APPLICATION FOR TENANCY
I, the Applicant hereby apply for approval by the owner of the premises referred to in this form to becoming the tenant of
the premises on the terms and conditions contained in this form and in the Residential Tenancy Agreement to be drawn
up by Doyle Spillane Real Estate..
Please Note:
 Each Person must complete separate application forms
 This application will not be processed unless it has been fully completed and the 100
     checkpoints of identification is supplied and Tenancy Reference Australia Form is completed
Property Applied for: Preference 1:
                                   Preference 2:
Surname:                                                        Given Names:
Maiden Name:                                                    Mr / Mrs / Ms / Miss
Date of Birth:                                                  Drivers Licence Number:
Passport Number:                                                Country:
Car Registration:
Present Address:
Phone No. Business Hrs:                                                   Mobile:
Home:                                                    Email address:
Number of occupants: Adults:                                    Children:               Ages:
Pets: Yes/No Type:                                       Lease period required: 6mths/12mths/Other:
Intended move in date:                                          Have you already given notice? Yes/No
Emergency Contact (i.e. next of kin) 1. Name:                                           Relationship:
Phone No. Business Hrs:                                         Mobile:                           Home:
Emergency Contact: 2. Name:                                                             Relationship:
Phone No. Business Hrs:                                    Mobile:                                Home:
1. Current Landlord/Real Estate:                                                         Phone No.:
    Present Rent per week: $                                              Period of Tenancy:
    Reason for Leaving:
2. Previous Landlord/Real Estate:                                                       Phone No.:
    Address of Previous Rental:
    Previous Rent per week: $                                             Period of Tenancy:
    Reason for Leaving:

Word/Propman/Rachel/Catalina's Application For Tenancy                                                                             1
3. Current Employer/Accountant:                                                                  Phone No.:
    Period of Employment:                                                              Position Held:
Are you Employed as (please circle:)                     Full Time/Part Time/Casual/Self Employed (if self employed please
provide accountant details above)                        How many hours per week:
4. Previous employment (if less than 12mths ago):                                                      Phone No.:
    Period of Employment:                                                              Position Held:

5. References, Credit or Character: Name:
    Phone No. Business Hrs:                                                            Mobile:
I, the applicant , do solemnly and sincerely declare that I am not a bankrupt or an undischarged bankrupt and affirm that
the above information is true and correct. I wish to take a tenancy for a rental of $                per week and that
the rental to be paid is within my means. I undertake to pay a rental bond as required upon signing of a Residential
Tenancy Agreement. It is acknowledge that references will verified by the agent

Applicant's Signature:                                                                 Date:
                                                         OFFICE USE
Reservation Fee Conditions:
In accordance with Clause 12 of the Residential Tenancies Regulation 1995, it is hereby acknowledged that the taking of
the reservation fee referred to in this Application for Tenancy form is subject to the following conditions:
1. The Applicant has paid a Reservation Fee of $                 equivalent to        days rent to reserve the premises in
favour of the Applicant for a period of            days.
2. The premises will not be let during the reservation period pending the making of a Residential Tenancy Agreement;
3. If landlord decides not to enter into a Residential Tenancy Agreement on the agreed terms for the residential premises
concerned during the reservation period, the whole of the fee will be refunded.
4. If the prospective tenant decides not to enter into such an Agreement and the premises were not let or otherwise
occupied during the period they were reserved, the landlord may retain so much of the fee as equal to the amount of rent
that would have been paid during the period the premises were reserved (based on the proposed rent) but is required to
refund the remainder.
5. If a Residential Tenancy Agreement is entered into, the reservation fee is to be paid towards rent for the residential
premises concerned.
6. The applicant has viewed the rental premises

Trading as:
The Real Estate Agents, acting for the Owner of the above premises acknowledge receipt of the above Application and
the accompany Reservation Fee.

Real Estate Agent's Signature:                                                         Date:
Tenant Signature:                                                                      Date:
In the presence of:                                                                    Date:
----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- -----------------
Owner:                                                     Type of Premises:                                 furnished/unfurnished

Rent:                              To commence from:                                        for a period of:
           Rental Bond                        $
           Rent                               $
           Lease Fee                          $
           TOTAL                              $
           Less paid deposit                  $                              BALANCE (BANK                   CHEQUE ONLY)
Word/Propman/Rachel/Catalina's Application For Tenancy                                                                                            2
                                             100 Point Check List For Identification

Please Note:
 This application will not be processed unless it has been fully completed and the 100
   checkpoints of identification is supplied

Identification                                           Value     Office Use Only
Drivers licence or Passport                               40
Last 4 Rent receipts or Current                            30
Tenancy History print out
Bank Statements                                          30 each
Wage slips (max. 2)                                      20 each
Rates Notice                                               20
Copy of any bills or invoices:
                                                         10 each
  Motor vehicle registration
Medicare Card, Credit Card,                              10 each
Eftpos Cards
Copy of Birth Certificate or                             10 each
Marriage Certificate.
If you are in the process for                            10 each
selling a property, any
correspondence from your
Real Estate or Solicitor
Any other photo Id.                                      10 each

Written proof of income (ie. Pay slip or letter from your Employer) must be supplied with
this application form.

Please supply photocopies of the above identification, or original documents will be kept.

Should you not be able to meet the 100 check points, contact the Property Management
Department for further assistance.

Word/Propman/Rachel/Catalina's Application For Tenancy                                       3

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