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									                           ANSWERS TO FREQUENTLY
                          ASKED HOUSING QUESTIONS!

Q. What types of housing options are available through Prescott College?
A. There is limited on-campus housing (currently accommodating 27 students) which is reserved for first-
   time freshman students only. On-campus housing information and applications are available on the
   website. There are also many options in the community including studio and multi-room apartments and
   houses. Rental listings are updated regularly and available on the website.

Q. Are most of the houses close to campus?
A. The majority of students find housing within a couple miles of campus while others opt to live in nearby
   communities such as Prescott Valley and Chino Valley.

Q. When should I begin looking for housing?
A. It is best that you arrive in Prescott before school begins. If you are planning to rent from your home
    state, begin looking at least two weeks in advance. If you choose to rent from home, please utilize the
    services of our housing website located on the Student Life page!

Q. How do I find housing from my home state?
A. You can secure housing from home by logging on to
    Click on the Student Life link on the left hand side of your screen
    Click on the blue hyperlink entitled Housing
    Enter the Username: housing and the Password: prescott
    Scroll through all the available listings
    When you find something you like, write down the phone number from the ad and then call the
      landlord to set up an appointment to view the property upon your arrival.

   *You can also check The Daily Courier, Prescott’s local newspaper, for rental listings. The Sunday
   edition usually has the most up-to-date listings.

   *Prescott’s Craigslist is where community members can access resources for housing. Just click on the
   link and then select apt/housing.

   *Rental agencies also have housing opportunities which you may be interested in:
       Journey Real Estate 624 W. Gurley #C (928) 776-8464
       Pierce Property Management, Inc., 550 S. Montezuma St (928) 445-8750
       RAM Enterprises, 812 W. Gurley St (928) 778-5181
       TNT Property Management Inc., 402 White Spar Road (928) 445-8000

Q. Do students need a car?
A. No. Housing, grocery stores, natural foods stores, bookstores, cafes, coffee shops, and laundromats are
   all a quick walk from the College. It is possible to live in Prescott without an automobile and many
   students rely solely on bicycles for transportation.

Q. Are there any local laundromats close to the College and housing areas?
A. Yes, there is one located right behind campus. There are four others located in the community.
Q. Can a student wait to rent until after Orientation?
A. Yes, they can; however, we do not recommend this. We HIGHLY suggest students find housing PRIOR
   to Orientation. It is worth considering that if a student happens to return to Prescott before the end of
   Orientation, then it would be advantageous to already have housing. If the student chooses to wait, there
   will be a housing fair after they return from Orientation and the student can find housing at that time.

Q. Where do the students stay until they find housing?
A. Students stay at Camp Chapel Rock for a week before they leave. When they return, they stay overnight
   at the camp and then find housing at the Housing Fair the following day. The Housing Coordinator will
   be available at the Housing Fair along with representatives from local rental agencies, area landlords, as
   well as student representatives from group housing options.

Q. Do landlords require payment for the month that the student is out in the field?
A. Yes. Some will prorate the rent but you will have to talk with the landlord about this option.

Q. Do most landlords require a lease?
A. Yes. Leases are usually for a full year. Some landlords will do six-month leases and some will even do a
   month-to-month lease. Talk to the landlord about your preferences.

Q. Are utilities included in most rentals?                                 Prescott College Guarantor's
A. About half the rentals include utilities.                                        Agreement

Q. Is it harder to rent if we have pets?                               Prescott College offers a Guarantor's
A. Yes, we recommend students DO NOT have pets while at                Agreement, assuring that the College
College. However, there are landlords who allow pets.                  stands behind the student and that the
                                                                     student's obligations to the landlord will
Q. What does AAO mean?                                               be met (up to the amount of one month’s
A. Assistance Animals Only (a legal way of saying no pets).              rent). Students are responsible for
                                                                      reimbursing any costs the College pays
Q. What is the average cost of rent?                                      on their behalf, and for paying a
A. Rent averages $425 per month per room, unfurnished, with          processing fee, before they can continue
   no utilities included. Apartments with utilities included             at Prescott College or have official
   average $480 per month per room. Rent paid per person                         transcripts prepared.
   ranges anywhere from $250-$850.

Q. If a student rents an entire house, is he or she responsible for filling each of the rooms and paying
    the entire rent until the rooms are rented?
A. This is a decision made between the student and the landlord. In many cases, the student can rent only
    one room and then work with the landlord in choosing other roommates.

Q. Will it be difficult to find a roommate, and how do students find a roommate(s)?
A. Most students have an easy time finding a roommate. This option is available on our housing web page
   under Student Life, or a student can place an ad for a roommate themselves!

Q. If a student has a problem or needs extra support with renting issues, what should he\she do?
A. The Housing Coordinator is available to mediate with students and landlords, or students and roommates,
    to help find satisfactory solutions concerning rental and living arrangements.

***If you have previous rental history, you may want to come prepared with a rental resume. You should also be
prepared to encounter some landlords and rental agencies that will require a credit check. ***     Revised 11/14/08

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