
    Family relationships; if you have:
        A close family member living in Canberra, evidence of their ACT residency and
         relationship to you.
        Close family member living elsewhere in Australia:
          details of what State/Territory they live in and relationship to you.
          A statement explaining why you have chosen to live in the ACT and not with them.
   Personal Information:
        Copy of passport (bio page and Australian visas if any) for main applicant and
        Evidence of formal qualification and course completion if a graduate from an Australian
        A completed and signed form 956 Appointment of a migration agent (if applicable).
   Service fee: A$275 payable on lodgement of sponsorship application.


Applications for Subclass 176 sponsorship are to be completed online at Or, you can access the forms through the SBM website at

Once the form is completed online:
    save the application as a .pdf file, print and send/courier, along with all supporting
     documents, to:
     The Manager
     ACT Skilled and Business Migration Program
     Chief Minister‘s Department

     By hand: Reception, Canberra Nara Centre, 1 Constitution Ave, Canberra, ACT.

     By mail: GPO Box 158, Canberra, ACT, 2601

      email the commitment to Canberra statement as a word.doc to


The ACT Government charges a service fee for processing applications for ACT Government
(Subclass 176) Sponsorship. The application will not be accepted for processing until the service
fee is paid.


    By Credit Card
     The service fee may be paid by credit card by selecting ‘pay now’ on the online application


     Bank / business cheque / money order
     The service fee may be paid by bank / business cheque / money order by selecting
     ‘pay later’ on the online application form.
     Payable to: Chief Minister‘s Department.


    Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT):
      Commonwealth Bank—Ainslie Ave, Canberra, 2601
      BSB:      062987
      A/c:      10000157
      Account name: ‗CMD Operating Account‘
      Reference: Skilled-Sponsored: Insert applicants name and date of birth
      International clients: Commonwealth Bank SWIFT code (CTBAAU2SXXX),
      Include a copy of the EFT receipt with the application or email details of EFT, including
      receipt number and bank name, to:
      (Please note: Your bank may charge a transaction fee for processing the EFT. This charge
      must be paid by the applicant and is in addition to the service fee.)


You will be informed, by email, when the hard copy of your application has been received by this
office and accepted for processing.


Processing of applications will not commence until a ‘complete’ application (the hard copy
application form, service fee and ALL supporting documents) has being accepted.


   A ‗complete‘ application includes all the required forms, fee and supporting documents when
    it is lodged.
   If an application is ‗complete‘ the case officer can make a decision without having to contact
    the client for further information.
   If the application is not ‗complete‘, it will not join the processing queue until all documents are
    received by the case officer.
Applications that are lodged ‗incomplete‘ e.g. without the required supporting documents and / or
with insufficient information, may be automatically recommended for refusal.


You will be offered sponsorship if the ACT Government determines that you:

     have a skilled occupation in demand;
     a satisfactory level of English ability;
     relevant work experience;
     reasonable employment prospects;
     sufficient financial resources to settle in Canberra while seeking employment; and
     a demonstrated commitment to living and working in Canberra.

Your level of English and skill set may affect your ability to compete for jobs. While the ACT
‗Skills in Demand‘ list is a good indicator, the ACT Government will also consider your
employability and whether your particular skill set will be of benefit to the ACT.

The ACT Government will also need to be satisfied that you have personally researched the
lifestyle and employment opportunities in Canberra and have a genuine commitment to live and
work in Canberra for at least two years from first arrival.

Copying and pasting information for the commitment to Canberra statement straight from the
Internet, or having someone else write your statement for you, will not be considered as a
demonstration of genuine commitment and may lead to a refusal.


Applications for sponsorship or certification will be processed in the following order:
     High priority applications – 20 working days from receipt of a ‗complete‘ application:
      -     Applicants who live in Canberra.
      -     Have not already applied for a skilled migration visa.
     Normal priority applications – 30 working days from receipt of a complete application
      -     Applicants with close family members living in Canberra (parents, siblings, aunts or
      -     Applicants who have not already lodged an application with DIAC for a skilled
            migration visa.
     Low priority applications – 60 working days from receipt of a ‗complete‘ application from:
      -     Applicants who have already lodged an application with DIAC for subclass 134, 137,
            175 visa.
      -     All sponsorship applicants who have not had their CV verified for sponsorship.

Please do not contact the SBM Program before this time elapses to enquire about the progress
of the application as constant enquiry can delay processing.


You will be notified of the outcome of the ACT Government sponsorship application by email.


If ACT Government sponsorship is approved, the Skilled Migration visa application must be
lodged within three months from approval date. The sponsorship will automatically cease after
three months.


DIAC is responsible for processing and assessing all skilled migration visa applications. Further
instructions on how to undertake a skills assessment and lodge a visa application is available in
DIAC Booklet 6 General Skilled Migration available at:

On lodgement of the Skilled-Sponsored visa application, DIAC will inform you of your File
Reference Number (FRN) for manual visa applications or the Transaction Reference Number
(TRN) for online visa applications.
The FRN/TRN must be emailed to within one week of visa
lodgement or sponsorship may cease.
On receipt of the FRN/TRN, the ACT Government endorsed sponsorship form 1100
State/Territory nomination will be sent to the Adelaide Skilled Processing Centre for attachment
to your skilled migration application.


You must inform the ACT Government of the outcome of your Skilled-Sponsored visa application
and, if approved by DIAC, the expected date of your arrival in Australia. If the Skilled-Sponsored
visa application is refused by DIAC, the ACT Government sponsorship will automatically cease.


ACT Government sponsorship migrants have been sponsored to live and work in Canberra for a
minimum period of two years from first arrival. After your skilled sponsored visa has been
granted, you are required to:
    Contact the SBM program and confirm your expected arrival date in Canberra and whether
     you would like the settlement support service (see below).
    Contact the SBM program within one month of your first arrival in Canberra and confirm
     your contact details.
    Complete settlement surveys at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months after arrival.
    Inform the SBM Program of any change to your contact details in Canberra for two years
     after arrival in order to receive and complete the settlement surveys.


Our ‗Welcome to Canberra‘ settlement service is available to ACT Government sponsored skilled
migrants. The free service includes:

    A dedicated ‗Welcome to Canberra‗ team member who will be in contact with you
     throughout your immigration process, both before and after your arrival, providing you with
     a same day response to requests for information received by email.
    Regular newsletters updating you on special events and upcoming activities in Canberra.
    A meet and greet service (during business hours) for new arrivals at the airport/bus
     terminal and transportation to your accommodation (at least four weeks notice and
     evidence of arrival time must be provided).
    On arrival – a meeting with the ‗Welcome to Canberra‘ team for an informal chat to answer
     all your questions and give you a settlement pack which includes relevant information
     about living in Canberra.
    A two hour guided tour of our beautiful city, including a visit to schools (if required).
    Accommodation assistance – we will refer you to the largest real estate company in
     Canberra for assistance with finding rental accommodation.
    Employment support – we will help you connect with employers and recruitment agencies.
    Free access to Canberra BusinessPoint, a sophisticated mentoring and advisory program
     for those setting up a business.

If you would like more information about our complimentary ‗Welcome to Canberra‘ service,
contact Jenny by:
    Email:,
    Phone: +61 2 6205 1849


     For further information about the ACT Government‘s Sponsorship Program, contact
     the ACT Government‘s Skilled and Business Migration team by:
      Email:
      Phone: +61 2 6207 1957

                                                                                   Attachment A

                         SKILLED-SPONSORED SUBCLASS 176 VISA

I (name)………………………………………………………………………(DOB)……/…../……

of (address)…………………………………………………………………………………………
do solemnly and sincerely declare that:
 The information contained in my application for Australian Capital Territory (ACT) Government
  sponsorship is true and accurate.
 I am confident I meet all the appropriate areas of the Department of Immigration and
  Citizenship (DIAC) visa application eligibility criteria.
 My occupation has been assessed by the relevant Australian authority and is listed on the
  ACT‘s ‗Skills in Demand‘ List.
 On lodgement of my Skilled-Sponsored visa application, I will inform the ACT Skilled and
  Business Migration (SBM) Program of my File/Transaction Reference Number (FRN/TRN)
  within seven days of receipt from DIAC.
 I will inform the SBM Program of the progress of my visa application, when the Skilled-
  Sponsored visa application is decided by DIAC and, if approved, my expected arrival date in
 I understand that the ACT Government has an obligation to report the location of migrants
  under this scheme and agree to:
   contact the SBM program when my visa has been granted and confirm my expected arrival
    date in Canberra;
   contact the SBM program within one month of my first arrival in Canberra and confirm my
    contact details;
   complete settlement surveys at 6, 12, 18 and 24 months after arrival; and
   inform the SBM Program of any change to my contact details in Canberra for two years
    after arrival in order to receive and complete the settlement surveys.
 I have access to transferable financial resources to support my self and any dependants while
  becoming established and finding employment in Canberra.
 I understand that Commonwealth government social security benefits are not available until I
  have permanently resided in Australia for two years.
 I understand that the ACT Government in not responsible for finding employment,
  accommodation or providing a financial incentive to Skilled-Sponsored visa holders or
  other skilled migrants.
 I understand that the ACT Government or employees of the ACT Government are not liable
  for any inaccuracies or omissions in the information provided to the applicant in the context of
  their application for territory Nomination.
 I acknowledge that ACT Government sponsorship is exclusive to the ACT and is NOT
  transferable to any other State or Territory in Australia.
 I agree to live and work in the ACT for at least two years after the visa is granted.
………………………………………………………..…                                        Date: ……./……./…….
 (Signature of applicant)
………………………………………………………….                                            Date……./……./…….
(Signature of witness or migration agent if applicable)

                                                                                      Attachment B

                 To be completed by Applicant for sponsorship for migration to the
                               Australian Capital Territory (ACT).
         (Assets of spouse may be included if spouse is migrating with principal applicant)

 Full Name of Applicant                                             Date of Birth

 Full Name of Spouse                                                Date of Birth

Assets listed must be in name(s) inserted above only. Assets in another persons name will not be

Assets NOT listed below, e.g. jewellery, insurance policies, cars, boats etc will not be considered.

 Item                        Amount in Local Currency Amount in             Supporting
                                                      Australian            documentation
                                                      Dollars               attached
 Cash/Bank Savings

 Net value of

 Net value of other
 investments and Maturity
 Date (if applicable)

 Other Assets

 Please continue on a separate sheet if necessary

        I/we ATTEST that I/we have the financial resources indicated above available tor
         immediate transfer on migration to the ACT.
        I/we confirm that this is the net value of resources owned by me/us.

 Signature (1) ……………………………………………………………………………/……/…….…

 Signature (2) ……………………………………………………………………………/……/………..

 Witnessed and Signed by a Notary Public,         Seal/Stamp of Bank or Notary Public:
 Justice of the Peace or any Government or
 other official authorised to attest to
 authenticity and accuracy of information in
 this pro forma.