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									Summary. On island: Locke encounters an emergency
situation. Miles and Sawyer discover the oil platform.
Miles has an unwelcome vision. Flashbacks reveal Mile‟s
difficult past. Off island: Sun begins to formulate a plan.

VOICE: Previously on Lost

SAWYER(To Locke): Johnny, it‟s only a matter of time before
he gets us. And I bet he‟s already figured out how he‟s
gonna do it.

Shot of the donkey wheel with energy spikes around it.
SIMON: I believe we have a breach.

CHRISTIAN: It‟s not what Jacob expected either…The island‟s
dying now, John.

                    THE ONE PERCENT

EXT. ISOLATED ROAD-MIDNIGHT. We hear the crunch of tires on
gravel as a car slowly backs up, its headlight beams on
high. It sits idling. Then, from somewhere down the
embankment, a dim flash of light waves about. After a
moment a „door ajar‟ ding sounds and a light comes on
inside the car revealing a young woman getting out. She
leans over a guard rail and calls loudly.

Is anyone down there? Are you alright?

There is no answer but she can now make out the dim outline
of an overturned vehicle below. She steps over the rail and
runs, half sliding down the slope. As she nears the vehicle
though she starts to slow down. It‟s very dark and very
quiet. She touches an upturned tire.

WOMAN (Voice shaking a bit)
Hello? Anyone here?

She reaches for her cell phone, but she left her purse in
the car. She steels her resolve and approaches a window.
Soft whispering begins as she leans forward to look in.
Suddenly a pale face, lit from underneath, appears. The
woman screams and claws her way frantically back up the

SAME SCENE-NIGHT but now the road is closed off and there
are various police vehicles and an ambulance parked
haphazardly on the road. A policewoman is speaking to the
woman outside her car.

They were reported missing four days ago. The kid‟s only
nine years old.

Oh my God! That poor boy! Can you imagine—being trapped in
a vehicle with the dead bodies of your parents and sister
for four days?!

Over the cop‟s shoulder we see a young Chinese-American boy
being helped over the guard rail. He makes eye contact with
the woman, and then flashes his flashlight onto his face,
revealing a sly insolent expression, and then flicks off
the light.

WOMAN (Realization dawning)
Why that little creep! He scared me on purpose!!!

The policewoman, who has missed this exchange, stares at
her in disapproval.

As Miles is being helped into the ambulance, a small body
bag is carried past him. Miles raises his hand. There is a
slight twitch on his hand and face. He sadly watches as
it‟s loaded into the back of the coroner‟s van. An EMT then
notices Miles is close to tears and hurriedly guides him
further into the ambulance, patting him on the head. Miles
angrily brushes the hand away.

EXT. ISLAND/BEACH CAMP—DAY. Everyone is extremely tense and
stressed from the previous day‟s events. Tempers have been
short and now there‟s the sound of heavy weapons fire. The
beach campers freeze where they stand. But it quickly
becomes apparent that the shooting is from a long ways
away. Everyone looks inland worriedly. Finally the firing
starts to taper off.
It sounds like it‟s coming from somewhere near the

Who could it be? That‟s a lot of shooting…

CHARLOTTE (Hopefully)
Do you think someone is attacking Locke?

I‟ll check it out.

No you won‟t. We need you here.

SAWYER (Bitterly)
Why? So I can get you guys killed off too?

Sawyer, it wasn‟t your…

SAWYER (Losing it)
Shut up! Just shut up! You don‟t know anything about it! It
was my fault!

James, you‟re a good man and we need you here.

You‟re out of your mind! In case you haven‟t noticed, every
time I‟m stupid enough to believe, every time I try to do
what‟s right, it‟s wrong and someone ends up…

Haven‟t you heard? “No good deed goes unpunished.”

SAWYER (Now angrily turning on Miles)
Why‟d you stay?! I‟m bettin‟ someone back home is looking
for you. You owe someone serious money, don‟t you Chink?!
And they‟re lookin‟ for ya right now. Ain‟t that right?!

MILES (Sarcastic)
You got me. I owe money to a Chinese Tong for an opium den
Miles turns away in disgust, but he also has a disconcerted
look on his face.

Sawyer, we have enough to deal with right now without you…

You have no say in this! I‟m leavin‟. (To Miles]: And I‟m
taking you with me so I can keep an eye on you.

Sawyer pushes Miles ahead of him.

Sawyer! Wait!

Let him go. He‟ll be back.

INT. DINER/INGLEWOOD--DAY. (Flashback) Miles is seated at a
booth. He‟s reading and takes a sip of coffee.

VOICE (Nervous)
Hello Miles.

Miles looks up and sees a cop in uniform accompanied by a
large tough looking guy. Miles quickly stands up and hands
the cop a thick package.

Here ya go George. I‟m kind of in a hurry just now but…

Sit down. This will only take a minute.

Miles tries to move around him.

I was just…

I know exactly what you were doing.

MILES (Looking pointedly at George)

The man pushes Miles back onto the seat. George gives Miles
a sorry-I-got-you-into-this-look.
How do you do it? I mean I know that George here tips you
when a perp dies, but then whaddya do? Make sure there are
“disturbances” in their homes?

I told you Stan, I‟ve know Miles since the 4th grade. He‟s
the genuine article.

Shut up George.

I have no idea what you‟re talking about.

Don‟t even bother denying it Miles. Besides this is your
lucky day. I just happen to need someone with your talents.
Sometimes it‟s better to shoot first and ask questions
later. Know what I mean? The only problem is, then they‟re
dead and they can‟t tell you where they hid the stuff. But
I hear you‟re real good at finding that out.

It‟s a scam. I can‟t hear anything from the dead.

STAN (Laughs)
That‟s fine. You can get the info anyway you want, just so
you get it.


GEORGE (Very nervous)
Miles. I think it would be a good idea to cooperate. (Under
his breath): Please!

You‟ll be doing your civic duty. These are drug smugglers.
They‟re the bad guys.

Who just happen to be dead?
Look smart ass, these guys are scum preying on the
neighborhood. If we can get some of their money we‟re not
just enriching ourselves, but we‟re also cutting back on
their operations. A win-win situation.

And if I say “no”?

STAN (Smiles menacingly)
You won‟t.

Miles studies Stan‟s face for a moment.

GEORGE (Trying to find the good news)
Miles you get a cut! 10%.

If I did it. It wouldn‟t be for anything under 25.


One time only. (Sarcastic): Just to do my civic duty.

Miles you‟re doing the right thing. If this works out, you
might even keep the bad guys from being tortured first.
Nobody likes that kind of mess.

INT. PAIK INDUSTRIES-DAY. Sun and her father are walking
down a wide hallway speaking in Korean. Subtitles.

That‟s correct. We built the Ursa Maritimus rig for the
Widmore Corporation. When oil prices rose, countries
everywhere opened up their shores to drilling. And Paik is
positioned to become the number one builder. Our fixed
platform will revolutionize the field. Its construction is
unique in that it is virtually indestructible and…

SUN (interrupting)
Is there anyone from our crew left on it?
The rig went on-line not long ago. But yes, Lee is still
there...why are you asking about this?

Sun rounds the corner into her office, picks up a remote
from her desk and points it at a DVR monitor.

This came across just minutes ago.

Widmore Industries has reported that their new offshore oil
platform, the Ursa Maritimus has been lost in heavy seas
off of Norway. Not one of the 31 crew members survived.
This is not the first oil rig disaster. In March 1980 the
Alexander Keilland capsized in the North Sea during a storm
resulting in 123 dead. Charles Widmore stated that he
deeply regrets the loss of life…

Sun turns off the report as her father explodes.

Nonsense! That‟s impossible!

Oh, it‟s possible. It just didn‟t happen the way he said it

MR. PAIK (Ignoring her)
Mr. Widmore may be our best client, but this time he is
mistaken. Someone was probably careless and there was an
explosion. It couldn‟t have collapsed in a storm!

As he angrily leaves the room, Sun picks up a phone from
her desk.

Zamira? Find out where Charles Widmore is and then have
someone get the jet ready to take me there. Also I want you
to find out everything you can about him, quietly. He
mustn‟t know he‟s being scrutinized. This is top priority,
no expenses barred. I want an update every couple of hours,
with a full report as soon as possible.

Sun disconnects looking thoughtful. Then she logs on and
looks up Lee in the company files.
INT. BARRACKS/SMALL ROOM. Harper has been “interviewing”
Leon Bergson (OTL of the oil rig) who has been refusing to
answer questions.

Look, if you don‟t have anything more interesting to ask…

Do any of you have training in physics?

BERGSON (Surprised at the question and then angry)
Yeah, we did. And you guys murdered her. I don‟t know what
world we‟re in, but I promise you that back home they‟re
looking for us.

Bergson stands up and leans threateningly over her desk

BERGSON (cont).
Powerful corporations will be looking for this rig. And
when they find us, you will be charged with mass murder. I
will personally see that each of you are held accountable
(jabbing his finger on her desk to accent his words) for
every one of my crew members killed!

Bergson sits back down and continues now in a steely calm

BERGSON (cont.)
And if that doesn‟t happen, I‟ll find a way to even the
score myself.

HARPER (In therapy speak mode)
I understand that you are experiencing some frustration…

Are you crazy?! Lady! This goes way beyond frustration!
Forget it. Just take me back to my men. I‟m through
talking. But you‟re dead. All of you. Dead!

EXT. ISLAND/JUNGLE-DAY. Walking seems to have relaxed
Sawyer. He and Miles companionably make their way through
the jungle.
When I was in the fourth grade, towards the end of the
term, I overheard my teacher talking to the fifth grade
teacher--warning him about me.

Sounds like we had the same teacher.

You were “incorrigible”. I was “evil”.

Evil?! At age ten?! Whadja do to her to make her say that?

Nothing. And get this--she acted like I had somehow scarred
her for life! She said she‟d never met anyone who
frightened her, who “creeped her out” like I did.

What did the other teacher say?

He said everyone has at least one percent goodness in them
and that she should have tried to look for it.

SAWYER (Snorts in derision)
So did you set him straight the next year?

That day I made it my goal in life to snuff out that one

Sawyer smiles.

MILES (Suddenly grabbing Sawyer‟s arm)

A soft crying can be heard off to their left. They start to
move cautiously in that direction. A woman is seated on a
boulder, head in her hands. Sawyer pulls his gun and
pointing it at her, steps out.

Put your hands up!
The woman, (Asian, pretty, petite, in her 20s), lifts her
head in alarm. Her face is streaked with tears. She doesn‟t

SAWYER (Threateningly waving the gun at her)
Who are you?! Where‟d you come from?!

When she doesn‟t answer, Sawyer turns to Miles.

SAWYER (cont.)
Ask her where she came from!

Where did you come from?

SAWYER (Yelling)
Not in English you idiot!

MILES (Yelling back)
I‟m a third generation American, you jerk!!! I don‟t speak
Chinese any better than you! And even if I did she wouldn‟t
understand because she‟s Korean!!

SAWYER (Chastised)
Oh. (Then continues defensively): Well how the hell was I
supposed to know that?!

He then notices that she is fearfully looking back and
forth at them.

SAWYER (Placating)
Look its okay. We just want to know…

He is interrupted as she frantically points to the north,
speaking rapidly in Korean.

What‟s your name? I‟m (points to himself and then says
loudly) SAWYER.

She mouths the word “Sawyer” but not out loud.

SAWYER (cont.)
(Points to Miles)
And this is…

MILES (interrupting)
Don‟t tell her my name!

Whatever. (To her): You?

WOMAN (Pointing to herself)
Lee Fermi.

Okay. Lee show us…

Fermi is her first name. Lee is the last. But what kind of
name is “Fermi”?

Who cares? (Gestures to Fermi). You lead.

She gets to her feet, hesitantly points again. Sawyer nods
and she starts off in that direction. Sawyer and Miles

is seated at a poker table. A man in a suit approaches.

Mr. Straume will be cashing in his chips now.

Miles takes one look at the guy and complies.

WOMAN (Who was playing next to Miles)
Thank God! That creep‟s been giving me the willies all
night long.

MILES (As he rises from the table, in a loud voice)
Does your husband know about your separate bank account?

The woman gawks at him, mouth open.

What bank account?

WOMAN (Laughs shrilly)
Why honestly honey! I have no idea what he talking about.
HUSBAND (More threatening)
You have another bank account?

Miles smiles in grim satisfaction as he leaves the table.

INT. OFFICE—NIGHT. Miles is escorted into an office. The
guard steps out and closes the door behind him. A heavy set
man is seated behind a desk. Throughout the conversation
Miles seems unable to get a clear read on the guy and
becomes increasingly worried.

Mr. Straume, you‟ve been stealing from me.

Miles sits quietly studying him.

You‟re perfectly suited for the game. And I must admit that
you‟ve played it very smart. Never winning too much. Never
playing high stakes. Just enough to get by. Am I right?

I haven‟t been cheating. I just have a knack for reading
people. I won‟t bother your establishment again.

Miles stands up.

MAN (Steely)
Sit down!

Miles sits.

MAN (cont.)
I don‟t own this rat hole. And as I‟m sure you‟re beginning
to surmise, it‟s not about the gambling. However, I did
lose a great deal of money last April in L.A. I want it
back. All of it.

I didn‟t get paid for that job. The guys that hired me are

$1.5 million.

I don‟t have the money! It turned out to be a complicated
situation that I decided I was better off not knowing
anything about. That‟s why I‟m here. Broke.

MAN stares at him threateningly.

Seriously I…

MAN (Interrupting)
Then you‟ll get it back.

The man‟s cell phone rings. Annoyed he glances at a text
message, then pauses and reads it again more carefully.
Preoccupied he hurriedly finishes up.

MAN (cont.)
I‟ll talk to you tomorrow. Meanwhile, don‟t even think of
leaving town. Do you understand Mr. Straume?

Yes sir.

INT. TAXI--NIGHT. Miles is in a taxi. He pulls out a
business card and dials a number on his cell phone.

Mr. Abaddon? I would like to reconsider your offer if it‟s
not too late.

On hearing the reply, Miles closes his eyes and sighs in

MILES (cont.)
Yes I can start immediately. I do have one problem. I‟m
hoping that you have the resources to extricate me from a
situation? (Pause). Thank you. I‟ll wait for your call.

Miles disconnects, his hand shaking slightly.

EXT. ISLAND—DAY. Locke, Richard, Harper, and Simon are
outside the Orchid in the garden area.

Okay, so this…“exotic matter?” (To Simon)…Is that right?

Simon nods.
LOCKE (continues)
…is leaking out. And you think it‟s because of the oil rig.
Can we dismantle the rig?

SIMON (Annoyed glance at Richard)
Well the only people who could have possibly done that are
now all dead.

They couldn‟t have dismantled it. They‟re operators, not
construction workers.

Look, can‟t we just let it leak? It seems to me that the
fact that Widmore now knows he has lost communications with
the platform, and knows its exact location, and has
probably already sent a crew, is a much more urgent worry!
The first priority has got to be to re-question Bergson,
get our location, and then get the island moved again.

Exotic matter, as negative energy, is repelled rather than
attracted by gravity.

LOCKE: So? Look I don‟t understand any of this.

That means that since it‟s not stable it wouldn‟t be safe
to move the island.

Why not?!

Because it‟s what stabilizes the wormhole. You know, the
part that allows time travel? It normally holds the
“throat” open, but with this breach, I don‟t think it will

I‟ll take my chances.

No! I‟m not talking about you ending up somewhere
unintended. I‟m talking about you being torn to shreds.
So make it work, fix the leak!

I don‟t know how! Look physics isn‟t my area of expertise,
okay? We need someone…

LOCKE (Interrupting with a wide grin)
Faraday! Never underestimate the island Simon! It has a way
of providing for every eventuality.

EXT. JUNGLE/OIL RIG-EVENING. Sawyer, Miles and Fermi are
standing just within the jungle and looking out at the oil

Where did that come from?! What the hell is going on around

They stare at it for several moments. It is sunk deeply
into the ground. (The platform is only eight feet or so
above the ground.) It is enormous and topped by a huge
central tower. Two large cranes on each side dwarf the
storage tanks, offices, etc. below them. There is no
visible movement anywhere. Sawyer sighs.

SAWYER (Quietly)
We‟re going to have to check it out. You (indicates Fermi)
stay here!

Sawyer gestures and then gently pushes her down to a
sitting position. She nods. He starts to move forward. Then
he notices Miles hanging back.

SAWYER (Resignedly handing him a gun)
This doesn‟t mean I trust you.

They cautiously approach the platform.

Just a warning. There are a lot of dead people up there.

SAWYER (Smiling)
Well just in case any of them are kicking, you go first.
As Miles climbs the ladder, Sawyer lifts his gun, scanning
the rig, but there is no other movement. When Miles gets to
the top, he gestures for Sawyer to follow. As Sawyer clears
the top of the first ladder we see two figures lying dead.
One against the railing, the other sprawled on the ground
half leaning against a door. They pull him out of the way.
Sawyer opens the door as Miles covers their entrance. As
they enter, their footsteps echo on the metal floor. A
narrow interior stairwell rises above them. Again there are
bodies on the stairs, shot.

I‟m going the rest of the way up. Pick up their weapons.

At the top of the stairs the door opens onto another
outside platform. Sawyer goes out the door. It closes.

Hello Miles. Word has it that you turned down this job the
first time because you knew we‟d run into each other.

Miles turns to see Ana Lucia, who looks at him with
hostility. He does not appear to be surprised to see her.

MILES (resignedly)
That‟s not true, Ana.

You always did love money. You always wanted the flashy
car, the Armani suit, babe on each arm. Was it worth it
Miles? Is that why you got him killed?

Ana I don‟t have time for this right now.

I‟ve got news for you Miles. This island is a whole new
game. Being here is going to be a very nasty experience for

I‟m going to count to five, Ana and then you will leave.

He was a good cop Miles! He was a good, honest, straight
cop. Why‟d you do it?

You practically lived with us when you were growing up.


First me, then Jorge. You broke my mother‟s heart Miles.


ANA LUCIA (Yelling)
You said you‟d watch over him! You could have helped him!
He was my baby brother and your friend for God‟s sake!


Miles flings the door open, steps out and breathes in the
fresh air. Sawyer looks at Miles closely.

Wow Miles. You‟re looking a little green around the gills.
What‟s the matter? Ain‟t cha never seen a dead body before?

Oh, I‟ve seen „em. I just don‟t like being enclosed with
them in…metal places.

Yeah, the smell is pretty bad. I wonder what the hell
happened here.

Locke was here. With the Natives. They killed them all.

You don‟t know that! Besides, John wouldn‟t do this.

Miles shrugs, unconcerned if Sawyer believes him or not.
But if that‟s true, it woulda been self defense.

Don‟t know about that. But I can tell you that Locke‟s
group fired first.

Miles looks up and sees the Widmore logo on the metal wall,
blinks, but says nothing to Sawyer about it.

MILES (cont.)
There‟s no one left alive. So I wonder how our little Fermi
escaped. Speaking of which we better get back to our
prisoner… (Sarcastic): Oh wait! That‟s right! You forgot to
tie her up! Well if she‟s still there maybe we can get some
info out of her.

SAWYER (Sourly)
She‟s still there.

But Sawyer hurries back down the stairs. Miles grins in
satisfaction and follows.

INT. TAXI--NIGHT. (Flashback) This scene takes place just
moments after the previous flashback. Miles dials another
number on his cell phone.

INT. NURSING FACILITY. This private facility is extremely
expensive looking. A phone is ringing. A female hospital
director answers it.

Yes Mr. Chou. How nice to hear from you.

How‟s she doing?

About the same.

I‟m going to be out of communication for some time,
possibly as long as a year. I will be transferring a
sizable amount of money to the account. It will be
dispensed in the usual manner. I expect her to receive the
best possible care during my absence, however long that may

Yes, of course. You know that we will take the very best
care of her.

MILES (Grasps the phone tightly. His voice cracks)
Could you tell her…

I‟m sorry. I didn‟t hear what you said.

MILES (Closes his eyes for a moment, clears his throat)
Never mind. Goodbye.

Goodbye Mr. Chou.

EXT. ISLAND—EVENING. Locke, Richard and Harper are walking
away from the Orchid.

I‟ll send Aldo over to see if Faraday is at the beach camp.

HARPER (In her own train of thought)
It‟s odd isn‟t it, that the island just happened to move to
an area that had an oil rig of Widmore‟s?

Maybe Jacob moved us here for some reason?

He didn‟t, Ben did.

I agree. Ben did this intentionally.

But why?

Don‟t you see? It‟s his perfect revenge! He knew that
moving it under Widmore‟s rig would mean that the island
would have to be moved immediately (to keep Widmore from
finding it). And, since moving the island means you can‟t
return, your “leadership” role would only last a few days
at most.

You think he hated me that much? Well, I don‟t think he
foresaw this consequence--this “exotic matter leakage”. He
never would have placed the island in true danger.

I‟m not so sure about that. He has never had difficulty
lashing out and killing those who cross him.

Well, I have no problem giving up my leadership to move the
island to safety. I have no problem dying in order to bring
back those that Jacob needs to return. But if I fail in
these tasks because of this “breach”, then it will be the
end of the island and everything connected to it. We can‟t
let that happen. We have to make sure it will work! And

EXT. WAREHOUSE-NIGHT. [Flashback/dream sequence]

MILES (Angry)
What are you doing here?

Stan said…

I told you. We‟re not doing it the way Stan said!


Don‟t worry—we‟re still getting the money.

I don‟t care about more money! Listen Miles, it‟s not worth
it. Let‟s just do our jobs like Stan said and…

He‟s planning on killing us George. Even you can see that
can‟t you?! It‟s the perfect set up. You‟ll die in the line
of duty and I‟ll be cast as the…
I‟m not going to let you do it Miles. Look, if you‟re sure
about Stan, then let‟s walk away right now. Let‟s just
leave. You have a choice.

Miles (Pulls out his gun)
No I don‟t George.

INT. HOTEL ROOM. A cell phone rings. Miles, stretched out
fully clothed on his bed, jerks awake and flips it open. He
listens and then hangs up. His face is covered in sweat.

MILES (As he stands up)
I told you to rest in peace George! Now go away. All of

Miles closes his eyes for a moment and takes several deep
breaths. Then smiling grimly, he picks up his case and
exits the door.

    The title “The One Percent” refers to the quote that everyone has
      at least one percent good in them. I tried to portray Miles as an
      unlikable person who appears to be motivated by greed. Yet he
      does have contradictions. He returned money to Mrs. Gardner. Was
      that kindness or just an attempt to placate her son‟s spirit? In
      this script he plays a prank on the woman who comes to rescue
      him, and yet he grieves at his sister‟s death. He callously
      allows a childhood friend to die, yet apparently is paying huge
      amounts of money for some mysterious person‟s care. He tries hard
      to be uncaring. I‟d say the verdict is still out on Miles.
    I know that Locke has not met Faraday. But he did hear Ben
      mention him by name. I‟m assuming that he learned more about
      Faraday from either Ben or Charlotte while they were captive.
    The scene with Sun occurs immediately before she visits Widmore
      in London.
    “Fermi” is a nickname. She is either named after Enrico Fermi the
      physicist or perhaps because another renown Korean physicist,
      Benjamin Lee, was associated with the FermiLab in Batavia, Ohio.
      In any case, once googled, the name was meant to evoke the
      particle accelerator, black holes, and time travel.
    Finally I want to make it clear that Ana Lucia is partly
      accurate. Her somewhat dim brother, George, did provide Miles
      with information. (He was Miles “police buddy” mentioned in
      “Confirmed Dead”). But George was compelled to go along with the
Stan, (the drug lord involved in a turf war). Miles could have
helped extricate George if he hadn‟t been so interested in the
money. But was Ana Lucia right as to why Miles wanted the money?
I don‟t think so. I‟m really looking forward to seeing what
everyone else has written about him!

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