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           Who reads this journal?
                 (and what do they think about it?)
                                              By Hannah Pike, MRPharmS and Gareth Malson, MRPharmS

Feedback from readers is important for every
      publication. Nearly 600 readers completed
 the readership survey that was sent out with
      the May issue of Hospital Pharmacist. The
   responses have now been analysed and are
                                    described in this article

            ospital Pharmacist periodically asks   Journal and Hospital Pharmacist, although          News The majority of our readers “always”
            readers to give their opinions on      readers aged 21–30 tended to read more of          or “usually” read the news pages.A monthly
            the journal and to make                Hospital Pharmacist than The Pharmaceutical        journal is not an ideal forum for news,
            suggestions for improvement.           Journal.                                           given the time between Hospital Pharmacist
Nearly 600 readers (about 6 per cent of the           Hospital Pharmacist was rated the “most         being printed and it reaching the readers,
readership) completed the recent survey, and       relevant” and “most interesting” journal by all
overall, responses were positive. However, we      age groups, when compared with BMJ, The
acknowledge that a limitation of this survey is    Pharmaceutical Journal, Pharmacy in Practice and      Panel 1:Age and grade of
that respondents were self-selecting. Views are    Prescriber. The Pharmaceutical Journal was
therefore more likely to represent the opinion     considered to be the “most authoritative”          readers responding to the survey
of Hospital Pharmacist’s more regular readers      journal, followed by BMJ (mainly because of
who are happy to engage with the journal.          its popularity with middle-aged readers).            Age group          No of responses
                                                      Hospital Pharmacist was rated the “most              21–30              102
       The analysis                                useful” journal by all age groups apart from            31–45              267
                                                   the over 61s, who voted for The                         46–60              174
Following a total count of responses               Pharmaceutical Journal in this category.                61+                43
received by the closing date, a sample of 100
responses were randomly selected from each                What do they read?                            AfC band           No of responses
age group (apart from in the 61+ group,                                                                 (where known)
from whom we only received 43                      Special features Special features were                   6                  44
submissions). The samples were analysed in         reported to be the most widely read section              7                  47
detail. General comments, suggestions and          in Hospital Pharmacist across all age groups,            8a                 76
feedback were extracted from all forms.            followed by news and articles. On average,               8b                 44
                                                   three quarters of respondents attempt the                8c                 23
       Who reads it?                               Life-long Learning questions, with just                  8d                 14
                                                   under half sending them in for marking.                  9                  4
In total 553 responses were sent in by post        There were several requests for the facility to
and 33 were submitted via PJ Online.               answer the Life-long Learning questions via          Whitley            No of responses
Responses received from each age group,            PJ Online, and this is something the journal         Council grade
and by job grade are shown in Panel 1.             hopes to set up in the future.                          A                   1
   Publications that readers reported looking         The majority of respondents said they                B                   6
at on a regular basis are shown in Figure 1        prefer to read special features that cover              C                   14
(p271).Approximately half of all respondents       clinical topics rather than those covering              D                   32
said that they read “all” of The Pharmaceutical    other subjects (eg procurement and medical              E                   26
                                                   statistics), although more interest in other            F                   8
                                                   subjects was shown by those aged over 46.               G                   0
 Hannah Pike is editor and Gareth Malson is
                                                   Panel 2 (p271) lists some readers’ comments             H                   3
 staff editor at Hospital Pharmacist
                                                   about the special features.

270    •                                                      H O S P I TA L P H A R M AC I S T                    SEPTEMBER 2007    •   VO L . 1 4
but we aim to provide a digest of the
month’s developments.To complement this
we have recently introduced the “Research                                                         Panel 2: Reader comments about special features
update” page, highlighting the latest
findings from international journals and                                          ■ “As a semi-retired pharmacist locum living in the US for part of the year, Hospital
other sources.                                                                        Pharmacist CPD articles are invaluable. Thank you.” (61 plus)
                                                                                  ■ “Useful for diploma pharmacists to improve clinical knowledge” (31-45)
Technician articles Only 49 respondents                                           ■ “Some of the Life-long Learning series applies equally (if not more) to
“always” or sometimes” read the “Focus on                                           community/primary care practice. It would be good to reference these in the PJ as
technician” articles. In total 104 respondents                                      … this series could benefit a wider readership.” (31-45)
“sometimes” read them, and 156 “rarely” or                                        ■ “I like the broadness of the clinical subject areas — helps me keep my generalist role
“never” read them. It may be that few                                               up to date.” (31-45)
pharmacists are directly involved in                                              ■ “I am afraid the UKCPA and NEJM e-mail updates [are more] authoritative [and
developing the role of technicians, so do not                                       relevant for] clinical/managerial aspects. I would then go to the relevant primary
see the relevance of these articles. We will                                        reference sources for more detail.” (31-45)
keep this under review.                                                           ■ “Hospital Pharmacist is an excellent publication and the continuing education articles
                                                                                    are particularly relevant.” (46-60)
Other sections Meeting reports and original
papers were the least regularly read of all the
sections in Hospital Pharmacist. Meeting                                      clinical case studies, articles on common                       Conclusion
reports inherently present the latest thinking                                drug errors and new drug profiles. Hospital
from specialist groups, so it follows that they                               Pharmacist does publish case studies,                     Survey results show that Hospital Pharmacist
will appeal to a more narrow readership.                                      although these are rarely submitted. Readers              continues to be highly valued by its readers.
However, the same could be said for original                                  are encouraged to contact the editorial                   Readers’ views will be taken into
papers, so it is encouraging that most readers                                office if they would like to contribute                   consideration for future plans to develop the
“usually” or “sometimes” read these.                                          articles on any such work.                                journal. Hospital Pharmacist would like to
                                                                                 A few readers expressed concerns for the               thank all those who responded to the survey.
      Reader requests                                                         environment in receiving a hard copy of                      Readers are reminded that the quality of
                                                                              Hospital Pharmacist and prefer to read it                 Hospital Pharmacist relies heavily on the
When asked what they would like to see in                                     online, and one reader was concerned about                articles submitted for publication. For advice
Hospital Pharmacist, reader responses were                                    the waste caused by plastic wrappers. Since               on submitting articles, papers or meeting
similar for all age groups (see Figure 2). In                                 June the journal has been delivered in                    reports please contact Hannah Pike
general, readers would like to see more                                       biodegradable polywrap.                                   (telephone 0207 572 2425). Readers are also
                                                                                                                                        invited to submit 900 word letters or
                                                                                                               Age group                editorials on any topic they wish to debate.
                         100                                                                                             61+*

                         80                                                                                              46–60
                                                                                                                                        Panel 3: Reader comments about
                                                                                                                                              Hospital Pharmacist
       No of responses

                                                                                                                          x              ■ “A very readable publication — just
                         40                                                                                                                  about the right size and pitch of
                                                                                                                                             content” (46-60)
                                                                                                               *Results for this age     ■   Hospital Pharmacist should have an
                         20                                                                                    group are expressed
                                                                                                               as a percentage of the
                                                                                                                                             amusing anecdote page similar to the
                                                                                                               43 responses received         one at the back of Prescriber”(21–30)
                         00                                                                                                              ■   “Keep up the high standards of the
                                BMJ           Hospital
                                                    B        The C          Pharmacy in Prescriber
                                                                               D           E
                                              Pharmacist     Pharmaceutical practice
                                                                                                                                             publication” (46-60)
                                                                                                                                         ■   “Hospital Pharmacist is much more
Figure 1: Responses to “Which publications do you look at on a regular basis?”                                                               relevant to me than anything in the
                                                                                                                                             The Pharmaceutical Journal — I would
                                                                                                               Age group                     rather get Hospital Pharmacist weekly
                         80                                                                                              61+*                and The Pharmaceutical Journal
                          70                                                                                                                 monthly” (21-30)
                                                                                                                          46-60          ■   “Monthly issues make sure each
                                                                                                                                             journal is relevant and remains an
                          50                                                                                             31-45
                                                                                                                                             interesting read — a great example of
       No of responses

                          40                                                                                             21–30
                                                                                                                         21-30               quality rather than quantity” (21-30)
                                                                                                                                         ■   “Excellent that it is online too as I
                                                                                                                                             can fit in articles at lunchtime in a
                          20                                                                                                                 busy working environment” (31–45)
                                                                                                               *Results for this age
                          10                                                                                   group are expressed as    ■   “I like the current layout of the
                                                                                                               a percentage of the 43        journal” (21–30)
                          00                                                       Drug                        responses received
                               MoreA              B
                                                           errors /
                                                                                                                                         ■   “Even if I don’t have time to read it, I
                               studies        pages        solutions   articles                articles                                      always try to flick through it and do a
                                                                                                                                             resumé” (46-60)
Figure 2: Responses to “Which of the following would you like to see in Hospital Pharmacist?”

SEPTEMBER 2007                  •        VO L . 1 4                                           H O S P I TA L P H A R M AC I S T                                               •   271

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