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					  “Why Some Doctors Laugh at Insurance Cards,
    Have to Book Patients Weeks in Advance,
  and Own the Best Home in the Neighborhood…”

Saturday, 10:24 a.m.
Casa Grande, AZ

Dear   fellow chiropractor,

As I write this, I’m outside in the sun with my feet up, sipping
on some iced tea. It’s a special recipe I got from a patient I

It’s Saturday. I have no plans of going to the office, doing a
spinal screening, or worrying about my practice.  I don’t have
to. Later, my family and are going on a hike, and then catching
a movie.

I’m blessed.     I’m living in abundance, and my practice is
prosperous. But, it came from a great deal of hard work. Last
week my office was so productive that I can’t imagine practicing
any other way. So, I can afford to put my feet up, relax, and
sip on this tea.

Although I don’t stress about my practice, I do have a passion
to help other chiropractors that are hurting.        During the
workweek (in between patients) I get a lot of calls from
chiropractors all across the country.   Many are full of fear;
some is desperate shape. For many, it’s scary out there.

These stressed out colleagues are spending their Saturdays doing
spinal screenings, or worrying about their practice.        And,
that’s not really living.

Let’s face it.     Few chiropractors are enjoying the clinical
success and practice wealth they dreamed of back in school.

It’s no secret why this is happening.        The days of good
insurance coverage are over.  Instead, we are in the age where
many of our own have sold us out for their personal betterment,
starting companies designed to deny chiropractic benefits by

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creating guidelines out of thin air (or just plain lies).  So,
for many chiropractors it’s a daily grind, a stress-filled
battle against insurance companies, IME’s, and the whole lousy
“recession” mindset that people are in.

If you want, you can take all the crap in the “new chiropractic
environment” and try to carve out a mediocre practice.     But,
let’s face it… if you are like most, you’re not doing what you
dreamt of in school, are you?

I want you to fulfill that dream.      I’m living it, and so should

Consider this fact.   At this very moment (yeah, even in this
crazy recession) people still going to doctors.        Take the
dentist, for example. The dentist is the only one that can do
what he does, and people need him. And, when people go to the
dentist they expect to pay cash, and pay a lot of it. Because
the dentist has got a niche that works for him in bad times, and
works even better in good times.    And, the average dentist is
making two to three times what the average chiropractor makes.
He commands that money because he’s the only one that can fix
people in his niche.

My clients and I have a niche that’s similar.         There are
millions of folks that suffer tremendously in our special niche;
and they don’t have to anymore.    We help them, and it’s darn
lucrative, too.

No one else can help these people as effectively and
conservatively as we can.    And, they love us for it (where do
you think I got this great iced tea recipe?).

My name is Joe DiDuro, D.C. and for the past several years, I’ve
been teaching other doctors my special niche patient system.
I’m a chiropractic neurologist I’ve recently celebrated my 20th
year in chiropractic by graduating with another degree from
Palmer. I now have a Master’s in Clinical Researcher. I have a
special niche that I’ve published research on and clinically
perfected in both Europe and the United States.      From Italy,
to my small town of Casa Grande, AZ... this system works like a

Using my system in    Casa Grande, I started a new practice that
went from ZERO to    417 in niche patients in six months.    And,
just so there’s no   mistake…it’s not because of good looks, some
special charisma,    my publications, or my credentials.       My

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clients are doing it, too.   The system works because there are
thousands of people who need what we have, and they can only get
it from somebody who knows how to care for people in this
special niche.

By now you’re probably dying to know what this special niche is.
It’s peripheral neuropathy.

Do you have any idea how many people there are in this country
that suffer from neuropathies like carpal tunnel syndrome,
sciatica,    restless    leg   syndrome,    stenosis,  diabetic
neuropathies, etc.? Millions. And, the niche is growing by the
day. And, you practice will grow right along with this growing
niche.   You probably already have some of these people in your
practice; and you may be failing with them.

These peripheral neuropathy patients are frustrated and tired of
the ineffective and expensive care they’ve gotten at the hands
of the medical profession (for many, the medical profession
actually caused their symptoms).

With my system, you’ll have the ability to help these people and
they’ll refer like crazy.    All you have to do is know how to
attract them, retain them with a 4-minute exam, and how to treat
them with a unique unattended therapy. The success rate we have
is phenomenal.   As a result, they’ll bring in their sisters,
mothers, uncles, the other ladies in the sewing club, their
husbands, and sometimes their ex-husbands.      They’ll give you
apples pies, blueberry muffins, and their recipes for iced tea.
And, they’ll gladly pay you for making their lives better.

It’s not hard. You don’t have to be a chiropractic neurologist,
the smartest guy in your class, or a superstar. You don’t need
$10,000 in new equipment.   I’ll even send you some equipment
free in the mail. And, I’ll even load all the information you
need on an iPod for you so that it will be simple to implement
right away.

And, you don’t need to attend expensive seminars to learn this
information. I’ll give you everything you need with my system.
My doctors have the option to attend my webinars to keep
current, get involved with a Google information-sharing group,
and be part of our Nationwide Referral System.

And, here’s a surprise.    The cost of the program is about the
cost of just one neuropathy case.

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Here’s what my clients have said about the system:

         “Ran one of your ads Tuesday of last week. It’s Friday and I
         already scheduled 33 new ones from it. You’re not kidding when
         you say this floods the office with new patients. I was not
         prepared for this!” (Tom Carlyle-AR)

         “I am excited, you may have hit on something that’s huge, just
         putting out your flyers. It’s amazing how many people have these
         problems. And, your system is the only thing that can help them.”
         (Aaron Tresslor-PA)

         “It’s rockin’ and rollin’. We just ran your ad this weekend in a
         small community newspaper. Tuesday at noon we already had
         13 phone calls and that’s not even a big paper. $600 bucks and
         we already had four in the office today.” (Tim Swihart-OH)

         “After your first ad, I now have 25 new patients booked. I am at
         home now, Sunday at 4 p.m. My wife is on the phone via call
         forwarding making another appointment.             The patients
         appreciate what we are doing (thanks to you, Dr. Joe) and I am
         having a ball!” (Wayne Pack-CA)

To get into this niche, you don’t have to adapt to an entirely
new way of practicing. You don’t have to “give-up” anything to
start a niche practice.

If you like wellness people, family practice, PI, that’s all
fine. See those people on Mondays and Fridays. Or Tuesdays and
Thursdays.   Or in the afternoons.    Whatever. You can see your
lucrative niche patients the other times.

It’s up to you.    If you are into helping people that are in
serious need of what you can give them, and will pay you serious
money for it, then this is your answer.

OK, here’s the deal.    I not going to ask you for 25% of your
increased revenue (some coaches do).   I don’t want your first-
born child, or $597 a month with a three-year commitment.   I’m
not going to even ask you for the full price of the system if
you’d rather pay in payments.

Again, the system         sells      for     only      the     price         of   one   decent
neuropathy case.

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Look, I’m    not blowing smoke up your ass.     The program works;
I’ve even    published research papers on it, and in the next few
weeks I’m    publishing an ad in USA Today about what we do.    We
are going   to “own” this market, and our brand is building.

And, it’s not time consuming or complicated.     You can easily
learn my 4-minute neurologic exam, and my 2-minute balance exam,
and the other easy to implement protocols.

With my easy learning video training and marketing system you
can attract and care for these people and they’ll gladly pay you
cash. You can be up and running in an hour or two.

Look, doctor, you deserve to be relaxing a little, too.     You
don’t want to(or shouldn’t have to) stress about practice or
money.   You’re a doctor, and once you own the information in
this system, you’ll be the most powerful doctor in your area in
this special niche.

You deserve the fruits of your hard work and training. I wish
you the very best that life and practice has to offer, and I’m
here to help you.

Yours in health,

Joe DiDuro, D.C., DABCN, M.S.
CEO and Clinical Researcher

P.S. Just fill out the enclosed order page, fax it in, and in a
few days a giant box of stuff that could change your life will
arrive at your doorstep.

P.P.S. I know there are skeptics out there.     These days, you
have to be! So, I’ll make you a no-risk guarantee. For a few
hundred bucks you can try my system and see if it’s for you; if
it’s not, send back the materials undamaged and I’ll refund your
money (less shipping/handling). You can’t beat that.

P.P.P.S. Still not convinced? Or just want my iced tea recipe?
That’s fine. Pick up the phone and call me at 520-876-0308. If
I’m unavailable, I’ll call you back. When I do, I won’t hard
sell you, either.     I’m here to answer your questions.

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Signature ______________________________________________ Date
Your signing includes a complete 90 Money Back Guarantee. Shipping, handling and equipment charges are non-refundable. Any damage to the
returned products will result in a deduction from your credit. There are no guarantee on the amount of money you can make, or patients you will
see as each doctor is a separate entity and results vary.

    To Get Dr. DiDuro’s special ($500 off), must fax to 877-296-7799

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