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									  Please take the time to review this
 presentation and contact us with any
       questions you may have.

      We thank you for your time
and look forward to speaking with you.
Service Is Our Signature.
The Best Concept in Real Estate Today.
Old City, Philadelphia

  September 2006
Benefits To Your
Through our strategic partnership with Prudential Financial
Group, we have the ability to offer our customers financing
packages unparalleled in the industry.

Your personal Real Estate Finance Associate will design
a group of comprehensive finance packages to best fit your

They will continue to work with you through the process,
and get your financing in a timely
We will give you the personalized service that you deserve
to ensure that you and your family find the products best
suited for you.

We go out of our way to make sure that all questions are
answered and you are fully satisfied with the process.
Maybe that’s why referrals are the cornerstone of our

Discover what we have to offer, no one works harder for you !
Whether your financial goals are long or short term, your
Signature Agent will work with you to design an investment
package most suitable for you.

Your agent will work with to handle all the details of your
transaction. No matter what your needs are:
Financing, Property Management, Home Renovations,
Lines of Credit, or even someone to rent your property.

Signature Real Estate Group has the resources to handle
It for you.
Whether you are buying an investment property or need to
rent out an existing one. Signature Real Estate Group can
handle all of your Residential or Commercial Property

Property Renovations – Maintenance – Tenant Checks

Rent Collection – Eviction Procedures – Legal Assistance
At Signature Real Estate Group, we have a number
of strategic partnerships making dozens of
services of available to our clients.

Both before and after the purchase of your new
home, our services will make your transaction
that much easier.

We Guarantee It.
Our organization was founded on the belief that we
are providing a service, not just a product. We
don’t just handle real estate transactions but rather
we guide our clients through the process, avoiding
pitfalls and capitalizing on opportunities for you.

One final note about us, we never forget that it is
personal, one on one service is one separates us
from the rest.
Benefits To The Agent
  No More Nominal Fees
At Signature Realty Group, you will not be
responsible for any of those nominal fees
that you find at other brokerages.
No more:
MLS or GPR Fees
Desk Fees
License Fees
Plus much More…..
Full Conveyancing Dept.
At Signature Realty Group, you will not have
to be bogged down with paperwork. We give
you more time to Sell!
We handle your:
Agreements of Sale
Upload your Listings
Showing Schedules & Feedback
No Hassle Property Fact Sheets
Plus much More…..
     Personal Marketing
Signature believes in Marketing behind our
Agents. Our image is defined by you. We
have several different programs to give you
the advantage over other agents.
In-House Marketing Department
Agent Paid Open Houses
Cooperative Marketing Dollars
Company Sponsored Marketing Mixers
Plus Much More….
Whether it is through our internal marketing
department or from one of our many
strategic alliances, Signature produces
hundreds of leads every month for our

All of them pre-qualified and distributed real
time with our proprietary internet lead
              Much More…
Signature has developed dozens of different
benefits and perks for our Agents. All to help
you make more money, and enjoy your
work that much more.
Benefits like:
Monthly Production & Niche’ Bonuses
Discounted Medical & Dental Package
Same Week Commissions
No Fee RE & Finance Transactions
In-House Title, Financing, Insurance, & Appraisal
Plus Much More…
See The Signature Difference
  Call us today or reply to this
e-mail, for a confidential meeting
     to see what Signature
          can do for you.

     “The world’s most damaging phrase is:
        It’s always been done that way”
                         - James Barrie

       “Change is opportunity in disguise”
                 - Henry David Thoreau

“People hate change, yet only that brings progress”
                          - Maya Angelou

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