Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior by snk17039


									                                                                        Master of Science in Management
                                                                         and Organizational Behavior
                                                                                                  Certificate Program in
                                                                         Organization Development and Consulting

                                                                         There are no guarantees in today’s job market, but the certificate programs at Benedictine
                                                                         University are an excellent way to gain a competitive edge in your profession. Designed
                                                                         to meet the growing need for effective, cutting-edge management skills, our programs are
                                                                         always being updated to reflect current job market needs. Students learn the disciplines by
                                                                         attaining the knowledge and skills to perform professional functions. Some students choose the
                                                                         certificate programs as a shorter, more focused alternative to a graduate degree program. Some
                                                                         students plan to apply the certificate credits to a degree program at a later date. Others, who
                                                                         may already have an advanced degree, enter the program to update their skills or embark on a
                                                                         new area of specialization. Students seeking a certificate are provided an expedited admissions
                                                                         process. Students are required to submit a certificate program application as well as proof of
                                                                         baccalaureate degree conferral. Degree-seeking students are required to submit additional
                                                                         documents including but not limited to official transcripts from all colleges/universities
                                                                         previously attended.

                                                                                                                Program Overview
                                                                         Competence in the “human side of enterprise,” including global interdependence, workforce
                                                                         diversity and the management of change, has become the hallmark of excellent managers and
                                                                         leading-edge companies. The Master of Science in Management and Organizational Behavior
                                                                         (M.S.M.O.B.) program offers several certificate programs that address the education and skill
                                                                         development needs of people who have completed undergraduate degrees. Furthermore, many
                                                                         people who have graduate degrees find a certificate program to be the educational solution for
                                                                         career development without having to complete an additional master’s or doctoral degree.
                                                                         All students entering into a certificate program must schedule an advising appointment with
                                                                         the M.S.M.O.B. program director. Please call (630) 829-6223 to do so.

                                                                        The Organization Development and Consulting certificate program is designed to meet the
                                                                        needs of students and professionals interested in organization development. Both entry-level
                                                                        and advanced courses are available. The courses are:

                                                                        MGMT 532 Organization Development (4)*
                                                                        MGMT 580 Group Dynamics (4)
                                                                        MGMT 581 Team Building (2)
                                                                        MGMT 582 Conflict Management (2)
                                                                        MGMT 583 Organizational Assessment (2)
                                                                        MGMT 584 Strategies for Change (2)
                                                                        MGMT 585 High Performance Work Systems/
                                                                                 Large Group Interventions (2)
                                                                        MGMT 586 International Organization Development (2)
                                                                        MGMT 593 Process Consultation (2)
                                                                        MGMT 691 Advanced Topics in Organization Development (1-2)*

                                                                        * Highly recommended

                                                                        Additional certificates are offered through the Master of Business Administration, Master of
                                                                        Science in Accountancy, Master of Science in Management Information Systems and Master of
                                                                        Public Health programs.

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