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    Your Vision, Our Future.

    Welcome to the new series of Mason
    Technology newsletters.
    Mason Technology - official distributor of Olympus
    Microscopy equipment in Northern Ireland.

    Mason Technology Belfast Office:-      Regus House, 33 Clarendon Dock, Belfast, Northern
                                           Ireland BT1 3BG

	   Digital Cameras


    Introducing our new series of Mason Technology
    newsletters featuring new technology available
    from Olympus.

    Olympus FV1000MPE Multiphoton Confocal
    Deep in vivo Imaging with New Multiphoton Excitation
    (MPE) Microscope Range from Olympus Microscope Range
    from Olympus.

    Olympus Life and Material Science Europa GmbH, has introduced a
    Multiphoton deep fluorescent imaging system. Based on the unique
    Olympus Fluoview FV1000 confocal Laser Scanning Microscope (cLSM),
    the MPE system is available in three models providing the highest
    penetration depths on the market.

    Each of the three models in the Olympus FV1000MPE range uses IR
    femtosecond pulsed lasers and non-descanned detectors to cover every
    multiphoton excitation imaging requirement. The entry level model is
    designed to achieve maximum penetration depth with minimal complexity. The
    advanced models offer IR laser attentuation via an acousto-optical
    modulator (AOM). This enables the use of all the sophisticated scanning
    and laser control modes of the FV1000, such as ‘region of interest’ imaging
    and fly back beam blanking.

    The carefully designed laser introduction path with AOM laser control
    provides negative-chirp laser beam conditioning for the optimum
    fluorochrome excitation efficiency in MPE applications. This produces a
    pinpoint photon density precisely at the focal plane in the specimen with
    minimal damage or photobleaching to living cells.

    The third model incorporates the unique SIM scanner, available for the
    Olympus FluoView FV1000. This system provides an independantly
    controllable, fully integrated second IR laser for simultaneous multiphoton
    imaging and multiphoton laser manipulation. A solution, which is essential e.g. in
    uncaging applications deep within the tissue. This provides a
    unique system for the ultimate in multiphoton microscopy.

    In multiphoton microscopy, fluorescence molecules and proteins absorb
    the energy from multiple photons, carefully targeted to arrive simultaneously at the
    focal layer in the focus point of the objective. As a result, the
    specimen emits a fluorscence signal as if it had been excited by a single
    photon of double (or triple) the photon energy, but only in the excited focal layer.

    One of the main advantages of the Olympus FV1000MPE systems is the
    design of the complete optical light path ensuring best excitation efficiency with
    pulsed IR laser light and sensitive signal detection. Non-descanned
    detectors are used to acuire the maximum amount of the fluorescence
Non-Contact Laser Microdissection

Confocal Microscopes - Scan^R Cellular Screening Station

Cell^R Fluorescence Imaging Station

Olympus DP25 Colour Digital Camera

The world renowned DP70 and DP71 cooled digital colour cameras
now have a little sister. The new Olympus DP25 camera is an easy-to-use
digital system, offering outstanding colour reproduction and high-
resolution 5-megapixel imaging.

Key Features:
Excellent colour reproduction
Superior live images at (2560 x 1920 pixels) acquired at 8fps
Fast live image 32fps at (640X 480)
High resolution images
Firewire technology

The combination of its impressive high-resolution, fast frame rates and
excellent colour fidelity, make the DP25 an excellent choice for a variety
of life science and industrial microscopy applications.

The DP25 is fully compatible with the market-leading Olympus cell* and analySIS
imaging and analysis products. Each software family presents a range of solutions
especially designed to further enhance image quality
during live viewing and provide flexible and easy-to-use functionality for
better image acquisition, processing, analysis, evaluation and report
generation. This is ideal for even the most demanding applications that require
frequent report generation, such as pathological examination as
well as inspections of electronic parts and industrial materials.

Introducing the Olympus Sales Team
Olympus Microscopy                            Olympus Microscopy                    Olympus Microscopy
Gordon Wright                                 Jane Culleton                         Kerry McAlpine
Business Unit Manager                         Product Specialist (South)            Product Specialist (North)
Ph 087 8341272                                Ph: 087 2568191                       Ph: 0044 (0) 79 2018 7868
gwright@masontec.ie                           jculleton@masontec.ie                 kmcalpine@masontec.ie

Introducing the Biotechnology and General Laboratory Sales Team

Biotechnology                                 Biotechnology                         General Laboratory
John Murphy                                   Ciara O’Connell                       James McCann
Product Specialist                            Product Specialist                    Product Specialist
Ph 087 0513063                                Ph: 087 8253615                       Ph: 087 0513173
jmurpphy@masontec.ie                          coconnell@masontec.ie                 jmccann@masontec.ie

Introducing the Internal Sales Team
Office Manager                                Internal Sales                        Internal Sales
Karen Ryan                                    Clionadh O’Broin                      Karoline Uhlemann
Ph: (01) 4154416                              Ph: (01) 4154438                      Ph: (01) 4154430
kryan@masontec.ie                             cobroin@masontec.ie                   kuhlemann@masontec.ie
Mason Laboratory Product Ranges

Analytical Laboratory Products
• Chromatography           • Polarimetry
• Spectroscopy             • Kjeldahl
• Titration                • NIR
• Thermal Analysis         • Tablet Testing
• Colour Analysis          • Calorimetry
• Conductivity             • Density

Biotechnology Products
• Mass Spectromety         • Microplate Readers/Washers
• Robotics                 • Thermal Cyclers
• Gel Documentation        • Electrophoresis
• NanoDrop                 • Fermentation

General Laboratory Products
• Ovens                    • Incubators
• Fridges/Freezers         • Autoclaves
• Centrifuges              • Shakers/Stirrers
• Water Baths              • Water Purification
• Evaporation              • Vacuum
• Lab Balances             • Safety Cabinets
• Concentrators            • Thermostats

Microscopy Products
• Microscopes              • Digital Cameras
• Software                 • Laser Microdissection
• Confocal Microscopes     • Cellular Screening Stations
• Imaging Stations

Mason Service Department

All of the above products and more, are supported
by the Mason Technology Service Team. Whoever
the supplier. Whatever the product. Mason
Technology can meet all your service requirements
with an experience, skilled and versatile service team.    Mason Technology Ltd.,         Cork Office:                   Belfast Office:
                                                           228 South Circular Rd.         Mason Technology Ltd.,         Mason Technology Ltd.,
                                                           Dublin 8                       1 Airport East Bus. Park,      Regus House,
Meet our new Service Business Manager                                                     Farmers Cross,                 33 Clarendon Dock,
                                                           Tel: 01 453 4422               Ballygarvan,                   Belfast, BT1 3BG,
Derek Tinsley                                              Fax: 01 415 4492               Co. Cork, Ireland              Northern Ireland.
Service Business Manager
                                                           email: info@masontec.ie                                       Tel: +44 (0) 2890511330
Ph: 087 8071994
                                                           www.masontechnology.ie                                        Fax:+44 (0) 2890511201
                                                           *Please note that all service calls should now go through our Dublin office*

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