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					                                   The Cub News
   December 21, 2007                                               Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam                                              Volume 89, Issue 3

       Food, Poetry, and Black Jesus, Oh My!
       Sam Robinson ‘08                     year before we could name the event                   It was nearly impossible not to    schedules to support the Di-Verse-ify
          Staff Writer                      itself, eventually settling on “Di-Verse-   be impressed with the performances           effort: Dr. Elster, Mr. Hasset, Mrs.
                                            ify” thanks to our moderator, Mrs.          that evening held. Despite certain           Steele, Mr. Kinniebrew, Mr. Marando,
                                            Redigan. It was by her efforts that four    setbacks, such as the Jazz Band being        and the U of D maintenance staff, just
         It all began with a rag-tag
                                            phenomenal performers came to our           unable to perform, the overall flow          to name a few. Contributing to the
collection of people brainstorming ideas
                                            school on Monday, November 19th to          worked out better than any of us could       overall message of Inscapes focus,
in room 317 on a Monday afternoon,
                                            showcase their skills and light up the      have expected; it was a true testament       several clubs co-sponsored the event
when most other students had gone
                                            darkened cafeteria with the power of        to artistic power and cultural unity. No     by bringing in necessary supplies for the
home. From that simplistic scene, the
                                            the spoken word.                            topic was taboo as artists spoke on          reception following artist performances
editors of the 2008 Inscape formed Di-
                                                                                        everything from poverty to politics, each    including: B.A.S.E., Pax Christi,
Verse-ify, one of the biggest culturally-            Anyone present for that evening    with a unique voice and the collective       Diversity Club, and the U of D Human
motivated events of the school year,        can attest to the miracle that shook the    drive to uphold the city of Detroit, our     Rights Organization formerly known as
bringing together the efforts of various    U of D halls. Teachers and students         country, and of course the world in its      Amnesty International. Of course, not
clubs throughout U of D in a celebration    alike filled the cafeteria, entranced by    entirety.                                    a single piece of the miracle that went
of the arts.                                the epic words of true artists. Starlett,                                                down on the 19th of November could
                                            with her tough but passionate verse, set             Emceeing for Di-Verse-ify was       have been possible without Mrs.
         The plan was originally to
                                            the stage for a momentous three hours       Rubin Quarcoopome who, through               Redigan, who knows all of the Di-
prepare an overall focus for Inscape’s
                                            of uninhibited freedom. Invincible tore     personable speech and artistic tone,         Verse-ify performers personally and
revival this year. Our vision was to form
                                            down barriers and set hearts ablaze with    kept the evening running smoothly, and       toiled without end to make the evening
a magazine that was not only more
                                            poetry the likes of which few of us had     I would be remiss not to speak of the        the success that it came to be. The unity
inclusive, but to promote unity and
                                            ever heard. Karega, a brilliant             table full of Inscape editors who sat near   expressed in all that went on was
recognition between the clubs and
                                            mastermind of the utmost fortitude,         the door, keeping track of funds and         precisely what Inscape hoped to
students of U of D. In developing the
                                            wove the English language into his own      lending assistance throughout the setup      achieve, and even today, many of us
multitude of ideas posed in our
                                            instrument through which every mind         and teardown in the cafeteria. It was        still experience the backlash from all the
meetings, we came to decide upon a
                                            became captivated. Finally, the             not only with student help but also          emotion and creativity let loose that
kickoff event to raise awareness about
                                            unrivaled Will Copeland aka Namaste         generous adult support that Di-Verse-        evening. It’s been decided that related
Inscape and show in one evening a
                                            Brown returned to the high school of        ify was a success. To Mr. Clancy, for        Inscape-sponsored events should
piece of what we want to accomplish
                                            his youth, taking the essence of the        his organizational expertise, help in        become annual, so look forward for
through the magazine by the end of the
                                            vernacular and reshaping it into a          transportation, and publicity of the         many more surprises from the team that
                                            presentation of truth and mystifying        event, Inscape owes a great deal of          brought you Di-Verse-ify!
        It was no small task either! It     beauty.                                     gratitude. Other adults from around
took several meetings into the school                                                   school also took time from their

                                                         DJ Swydez
        Michael Aiello ‘08                  dances and many more parties, he really    few dances there. Through their work          he puts an impressive amount of effort
         Managing Editor                    established himself in the eyes of the U   at the school, they gained good               into diversifying his music library,
                                            of D Jesuit community at November’s        experience and solid references to            frequenting a great variety of sources
                                            White Out.                                 utilize in their hopes of expanding           and collections where he can keep up
         After years of keeping his disc-                                              interest and scheduling future events at      with the latest and best in rap, techno,
jockeying interests a little more on the    Since his career was born in the summer other locations.                                 rock music, and more. All this work is
quiet side around school, U of D’s very     of 2005, he has continued to search for                                                  worth it though, as he really enjoys what
own Adam Swider ’08, or, DJ Swidez,         ways to improve his skills and book With his share of the money they earned              he does.
has finally made a name for himself. He     more gigs. Successfully, one could say, together, Adam bought his own sound
has gone from renting sound equipment       as Adam’s senior year has been his rig to use at dances and other events to              Looking forward, DJ Swidez hopes to
with partner Guy Rizzo for events in the    busiest one to date with a number of come. His partner, however, did not act             continue playing at dances and parties,
summer of 2005 to now setting up his        events already scheduled for the near on his interest in the same way, and               already having lined up numerous gigs
own gear for various parties and high       future.                                    eventually the two parted ways – Adam         for the near future. He is available for
school dances around the Detroit area.                                                 has been playing alone as DJ Swidez           any dance or party, and for a reasonable
                                            His work as a DJ began in the early more often than in unison with his                   rate. He hopes to finish his senior year
His most recent event, U of D’s “White      months of summer 2005 with his partner, Guy, as Dynamite DJ’s. His                       strong and continue his work in college,
Out” dance, was a tremendous success.       passionate interest in music and a friend, company, Adam says, is still called           if possible. Though he plans to invest
He has heard from many what a great         Guy Rizzo, who was willing to go into Dynamite DJ’s, though most people                  more time and effort into improving his
job he did with the dance, and his          business with him. Together, they recognize him as DJ Swidez,                            skills and knowledge, he has no plans
success is truly reflected in the record-   founded their company, Dynamite DJ’s, independent of the partnership that got            to develop his disc-jockeying into a full
breaking attendance that evening. About     then rented equipment and went out in him started.                                       time career. Adam maintains that the
the White Out, DJ Swidez reflected that     search of places that might be interested                                                best part about his work is that for how
he was generally pleased with his           in hiring them for events. They soon With his break from that partnership                much he enjoys what he does, “it really
reception, excited to see that every time   found a suitable venue in their old comes a great deal of work. Though to                pays for itself” so it doesn’t require any
he “looked out over the crowd, it was       middle school, and approached the some playing music may seem like a                     extraordinary amount of sacrifice to
packed to the walls”. He fed off this       principle about any openings for the simple enough task, Adam has to keep                keep going. He is excited about what
energy and continued to play great          type of work they hoped to do. They in mind the broad range of musical                   is shaping up to be a successful year
music into the night. Though he has         were received quite well, and made interests present in his audience. As he              and will continue to play his music with
DJ’ed about ten other high school           arrangements to play the music for a aims to please everyone who hears him,              passion.
    Page 2                 The Cub News                                                                     Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

                   Academy Corner
        Jake Castle ‘13
     Academy Correspondent

ACADEMY BASKETBALL #1                      against St. Joan of Arc. The score was ACADEMY BASKETBALL #2                         U OF D JESUIT FAMILY NIGHT
       With the Thanksgiving
                                           42-35 in favor of the Cubs.                     As did the #1 team, the Cubs’s             On Sunday, January 6th, U of
                                                                                                                                D Jesuit is hosting a Family Night. There
Tournament approaching, the Cubs                   On December 2, the Cubs #2 team participated in the St. Clare of
                                                                                                                                are two basketball games during the
were looking for a great start to their    played Divine Child at home. The Montefalco Thanksgiving tourney. They
                                                                                                                                day. THE ACADEMY SENATE
season. The Cubs’s first game of the       Cubs pulled off a victory with a 49-39 finished in third place, with a loss during
                                                                                                                                PLANS FOR THIS DAY TO BE A
season was played on Monday,               win. Listed below are the December their second game. Their season opener
November 19th at 8:30pm. The next          games.                                 was against Holy Redeemer. The Cubs           MAROON OUT!!!!! WEAR
game was played on Tuesday,                                                       won 46-35. Listed below are the               MAROON!!!!!!!!
November 20 th at 8:30pm. The              @ Our Lady of Sorrows 12/9/07          December games.
                                                                                                                                3:15 pm- Our Lady of Sorrows*
Tournament was played at St. Clare of
Montefalco. The first game ended with      Our Lady of La Salette 12/16/07          @ St. Bartholomew 12/15/07
                                                                                                                                2:00 pm- O.L. Queen of Peace**
a 30-point difference, with the Cubs       U of D Christmas Tourney 12/27/07        U of D Christmas Tourney 12/27/07
wining 62-32. The Cubs also won their                                                                                           *Academy #1
game on Tuesday. This game was a           U of D Christmas Tourney 12/28/07* U of D Christmas Tourney 12/28/07*
                                                                                                                                **Academy #2
complete blowout with a score of 55-
18 in favor of the Cubs. The               U of D Christmas tourney 12/29/07* U of D Christmas Tourney 12/29/07*
championship game was played Sunday
                                           *Depends on first game                   *Depends on first game

  Inside the Actor’s Studio with Brendan Moylan
        Joe Dimuzio ‘08
       Entertainment Editor
                                                                                    B: The script called it “pie-eating kid”
                                                                                    Me: Did you have to dig pretty deep for that role?
Me: Hello, Brendan.
                                                                                    B: Earlier in my career, I didn’t have much experience, so I just went with
Brendan: Hello Joe. (notices my pen) Did you go to Calligraphy Camp?                what I thought.
Me: No I didn’t but I wish I could have. How are you?                               Me: That’s good. Follow your heart, good. So what was next in the Moylan
B: I’m fine. I have Manwell’s class off so it’s a good day.
                                                                                    B: My friend called me up and told me he wanted to take his favorite
Me: I really wish I had a tape recorder. I understand that you have some            children’s book and turn it into a film, casting me in the lead role.
experience in amateur film-making?
                                                                                    Me: What was it?
B: Sort of. My father has a masters in TV/news and radio, my mom was an
executive producer and they got me involved in some small independent films.        B: “The Grumpus Under the Rug”
Me: Conscious choice?                                                               Me: Sum this up in three words. Three separate words.
B: Yeah, a friend was a writer/director and he asked if I wanted to be the main     B: “Childhood”…”Mischief” and “Monster”
character in one of his films.                                                      Me: Give me three words that don’t describe it at all.
Me: What can you tell me about your first movie?                                    B: “Nonfiction”… (ponders for awhile)… “parents” and “rationality”
B: Uh, the first film was… I was a very small role that like, provided insight. I   Me: Sounds good.
liked it a lot and asked if I could be in another.
                                                                                    B: It was really only a short, like half an hour, forty minutes
Me: Title?
                                                                                    Me: and you played…
B: “The Goals to Life”
                                                                                    B: This small ten-year-old boy, Bobby or something. He is plagued by the
Me: Sum it up in three words.                                                       Grumpus who lives under the rug.
B: “Changes in life”                                                                Me: I wouldn’t have guessed.
Me: I meant three separate words…                                                   B: (shrugs)
B: I gave you my answer.                                                            Me: Did your director make any distinct stylistic motions or allusory homages?
Me: Alright. So when was this?                                                      B: Since it was a young group of college kids, it contained a lot of jokes that
B: Summer of 2004                                                                   weren’t necessarily for kids. Like, for example, in the book you never see the
                                                                                    dad. In the movie, my character walks into a room torn apart by the grumpus,
Me: Did they feed you?                                                              and rather than gasping like the kid in the book, my character asks his mom;
B: It was really low budget, we just kind of “snacked around”.                      “Did dad come back?”
Me: What was your character’s name?
          Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam                                                                           The Cub News                                       Page 3

       The                                 man, man, you’re the man. No one can
                                           ever do that again. You’re the only one.
                                           No one, no one, has the power to do
                                           that again.
                                                                                          it constantly in hallways, in the cafeteria,
                                                                                          in hushed whispers during class, does
                                                                                          sex have a role in a place like this, U of
                                                                                          D, an academic setting?
                                                                                                                                         supposed to be uniting, beautiful, etc.,
                                                                                                                                         etc. So, why “nasty”? I bet there’s
                                                                                                                                         probably a hint of something more
                                                                                                                                         profound here. Going table to table in
                                                                                                                                         the cafeteria, attempting to simply
                                                                                                    Why the jump from the over-

                                           Casper: Right. The way I see it, my                                                           begin discussions about sex, I was met
                                           outlook on the situation…It’s like             simplification of sex to sex and U of D,       with a great plethora of responses;
                                           getting fame, you know what I’m                you ask? I believe that a great deal of        some students tensed and avoided eye
                                           saying? Say you was to die tomorrow            what we believe is shaped by what              contact, while many laughed. A few
                                           right, fifty years from now all the virgins    we’re taught in school. If males over-         made me go away, but everyone
                                                                                          simplify sex, perhaps the things we’re

                                           you ever had sex with are gonna                                                               responded in some kind of way.
                                           remember you. Right? They gonna tell           taught are partially to blame. Do we talk      There has got to be something more
                                           their grandkids about that…                    about it enough (if at all)? Is it something   than mental images of super models
                                                                                          appropriate for school discussion? A           and girlfriends stirred when the topic
                                           Perhaps many people’s perceptions of           quick trip through the cafeteria with my
       Jamal Jordan ‘08                    sex are skewed by things like that, odd                                                       of sex is brought up. What makes
                                                                                          notebook produced the following                people so uncomfortable? Love? Self-
         Photo Editor                      notions about what a “normal” teen boy         answers: “School’s a good place to talk
                                           thinks about sex. Going to a school full                                                      deprivation? Fear?
         When I think about sex, I think                                                  about it, ‘cause some parents aren’t up
about rain. Or the color red. Or           of teen boys, and having many friends          to talking about it…School’s a place                   I won’t attempt to answer.
chocolate. It depends on the day. But,     from a school full of teen girls, I’ve heard   to learn, and I would think talking about
                                           many interesting views on the role of          it here would help people make better                    I’ve always wondered what
I think about sex a lot. I’m not quite
                                           sex in a teenager’s life. Many girls I talk    decisions…Sex is a part of our lives.          forms our ideas about sex. TV and
sure why. I think it’s just natural.
                                           to always make a point of telling me           Discussions about sex are important,           movies? Priests and grandmas? With
Who’d have thought, sex as a part of
                                           that girls “have it harder” than boys: “A      and should be done, as long as they            all the different people telling us what
a teenager’s natural state of mind?
                                           boy can have sex with as many girls as         are done in a mature, respectful way.”         to do with our loins, how should we
         When a lot of people think        he wants and be considered a ‘pimp’            (Religion) textbook answers. Great.            be expected to truly form our own,
about sex, they think of                   or whatever the current in-word for                                                           genuine opinions about sex?
promiscuousness, prostitution, sin,        ‘male whore’ is. If a girl tries to do the            There was an eighth grader
                                           same thing, she’s a slut.”                   walking through the commons as I left                     Standing in the cafeteria, still
AIDS, nuclear weapons, the
                                                                                        the cafeteria. Looking over my shoulder          searching for the perfect, concise
apocalypse, and things of that nature.
                                                     I’m sure many people will agree at my scribbled notes for this article, he          answer to all of my questions about
I don’t know why. I’m reminded of a
                                           that, at least physically, girls “have it saw the word “sex” in big black letters             teen boys and sex, a friend smiled at
film I saw a few years ago, Kids,
                                           harder” than guys. But, on a deeper, at the top of a blank page. There were                   me. I asked him what role he thought
directed by Larry Clark. It follows a
                                           more mental, emotional level, is this still stars drawn around it.                            sex played in the education of the
day in the life of Telly, a 15 year-old
                                           the case? Many of my female friends                                                           everyday life of the average U of D
New Yorker who believes that only
                                           think that males over-simplify sex. I                 “Sex is for people who are              student.
having sex with virgins will keep him
                                           don’t know what I think of that. Some        married,” he began. “It’s in the Bible.
from getting AIDS. Only, he already                                                                                                              He gave me a thumbs-up
has it. A conversation between Telly       study somewhere said that males think Otherwise, it’s just nasty.”
                                           about sex every 27 seconds. While I’m                                                         with a smile.
and his best friend, Casper, sticks out                                                          Nasty? Nasty…Nas-tay! I
in my mind:                                sure that’s a gross overstatement, I am
                                           brought to a very important pointif love that word. It’s interesting that he’d
Telly: But like, if you deflower a girl,   guys think about sex so much, talk about use it to describe sex. I thought sex was

                                 Did You Know?!
      In America in 1977, the punishment for smuggling marijuana was 15 years
                    less than the punishment for smuggling coffee!

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              Wu Tang Clan: “Keeping it Fresh Like Tupperware”
          A.K. Bennett ‘08                    Wu-Tang Clan’s founding members,             careers of any Clan member. He            There were grumblings within the group
             Staff Writer                     collapsed and died while in the studio.      became known across the globe             that the end product would not be up
        “From the slums of Shaolin, the       Autopsies discovered the cause of            through his efforts with female singers   to WU standards. Many wondered if
Wu-Tang Clan strikes again. The RZA,          death to be an accidental overdose of        Mariah Carey (“Fantasy”) and Mya          the group had drifted too far apart to
the GZA, Ol’ Dirty B*****d,                   cocaine. From the moment the Wu-             (“Ghetto Superstar”).                     bring it all together to create an album
Inspectah Deck, Raekwon the Chef,             Tang Clan burst on the scene, ODB was                                                  of quality close to that of their previous
                                              one of the most beloved members for                   If GZA is the cerebrum of the works. The answer is: don’t doubt the
Masta Killa, U-God, Ghostface Killah,                                                      group, and Raekwon serves as the Clan.
and the Method Man.”                          his unusual lyrical delivery. His style of
                                              rapping was described by rap critic          advocate of the streets, Russell Jones
         Just under six years ago, they       Steve Huey as “a distinctive, half-          (ODB) was its flavor and light-hearted             From the word go, rumors
descended, brandishing an Iron Flag;          rapped, half-sung style” and brought a       side. The group waited to release a were flying about unrest amongst the
now, one of hip-hop’s most innovative         touch of the absurd and humor to the         collective effort dedicated to their lost members regarding the creation of the
and legendary groups is forming 8             dark, streetwise Clan. Several               colleague until the recording of their album and its content. Ghostface Killah
Diagrams. Unlike many of the great                                                         latest album, 8 Diagrams, which was was M.I.A for much of the early
groups from the late 80’s through mid                                                                                                   recording, and the RZA stated that
90’s, known as hip-hop’s “Golden                                                                                                        “the group was prepared to move
Age”, the Wu-Tang Clan hasn’t                                                                                                           on without him.” No need to fear,
disbanded or fallen off. Before Enter                                                                                                   the Ironman brings his trademark
the Wu-Tangwas released in 1993,                                                                                                        energetic and hard-hitting stream of
the music industry had never laid eyes                                                                                                  consciousness flow on four of the first
upon an assembly of such                                                                                                                six tracks, but then disappears for
remarkably diverse talent, and since                                                                                                    the remainder of the album. Ghost
then, no one, outside of OutKast, has                                                                                                   and Raekwon, who is known for his
come close to matching the Clan’s                                                                                                       legendary debut album, Only Built
impact on the innovation of hip-hop                                                                                                     4 Cuban Linx”, open up 8
music. Comprised of 9 unique                                                                                                            Diagramswith “Campfire”. This
emcees, the Clan possesses an                                                                                                           track leads the album off with
unrivaled power in numbers. Yet that                                                                                                    traditional martial arts film dialogue,
strength is becoming their greatest                                                                                                     one of the mainstays of Wu-Tang
weakness. Prior to 8 Diagrams, there          members have attested to the true talent     released on December 11th.                albums. Unlike the skits of previous
had not been a studio album from the          of ODB, and Method Man has stated                                                      albums, this excerpt focuses on self-
                                                                                                    When word broke that the Wu- control, honesty, kindness, and faith, all
entire group since Iron Flagin 2001.          more than once that “there was no father     Tang Clan was working on a new in the pursuit of becoming a good
Tragedy suddenly struck the group on          to his style”. The man was an                album, there were many doubters.
the afternoon of November 13, 2003.           unpredictable loose cannon, yet he had
Ol’ Dirty B*****d (ODB), one of the           one of the most critically acclaimed                           Continued on page 5 . . .

                                                                     Fred Claus
                                              did not see this movie. The only reason      owed some bookies or because he was to the North Pole or something, I have
       Anthony Eggert ‘08                     I could see to spending good, American       addicted to heroin). So he goes to his no idea. He needs money but Santa
         Co-Copy Editor                       money on this pile of trash was to get       brother Santa Claus for some help. I won’t give it to him, which makes no
Agent: Well Vince, Wedding Crashers           the ticket                                                                                     sense because he is Santa
was released two years ago. Not only          stub, take a                                                                                   Claus, a man who gives
did it make over $200 million at the box      picture of                                                                                     stuff away easier than a
office, it also got remarkably good           me holding                                                                                     drunken Britney Spears.
reviews.                                      it, and use                                                                                    So he makes Fred work
                                              that photo as                                                                                  in his sweatshop for awhile
Vince Vaughn: I know, I know. My              m            y                                                                                 and of course Fred causes
senseless, sarcastic banter just keeps        Facebook                                                                                       epic amounts of hi-jinks
fillin’ the seats. I think I need to follow   profile pic                                                                                    because he is tall and an
this up with something that will open         with the                                                                                       idiot. Somehow Kevin
people’s eyes to the true essence of my       caption                                                                                        Spacey comes in as an
thespian being.                               “lolz”. I                                                                                      inspector of some sort
                                              WAS going                                                                                      and he closes down the
Agent: Well I think you can trust my          to see it, but                                                                                 factory or something like
opinion. I mean, I did tell you to do         a            t                                                                                 that. This is when my
The Break-Up, did I not? We have two          Thanksgiving                                                                                   cousin had to leave
choices: a gritty, mind-bending character     my cousin,                                                                                     because he was going to
study directed by Paul Thomas                 who literally                                                                                  the DIA grand opening
Anderson or a Christmas movie where           is in a gangsta rap group called “Words      gathered from the previews that he is (which was amazing, by the way). So
you play Santa Claus’ brother.                Drop” (,                played by the ever-confusing Paul this is what I assume will happen: Santa
VV: Hahahaha. I’m Vince Vaughn! I             check out the song Ice Cream Man; it         Giamatti. Cinderella Man and Private somehow can’t do his thing. Fred Claus
somehow dated Jennifer Aniston for            will blow your mind), told me the entire     Parts? Who do you think you are, does the Santa stuff and saves the day.
awhile! Call me Mr. Christmas!                plot of the story in around 3 minutes:       Garth Brooks/Chris Gaines (look it up Santa comes back and says something
                                              Fred Claus is a moron who needs              on Wikipedia, folks)? Fred then goes like “I had you wrong the whole time,
        And thus, Fred Claus was              money for some reason (I don’t
born. I’m going to be totally honest: I       remember whether it was because he                             Continued on page 7. . .
           Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam                                                                       The Cub News                                     Page 5

                                                   Possibly Stiking Out
      Robert L. Lisiecki ‘09                 well. “Angels and Demons” has had it’s strike. This answer is quite saddening,         Illustrated, it is still something.
         Layout Editor                       production delayed indefinitely because especially if it is the former. People         Magazines range from beauty to
                                             of the strike. The strike has lasted five would much rather watch TV that do           building, sports to science. There is
          Ever felt that something seems
to be repeating like a broken record?                                                                         something to          bound to be a magazine for you and
Well, if you have not before, you will                                                                        “stimulate your       there might even be one that is out of
soon. The writers of most of the major                                                                        brain” like reading   your comfort zone but is really
television shows, Writers Guild of                                                                            a book. Wait.         interesting or informal. A simple read
America, have been without a new                                                                              “Did he just say      of This Old House, for instance, could
contract since November 1st. This will                                                                        read a book?”         give insightful ways to remodel a room
cause many of our favorite shows to                                                                           Yes, my friends, I    or fix something without having to call
start running reruns in early 2008. You                                                                       did. I know it        a mechanic who would get paid a ton
better get used to watching episodes                                                                          might be tough to     for doing the same task. All that I am
that, if you are a loyal fan of the show,                                                                     chew on and even      suggesting is that we could possibly find
you have already seen two or three times                                                                      tougher          to   something to do rather than sitting on
already. It will be especially difficult                                                                      swallow, but          our bums watching the tube all of the
for the people watching shows in the                                                                          people really         time; especially when we have seen it
midst of the season; endlessly waiting                                                                        should read books     before or if it is some nonsense such as
for what will happen next. Without                                                                            more.           We    “American Idol” (no offense).
                                             weeks thus far and shows no sign of especially, as high school students,
writers, nothing will happen next. This                                                                                                       Only time will tell as to when
                                             ending within the next couple of weeks. rarely pick up a book to read just to
strike does not only affect many sitcoms                                                                                            this strike will end. The shows might
                                             Many co-workers of the writers, such read. Most of the time, we will only
and other recorded TV shows, but it                                                                                                 become like an old, broken record, but
                                             as film and television production pick up a book for school related
also affects many live shows, such as                                                                                               one thing will remain the same: people
                                             workers, joined by florists, caterers and reasons, if we even do that. I will be
“The Daily Show” or the beloved                                                                                                     across America will continue to watch
                                             dry cleaners, have started urging both the first to admit that I do not like
“Colbert Report”. Luckily, these skillful                                                                                           it regardless of how horrible the show
                                             sides of the negotiation to agree on a reading and that I do not usually read a
writers work diligently to keep ahead                                                                                               is. It is my hope that some can break
                                             contract. As they say, money is the root book for fun. However, instead of
and numerous shows still have new                                                                                                   out of their habits and break away from
                                             of all evil.                                 waiting for what will happen next on a
episodes previously recorded, so we                                                                                                 the norms of society. Will you swim
are in luck for now. However, these                                                       TV show, we could be seeing what
                                                       Now comes a serious question happens next by just turning the page.          upstream against the current, as difficult
will not last forever and the seemingly      that will probably get a shameful answer: Okay, so maybe reading a book is not         as it might be, or will you just be another
sluggish negotiations must shape up          what will we do if shows start playing for everyone; there are other ways to           number, another statistic, another dollar
soon if a new episode will be shown          reruns? As absurd as this question might read. Sometimes a book is unappealing         going to already loaded producers who
anytime in the near future. And if that      sound, it is valid that I ask it. The answer because of its length; people would       have nothing new to produce?
does not get you worried, how do you         for the majority will probably be either much rather read something short and
feel about movies? This strike will be       watch the reruns or find something else concise. If this is the case, then a
affecting the production of movies as        on TV that is not affected by the writers magazine is for you. Even if it is Sports

                                                               “Wu Tang” from page 4
person. Maturity pervades 8                  others have praised it as a progression     an eyebrow. The last song is the           best MCs on the album, and RZA
Diagrams, and this is just the first         in collaborative sound. Personally, the     mediocre “Tar Pit.” The most enjoyable     continues to solidify his place as one of
instance of proof that this isn’t the Clan   song is nothing short of average to me.     portion of this track was the end which    the top producers in history. The main
of 1993. “Campfire” brings the murky         The track doesn’t match the emotion         features George Clinton delivering         piece 8 Diagramsis missing is that
sound that made the group what it is.        or lyrical depth of similar WU pieces,      comical joke-laden rhymes, similar to      memorable song, such as the timeless
There’s no time for let-up on the second     such as “I Can’t Go To Sleep”.              what Ol’ Dirty B***** gave the Clan.       “C.R.E.A.M” or the famed posse cut
song, “Take It Back”, which features         Although not as earth-shattering of a       8 Diagramsisn’t totally devoid of the      “Triumph”.
production from Easy Mo Bee, and its         combination, the next track, “Wolves”,      Buddah Monk though. Right as the                    The Wu-Tang Clan is becoming
obvious the WU can still bring it harder     does feature the “Prime Minister of         door is closing, Dirt McGirt sneaks in     its own worst enemy, much later than
than many of these new rappers. Many         Funk”, George Clinton. “Starter” struck     with “16thChamber”. A track once lost,     most expected. The factions forming
of the standout tracks on 8                  me deep. I hated it, and still do. The      it was discovered by Mathematics, a        within the group are a sign of something
Diagramscome in the first half of the        only redeeming component of this song       co-producer of the album. Method           direr. The road for the Wu-Tang Clan,
album, particularly “Rushing Elephants”      for me was the beat, where RZA              Man opens the track and then the final     post 8 Diagrams, in uncharted, but not
and “Unpredictable”. RZA shows us            combines a bubbling guitar sample and       verse ever from Ol’ Dirty leaves us        totally unknown. Rumor has it the next
why he is one of hip-hop’s ultimate          a great kick drum. “Starter’s” hook is      wanting more of those trademark            album will be called Shaolin vs. Wu-
producers with a mix of sounds that is       as lame as it gets, and should be on a      humorous sing-song rhymes.                 Tang, and will be a collective effort.
truly unpredictable. The beat is             1995 R&B album, or better yet in a
                                                                                                  8 Diagrams fails to hide the      Raekwon has stated that he has
guaranteed to draw your ear, and             warehouse, never released. “Weak
                                                                                         clash within the Clan. Raekwon and         intentions on another project featuring
Inspectah Deck, the group’s most             Spot” is one of the most “Wu-like”
                                                                                         Ghostface have publicly criticized RZA     “The Clan” without RZA. It is unknown
underrated lyricist, brings a 28 bar         tracks on the album. GZA delivers a
                                                                                         for the experimental approach he took      whether this project is Shaolin vs. Wu-
masterpiece. Following up                    verse of clever wordplay, and Raekwon
                                                                                         with the album, calling him a “hip-hop     Tang or if it will be a separate album.
“Unpredictable” is the album’s most          and RZA spit solid verses, bringing the
                                                                                         hippie”. The wide spectrum of sounds       My advice for the men from the slums
discussed song, “The Heart Gently            album to its most poignant moment.
                                                                                         that is 8 Diagramsshow the feud of         of Shaolin is that I doubt ODB would
Weeps”, which is an interpolation of         “Life Changes” is the tribute track to
                                                                                         ideas amongst the members. As I said       want his brothers slamming each other
“While My Guitar Gently Weeps” with          deceased member ODB and fails to
                                                                                         earlier, strength is in numbers. But       in the media over ego trips. It will take
instrumentals provided by Dhani              sink into the proverbial “cry me a river”
                                                                                         numbers also provide more separate         time, but RZA, GZA, Inspectah Deck,
Harrison (son of Beatles’ member             track. Beauty and sorrow meet as each
                                                                                         entities, each with their own agenda.      Raekwon, U-God, Masta Killa,
George Harrison) and John Frusciante         member raps about the loss of ODB,
                                                                                         Although there are several faults, the     Method Man, and Ghostface will sit
(of the Red Hot Chili Peppers), and          with GZA and Inspectah Deck leaving
                                                                                         album still rises above many releases      down at the table and reconcile their
vocals from Erykah Badu. There have          the most touching verses.
                                                                                         this year with ease. Method Man,           creative differences. 8 Diagrams proves
been several outcries against the use of     Conspicuously, Ghostface doesn’t
                                                                                         Inspectah Deck, and the GZA are the        that Wu-Tang Clan Still “Ain’t Nothin
the song by a rap group; however,            appear on “Life Changes”, raising many                                                 To F*** With.”
    Page 6                 The Cub News                                                                     Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

                                A Cub’s Guide to Winter
                                                                        Austin Kronig ‘08
                                                                          News Editor

I received two e-mails last week that really sent me over the edge. The first e-mail: Breckenridge Ski Resort reporting a dumping of 21 inches of powder overnight.
And the other, via Whistler Blackcomb: “We just got pounded today with 25 inches of snow; come visit!”

You read news like this and you can’t help but think to yourself, “I’d much rather be skiing right now.” It literally sends chills down your spine. Well, with two full
weeks of Christmas vacation in store this year, there is ample opportunity to get your big-mountain fix, whether it’s a few hours’ trek up north or a flight out west.
If you really want to out-do yourself, you can always model the lifestyle of a Shaun White, who chases all the major snow happenings from coast to coast (from Utah
to Japan to Norway to Italy) at the whim of text message. Remember that American Express commercial?


So what’s new out back at Michigan ski resorts? This year, it’s all about more snow, fewer big jumps, plus a new race track made with the snowboarder in mind.
Details below.

Over the past few winters, Michigan ski resorts have been burned by a dry spell. Since it’s so hard to rely on Michigan weather, many ski resorts have significantly
upped their snow-making powers. Boyne, for example, has increased snow-making by 40%, Crystal Mountain by 30%, and Pine Knob by 15%.

In other news, snowboarders will sadly discover that terrain park “tabletop” jumps have gone bye-bye this year at many Michigan ski resorts, including Nub’s Nob
and Crystal Mountain. “What’s a tabletop, again?” A tabletop has an up-slope, a big flat section on top, a down-slope, and a landing area. To replace this aerial
void, there will be a greater number of boxes, rails, and step-up jumps instead. Even jumps that still exist are on a much smaller scale. Why all the changes? One
word – safety. The death knell for tabletops was a $14-million verdict awarded this year to a snowboarder in a tabletop-related paralysis lawsuit in Washington
state. Consequently, ski resorts all over North America are scaling back on tabletops.

For all you racing fans, Nub’s Nob has introduced Board/Skicross, which let’s skiers or snowboarders race each other – friend against friend – in the terrain park.
Boyne Highlands will add it own course this year as well. This follows the trend set back in 2004, when Boardercross was given the nod as a competitive event at
the Olympic Games in Park City, Utah. Ever since, the sport of boardercross has exploded across the globe and promises to become the giant slalom of
snowboard racing.


For those of you ready to step-up from the relative child’s play of Northern Michigan, it’s time you set your sights west. But where to?

The following, courtesy of Powder magazine, is a rundown on the crème de la crème of big-mountain skiing. Feel free to choose you own crazy ski/board
adventure. Go big or go home, right?

Steamboat Springs, Colorado

It’s no longer a secret that Steamboat has some of the best tree-skiing in the country, filled with its “champagne” trademark. The real trick is getting those coveted
first tracks before they’re thoroughly inhaled.

The fastest way to back-to-back face shots is all about timing the gondola line. Grab a coffee from nearby Market on the Mountain, and get there before 7:30 a.m.
The new Christie Peak Express six-pack will be a quick alternative to avoid the Gondola Square chaos. Then it’s all about upper-mountain laps. Head up Storm
Peak Express and take your pick. Closet and Shadows go quickly, so duck in the trees anywhere on Pioneer Ridge or around one o’clock and two o’clock in Priest
Creek. The seemingly perfect spaces between the aspens and spruce go 2,000 feet.

Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Since opening in 1965-66, Jackson Hole has been synonymous with two things: powder and vert. Boasting an average ANNUAL SNOWFALL of 459 inches and
4,139 vertical feet, Jackson Hole is, and always will be, a prominent destination on any dedicated skier’s tick list. More than half the area’s inbounds terrain harbors
expert runs and an open-gate policy offers access to 3,000-plus acres of some of the best skiing on the planet.

Outside the resort’s boundaries, the dramatic backcountry is the ultimate playground. Despite its popularity, this terrain is dangerous, and it claims a few people
every year. So be prepared and be smart.

Sun Valley, Idaho

From the world’s first chairlift in the 1930s, to Warren Miller camping out in the parking lot in the 40’s to the birth of Smith Optics in the 60’s and 70’s, Sun Valley
has left an indelible mark on the skiing world. Once the place to ski, Sun Valley’s Bald Mountain can still dish out the goods despite its anemic ANNUAL
SNOWFALL totals. Last season saw Bald Mountain dusted with a total of 145 inches (compared to a record 360 the year before), but thanks to a world-class
snowmaking system, there were good turns all year long. Hit a steep run like Canyon when the snow guns are blasting and use your fatties to mach through the
crystals. Other runs like Upper College and Flying Squirrel have mini spines where the groomer drops off on the side. For pure speed, drop down Warm Springs
Face and feel the pull of 2,500 feet. With Baldy’s extensive network of high-speed lifts and non-existent lift lines, serious skiers can rack up 30,000 feet of vert in
just a couple of hours.

Jay Peak, Vermont

Some resorts rely on fancy base lodges, extensive snowmaking, and high-speed lifts to attract skiers. Jay Peak has all of that plus the natural snow, which alone is
                                                       Continued on Page 7. . .
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                                                      “Winter Guide” from page 6
enough to draw people to this remote outpost near the Canadian border. In the East, there’s no better place for powder than the balding summit of Jay, where one
year the snow total approached 600 inches. Even in “bad” years, Jay usually receives more snow than anywhere else in the East. All of that snow is falling onto a
pair of 2,000-vertical-foot mountains, with an honest-to-goodness tram and terrain for every taste: semi-alpine steeps, dense glades, haul-ass cruisers and knee-
crumpling bumps. At Jay it’s easy to forget which coast you’re on.


Ski Extra: The Must-See Ski-Movie of the Year:

Steep (2007) – Movie Poster to be included

Steep tells the story of big mountain skiing, a sport that barely existed 35 years ago. It started in the 1970s in the mountains above Chamonix, France, where skiers
began to attempt ski descents so extreme that they appeared almost suicidal. Full of lush images of white slopes and mountain landscapes, director Mark Obenhaus
traces the legacy of extreme skiing from its early pioneers to the daredevils of today. Steep was praised at this year’s Tribeca Film Festival in New York.

Release Date: December 21, 2007 (limited).

                                                             Student/ Faculty Reviews
Michael Aiello ‘08                           David Cassleman ‘08                          Jeff Harness’08                    Mr. Vaughn Rowe
Ski or board: Both                           Ski or board: Board                          (Ski Team Captain)
                                                                                                                             Ski or board: I haven’t skied in 15
Favorite ski resort: Whistler/               Favorite ski resort: Heavenly/Squaw          Ski or board: Ski                  years
Blackcomb, British Columbia                  Valley, California
                                                                                          Favorite Ski Resort: Aspen/        Favorite ski resort: Deer Valley, Utah
Comments: “It’s…beautiful out                Favorite run at Heavenly: Orion              Snowmass, Colorado
there?”                                      (Sonny Bono died on this run)                                                   Comments: “Mrs. Rowe and I rode
                                                                                          Favorite Run: Sneaky’s             the chairlift with Danny DeVito. Did I
                                             Favorite run at Squaw: KT-22                                                    mention that I love the on-mountain
                                             (Olympic downhill track)             Comments: “The terrain is top, the
                                                                                  backcountry is gnarly, and they            food.”
                                             Comments: “Tahoe has a great variety groom nightly.”
                                             of terrain and the scenery is awe-

                                     “Actor’s Studio” from page 2
                                                                                                                                “Fred Claus” from
Me: That’s hilarious. So there were some unique artistic interpretations going on.                                                   page 4
B: Yeah, you could call it that.
                                                                                                                             Fred”. And then Fred will go on some
Me: I understand there was some CG involved.                                                                                 completely unfunny tangent because it’s
B: Yeah, to make the grumpus real they had to use CG like in movies today. It was really interesting, like a 30-second       Vince Vaughn and he does that in every
clip of something walking takes like four hours.                                                                             movie he has ever been in. One thing
                                                                                                                             that completely confuses me is that
Me: Where can we see these movies?                                                                                           Ludacris is not only in this movie, but
B: I can get you the first one, but the second one… due to some rights issues, wasn’t published.                             he is an elf. How does he go from
                                                                                                                             Chicken-N-Beer and Incognegro to
Me: That blows.
                                                                                                                             Fred Claus? That’s like Snoop Dogg
B: It blows indeed.                                                                                                          going from Soul Plane (“What goes up,
Me: So what’s in store for the future?                                                                                       must get down…”) to being featured
                                                                                                                             on Kenny G’s next Christmas album: it
B: Well, I’ve discovered the stage. I was in “Rebel Without a Cause” and I’ll be trying out for next year’s play. We’ll      just doesn’t work.
see. The sky’s the limit.
                                                                                                                                      I don’t know how this “film”
Me: I never really understood that phrase.
                                                                                                                             went from some producer thinking
B: Well, I like to think that if like, the sky is indeed limitless, then the sky has no limit.                               “How can we make some money during
Me: That’s pretty rad.                                                                                                       Christmas?” to a review saying that Fred
                                                                                                                             Claus is “soulless concoction that’s a
Pat Levandowski: (sits down and interrupts) Why are you interviewing him and not me?                                         joy-sinkhole for the whole family”. Do
B: (ignores him) I’ve been lucky to be in these films, and I’d like to be in more.                                           me, yourself, and the entire world a favor
                                                                                                                             and do not see this movie. If you want
Me: I might as well end this like James Lipton, soo, what is your favorite word?                                             to get into the holiday spirit, drink some
B: “urban”                                                                                                                   eggnog, cozy up with a nice blanket,
                                                                                                                             and watch Die Hard(it takes place
Me: What is your favorite swear word?
                                                                                                                             during Christmas and stars the fat guy
B: The f-word.                                                                                                               from “Family Matters”). The only way
Me: What would you like to hear God say when he greets you at the gates of heaven?                                           you could be dumber is if you see Alvin
                                                                                                                             and the Chipmunks. Please don’t see
B: “Allow me to shake your hand”                                                                                             Alvin and the Chipmunks.
Me: Will you allow me?
B: Yes, of course. (shakes my hand)
Me: Thank you, Brendan. Do you want this pen?
    Page 8                 The Cub News                                                                       Ad Majorem Dei Gloriam

                                                     Sports                                                                        Swimming
                                                                                                                                          Jack Holtgreive ‘10
                                                                                                                                              Staff Writer

                                                                                      That first home stretch will include bouts            Every day, a group of tired-
                                                                                      with many league rivals, including the       looking kids with bleached blonde hair
                                                                                      Brother Rice Warriors, the Catholic          trudges into school around seven forty-
                                                                                      Central Blue Shamrocks (1/11), the De        five. You may have heard them getting
                                                                                      La Salle Purple Pilots (1/18), and the       yelled at for sleeping in class, and they
          Philip Clark ‘08                Nevertheless, seniors Allen, Chapman,       Divine Child Falcons (1/22). Let’s           never seem to have their homework
           Sports Editor                  Ervin, Hill, and Johnson all provide an     show them our inimitable enthusiasm—         completely finished. This is your U of
                                          unparalleled presence of experience as      in a respectable manner, of course—
          Head Coach Curt Rotter aims                                                                                              D swim team; a bunch of semi-crazy
                                          well as exemplary notions of hard work.     when they’re in our house.
to duplicate the basketball team’s                                                                                                 individuals who seem to enjoy jumping
Catholic League Championship                       The Cubs jumpstarted their                                                      into frigid (and I mean really cold—
                                                                                              The Cubs seek to fulfill great
appearance from a year ago—but with season with a 64-63 win in their season                                                        we’re pretty sure we saw an iceberg
                                                                                      expectations, most notably the game on
a better ending. Emphasizing defense, opener against Detroit Community                                                             last week) water at five thirty in the
                                                                                      February 17. The basketball team has
Assistant Coaches Keith Flourney and High School on December 4. Despite                                                            morning while wearing Speedos and
                                                                                      not won the Catholic League
Damiso Davis also run the team. a slow start in the first three quarters                                                           then practicing again after school. The
                                                                                      Championship since the 1991-1992
Captains Da’Ron Allen ‘08, Gerald and a daunting fourteen-point deficit,                                                           swim team also consists of some of the
                                                                                      season. (That’s a whopping sixteen
Bridges ‘09, and returning All-Leaguer they rallied back in the fourth quarter                                                     hardest working students in the school;
                                                                                      years for all of you math tenderfoots.)
Jordan Morgan ’09 set their sights high due in large part to junior guard Jeff                                                     we have achieved an All State
                                                                                      They hope to redecorate the gym with
this season, hoping to live up to all the Jones who dropped a game-high 20                                                         Academic ranking for the past four
                                                                                      a 2007-08 addition to the basketball
hype.                                     points off the bench. The Cubs, getting                                                  years (meaning one of the top two team
                                                                                      banner. Da’Ron Allen identifies St.
                                          back to fundamentals and cutting down                                                    GPAs in the state. We may be crazy,
          Pre-season rankings from the                                                Mary’s, led by one familiar Dion Sims,
                                          on turnovers, regained their composure.                                                  but we’re smart).
Detroit        Free       Press      and                                              and Divine Child as the Cubs’ biggest
                                          With seven seconds left, junior guard       potential threats. Mike Wenderski predict the U of D                                                                                                            Despite the loss of several state
                                          Blair Ramsey was sent to the foul line      marks the games against the Eaglets on
Jesuit basketball team as high as eighth                                                                                           qualifiers and one All American, the
                                          for two shots. After missing the first      his calendar in particular. “We want to
in the State and first in the Catholic                                                                                             season started out strong with the return
                                          with the score tied at 63, Ramsey recalls   get them back for last year,” he says in
League. Senior guard Darrick Ervin                                                                                                 of Coach Jason Black and a third place
                                          the support of his team: “Some of my        reference to last year’s league
reveals, “Some of the guys are buying                                                                                              finish at the Eastern Michigan relay
                                          teammates told me just to calm down         championship 68-51 defeat. The
into that, but I’m not.” Junior big man                                                                                            meet. The team upheld the long
                                          and take my time.” Cool under               League Championship remains a
Mike Wenderski adds, “I’m just gonna                                                                                               tradition of good performances at this
                                          pressure, he proceeded to knock down        stepping stone to the ultimate goal of
play basketball.” The rankings simply                                                                                              meet. Led by Captain Rob Eckert, the
                                          the clutch free throw which put the Cubs    the Michigan High School Athletic
compliment and recognize the potential                                                                                             team was able to put up some of their
                                          on top for good. “When I shot the           Association State Championship
greatness and extraordinary depth of                                                                                               fastest swims ever. Over the next three
                                          second one, I knew that it was going        though. “States, that’s number one,”
the fairly young team. Ten of the fifteen                                                                                          months the team will continue to push
                                          in,” Ramsey continues. Surviving the        proclaims Wenderski.
Cub ballers do not graduate until 2009.                                                                                            themselves to the limit with their grueling
                                          nail-biter demonstrated the team’s poise
The starters of the first game included                                                                                            ten-practice-a-week regimen. Senior
                                          and unity.                                           U of D’s most spectator-
lone senior Mark Johnson and juniors                                                                                               newcomer Michael Fisher will add even
                                                                                      friendly sport has arrived, so come
Blair Ramsey, Gerald Bridges, Jordan               Their home opener will not                                                      more speed to a relatively young team
                                                                                      enjoy your Cubs in action. And until
Morgan, and Mike Wenderski. arrive until the new year—January 8.                                                                   made up of mostly juniors: Tyler
                                                                                      further notice, believe the hype.
                                                                                                                                   Tadian, Sam Foerg, Brendan Moylan

                                                Hockey                                                                             and Paul Olexa. Sophomores include
                                                                                                                                   Jack Bernard, J-T Bujold, Matt
           Chris Eng ‘08                                                                                                           Kneiser, Tim Ponkowski, Nick Webber
            Staff Writer                   will probably prepare the team for a Sophomore goalie, Justin Evans has                 and this reporter. We also look forward
                                           long run into the state playoffs.                                                       to fast swims from freshman Akeem
         The end of fall sports and the                                              already proven that he can shutdown
                                                                                                                                   Bryant, Michael Crowley, Jack Droze,
beginning of winter means only one                                                   the best players in the state. His quick
                                                    Although the young Cub                                                         Michael Goggins, Alter Jackson,
thing: it’s hockey season. The Cub                                                   reactions and aggressive attitude have
                                           hockey team includes eleven rookies,                                                    Michael Janes and Justin Nance.
hockey team looks to build off last                                                  saved the Cubs in many games already.
                                           the ten returning players provide great                                                 Sophomores Alex Palmer and John
year’s performance in the state playoffs                                             The Cub hockey team would not be
                                           leadership and knowledge to their                                                       Santeiu in particular propelled the diving
in hopes of going to Compuware for                                                   complete without four-year varsity
                                           teammates. The junior class is                                                          team to a first place finish at the Eastern
the Frozen Four. While only four seniors                                             member Donte Jenkins and three-year
                                           exceptionally strong for the hockey                                                     Meet.
return for the Cubs, eleven new players                                              member Tommy Zelinski. Both
combine to form a team that may have       team. Junior captain Mike Yanis, Nick
                                                                                     assistant captains provide the core of                 Despite the cold water and the
the most skill in the program’s history.   Gibbs, Mike Costello, and sophomore
                                                                                     the Cubs defense and contribute many          hard training, the swim team still
                                           Ian Monkman are key to the Cubs’
                                                                                     of the team’s goals.                          manages to have fun. Pre-Meet “Pass
         U of D competes in the most       offense, providing both size and finesse.
                                           Michael Mackowski also returns on                                                       The Funk” routines, Wednesday trips
difficult league in the state, the MIHL,                                                      The Cubs have already shown
                                           defense, adding size and strength to the signs of their potential through close         to New York Bagel, and Bagel & Donut
which will make the season one of
                                           Cub blue line. Even though the new games with Cranbrook, Catholic                       Fridays help to lighten the load. It is
surprises and hopefully many wins.
                                           Cub hockey players are young, they Central, and Brother Rice. Although                  easier to swim four miles in a practice
Teams from across the state compete
                                           have all played at a competitive level of each ended in a tough loss, the Cubs          with the prospect of food to look
each year to try and be a part of the
                                           hockey and have years of hockey will seek revenge against Catholic                      forward to. The team is also sure to
coveted league. This year, the Cubs’s
                                           experience. Assistant captain Mac Central and Brother Rice when they                    keep up its reputation as the sexiest
schedule is no less difficult than in
                                           Olson has already scored against play them again during the season. The                 team in the state with brand new
previous years, including tough
                                           numerous MIHL goalies and is a major Cubs will also take the long ten-hour              custom drag suits.
competition from Brother Rice,
Cranbrook, Catholic Central, St            part of the Cub offense. Unfortunately, bus ride to Calumet, seeking to bring                    The swim team is hoping for a
Mary’s, De La Salle, and Monroe St.        junior Joe Fazzio suffered a severe knee back the coveted trophy known as the           loud student section at their meets this
Mary’s Catholic Central. They will also    injury which has placed him on the “Miner Helmet.” Hopefully, the Cubs’s                year. Come support us against our
compete against Ohio’s finest hockey       bench for the rest of the 2007-2008 season will be full of exciting, fun games          bitter archrivals Grosse Point South on
teams: Cleveland St. Ignatius,             season. Evan and Matthew Moore in front of a packed house.                              January 24 at Grosse Point North High
Cleveland St. Edwards, and St. John’s.     were key additions to the team this year,                                               School and against Brother Rice on
The tough competition during the season    aiding both the offense and defense.                                                    February 5 at Ferndale High School.

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