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					   Melbourne                                                                                                                               Melbourne
Observer       TV Guide                                                                     Saturday, May 5                             Observer        TV Guide ➎
               ABC                                SEVEN        PRIME                            NINE WIN                                History of Logies
.00 Rage                                   6.00 Mickey Mouse Clubhouse                   6.00 Thunderbirds                              ■ The TV Week Logie Awards have
.00 20 Years of Rage                       6.30 Jetix                                    6.30 Barney & Friends                          been part of Australian television since
                                                                                                                                                                                       Logie award nominees
.00 JTV Saturday                           7.00 Saturday Disney                          7.00 Dora the Explorer                         1958, two years after the introduction
1.10 Falcon Beach                          9.00 Staines Down Drains                      7.30 Kids’ WB On Nine                          of television in Australia.                   From TV Observer Page 4
2.00 Stateline                             9.30 Dive Olly Dive                           7.35 Kangaroo Creek Gang                          Originally called the TV Week
2.30 Australian Story                      10.00 Toon Disney                             8.05 Ben 10                                    Awards, it became better known as the         MOST OUTSTANDING NEWS COVERAGE
.00 Football: Casey Scorpions v Geelong.   11.00 Jetix                                   8.10 Timeblazers                               Logies when Graham Kennedy (In Mel-           "Escaping The Border" (ABC TV News)
.00 Netball. Round Two                     11.30 That’s So Raven                         8.40 Ben 10                                                                                  "Escaping The Mine" (Sunrise, Channel
.00 Bowls. Fame and Future Charity                                                                                                      bourne Tonight) came up with the name.
                                           12.00 Eclipse                                 8.50 Don’t Blame Me                               The inventor of television was John        Seven)
hallenge 2007                              1.00 V8 Xtra                                  9.20 Ben 10                                                                                  "Scully Sacking" (Nine Network News)
.00 Goodnight Sweetheart                   1.30 Satrveillance                            9.30 Streetsmartz                              Logie Baird and Graham thought his
.30 Gardening Australia                                                                                                                 middle name made a good name for              "Sexual Abuse In Aboriginal Communities"
                                           2.00 According To Jim                         10.00 My Home
.00 ABC News                               2.30 Anatomy of a Shark Bite                  10.30 The Music Jungle                         an award.                                     (Lateline, ABC TV)
,30 The Shideshow with Paul McDermott      3.00 Big Bite                                 11.30 On Display                                  It was short, easy to remember and         "Sexual Abuse Of The Elderly" (Lateline,
.25 ABC News                               3.30 Movie. Turner & Hootch                   12.00 Speed Machine                            could be linked to television history. Gra-   ABC TV)
.30 The Bill                               5.30 Coxy’s Big Break                         12.30 The Car Show                             ham Kennedy was the first winner of
.20 ABC News                               6.00 Seven News                               1.00 Surfsport                                 the Star of the Year Logie award in           MOST OUTSTANDING
.25 New Tricks                             6.30 The Great Outdoors                       2.00 Movie. Where The Boys Are                 1959.                                         PUBLIC AFFAIRS REPORT
0.20 Parkinson: Helen Mirren and           7.30 Great Comedy Classics                    4.00 Discover Downunder                           The Logies began as a popularity           "Abu Ghraib" (Dateline, SBS)                     ● Terri Irwin with Steve Irwin
uzannah, Razorlight, Dame Edna Everage     9.45 Movie. Get Shorty                        4.30 Talk To The Animals                       vote by readers of TV Week magazine           "Four Days In Dili" (Dateline, SBS)           MOST OUTSTANDING
1.00 JTV Live                              11.50 Movie. The Vanishing                    5.00 The Garden Gurus                          in 1958.                                      The Great Escape: Brant Webb And Todd         CHILDREN'S PROGRAM
1.55 Rage: 20 Years of Rage                2.00 Movie. Waking The Dead                   5.30 Antiques Roadshow                            In response to criticism of the reader     Russell (Nine Network)                        Blue Water High (ABC TV)
                                           4.00 Guthy Renker Australia                   6.00 National Nine News                        poll system, TV Week later added peer-        "The Mourning After" (Australian Story, ABC   Camp Orange: Slimey Hollow (Nickel-
                                           5.00 Dateline NBC                             6.30 Australia’s Funniest Home Video Show      voted categories judged by an industry        TV)                                           odeon)
                                                                                         7.30 Primeval                                  panel.                                        The Terri Irwin Interview (Nine Network)      H20: Just Add Water (Network Ten)
                                                                                         8.30 TBA                                          Those voted on by TV Week readers
                                                                                         11.15 Mad TV. 12.15 Quizmania. 4.00                                                                                                        Mortified (Nine Network)
                                                                                                                                        are titled "Most Popular" and those peer-     MOST OUTSTANDING DOCUMENTARY                  The Upside Down Show (Nick Jr)
                                                                                         Danoz. 4.30 Jesse Duplantis Ministries.        voted are titled "Most Outstanding".
                                                                                         5.00 Life Today with James Robison. 5.30                                                     The Battle Of Long Tan (The History Chan-
                                                                                         Shine and Rise.                                                                              nel)                                          GRAHAM KENNEDY AWARD FOR MOST
                                                                                                                                        Gold Logie Winners                            The Bridge At Midnight Trembles (SBS)         OUTSTANDING NEW TALENT
                                                                                                                                                                                      The Floating Brothel (ABC TV)                 Emily Barclay (The Silence, ABC TV)
                                                                                                                                        2006      John Wood - Blue Heelers            Life At 1 (ABC TV)                            Aaron Fa'aoso (RAN: Remote Area Nurse,
         TEN SOUTHERN CROSS                       SBS CHANNEL 28                                 C31                                    2005      Rove McManus - Rove Live            Who Killed Dr Bogle And Mrs Chandler?         SBS)
.00 Toasted TV                             5.00 Weatherwatch. 5.25 Japanese News.        5.00 Chinese Weekly. 5.30 SATU TV.             2004      Rove McManus - Rove Live            (ABC TV)                                      Emma Lung (Stranded, SBS)
.00 Wicked Science                         6.00 Hong Kong News. 6.20 Chinese News.       Indonesian News. 6.00 Truth In Focus. 7.00     2003      Rove McManus - Rove Live                                                          Sam Parsonson (Love My Way, W Chan-
.30 Totally Wild                           6.50 Filipino News. 7.25 Italian News. 8.00   The Lawn Bowls Show. 7.30 Life Time. 8.00      2002      Georgie Parker - All Saints         MOST OUTSTANDING FACTUAL SERIES               nel)
.00 Scope                                  German News. 8.30 Spanish News. 9.20          Understanding Parkinsons. 8.30 Western         2001      Georgie Parker - All Saints         Border Security (Channel Seven)               Alex Tilman (Answered By Fire, ABC TV)
.30 Video Hits First                       French News. 9.55 Russian News. 10.30         Region Football League. 9.00 The Southern      2000      Lisa McCune - Blue Heelers
                                                                                         Footy Show. 10.30 The Green Gully Soccer                                                     Dynasties (ABC TV)
0.00 Video Hits                            Greek News. 11.30 Arabic News. 12.05                                                         1999      Lisa McCune - Blue Heelers
1.00 Australian Idol: Night Of My Life     Indonesian News. 12.30 Business Report.       Show. 11.00 Melbourne Musos. 11.30 Two                                                       Jamie's Kitchen Australia (Network Ten)
                                                                                                                                        1998      Lisa McCune - Blue Heelers          Peking To Paris (ABC TV)
2.00 Australian Rally Championship         1.00 La Belle Helene. 3.15 J S Bach: The      Wheel Torque. 12.00 KO Boxing. 12.30           1997      Lisa McCune - Blue Heelers
.00 RPM                                    48 Preludes and Fuguies. 3.30 In Search       Adventure Bound. 1.00 Class TV. 1.30 Hit       1996      Ray Martin - A Current Affair       RPA (Nine Network)
.00 Everybody Loves Raymond                of Yves Saint Laurent. 4.30 Newshour with     TV. 2.00 Romanian Mosaic. 3.00 Pacific         1995      Ray Martin - A Current Affair
.30 Seinfeld                               Jim Lehrer. 5.30 Europe From Above -          Asia Television. 3.30 The Shtick. 4.00         1994      Ray Martin - Midday                 MOST OUTSTANDING COMEDY PRO-
.00 Football. Essendon v Hawthorn          England and Ireland. 6.00 Nerds FC. 6.30      Punjabi TV. 4.30 Asian Community               1993      Ray Martin - Midday                 GRAM
.00 Ten News At Five                       World News Australia. 7.30 Top Gear. 8.30     Television. 5.30 Tiny Delights. 6.00 4WD TV.                                                 The Chaser's War On Everything (ABC TV)
.30 Sports Tonight                         Iron Chef. 9.20 RocKwiz. 10.10 VIP Pass.      6.30 River To Reef. 7.00 Regional Italian                                                    The Glass House (ABC TV)
.30 Football. Adelaide v Collingwood       Attitude. 11.45 SOS - Shorts On Screen.       Cuisine. 7.30 The Garden Tap. 8.00             Hall of Fame                                  Spicks & Specks (ABC TV)
1.00 Movie. The Cable Guy                  12.45 Movie. Baby Cart In The Land of         Popcorn. 8.30 The Ugly Stick. 9.00             2006      Play School                         Stupid Stupid Man (TV1)
.00 Pimp My Ride                           Demons. 2.30 Weatherwatch Overnight.          Quizmasters. 9.30 Queer Oz. 10.00 Get Up       2005      no award                            Thank God You're Here (Network Ten)
.55 Video Hits Up-Late                                                                   Tucked. 10.30 Chartbusting 80s. 11.30
                                                                                         Heavyweight. 12.00 Asylum TV. 12.30 The        2004      no award
.00 Home Shopping                                                                                                                       2003      Don Lane                            MOST OUTSTANDING
.00 Bayless Conley                                                                       Treatment. 1.00 Ma Cherie. 1.30 Studio Q.                                                    SPORTS COVERAGE
.30 Leading The Way                                                                      2.00 Noise TV. 3.30 Russ Kellett’s             2002      Mike Willesse
                                                                                         Melbourne. 4.30 Bric-A-Brac.                   2001      Ruth Cracknell                      3 Mobile Ashes Series, Second Test (Nine
.00 Hour of Power                                                                                                                                                                     Network)
                                                                                                                                        2000      Bruce Gyngell
                                                                                                                                        1999      Mike Walsh                          The Australian Open 2006 (Channel
                                                                                                                                        1998      Graham Kennedy                      Seven)
                                                                                                                                        1997      Garry McDonald                      2006 FIFA World Cup Germany - Italy v            ● The Logies have played an
                                                                                                                                        1996      Maurie Fields                       Australia (SBS)                               integral part in Australian television
                                                                                                                                        1995      Jack Thompson                       2006 Olympic Winter Games (Channel             history. This month’s cover of the
                                                                                                                                        1994      Charles "Bud" Tingwell              Seven)                                         Foxtel magazine features Stephen
                                                                                                                                        1993      Reg Grundy                          2006 Supercheap Auto Bathurst 1000            Curry as Graham Kennedy in TV1’s
                                                                                                                                                                                      (Network Ten)                                         release of ‘The King’

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