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									Q) Why has the City of Swan sent this letter?
A) The City is required to ensure the appropriate method of rates are used. Various groups, such as the
Gidgegannup Ratepayers Assoc and the Bullsbrook Progress Association have suggested that some of
“Tree Change” residences have remained UV when they should really be GRV

Q) What is the difference between UV and GRV
A) UV is a value determined by the State Government Valuer General Office (Landgate) on the basis of the
value of the land, excluding any improvements (house etc). GRV (Gross Rental Value), likewise is
determined by Landgate but is based on the likely annual value that a property could be rented out for.

Q) What happens if I do not return the completed form?
A) Nothing. If the form is not returned, the City of Swan is of the understanding that you use your land
predominately for rural pursuits.

Q) What does the City do with UV and GRV?
The City applies either UV or GRV and multiplies the amount by the City’s determined rate in the dollar to
calculate for rates for the year.

Q) Which land should be UV?
Properties that are used for Rural pursuits. Unfortunately there is no statutory definition for “rural
pursuits”. If the land is used for farming type activities, where produce is grown or raised, the property
should be based on UV. If the property essentially has a house to reside in, surrounded by land that is not
used to grow or raise produce, then the property should be rated using GRV.

Q) If my property is changed from UV to GRV will there be an increase in rates?
 It may increase or decrease, this will depend on the Value provided by Landgate multiplied by the City
rate in the dollar.

Q) If I request a change, how long will it take?
The process has some key steps that may take time and not all of the steps are controlled by the City.
These steps are:
    1) Officers consider your request, using a range of techniques, from aerial photographs to site visit to
         determine if they consider the change to be appropriate. The City has just under 5,000 properties
         with UV method, so depending on the response the process may take some time.
    2) A report is prepared for Council to consider and approve the changes.
    3) Details of the property are sent to the Minister for approval
    4) Details are sent to Landgate for a Gross Rental Valuation to be determined. This is dependant of
         Langate priorities and outside the control of the City
    5) Langate provide the City the GRV and City staff update the rate record and send an amended Rate
         Notice. If the revaluation generates a credit the City can issue a refund (if agreed by ratepayer).

Q) If I was to change to GRV how are my Rates calculated?
GRV (Gross Rental Value) is a valuation given by the Valuer Generals Office who values all properties
within Western Australia. GRV; means the gross annual rental value that the land might reasonably be
expected to realize if let on a tenancy from year to year. GRV unlike UV is re-valued every 3 years not
every year. The City of Swan will be receiving new valuations for GRV to take effect from 1st July 2008.
The last time GRV valuations where valued was in 2005. Due to the market situation from 2005 the City of
Swan is of the belief that the GRV valuations will increase. This may lead to a lower rate in the dollar for
differential rates based on GRVs for the 2008/2009 financial year, but does not mean that your Annual
Rates Charge will be lower than previous years.

Q) What if I think my property will change in the future?
You will be able to apply at any time in the future should you consider that you no longer use the land for
rural pursuits. Forms can be accessed on the City website www.swan.wa.gov.au, at the Administration
Centre or may be sent out by calling 9267 9267.

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