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Purplus announces alternative operating system ZETA now available in by eel17334


									                                                                                             Contact: Paulo Santos
                                                                                                       Purplus Inc.


    Purplus announces alternative operating system ZETA now available in U.S.A.

                    Powerful alternative to Microsoft Windows breaks into mainstream market

San Rafael, California, December 5, 2005: Purplus Inc. a leading on-line retailer of computer software and
long-time BeOS reseller, has entered into agreement with yellowTAB GmbH of Germany and is an authorized
reseller of ZETA OS in the United States.

Be, Inc originally developed the operating system under the name BeOS, which was acquired by yellowTAB.
After an extensive redesign, yellowTAB has met their goal of producing a faster, leaner and more streamlined
operating system that maximizes the use of hardware on today’s PCs. Much like the Mac was the best for
desktop graphics in the 80’s - ZETA is now the best OS for audio and video production today.

Completely compatible with the internet, you can set up your connection in a few clicks. Email, chat, instant
messaging and on-line shopping is simple and user friendly. Virtually devoid of any possibility of viruses, it is an
excellent alternative to other more vulnerable operating systems and software for the internet.

ZETA OS is the ideal alternative to Windows as it is an easy to use and powerful operating system. yellowTAB
states they “do not intend to compete with Microsoft, but rather aim to offer an alternative for users wishing to
run a second operating system.” ZETA can be installed on a Windows system and it will manage both operating
systems with the ZETA Bootmanager.

Recommended Hardware

    •   Intel Pentium III 1 GHz (Celeron, AMD Athlon Duron/XP)
    •   256 MB RAM
    •   4 GB Hard Disk Space
    •   32 MB Video Memory
    •   Soundcard
    •   CD/DVD Drive
    •   Mouse, Keyboard, 17" Color Monitor

Pricing and Availability
                                                                                           ZETA Release 1.1
    ZETA R1 Deluxe                        $98.75           Now Shipping                     Now Available

    ZETA R1 Deluxe - Academic             $78.75           Now Shipping

    Both versions are available at with free UPS Ground shipping in USA.

About Purplus

Purplus was born in 1990 and is located in beautiful Marin County, California (north of San Francisco). We
specialize in computer software and our steadfast commitment is to provide the best software pricing and
availability on the internet. We have a 5-Star Top Service rating from Yahoo shopping and stock everything we
sell so that your products ship the same day.


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