Finding journal articles for Business Management

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Finding journal articles for
Business & Management
This guide covers: Finding journal articles by subject
                           Finding a journal by name

Finding articles in journals and newspapers
•   You can find articles on Business and Management topics by logging onto MetaLib
    and using the electronic resources which are described in this guide.

•   MetaLib provides access to all of the electronic resources that
    the Library subscribes to. MetaLib enables you to log onto the electronic resources at
    a single point when you are on campus or off campus. (See page 2 for details.)

•   For help with searching, consult: Tips on searching for Journal Articles.

•   Help sheets for individual electronic resources can be found on the Library web pages
    at (select Help sheets from the menu).

    Electronic resources on MetaLib

    Journal articles                Business Source Premier
                                    Emerald Fulltext
                                    Electronic Journals Service
                                    Science Direct

    Newspaper articles              Europe Intelligence Wire
                                    ProQuest NewsStand


Business Source Premier
• Journal articles on all areas of Business including: Management, Marketing,
  Accounting, Finance and Economics. (Includes Harvard Business Review).
• Includes company profiles, SWOT analyses and country reports.

Emerald Fulltext
• Journal articles from more than 150 journals in the fields of Management and
• Text is available for articles published from 1994 to date. For articles published
  between 1989 -1994 only abstracts are available.

Electronic Journals Service
• Journal articles covering a range of subjects.
• To search by subject, page down and use the section “Find Articles by Text”.

                                                                                                       September 2007
• Journal articles from more than 1,500 journals from Elsevier and other publishers.
   Includes the journal: Long Range Planning.
• To start a search for articles by subject, click on the Search tab, then Journals, then
   select a subject area (e.g. Business, Management & Accounting).
• You will need to register your details when logging on for the first time.

• Specialist source of information for Human Resource Management professionals.
  Includes articles from the IRS and the Personnel Today Portfolio.

Europe Intelligence Wire
• Newspaper articles on business topics in more than 150 European newspapers and
   business magazines from 1995 onwards. Newspapers also listed by title.

ProQuest NewsStand (UK National and Regional Newspapers)
• Newspaper articles from 43 UK daily and Sunday newspapers, including: Daily
   Telegraph, Financial Times, Guardian, Independent, Observer, Sunday Times, Times
   and Yorkshire Post.


Logging onto MetaLib

•   On campus              Log onto a networked PC and click on the MetaLib icon on the

•   Off campus             Type in the address bar of your browser.

               Enter your university computer username and password here.

Username and password
•   Your computer username starts with a letter followed by the first 7 digits of your
    student ID as shown on your campus ID card e.g. u1234567

•   Your password is your birth date written as follows:
    day (two digits), month (three letters) and year (two digits) e.g. 03jan87

                                                                                                         September 2007
Finding journal articles by subject

When you need information on a topic, you can search for journal articles using the
electronic resources on MetaLib listed under My Subject.

 1. Log onto MetaLib and select My Subject from the menu.

 2. Select Business & Law                    3. Select Journals (or Newspapers)
                                             from the menu

                                                                    4. Click on Go to
                                                                    display the relevant
                                                                    electronic resources.

 5. Click on the title of a
 resource to start using it.

 For help with searching,
 consult the Library guide:
 Tips on searching for
 Journal Articles.

Finding a journal by name

                                                                        September 2007

When you know the details about a journal article, such as: the name of the journal, the
year, part number and page numbers, then you can search for it using E-Journals A-Z.

 1. Log onto MetaLib and select E-Journals A-Z from the menu.

                                                                    2. Type the name
                                                                    of a journal here
                                                                    e.g. Harvard
                                                                     Business Review

                                                                    and click on Go.

 3. Click on the journal
 name when it is

                                                                      4. Click on Go to
                                                                      display the details.

                                                                             5. Click on the +
                                                                             sign next to a year
                                                                             to display the parts
                                                                             (or months) of a

                                                                             Select a part and
                                                                             then the relevant
                                                                             page numbers.

When you have selected the relevant page numbers, display the text of an article by
clicking on one of the formats shown e.g. HTML PDF Linked full text

                                                                              September 2007