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					Volume 7 Issue 4

   April 2010

                                                                 “Linking Companies to their Communities”

                                                                    Client Surveys
                      You want to deliver the programs and services that       Type of Questions
                      your clients want and need from you.                     Multiple-choice questions are great because they
                                                                               take less time to complete for the respondent. It also
                      Knowing what your ideal clients expect from you is
                                                                               can help the person understand more about what
 Susan Jeanne Mertz   one of the best ways to ensure you keep existing
     President                                                                 you are asking.
                      clients and add happy new ones.
                                                                               If you use a rating scale, for example 1-5 with 5 being
                      To elicit feedback from them to keep your finger on
                      the pulse of what's important, follow these tips:        the highest level of agreement, use the same scale
                                                                               throughout your survey.
                      What do you want to know? And how are you going
                                                                               Avoid leading questions or statements.
 Call us              to use the information you receive?
                      List your objectives and decide why you want to          Structure
                      know these facts; and what you can do about any          Design your survey in a logical progression. Start
TODAY!                rising negative and positive outcomes.                   with general questions and then lead into more
                                                                               specific questions.
                      This will help you design clear questions that will
                      help you make solid business decisions from the          Offer a Thank You Gift
                      results you receive.                                     Even if your survey only takes 3-5 minutes for a
                                                                               person to complete, you'll get a lot more people to
  Begin to            Timing
                                                                               respond if you offer a valuable giveaway to each
                      A general survey is great to do once a year to make
                                                                               person who completes the survey.
                      sure you're covering your clients “hot” issues and
  make an             concerns. You might uncover something new.               Offer a bonus audio, report or 15-minute consultation
                                                                               to each person, and make sure they know about the
 IMPACT!              You can also do a very specific survey from time to
                      time. This can be a follow-up your clients’ perception
                                                                               special gift when you ask them to respond. Make it
                                                                               enticing enough so they'll want to fill out your survey
                      of your performance and deliverables.
 tomorrow!                                                                     right away!
                      Survey Length
                      You want your survey to be comprehensive, but not a      Remember, make it as simple as possible for people
                      chore to complete.                                       to complete and then take action on what you
                      Keep your survey to around ten simple questions. By
843.821.3283          keeping your survey short, you are forced to make          Click here to complete IMPACT!’s latest survey.
                      sure that you are only asking the questions that are
                      most relevant and will provide you with the                      Contact IMPACT! for assistance in
                      information that will be most useful to you.             creating, implementing, tabulating, and summarizing
Susan.Mertz@                                                                                your next company survey.
                                                       Make an IMPACT!              Make an IMPACT! with              IMPACT! your community with            Understand how to better
                          "Customized Communications"             "Messages that Matter"               IMPACT! your customers

                        IMPACT! designs polished,              IMPACT! strategically places         IMPACT! develops effective
                        professional external and internal     feature articles and                 strategic plans based on
                        communication pieces. Our staff        announcements of company             outcomes, so that you
                        also creates professional,             news, products and services in       understand your target market
                        efficient and effective                targeted media and creates           and competition and have the
                        presentations tailored to your         written materials that increase      knowledge to make informed
                        target market that sets you apart      your credibility and build your      decisions before implementing
                        from your competition.                 organization’s identity.             PR and marketing strategies.

                                  IMPACT! Inc. creates opportunities that link clients to their communities
                         through comprehensive public relations strategies and customized corporate communications.