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My Experience with XBOX 360 Repair Guides


This article summarizes my experiences with XBOX 360 Repair Guides.

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									                                              If you are reading this you probably recently had the
                                              dreaded red ring of death on your beloved XBOX 360
                                              gaming console. If so, don't be distressed! This is a very
                                              common occurrence among XBOX 360 owners. You are not
                                              alone! The good news is because this is such a common
                                              problem, the solution is well documented and proven. By
                                              reading this entire article you will be on your way in finding
                                              out if attempting a repair by yourself with the help of a
                                              guide is the best road for you.

                                              I can still remember when I first had my first XBOX 360
                                              console suddenly stop working. After trying to reboot the
console I quickly realized that I had the "Red Ring" (RROD for short). I had just rented 3 hot new games
and had my buddies coming over later that night to enjoy a night of gaming. This wasn't shaping out to
be a very successful evening.

My first reaction was to call tech support over at our good friends at Microsoft. Bad choice! Not only
was my console merely weeks out of warranty, but there repair cost were going to exceed $150.00! I
paid over $450 for my particular console bundle and here I was faced with another $150 of repairs. No
way was this going to work. Besides, I needed an instant fix as I wasn't about to give up on my plans for
the weekend full of friends and gaming.

I cut my losses with Microsoft Tech Support and hung up with them. Now what?! After a few minutes
of frustrations being extracted via a abused pillow on my living room floor. I decided to hop online to
research my options. There had to be something out there to offer my an alternative to spending a
small fortune with the company who already took my $450 for this machine. After a couple searches
from on Google I came across what looked to be numerous happy customers of an XBOX 360 repair
guide. Looks like you can download this guide and follow the detailed instructions and be on your merry
little way gaming within an hour. Too good to be true?

Let's face it, I never repaired anything in my life. I was usually good at breaking things, certainly not
fixing them. But I have to admit, this looked like a great idea. It was a digital product so I wouldn't have
to wait 3 weeks as something gets shipped over to my house. I wasn't about to deal with that hassle in
the first place by sending my broken console to Microsoft. It looked like I can buy this guide, download
it and read through it and if I wasn't completely satisfied I would be able to get my money back.

I'm a sucker for a money back guarantee! So I pulled the trigger on this XBOX 360 Repair Guide. I'll tell
you that this was the most detailed and well written instructions I have ever dealt with. This is nothing
like the annoying, poorly written "Build it Yourself" furniture instructions. This took me step by step on
how to fix my exact problem and what to do to make my console even better in the first place!

This wasn't the first time I was used for an analogy of "If he could do it... anyone could do it". Sorry to
say but it is generally true. I had my XBOX fixed before my fist friend showed up that night and had a
blast playing it. It hasn't failed me since.
Since fixing my own XBOX, I have now fixed three of my friends consoles that have had the same
problem. I even made my money back that I paid for the guide by charging them a small fee to repair
their consoles. In my mind this is a win-win product. If you have a broken console, you absolutely must
buy this guide. It will save you a ton of money and mainly aggravation! [Link to XBOX 360 Repair Guide]

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