ICE CREAM PARTY_ by gabyion


									                                   Fall Fundraiser
                                  Goals and Prizes
   This year, we are setting a school-wide goal to
    raise $18,000! If students can help us reach
    that goal, they will ALL be rewarded with an

                 ICE CREAM
                                         Ask your out-of-town family and friends to help by sending them an
                                         email and you could qualify to win a Nintendo Wii and a free
                                         game download from Real Arcade ($19.99 value).
      Send 5 Emails for a
       Chance to Win a                   • Go to the Seller’s Section at or
       Nintendo Wii!!             to sign up.
       Send 10 Emails to win
           a Free Game                   • You’ll need our school’s account number and the email
            Download!                      addresses of everyone you’d like to ask to help.
                                                        Our account # is 285547.

*See program flyer in the Sally Foster
                                         When family and friends receive the email and click on the link to
sale envelope for complete details.      the Sally Foster® or Entertainment book online store, our school
                                         earns 50% of their purchase.

Remember, we earn 50% on every item!
Our Sally Foster fundraiser ends October 31st.

Thank you for your continued support!

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