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I am professor of Chemistry at the Maseno University teaching both Undergraduate and Postgraduate students in Organic and
Analytical Chemistry.

I do research in natural products Chemistry. Currently my major interests are in the analysis of chemical pollutants, biologically
active compounds found in herbal and commercial plants in Kenya as well as synthesis of useful organic or organmetallic
compounds. The laboratories at Maseno University and ICIPE in Nairobi and the departments of mines and geology of the ministry
of Natural Resources enable me to analyse both inorganic and organic pollutants arising from industries and agricultural effluents.

I have done consultancy for Pyrethrum Board of Kenya, Sugar Industries, Kisumu Municipality and Research for Kenya Marine
Research Institute on environmental problems. The problems cover pesticides, petroleum products, heavy metals and water quality
in the effluents.



NAME:                         Job Isaac Jondiko-Ogoche

DATE OF BIRTH:                 November 25th, 1949

PLACE OF BIRTH:                 Homa Bay District, Kenya

MARITAL STATUS:                 Married with five children; Born 1976, 1978, 1980, and 1986 and 1988

ADDRESS:                      Maseno University College

                             Siriba Campus
                    P.O. Box 333





SCHOOL\UNIVERSITY                     PERIOD              QUALIFICATION
Gendia Primary School                 1958 - 1966         C.P.E
Agoro Sare Secondary School           1967 - 1970         E.A.C.E. Div. one
Homa Bay High School                  1971 - 1972         E.A.A.CE
Kenyatta University College           1973 ? 1975         Diploma in Education
University of Nairobi                 1975 ? 1978         Bachelor of Science
Nottingham University                 1980 ? 1983         ?PhD In Chemistry



EMPLOYER                    ADDRESS             PERIOD            POSITION
Teachers Service            Private Bag         July 1978 -       Graduate Teacher
Commission                  NAIROBI             Dec.1978
The International Centre of Box 30197           1979 - 1983       Graduate Research
Insect Physiology & Ecology NAIROBI                               Scholar
The ICIPE                   Box 30197           ?1984 - 1987      Postdoctoral Fellow
Kenyatta University                         March 1988 - July
                            Box 43844 Nairobi                     Lecturer
University of Nairobi     Box 30197         August 1988 -July     Lecturer
                          NAIROBI           1989
Kenyatta University       Box 43844 Nairobi August 1989- June     Senior Lecturer
Maseno University College Private Bag       July,1992-1995        ?Associate Professor
Maseno University         Private Bag       2000 - up to date     Professor of
                          MASENO.                                 Chemistry



EMPLOYER                    PERIOD          RESPONSIBILITY

Maseno University College 1992 -1995        Head of Chemistry Department
                          1992- upto date   Board Member of Institute of Institute of
                                            Research & Postgraduate studies
                                        1992 - to date             Chairman     of   Faculty of     Science
                                                                   Postgraduate Committee
                                        2003 to 2006               Coordinator of Foundry Equipment


(1) Topics Researched from 1979 up to date:-

(a) Insecticidal Principles of Pyrethrum:

(b) Mosquito larvicides in Spilanthes mauritiana and Albizia coriaria

(c) Synthetic work on pyrethrines found in Pyrethrum and aggregation phenomenoes of fir bark beetles.

(d) Terpenoids and carotenoids found in Bixa Orellana

(e) Insect antifeedants from several Kenyan Plants.

(f) Chemical basis of resistance in Cowpea to stem borer moth.

(g) Degradation of Pesticides in Western Kenya.


AGENCY                                             PERIOD               PURPOSE/AMOUNTS
ICIPE                                              1980 - 1983          PhD. studies at Nottingham, England
Japanese Society for Promotion of Science          1987 - 1988          Research Fellowship at Tokyo University
International Foundation of Science                1990 - 1991          Research Grant, US$ 10,000
Kenyatta University                                1991 - 1992          Research Grant. 120,000/=
International Atomic Energy Agency                 1992 - date          Research Grant US$ 250,000
Pyrethrum Board of Kenya                           1900 - 1991          Research Grant Ksh.100,000/=
Maseno University College                          1993 -1995           Research Grant Ksh.l00,000/=
Maseno University                                  2001-2002            Research Grant Ksh 80,000/=
AICAD                                              2005-2008            Research Grant US $ 45,000.
VICRES                                             2006-2009            Research Grant US$ 43,000.
RPSUD                                              2008                 Research Grant US$ 6,700.
HELB                                               2007-2008            Research Grant Ksh 3,000,000./=


AGENCY                                                           TITLE OF CONSULTANCY/YEAR
Dominion Company                                                 Environment impact assessment/2004
LVEMP                                                      Research proposal./2002


      STUDENT                   DEGREE             PERIOD                                THESIS TITLE
A. W. Wanyonyi                M.Sc.            1990- 1992         Phytochemical and Biological studies of Extracts of flower head, of
                                                                   Spilanthes mauritiana
Peter O. Omolo                MSc              1990-1992           Nutritional Evaluations of weeds fed to fish in Western Kenya
Akinyi Syprine                M.Sc.            1989-1991           Studies on Pheromones and other Semiochemicals of the African
                                                                   brown Ear
Machoka A. Kingori            ?M.Sc.           1990-1992           Flavonoids from the roots of Tephrosia emoroides and their
                                                                   Antifeeding effects on Larval of the spothed stalk borer,Chilo
Muniru K. Tsanno              MSc              1990-1992           Bioassay Guided Chromatographic Isolation and Structural
                                                                   Evaluation of Antifeeding compound, against Chilo partellus
                                                                   (swinhoe) Found in the fruits of Elaeodendron buchanani.
Z. Getenga                    AA. PhD          BB. 1993-2000       CC. Study of the Degradation of Dimethoate and malathione using
                                                                   Radio scintillation (Research in Progress)
Beatrice Ogindo               Ph.D             2000-2005           Pathogens which cause Water borne disease in Lake Victoria shores
Andrew Andayi                 MSc.             2002-2003           Phytochemistry of Erythrina sp.
Selwyn Aloo                   MSc.             2003-2004           Biological Active Compounds found in Aloe sp.
Thomas Nyahanga               MSc              2005-2008           Biologically active compounds found in Toddalia asiatica
Dorothy Akinyi                MSc              2004-2007           Mosquito repellency and Larvicidal activity of essential oil In seeds
                                                                   of Annatto Bixa orellana



1. Isolation of ingredients of Pyrethrum Exact. ICIPE ANNUAL REPORTS 1974.

2. Larvicidal Activity of Methanol Extract of the Bark of Albizia Coriaria ICIPE ANNUAL REPORT 1979.

3. Shootfly Ovipositor-deterring pheromone. ICIPE ANNUAL REPORT 1980.

4. Isolation and structural Elucidation of Mosquito Larvicidal Principles in Extract of Spilanthes mauritiana. ICIPE ANNUAL
REPORT 1984.

5. Structural Determination of Amides as potent Mosquito Larvicides Found in Spilanthes mauritiana ICIPE Annual Report 1985
and 1986

6. Chromatographic Quantitative Analysis of pyrethrosin and pyrethrins in pyrethrum products and Related Extracts. Pyrethrum
Board. 1992 Nakuru, Kenya.

7. Japanese Patent No. 2.233686.1990. Biologically active compounds found in Elaeodendron buchananii.

8. Job Isaac Ogoche Jondiko, Jama L.M. Malarat and D.Rocheleau (1992) Farmer/Researcher Collaborative Approach to Rural
Development: Final Project Report. Nairobi. IDRC.


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spilanthes mauritiana at ICIPE Annual Conference, April, 1985, at University of Nairobi.

3. Job Isaac Jondiko: Mosquito Larvides from Spilanthes mauritiana presented at

(i) The 18th IUPAC Symposium of National Products at the Hague, Netherlands August, 1986.

(ii) Natural products Conference at Nottingham University, July, 1986.

4. Job Isaac Jondiko: Allelochemicals of Resistant Cowpea Cultivar at:
(i) ICIPE Annual Conference, Nairobi, April, 1986.

(ii) Tokyo University, Tokyo, May, 1987

5. Job Isaac Jondiko (1992) Croton megalocarpus Hutch Seed Oil. 15th Chemistry Conference in Africa. Gaberone July, 27th - 31st

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Science and Technology, Kumasi, Ghana.

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workshop on development of Databases; September, 12th - 16th 1988, Nairobi Kenya.

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14. Job Isaac Jondiko(2000). Nutritional Evaluation of Botanical Supplementary Fish Feeds in Western Kenya. Sub-Regional
Symposium on conservation of the Biodiversity of lakes: Application of Biotechnology and Aquaculture, Kisumu, Kenya. 2000.

15. Job Isaac Jondiko(1991). Neolognans from Piper capense and their antifeeding activities against Chilo partellus larvae. Pan
African seminar on Aromatic and Essential Oils, November, 20th - 23rd 1991.Brazzavile Congo

16. ob Isaac Jondiko(2000). Proposal for Poverty Reduction Among the People in Kenyan Gulf Region Through Sustainable
Programme of Good Water Quality Management. Workshop on Sustainable Environmental Management for Poverty Alleviation in
Lake Victoria Basin. 27-29th March 2000. Maseno University, Kenya.

17. Job Isaac Jondiko (2003) Role of Supervisor in Postgraduate Proposal Implementation and Thesis Writing. Workshop on
Towards Harmonising of Postgraduate Training Through Improved Student Supervisor Relationship. 24-25th April 2003. Maseno
University, Kenya.

18. Job Isaac Jondiko(2004). Resolution of 4S (+) Allethrolone via Pig Liver Esterase and
Chemical Inversion. The 9th International Conference in Africa on Chemistry Towards
Disease and Poverty Eradication. 2-7th August 2004. Arusha. Tanzania.

19.Job Isaac Jondiko(2004). Amides and Indole Alkaloids Found in Spilanthes mauritiana
The 9th International Conference in Africa on Chemistry Towards Disease and Poverty
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20. Job Isaac Jondiko (2004). The Fate of Malathion and Dimethoate and the Implication in Horticultural Development in Kenya.
The Inaugural Conference of African Network for Chemical Analysis of Pesticides for a Better Environment, Public Health and
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.21.Job Isaac Jondiko,Thomas Nyahanga, Jennifer Orwa,Rwaichi Minja, and Mateete
Bekunda(2007). Toddalia asiatica: A potential source of antimalarials and repellent
compounds suitable for malarial the International NAPRECA Srymposuim on
Drugs Discovery from African Flora at Hotel Africana , Kampala, Uganda. 22-26th July

22. Job Isaac Jondiko(2007). Research and development of Toddalia asiatica and its
potential for drug development at stakeholders’ workshop to commemorate the 5th African
traditional medicine day on 29th August 2007 at KEMRI HQ. Nairobi,Kenya.


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1.   Amides and an indole Alkaloids found in Spilanthes mauritiana (Phytochemistry).

2.   A New insect Antifeedant Neolignan isolated from Piper capense (Phytochemistry).

3.   Resolution of 4s(+) Allethrolone via Pig Liver Esterase and Chemical Inversion. (Lie Big. Chem)

1.   Studies on Biologically Active compounds from Plants in Kenya.

2.   Pesticide Degradation and chemical pollution in Western Kenya.

3. Development of Agro-waste Products into Lives stock feeds


1.        Kenya Academy of Science

2.        Kenya Chemical Society

3.        Natural Products Network for East and Central Africa.

4.        Member of Biological Science committee in the Natural Conc. Of Science of Technology.

5.        American Chemical Society.




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