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 Careys Oceanfront Irish Cottage Rentals  - DOC


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									                                     Carey’s Oceanfront Irish Cottage Rentals                  
Seafield House                                                             Ph: 011-353-27-60116- Fax: 011-353-27-60244
Faha Cross, Adrigole Bantry Cork Ireland                                   E-mail Address: careyjconrad@yahoo.com
                                                                           Web site: www.anirishvacationsite.com
                                                   Guest Lease Contract
Thank you for renting from the Carey’s Oceanfront Irish Cottages. Please read carefully the following guest lease information:
          1. It is understood that each unit is privately owned, including the furnishings, by Carey’s Oceanfront Irish Cottages.
The Lessees understand that they are responsible to pay for any damage or loss caused by them during their stay.
          2. Pets are not permitted under any circumstances in the rental units.
          3. Occupancy and use of the premises and communal areas shall not be such as to disturb area residents. The Lessor
holds the prerogative to cancel Lessee(s) contract and instruct them to vacate the leased premises. No disruptive parties or
overcrowding is allowed.
          4. Guest(s) agree not to charge long distance calls on the owner's phone. All long distance calls must be paid by
credit card or charged to a third party.
          5. Guest(s) agree to maintain the property and leave it in an orderly and clean condition upon their departure.
          6. The Carey’s Oceanfront Irish Cottages are not responsible for anything lost, stolen or left behind in the units.
          7. Guest(s) acknowledge(s) and understand that Carey Conrad has permission to enter the premises if there are any
repairs or maintenance needed.
          8. The guests(s) acknowledge and understand that check-in time is NO EARLIER THAN 4:00 P.M. and that check-
out time is NO LATER THAN 11:00 A.M. A $25.00 per hour late charge will be assessed for late departures.
          9. Written cancellation of this reservation received by Carey Conrad (30) days prior to arrival will result in holding
of deposit until the unit is re-rented for the reserved period. If the unit is unable to be re-rented, the deposit will be forfeited.
All properties are located at Trafask, Adrigole, Bantry West Cork Ireland, except for Mistover which is located in Glengarriff.

(Circle property you will be renting)
 School Master’s House        $1,000 wk. for party of 2 ($1,200 July-Aug.)                   (Accommodations for 5) Sat.- Sat.
 Neidin View No. 6               $700.00 wk. for party of 2                                  (Accommodations for 5) Sat.- Sat.
                                                                                             (Accommodations for 6-7)     Sat.-
 Tir na Nog at Ulusker           $900.00 wk. for party of 2 ($1,000 July-Aug.)               Sat.

*Prices quoted are for 2 persons- a $100.00 fee will be charged for each additional person

(From U.S. to Ireland- Carey Conrad) Dial 011-353-27-60058 or Fax 011-353-27-60244
(In U.S. – Carey Conrad) Dial 1-414-581-5868
(In Ireland For Neidin View No. 6 – Susan Richards) 064-41213
Ireland time is 5 hours EST and 6 hours CST ahead of U.S.
Transportation available to and from Airport, or for touring the area. Requirement: Guests must secure travel insurance ahead
of time and will be given a waiver to sign upon arrival.
Number of guest(s)_________
Names of guest(s) __________________________________                    ____________________________________
Additional guests __________________________________                    ____________________________________

Arrival Date:_____________ Departure Date:______________ Amt. Deposit Enclosed ____________
PLEASE NOTE: A deposit of 1/3 of total rental is required when sending in your reservation. If the rental is beyond one
week, ½ deposit will be required. All properties are being rented in Dollars, so to assist you in determining the Euro, use
the conversion chart that is posted on our Website.
The balance must be paid to Carey Conrad in Ireland two weeks in advance via credit card through the website on the Internet.
When the contract is received in our office, confirmation, and directions will be sent to your attention. Please sign below and
return a copy to our office at: Carey’s Oceanfront Irish Cottages, c/o Carey Conrad, 1907 East Wood Place, Shorewood, WI
53211 USA.

Name:_________________________________________ Date:_________________

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