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									How are complaints concerning                   This pamphlet is designed to

Residential Vacation Rentals
                                              provide general information only.        Residential
Depending on the nature of the problem,
                                               If you own or manage a residential   Vacation Rentals
                                                   vacation rental, we strongly
complaints will be handled by the 24/7        recommend you read the applicable
contact person, the Zoning Administrator,         portions of the Town’s Zoning
or the Lake Lure Police Department.            Regulations to ensure compliance.
Concerns should be logged with town
staff for research and reporting purposes.
Complaints will be fully researched for
validity and resolution. If the complainant
or the rental operator disagrees with the
findings of the Zoning Administrator, this
can be appealed to the Board of
Adjustment. The Board of Adjustment has
the authority to impose conditions on the
operation of the individual Residential
Vacation Rental to reduce the impacts on
the neighborhood.

                                                                                    Town of Lake Lure, NC
                                                                                        October 27, 2009

                                                                                      Issued by the Lake Lure Community
                                                                                           Development Department

More Questions? Contact the Zoning
Administrator at (828) 625-9983, Ext.
117, the Fire Chief at (828)625-9333, or
refer to the Zoning Regulations
What you need to know about                         M-1zoning districts. You may also be         Overnight occupancy is limited to two
Residential Vacation Rentals…                       exempted in these districts if you           persons per bedroom plus two additional
The town has adopted standards for                  permanently reside in the adjoining          persons. However, the maximum
residential vacation rentals to help ensure         dwelling of the duplex.                      occupancy in all of the R-1 districts as
that tourists have a good experience while                                                       well as the R-2 and M-1 districts is 12
staying in Lake Lure. The standards are          How do I get a Vacation Rental                  persons regardless of the number of
                                                 Operating Permit?                               bedrooms.
further designed to safeguard the health,
peace, safety, harmony and general                                                               Signs advertising the property as a
                                                 A Vacation Rental Operating Permit
welfare of our residential neighborhoods.        application can be obtained from Town Hall      residential vacation rental are prohibited
                                                 or can be downloaded from the town              in all R-1 districts as well as the R-2 and
                                                                                                 M-1 districts. Signs in all other districts
What are Residential Vacation                    website. This application solicits necessary
                                                                                                 must conform to the standards in the sign
Rentals?                                         information pertaining to the property you
                                                 want approved. The information collected,       regulations.
A residential vacation rental is defined as                                                      Parking is allowed only in the designated
the rental of any portion of a single-family     along with an initial inspection performed by
                                                 Town staff, allows the Zoning Administrator     parking areas as shown at the time of
dwelling for occupancy, dwelling, lodging,                                                       application.
or sleeping purposes for any period of           and Fire Chief to determine if the property
                                                 meets town standards for a residential          Trash receptacles that are animal proof
time less than 30 days. This rental activity                                                     and located in an enclosed area must be
is considered a commercial use of the            vacation rental.
                                                                                                 provided at each rental house. All
home.                                                                                            household trash must be placed in these
                                                 What information is required                    receptacles.
May I use my house as a                          with the application?                           Occupants of the rental are required to
residential vacation rental?                     In addition to basic information about the      conduct themselves in accordance with
As of January 1, 2010, residential vacation      property, owner and rental manager, you         all applicable town, county, state, and
rentals are a permitted use subject to           must provide:                                   federal regulations.
special requirements in most zoning                 A site plan showing off-street parking       The vacation rental operating permit
districts. A Vacation Rental Operating Permit       Number of bedrooms intended for              must be posted inside the main door.
is required to operate a residential vacation       occupancy                                    The 24/7 contact information for the
rental; however, you may be exempt from             Septic or sewer certification                rental must be posted on the exterior of
this requirement if your home is:                   Copy of town commercial boat license, if     the building.
    rented no more than two times per               applicable                                   An RVR addendum that outlines these
    calendar year for a total combined time of      Copy of the standard rental agreement        standards must be provided with each
    less than two weeks, or                                                                      lease agreement.
    located in a multi-family dwelling, or                                                       The home must meet fire safety
                                                 What are the town standards?                    standards.
    located in a duplex and not located in any   The adopted standards for Residential
    of the R-1 zoning districts or the R-2 and   Vacation Rentals include:

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