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									                               PEGASUS MOVE OUT
                            CLEANING SPECIFICATIONS

1.    Rental house lawns must be mowed, edged, weeded and shrubs trimmed.
2.    Front/Back doors wiped down (with cleaner if needed) exterior & interior. Touch up
      paint scratches with matching of same
3. All porches or patios swept and washed down if needed
4. Cobwebs/dirt etc. swept from all exterior/interior front windows, doors, corners and
5. Clean all windows in and out on first story. Clean inside only of second story. Clean
      window tracks and frames with cleaner.
6. All light fixture covers/globes taken down, washed and put back up. Replace all
      missing /burned out bulbs
7. Clean all ceiling fan blades
8. Wipe all doors, wall smudges, switch plates, door/window woodwork and baseboards
9. Cabinets and drawers (kitchen, bath and utility) to be wiped down with cleaner
      inside and outside (fronts, shelves, edges and sides) ,remove old shelf paper. If
      cabinets are wood grain finish, they are to be wiped down with liquid gold, old
      English or like product
10. All wood grain paneling to be wiped down with Liquid Gold or like product
11. Appliances pulled out and cleaned behind/underneath/sides
    Refrigerators: All drawers/racks/shelving removed & washed, Front/Top/Sides/Backs
    cleaned with cleaner inside and out, coils to be brushed with coil brush, seals around
    edge of doors cleaned with toothbrush if needed
     Stoves/Ovens: All drawers/racks/drip pans/burners removed and cleaned, replace
     drip pans as needed, raise stove top and clean underneath burners, be sure to clean
     edges of everything

      Vent Hoods: Remove all grease inside and outside, clean or replace filter
     Dishwasher/Trash Compactors: Cycle, clean front, sides and underneath and inside
     edges as much as possible, don’t forget the latch area please

12. Carpet: Sweep edges before vacuuming to remove junk that collects there,
    Vacuum in direction to raise nap, spot treat any small stains as needed, don’t
    forget inside closets. Carpet must be professionally cleaned with copy of receipt
13. Vinyl/Tile: Sweep, mop and wax
14. Bathrooms: Faucets/tubs/showers/sinks/toilet clean with cleanser, remove all
    rust and mineral buildup with lime away or rust remover, use mildew
    remover/bleach as needed. Tub Surround Tile should be cleaned, dry items
    after clean to prevent water stains. Toilets to be cleaned outside bowl and at
    bottom as well as inside and under rims. Mirrors cleaned (no streaks). Light
    Fixtures to shine and remove any paint or buildup. Shower doors and tracks for
      sliding to be cleaned. Medicine Cabinets to be cleaned inside, top, sides and
      mirrors. Toilet tissue/toothbrush holders, Soap dish cleaned with 409 or like
      product and dried.
15.    Replace A/C return air filter and clean grate cover
16.    Mini Blinds may need light dusting or a soak in the tub depending on condition.
      Damaged blinds must be replaced with same color and style
17.    Countertops: clean, if old and dull, armor-all or liquid gold will shine and
18.    Wallpaper: wipe vinyl paper with cleaner to remove buildup; some “paper” can
      be wiped but gently to prevent tears. Use Elmers glue to secure loose seams if
      only a few loose
19.    Sliding Glass Doors to have glass cleaned inside and outside. Tracks for doors
      to have dirt/debris removed and cleaned with cleaner
20.    Remove all trash from property
21.    Hot Water Heater: If visible clean top and exterior sides with cleaner
22.    Wall nail holes must be filled, walls touched up with matching paint covering all
      holes or scratches. Consult a local paint store for assistance if needed
23.    Rental homes must have gutters cleaned out.
24.    Garages and driveways must be swept and all stains removed
25.    Fireplaces must be cleaned out and exterior brick or mantle cleaned off

I have read these specifications and understand that I will be charged for costs to make
any of the above repairs if needed after move out.

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