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Thinking Of Creating A Last Will And Testament ΠPrepare Carefully

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                         Thinking Of Creating A Last Will And Testament – Prepare Carefully
                                                                      By Lorabella

   Most of us know that we should take the time to prepare a last will and testament, but all too few of
us actually get around to creating this important legal document. The reasons for this procrastination
are many. Sometimes young people may feel that they are invulnerable and therefore do not need a
will. Young workers may feel that they have not yet accumulated enough assets to warrant a formal
will. And many older people may put off the creation of a last will and testament because the subject is

 No matter what the reasons for procrastination it is important to overcome them. Putting off this
important task does nothing except put your family at risk and postpone the inevitable day of
reckoning. Fortunately there are a number of things you can do to make this admittedly unpleasant
task a great deal easier. By preparing well you can take a lot of the pain and hassle out of creating a
last will and testament while providing your loved ones with the legal and financial protection they will
need in the event of your untimely death.

Make It a Family Affair

 Having a family meeting about the creation of a will may not be the most pleasant thing in the world,
but it is one of the most important. Gathering the family together to talk about the creation of a will is
important, and keeping the lines of communication open during the process is just as important.

 It is not necessary to involve young children in this process, and many parents will not wish to share
financial details with their older kids, but it is a good idea to have age appropriate conversations with
children who are mature enough to deal with such matters.

 Adult children should definitely be part of this important discussion, especially since one of the adult
children is likely to be named as the executor of the estate. This may also be a good time for parents to
discuss their children’s situations and prod them to create wills of their own if they have not already
done so.

Have a Serious Discussion

Now is also a great time to hold serious discussions about delicate issues such as the choice of

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guardianship for the children and the choice for executor of the estate. No matter who is ultimately
chosen it is essential to make sure that:

a. They want the responsibility
b. They are capable of handling the responsibility

 When choosing an executor for the estate it is vital to choose someone who is mature and
responsible, since that individual will be charged with the task of handling all the details of the estate.
These duties will vary from estate to estate, but this person may be asked to look after any real estate
and make prudent investment decisions with the funds your heirs will inherent.

 Choosing a mature and responsible person is even more essential when it comes to naming a
guardian for your minor children. It is essential that the person you choose have a genuine desire to
raise the children in the event of your demise, so serious discussions are definitely in order here. This
can be a difficult subject to broach, but it is certainly a discussion worth having.

 Only after you have completed this planning should you sit down and actually start planning your will.
Taking these preliminary steps will make the process of creating your last will and testament much
easier and considerably less stressful.

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 Creating a Last Will and Testament – the Advantages and Disadvantages of Do it Yourself Will
                                                                    By Lorabella

If you have been thinking about creating a last will and testament chances are you have at least
considered using one of those ready made will kits. These kits are everywhere it seems – in your email
box, on the internet and even at the local office supply store. You have probably been wondering if
these will kits are as good as a will created by an attorney, and whether or not your family can really
rely on these do it yourself documents when they are needed.

 Of course every ready made will kit is different, so there is no one answer to that important question.
Will kits provide a number of important advantages, but there are some potential pitfalls to be aware of
as well. It is important to weigh the pros and cons of each approach carefully before creating what may
be your most lasting legacy.

 If the choice is between no will and a will created using a will kit then the choice is obvious. It is vital
for every adult – especially adults with minor children – to have a will in place. If you have been putting
off creating a last will and testament buying a do it yourself kit can give you the jump start you need to
finally get going.

 Buying a will kit is also a great way to start the process of creating a last will and testament, even if
you ultimately decide to get an attorney involved in the process. A well designed will kit will spell out
exactly what documents you need and help you determine which assets you need to protect. This step
by step approach is a great way to start the creation of your will, no matter who ultimately prepares the
final document.

 In addition a do it yourself will kit may be all you need if you are a young person with no children who
has thus far accumulated little in the way of material goods. The templates and checklists included in
the typical do it yourself will kit may provide all the protection you need. Then as you get older and
accumulate more assets you can revisit your will and make updates as needed. At some point you may
want to call in an attorney who specializes in wills and estates, but a will kit can provide an excellent
starting point.

 Of course do it yourself will kits are far from perfect, and it is important to look at the potential
drawbacks of these ready made documents as well. For one thing a will kit may not be able to tell you
when you have made a serious error. Even though some online will kits may provide a checklist and
raise red flags when something is wrong, those programs may not be able spot potential problems the
way an experienced attorney could.

 Will kits also tend to take a one size fits all approach to the creation of a last will and testament, and
unfortunately not everyone’s circumstances will be conducive to this approach. . If your asset holdings
are very large, or if your circumstances are particularly complicated, it may be a good idea to have an
attorney prepare your will.

 One compromise to consider is to purchase a ready made will kit, complete the forms and then have
an attorney go over the final document. This hybrid approach can cut the time and the cost of creating
a will significantly, while giving you the peace of mind that comes with knowing that every I has been

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dotted and every T has been crossed. This approach can give you the best of both worlds while
making sure that your assets – and those you love – are well protected.

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