MARKET                                                      Record swimmers enter the cool
                                                            waters for the 17th annual Hunters

OUTLOOK                                                     Rocks to Rocks 1.5km swim
                                                            Michael Hunter and his family organised and ran for
                                                            the 17 year this annual event, which is now the
Low interest rates, First
                                                            largest competition event for the local two surf clubs:
Home Owners Grant and                                       Avoca Beach SLSC and North Avoca SLSC.
good quality stock now
                                                            All 187 (highest ever) were pleased to see the swell
on the market represents
                                                            drop, the oceans calm and the sun out on the Sunday
an ideal time for first-                                    morning, however the temperature of the water had
time buyers to take the plunge.                                                                           o
                                                            dropped over 5 degrees in the last week. 17.2 C on the
                                                            day of the race had many competitors reaching for
In my opinion, first home buyers can do well in the         their wetsuits, rash vests, and silicone swimming caps.
property market now, but they have to be realistic          Raine & Horne handed out (attractive pink) swimming
about the opportunities they consider and concentrate       caps to everyone to ensure all swimmers remained
their search in suburbs suitable to their price             warm.
expectations. Stable employment, lower interest rates,
favourable house prices and the government’s                The Channel 7 Surf Rescue TV show were there to
possible extension of the First Home Owners Grant           record all the banter on the start line, and interview the
beyond June 30, makes 2009 the year for those               competitors.
stepping on to the property ladder.
Industry experts agreed lower interest rates and the
government’s fiscal stimulation package have
contributed to the positive sentiment. A colleague of
mine at the Real Estate Institute of NSW (REINSW)
President Steve Martin encouraged long-term renters
to buy rather than keep looking for somewhere to rent.
He said to me recently: “There is no doubt that now is
a great time to buy if people are confident of their job
security and their capacity to repay a mortgage.”
The Mortgage and Finance Association of Australia            Start at
(MFAA) / Bankwest Home Finance Index shows an                North Avoca
increase in people likely to be looking for a home loan
this year. While the number of people expecting to take     After the traditional photo the competitors walked to
out a loan in 2009 is nowhere near the highs we saw in      North Avoca reviewing their race plan, and debating
November 2006, we should feel encouraged that there         the age-old question of 'swim wide of the beach' or
has been a small revival in interest. There is an           'swim close'.
overwhelming belief that interest rates will drop again.
It has been reported that over 47% of Australians also      Mens winner Wade Coster (19.38 mins)
believe it is a good time to buy a new home, and I          Ladies winner Jessica Davis (19.53 mins)
believe the residents on the Central Coast are much
higher than this.
Our marketplace has a wealth of First Home Buyer
options. If you are in this market and looking for a good
investment to get you out of the squeezing rental
market, call us and we’ll look after you!

                                         Brett Hunter       Each competitor was awarded by Raine & Horne a
                                     General Manager        personalised certificate (detailing all their times in the
                               Board Member REINSW          past 17 swims), a photo of the start, and a
                               COMPETITOR rash vest for their training in the
                                                            coming months.

                                             Avoca Beach 4382 1444                       
                                               Terrigal 4384 1444                           we’ll look after you®
Just Listed
 37 Avoca Dr Avoca Beach                           EOI $2m
 2/153 Avoca Dr Avoca Beach           Offers above $800,000
 243 Avoca Dr Avoca Beach                        $1,627,500                                        Source of Sellers in Jan 09
                                                                                              Phone Calls from
 66 Avoca Dr Avoca Beach                             Auction                                 Newspaper Adverts
 143 Hillside Rd Avoca Beach                       $675,000                     Telemarketing &
 32 Walder Cres Avoca Beach                    EOI $450,000                    Radio Promotions
                                                                         Walk in from 0%
 54 Del Rio Dr Copacabana                          $669,000            Newspaper Adverts
                                                                          & Booklets
 3 & 4 / 9 Sorento Rd Empire Bay       $340,000 to $390,000                  10%

                                                                         Sign / Open House
 23 Bannister Dr Erina                             $525,000               from Newspaper

 24 Joan St Forresters Beach                       $445,000                    Adverts
                                                                                                                                    Referral / Cross
                                                                                                                                    Pollination / Past
 10/10 Church St Terrigal                          $400,000                                                                               Client
 5 Dorchester Ct Terrigal                          $639,000
 169 Willoughby Rd Terrigal                      $1,150,000                               14%

 36 Woodland Rd Terrigal                           $499,000
 38 Dover Rd Wamberal                            $1,075,000

Just SOLD                                                                         Telemarketing &
                                                                                                    Source of Buyers in Jan 09
                                                                                                          Phone Calls from
                                                                                                         Newspaper Adverts
                                                                                                                7%               Referral / Cross
                                                                                 Radio Promotions                                Pollination / Past
 9 Grasslands Ave Terrigal       $530,000     SOLD Auction                              2%                                             Client
 51 Kurrawyba Ave Terrigal       $750,000     SOLD Auction
 55 Ridgway Rd Avoca Beach       $910,000     SOLD Auction          Walk in from
                                                                  Newspaper Adverts
 2/35 Avoca Dr Avoca Bch         $590,000     SOLD Auction           & Booklets
 78 The Round Dr Avoca Bch       $450,000     SOLD Private Treaty       25%

 141 Albany St Pt Frederick     $1,130,000    SOLD Auction
 2/27b Ascot Ave Avoca Bch       $805,000     SOLD Auction
 32 Trevally Cl Terrigal         $358,000     SOLD Private Treaty
                                                                                   Sign / Open House
 2/9 Sorento Rd Empire Bay       $330,000     SOLD Private Treaty                   from Newspaper
 10 Apprentice Dr Berkley       $1,600,000    SOLD Auction                               Adverts

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