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If you're a motorcyclist, you've no doubt shopped for your favorite biker accessories. My favorites
have to do with technology, obviously, and Bluetooth is becoming a big part of communication for
many hog riders. I'm sure you've seen the Bluetooth enabled helmets and helmet-to-helmet
communication systems out on the market. The latest solution is the Scala rider G4 bike-to-bike
Bluetooth headset that offers group intercom between up to three riders at distances of up to one mile.
As well as offering intercom conversations between three separate riders, the Scala rider G4 from
Cardo Systems also allows communication between two riders and their two passengers, also at
distances up to one mile, depending on the terrain. The Scala rider G4 headset has full duplex
(simultaneous talking/listening) capability, as well as mobile phone call conferencing between riders,
between rider and passenger, or with outside callers.
The Scala G4 can connect with virtually any portable Bluetooth device including mobile phones, MP3
players and compatible GPS units for in-helmet voice instructions. Its A2DP capability means the
headset can receive CD-quality music from any A2DP capable MP3 player. It can also connect with
non-Bluetooth MP3 players, GPS units via its embedded jack, as well as the entire line of Scala rider
headsets. The unit has a built-in FM radio with RDS and scan and seek features with six-station

AGC technology automatically adjusts the headset volume of audio from an MP3 player, mobile
phone, intercom or GPS, based on ambient noise and riding speed. Meanwhile, PLC technology is
designed to improve audio quality in dense urban surroundings. Meanwhile, VOX technology allows
the wearer to make voice-controlled hands-free intercom calls and phone calls with answer, voice dial
and call reject functions.
Designed to fit virtually all three-quarter and full-face helmets, the Scala rider G4 features a weather-
resistant design and noise-canceling microphone, which is available in a corded version for full-face
helmets. The headset can be self-installed in five minutes, with a glue-on option included for those not
wanting to go with the clamp, which features a quick-release mechanism. The two included speakers
are slim enough to fit even tight helmets according to the makers.
The Scala rider G4 is available through Cardo Systems for a suggested retail price of US$279.95.


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