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									          Massachusetts Association for
             Occupational Therapy
                                   Spring SIG
                                   March 14th
                  Worcester State College

       Science and Technology Building

The assignment of AOTA CEUs does not imply endorsement of specific course content, products, or
clinical procedures by AOTA
Conference Objectives
                                                    Registrants are welcome to confirm their
This one-day symposium is designed to               registration, or obtain additional information
provide an opportunity to explore specific          by contacting MAOT at (781) 647-5556 or
dimensions of occupational therapy practice         visit the web site at
and professional development. Educational
sessions will focus on current professional         Fees are refundable only if notification of
association activities, ethical practice, and       cancellation is received two weeks prior to
contemporary knowledge and skills for OT            the conference. There will be a $ 25.00
intervention in the areas of sleep                  charge for a returned check.
disturbances, dementia, and childhood
trauma.                                             Continuing Education Accessibility
Through participation in this conference
participants will be able to:                       MAOT is committed to providing equal
                                                    access and reasonable accommodations for
       Discuss social, political, and              all participants in this continuing education
        economic factors that impact                offering in accordance with the ADA. Please
        occupational therapy and the                indicate your need for ADA accommodations
                                                    on the registration form and contact MAOT
        professional activities of MAOT;
                                                    at least two weeks before the conference so
       Acknowledge and identify innovative         that arrangements can be made.
        practice techniques and research
        findings pertinent to special interest
        practice areas and ethics;
       Describe current opportunities and
        directions for the future of
        occupational therapy;
       Network with colleagues.                         SAVE THE DATE
Acknowledgments                                            MAOT Annual
Conference Chair:                                        2009 Conference
        Justin Galvin, OTR/L                             October 2, 2009
                                                    Westford Regency Hotel and
Contact Hours/AOTA CEUs:
                                                        Conference Center
Conference attendees/learners will be
eligible for a total of 4 contact hours (.4
                                                     For additional information
AOTA CEU). The learner is responsible for        
completing his/her contact hour/CEU
tracking form and obtaining the convener's
signature and/or stamp at the conclusion of
each session. This tracking form will be
included in each learner's conference packet
and must be turned in at the registration
desk prior to exiting the conference. Official
contact hour/AOTA CEUs will be kept on file
at the MAOT office and an
official verification certificate will be emailed
to the participant within 30 days of the

Confirmation & Cancellation:
      8:00 a.m. – 8:30 a.m.              9:00 a.m. – 10:30 a.m.
     Registration/Breakfast              Presentation Sessions

           Thank you                     Session I:
                                               Sleep: The Other Eight
  Genesis Rehabilitation Services
  for sponsoring our breakfast!                Presented by Jo Solet, PhD,
                                               OTR/L, Mental Health Special
                                               Interest Group

                                                   Learning Objectives:
                                                   Upon completion of this
                                                   workshop, participants will
                                                   be able to:

8:30 a.m. – 9:00 a.m.                                 1. Understand the
Greetings/Business Update                                elements of sleep
                                                         architecture including
         Learning Objectives:                            stages, cycles, and
         Upon completion of this                         developmental
         workshop, participants will                     changes.
         be able to:                                  2. Become aware of
                                                         current research
            1. Identify MAOT’s                           findings relating sleep
               professional activities                   to health outcomes.
               over the past year.                    3. Describe common
            2. Identify state                            sleep disorders,
               legislative issues for                    provide basic
               which MAOT is                             assessment and
               involved and be able                      anticipate need for
               to voice concerns                         referrals.
               affecting the                          4. Provide directions and
               profession with                           oversight to clients to
               regard to legislative                     improve sleep
               issues.                                   hygiene.
            3. Learn about                            5. Recognize ways
               professional                              hospital environments
               opportunities                             and care-giving
               available for future                      behaviors can be
               participation with                        modified to preserve
               MAOT                                      sleep of clients.
Session II:                              Session III:
      Dementia: How to Unlock                  Addressing Childhood
      the Mystery:                             Trauma: Occupational
      Beth Deverix MBA, OTR/L,                 Therapy in Child Welfare
      Geriatric Special Interest Group         Systems
                                               Presented by Michelle M.
          Learning Objectives:                 Savrann, MHA, OTR/L, Youth
          Upon completion of this              Opportunity Upheld, Inc.
          workshop, participants will
          be able to:                             Learning Objectives:
                                                  Upon completion of this
              1. Understand                       workshop, participants will
                 occupational                     be able to:
                 therapy’s role in the
                 treatment of persons                1. Identify the effects of
                 with dementia.                         childhood trauma on
              2. Identify assessment                    occupational
                 tools appropriate for                  performance
                 staging dementia.                   2. Learn a model of
              3. Identify treatment                     evaluation and
                 intervention                           consultation to
                 approaches based on                    address childhood
                 the stage of                           trauma as a
                 dementia.                              population
                                                     3. Improve their
                                                        understanding of how
                                                        policy and legislation
            Thank you                                   can facilitate the
                                                        development of roles
   Constellation Health Services
                                                        for occupational
   for sponsoring our conference!                       therapy in child
                                                        welfare systems

                                         10:30 a.m. – 11:00 a.m.
                                         Breaks and Exhibits

                                                    Thank you
    D.B.A. Norwalk Rehabilitation          Constellation Health Services
    Services/ Health & Home Care           for sponsoring our conference!
                               KEYNOTE ADDRESS

                               11:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.
                               Session IV
                               Ethics: Make it Part of Everyday

                                      Presented and led by Deborah
                                      Yarett Slater, MS, OT/L, FAOTA
                                      Liaison to the Ethics Commission
      Guidelines for School           Liaison to the Special Interest
      Based Practice will be          Sections, American Occupational
                                      Therapy Association
          on sale at the
        Registration Desk                Learning Objectives:
             $10.00                      Upon completion of this
                                         workshop, participants will
                                         be able to:

                                             1. Demonstrate
                                                knowledge of the
 Remember to turn in your                       Ethics Standards and
                                                their application to
CEU Sheet after Session IV                      practice
with the appropriate stamps                  2. Understand how to
                                                utilize decision
      and information.                          making frameworks
                                                as an approach to
                                                identify and analyze
 CEU Certificates will be                       potential ethical
mailed out in approximately                     dilemmas.
                                             3. Identify the roles,
         30 days!                               functions and
                                                jurisdictions of 3
                                                agencies with
                                                regulatory oversight
                                                of the Occupational
                                                Therapy profession.
57 Madison Road
Waltham, MA 02453
Phone: 781 647 5556
Fax: 781 642 9742

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