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									                         Benefits of Certification Courses

Nowadays, there are number of training programs which aim to equip the corporate
employees and others with every bit of information that is required for their job.
Getting into certification courses is very easy these days. However, before you take
the first step, it is important to do some research work on the various available
certification courses. You will need to define your skills and decide where you want to
take your career. You will then need to look for certification courses that are
applicable to your goals.

When you look for certification courses, why not try the best in the market?

You might want to look for the Microsoft Certification courses that can open a lot of
job opportunities for you. Learning new skills and enhancing your current skill-sets
can take you way higher in your career. There are plenty of Microsoft training
programs offered by many centers in India and in other countries. As a matter of fact
there are many IT training companies that offer Microsoft certified training programs
for the corporate employees.

How do the IT Training Companies Work?

These companies research and design the training programs for every single client
company. The client company requirements are minutely studied and the trading
modules are designed accordingly. These programs are highly beneficial because it
enhances the skills of the employees, increases the productivity, improves the
efficiency and as a whole. Added or new responsibilities can be assigned to the
employees who have successfully undergone the training.

India has the second largest number of IT professionals in the world after the United
States. In fact, it is the world's largest exporter of IT-related services.

Companies offering Microsoft training programs target Indian IT employees for the
certification courses. These companies have different kind of educational modules
which enhances the IT skills of an individual. There are more than 1500 Microsoft
Certified Partners for classroom training programs, and there are more than 1000
online courses in the Microsoft Learning Catalog.

You may choose to enroll your name in the classroom training programs or may
choose to learn from the online classes. Many a times, an individual takes on both
the option of studying in the classroom and also online courses at their own pace.

Different Types of Microsoft Courses

There are many different types of courses offered by Microsoft. These courses mainly

Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer

Microsoft Certified Application Developer

Microsoft Certified Database Administrator
Microsoft Certified System Administrator

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer

Microsoft Certified Professional Developer - Enterprise Application

There are many other Microsoft Certification Courses available with various
recognized institutions. It is important to identify the course which will enhance your
skills and prove to be advantageous for your career.

Microsoft Courses are conducted by Microsoft Certified Trainers when you opt for
classroom training. However, in case of online courses, you can work at your own
pace and work on virtual labs. These MS certified courses can give that subtle boost
to your career options.

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